Rise of Humanity

Chapter 97

Chapter 97     Innate Moon Spirit Body

Actions immediately followed behind as he thought of it. He visualized the Xiang Dragon Totem and his psyche bound on the bones. Instantly, he could feel a force of unimaginable strength surging in his body, it was thrice his normal strength!

When I used to turn into the Xiang Dragon, I could break through the sound barrier within a distance of a thousand feet. And now, with the increase in my prowess, the requisite distance has been greatly shortened. But it’ll still take approximately 600 feet. However, for my base body to break through the sound barrier would be incredibly hard. I wonder if I can do it with the psyche-visualized Xiang Dragon Totem bound to my bones?

Zhong Yue inhaled a deep breath of air as he found strength erupting out from his legs. The rocks beneath his feet cracked and burst apart in all directions and his body bolted away like a nocked arrow finally let loose. Zhong Yue strode forward at an astonishing pace, the muffled sounds of thunder rumbling could be heard as he moved, it was very horrifying, and his speed was getting faster and quicker!

It was very quick, a thousand feet passed in the blink of an eye — Krong! — around him, a circle of white clouds billowed out of nowhere and then slowly dispersed away. He had broken through the sound barrier and in but a split second, he was already a few miles away!

The movement skills of the Martial Masters are indeed, unbelievably incredible!

Zhong Yue continued on marching forward, all of a sudden he launched himself up and started running in mid-air. The air compressed into tangible platforms with every step he took. Without the help of lightning nor wings, he was able to tread in the air, only leaving behind a series of explosive sounds as he stomped through the air!

How will it be like, when the Martial Masters fight?

Zhong Yue’s footsteps were restless, he marched in the air above the jade forest, and at the same time, cast the close quarter combat skills of the【Jiao Dragon Winding Body Totem Art】.It was as if he had countless arms slashing and waving around at great speed, the surroundings suddenly became a blurred mirage filled with the after images of his arms swift movements. Each and every strike could invoke a tremble within the air, and were concomitant with explosive sounds like dragon whistles.

Moments later, Zhong Yue felt that his stamina was unable to persist any longer. Quickly, he stopped and landed down on the ground. In his heart, he was shocked by the actions he took, Headmaster is right, Martial Masters are human war machines, it would be super dangerous to contend with a Martial Master in frontal combat! Despite me not even being a Martial Master, I am still able to do all these. If it were a true Martial Masters, how terribly strong would they be?

Just now, when he was in mid-air casting the 【Jiao Dragon Winding Body Totem Art】, the strength that erupted out from his muscles was so strong that even he himself was shocked. His bones were filled with the power of the Jiao Dragon and as his muscles moved, it moved with the indomitable force of a dragon – strong and dreadful!

Because he had visualized the Jiao Dragon, when he blasted the air, the sounds released would be like the sounds of a dragon whistling, trembling the ears! 

I will continue refining my body with the 【 Great Sun Prodigious Emanation Art 】, I can definitely strengthen my body to the level where I can rival with the Martial Masters!  

Zhong Yue attentively reviewed the strong and weak points of the Martial Masters and Qi Practitioners and thought to himself, But Martial Masters also have their own weaknesses, their physical energy consumption would be immense if they were to fight in the air, and their agility left a lot to be desired.  There are many flaws and their endurance is subpar. Their prowess in the air cannot be compared to when on land.  Between the Martial Masters and the Qi Practitioners, there are advantages and disadvantages to both paths. It’s hard to definitively regard one to be inherently superior to the other. But if I were to combine the advantages of both sides, I can make myself stronger.

A scorching sun rose up from behind him and its golden rays shone on and refined his body. Not long later, he felt a tingling sensation as his wounds inflicted on him by the Sword Qis turned into scabs. 

An hour later, the scabs fell off to reveal smooth and flawless skin beneath – unblemished and unmarred. 

Not only that, the scarred wounds he had prior to this were also gradually disappearing as he continued to revolve the Great Sun Prodigious Emanation. This was the refining effect of the Great Sun Prodigious Emanation to the body, it could smite the impurities of the body, dredge the blood and heal the scars. And as the blood was now able to flow unhindered to every corner of his body, the impurities of his skin were also smelted away.

The Great Sun Prodigious Emanation is really strong, I don’t even need the Yuling Paste to heal wounds anymore in the future. It alone is enough to heal them, and unlike from overuse of medicinal pills, it wouldn’t leave behind any hidden troubles. But I still need to prepare some Yuling Paste, the normal flesh wounds can be taken care of with the Great Sun Prodigious Emanation, but if it’s a more serious injury such broken bones or severed tendons, the efficacy of the Great Sun Prodigious Emanation would still not be not as good as the Yuling Paste.

Zhong Yue lowered his head and inspected his body, his skin was effusing a lustrous glow, his muscles and skin were seemingly in perfect synergy; with but a slight move, he could erupt with immense strength stronger than before. Even the pumping of his heart was faster and more vigorous, as if it were a pounding drum with the blood flowing throughout his body akin to a torrential river!

Wait till I have grasped the flying combat skill from the three-legged golden crow, then I can leave Swords Gate and return back to my territory in the monster land, the Falcon Ridge.

Zhong Yue left the jade forest and went back to the inner hall towards his cave dwelling.

The jade forest was the place where he learned the jade sculpturing. Right now, the Swords gate headmaster was not there to guide him, and he had basically mastered the art of sculpting, there was no reason for him to stay there anymore. He was no longer confined to the rarer jade rocks from the jade forest, ordinary mountain rocks or woods would suffice from here on out. It would be a waste if he were to keep on using the fine and exquisite jade rocks for sculptings. 

Sculpting is also a way of cultivation, knowledge can be perceived from the totem carvings through sculpting, and it can teach the way to forge the soul weapons or the totem pillars. It can also be used to comprehend the cultivation techniques of the Martial Masters. At first glance, it may have seemed as if the headmaster had only taught me how to sculpt, but in actual fact, he had taught me much more than that.

Zhong Yue was steeped in deep emotion, the him from before he entered the jade forest was vastly different the one that left it. Whether it be his mental spirit, appearance or prowess, they were all greatly improved, and all within a span of only a month. 

And most of all, the latent dangers that lingered as a result of his rapid charge past the Spirit Nurturing stage had finally been resolved – his foundation was now strong and sturdy!

Zhong Yue heard the indistinct sounds of a bell ringing on his way back to his cave dwelling. In the air, sword rays continuously flashed by. He presumed those to be people traveling on their swords heading towards the source of the sounds.

Zhong Yue stopped one of them to ask what was going on. The man said, “Something bad is happening, the Celestial Race had arrived, the inner hall masters are gathering the disciples over! Even the elders are moving!”

“The Celestial Race?”

Zhong Yue’s heart was stunned whereas Xin Huo was thrilled and overjoyed within his psyche ocean. He quickly said, “Celestial race? Will it be the Fuxi Celestial Race coming in search of their people? Brat Yue, quick, let’s go and have a look!”

“Celestial Race? I’ve never seen a true member of the Celestial Race before, this is a good opportunity!”

Zhong Yue’s spirit was roused, he followed the sounds of the bell and eventually reached to a ganoderma-like palace; nearly all of the inner hall disciples were gathered here, divided into eight groups according to their respective halls. 

There were many disciples in Swords Gate; every year would see an addition of 20 to 30 new Qi Practitioners, and there were a lot of them within their 80s and 90s that were still stranded at the Spirit Nurturing stage, unable to break through to the next level of the Spirit Body as One. This situation was so pervasive that throughout the past 80 years, the number of incumbent Qi Practitioners of the inner hall disciples numbered almost 2000 by now. The youngest was in their teens years old while the oldest would’ve reached over a hundred years of age with their hairs having already turned white-gray!

The over thousand disciples were currently gathered right here. Thankfully, the terrace beside the palace was big enough to contain them all, so that it was not too pack and crowded.

Zhong Yue had just arrived when a saintly aura burgeoned out from the palace. In the palace, voices of the You Yu Clan elder could be heard laughing while he spoke, “Senior Martial Brother Xiao comes all the way from the West Barren, I wonder what you seek from us?”

In the palace, another voice, grand like an ancient bell, answered. The sound trembled the air and quivered the ears of the couple thousand disciples. “It’s a shame to say it out loud, but in my early days, I’d fallen in love with a human woman and we had a daughter, Chuqing. Half of the blood is of her human mother’s and the other half is mine. Hence, I plan to send her over to cultivate under Swords Gate so that she wouldn’t forget her origins. I wonder if Swords Gate may approve of my request?”

You Yu Clan great elder answered, chuckled and said, “The Xiao Mang Celestial Race has temples in the West Barren, there, you have the great techniques of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. The heritage of the celestial race is leagues beyond ours in the Swords Gate, so why would Senior Martial Brother Xiao intend to send over your lovely daughter to the humans?”

“Senior Martial Brother Yu, there’s something you don’t know, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race values bloodline greatly. My daughter, being half-human, was neglected among the vast number of purebloods in the West Barren, and so she wasn’t permitted to learn the heritage of our ancestors. Even the guardian spirit in our temple had refused to give her its blessings.”

The ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ sighed and said, “I’m forced to do so, I have no choice but to send my daughter here to Swords Gate as I didn’t want to see her future ruined. To tell you the truth, my daughter is also an innate spirit body. Chuqing, show your spirit and let Elder Yu take a look.”

“Yes,” a young and sweet voice sounded out in the palace. 

Warm and bright rays emitted out of the palace, it was like mercury splashing down on the ground. The rays were mild and yet possessed a saintly aura along with a nearly imperceptible and inexplicably ethereal air. It shone all the way from inside of the palace to outside, as if the moon itself had risen in the palace!

Moments later in the place, the You Yu Clan grand elder’s voice was shuddering as he stammered, “The Innate Moon Spirit Body….”

The ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ smiled and said, “That’s right, my daughter is an Innate Moon Spirit Body, and at the same time as having half of the blood from the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. I hear that in Swords Gate, there are five innate spirit bodies that are analogous to the five celestial stars. But they are after all, a level below the moon celestial. The Innate Moon Spirit Body is one that can rival with the Innate Sun Spirit Body! Senior Martial Brother Yu, I wonder if Swords Gate is willing to accept my lovely daughter?”

While outside of the palace, the hairs on Zhong Yue’s skin bristled up, his bones quivered, and a frigid sensation engulfed his soul!

The Innate Moon Spirit Body!

But the moon was already hollowed out, the spirit in it had disappeared, and in its place was the statue of a multi-armed god, the spirit of a god!

Without the moon spirit, how could there be an Innate Moon Spirit Body?

No other race can birth an Innate Moon Spirit Body other than the terribly strong celestial race that stole the moon’s core and the moon spirit!

Zhong Yue gazed at the palace, his limbs were shuddering from the cold, These two celestials in the palace are from the celestial race that stole the moon’s core and the moon spirit! This celestial race, they arranged for their half-blood celestial to infiltrate Swords Gate, what are they trying to do?

“Hahaha, since its the Innate Moon Spirit Body, how can Swords Gate decline her?”

In the palace, the elders held a small discussion, Elder Lei Hong smiled and said, “Senior Martial Brother Xiao, don’t you worry, if you are willing to send your lovely daughter over to us, we the Swords Gate will surely not treat her poorly. From now on, your lovely daughter will be one of our Swords Gate inner hall disciple!”

“Good, good! Alright, my lovely daughter will be handed over to all you senior martial brothers!”

Sounds of footsteps came, Zhong Yue lifted his head up and look over, Grand Elder Yu and the other elders were sending that ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’ off from the palace, and beside them, was a little young girl between 14 and 15 years of age subserviently following beside the ‘Senior Martial Brother Xiao’.

The air of the young lady was saintly like the moon – pure and holy. It was as if she was born to attract attention from other, a riveting figure that incited all to stare fixedly at her angelic figure.

But all Zhong Yue could feel was danger, extreme danger!

Kill her! An impulse suddenly took root firmly within Zhong Yue’s heart.

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