Rise of Humanity

Chapter 345

 Chapter 345 - Innate Demon God

In front of the boat, 300 miles away from them, Zhong Yue could see a black mountain spring and a grand keep in his sights. It was truly an incredible scene.

The mountain spring was surrounded by mountains. The spring transported water out from the bottom of this world to the high sky, spurting up into the air marvelously. The inky black spring water lingered high up in the sky, flowing in the clouds.

Right beside it was a demon mountain, a spectacular mountain that was huge on the top and narrow at the bottom as if it were an upended mountain. The black spring water flowed above the demon mountain and made a turn before flowing down into another mountain spring on the other side of it.

The whole scene looked as if the demon mountain were the head of a petrified god, while the black spring water was the streamer of its clothes hovering behind its head.

The Black Well Keep was built on the summit center of this demon mountain, where the black spring water flowed across right above it.

This was the first time Zhong Yue had seen such an incredible scene. Even though he was considered knowledgeable, having already experienced various wonders of the world, this Black Well Keep was still a far cry from anything he had ever seen before.

The inky black water, although bizarre, was nothing extraordinarily peculiar. However, the endless stream of spring water that flowed into the air, as if defying the natural laws of the world, left Zhong Yue in wonder at the unfathomable power that would be needed to forcibly alter the natural flow of water?

Ji Xiang Concubine smiled as she answered, "Does mister not know the black spring? It has quite a storied history. Mister, look at the mountain, does it not look like a head?"

Zhong Yue's heart skipped a beat. He looked carefully at that mountain, concluding that it did indeed look like a head, albeit not a human head, but one that belonged to the demon race.

“That mountain, is the Falling Sky Mountain, a mountain the fell from the sky ages ago.”

Ji Xiang Concubine then said, "Tens of thousands of years ago, a huge fireball fell from the sky struck right here. This area that was previously a flatland was then turned into a mountainous landscape. Mountains were formed from the fireball crashing into the ground. When the demon race ancestors came, the whole location was still burning. Through their estimations, the fire would have lasted for more than 10000 years already. Hundreds of years later, the fire was finally exhausted, and the black mountain spring then appeared. The demon race ancestors had come after the fire was stopped and what was left was just a head, which is this mountain."

Tian Mo Concubine then said, "At that time, the mountain's eyes, mouth, nose, and ears could still be seen, some even said that its flesh and blood were still there. But now, they are all petrified into stones and rocks. However, if you look at it carefully, you can see the mountain's ear holes. You can't even find a single crushed rock on this mountain; not even divine weapons could break a piece off of the mountain body. From back then and until now, no matter how many battles were waged here or how extreme they were, this mountain remained unscathed."

Zhong Yue frowned and said, “Which means, this mountain is actually a head? Then the black spring water….”

“Broken totem patterns.”

A court lady then answered, "I've heard from the clan elders; this black spring is composed of pure totem patterns, they took the form of the spring waters, and this could only happen due to the head owner's incredible prowess, causing his cultivation base to remain even after death. Qi Practitioners like us ... our totem patterns will take the form of hovering streamers, and they will disperse into thin air after our deaths. But this ancient demon god was too strong. His totem patterns remained in this world even after his death, taking the form of liquids and continued circulating around him."

Zhong Yue was stunned, he looked at the Black Well Keep that occupied an area of a hundred miles in radius. But now he had learned that it was just the top front of that god's head.

"Such a big demon god…." He swung his head at the shocking revelation.

The boat slowly flew into the Black Well Keep, and the Tian Mo Concubine readied to alight from it as she said, "Some said that this ancient demon god might be an innate demon god, dying after having fought with another god. Its opponent was most probably another innate god. But that is ancient history. No one will ever know what really happened."

The innate gods and the innate demon gods were beings that were naturally born from the world. They weren't born through reproduction like other races; it was the heaven and earth itself that brought about their existence. A quintessential example of this would be the moon spirit lady god that Zhong Yue saw in the Xiao Mang Celestial Race. She was an innate god that emerged from the worship of the living toward the moon.

The innate gods were incredibly strong, Qi Practitioners like Zhong Yue who had cultivated to the level of gods were considered cultivated or acquired gods. They were much weaker than the innate gods.

Meanwhile, the innate demon gods were also known as the heavenly demons, long-standing rivals with the innate gods. There were many demon cultivation techniques which used the heavenly demon's name, but the heavenly demons didn't really create those techniques.

And although Tian Mo Concubine's name had the heavenly demon in it, it wasn't due to her prowess. It was because her name had the word ‘Tian' in it and ‘Mo Concubine' was a title that was given to her.

The boat alighted down, and Tian Mo Concubine kept it. They then walked toward the Black Well Keep. Zhong Yue slowed his pace and looked carefully at the black spring water that flowed across the grand keep. He could clearly see that the spring water was made up of dense and high-grade totem patterns!

These totem patterns were broken, and it would be incredibly difficult to attain anything else from it, let alone this dead heavenly demon's cultivation technique.

But even so, these broken totem patterns were still incredibly abstruse.

All of a sudden, Xin Huo said in Zhong Yue’s psyche ocean, “Wait a second … this head, why does it look so familiar … Ah! Yes, that's   I remember!"

The little flame suddenly shouted, and he said, "When the previous inheritor and I were returning to the Ancestral Star, we met an innate demon god in space. My student killed him, and his head must have eventually fallen to the Ancestral Star? This brat is actually quite strong. I still remember that he told us his name before the battle started. What was it again…."

He was cracking his head but still couldn’t remember the demon god’s name at all.

Zhong Yue was shocked, he was fascinated and thought, Xin Huo and his inheritor roamed the vast expanse and met with an innate demon god. The battle must have truly been something to behold … What a shame Xin Huo's memory is not good, he can't even remember the demon god's name.

The Black Well keep was near the southeast coastline of the demon land, it was called a ‘keep' as its primary purpose was to guard over the ocean and land border.

As of now, many experts had gathered in the keep; although they had yet to confirm that the Demon Saint was truly here, there was no doubt in their minds that Demon Queen was here. Even if it were just a rumor that the Demon Saint was here, it was more than enough for the experts to gather in the keep.

"Legends say that this is where the Demon Saint first emerged, and even after he became a demon god, his corpse also appeared here. This is where the ancestors of the eight saint clan found his dead body, from which, they acquired the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】," Ji Xiang Concubine said softly.

Zhong Yue's thoughts turned, and he said in his psyche ocean, "Demon Saint came from here, died right here and even after his reincarnation, he had also appeared to be here. There must be something with this Black Well Keep that made him keep coming back … Xin Huo, after you and the last inheritor killed the innate demon god, did any other one of his treasures happen to fall here? Xin Huo?"

The little flame was lost in his own world, ignoring Zhong Yue completely.

Zhong Yue shook his head and let the thought slip, while Tian Mo Concubine smiled and said, "Let's go to the Heavenly Scent Inn, that is a private property of our Raksha Saint Clan."

Zhong Yue nodded, and he looked up and saw a high-rise building, beautifully decorated with exquisitely built. It was way higher than the other buildings and was most conspicuous; it was the Heavenly Scent Inn.

The ladies surrounded him in the middle as they walked into the Heavenly Scent Inn. The crowd of beauties attracted the other demon Qi Practitioners, and some even surged their psyche over around them.

Tian Mo Concubine and Ji Xiang Concubine both sneered frigidly and burst out their psyches in retaliation, sending them colliding into the incoming psyches, instantly causing a mini psyche hurricane.

“Mister Mo Luo is here!”

An old man saw the ladies surrounding Zhong Yue and said, "Ji Xiang concubine and Tian Mo Concubine are both around him; that brawny man must be Mister Mo Luo! What a strong man, no wonder he is daring enough to snatch over Demon Saint's imperial concubines!"

Zhong Yue was 16 feet tall, appearing as a brawny man who harbored an intense killing intent that passively pressured the Qi Practitioners around.

"This brat has snatched Demon Saint's concubines, and now the Demon Saint is coming out now, we'll be able to watch a good show!"

"Are they going to the Heavenly Scent Inn? Isn't the Demon Queen and the other imperial concubines also there?"


Zhong Yue was nonchalant to the thoughts of the crowd, and he walked into the Heavenly Scent Inn with Tian Mo Concubine leading the way. The Heavenly Scent Inn was 36 floors high – each floor was about 70 feet tall. Thus, the building ultimately towered at a height of over 2000 feet. Standing in the top-most floor would allow one to have a clear view on the whole Black Well Keep and enjoy the marvelous black spring water flowing right above them. The base of this high-rise building was enormously huge and also firm. Every floor was also exquisitely built, easily able to accommodate hundreds of demons; hence, their business was quite lucrative.

The higher the floor, the more important the customers. The top levels were the places the giant cultivators came together – one would need to pass a rigorous assessment to be qualified to enter.


However, as this was the Raksha Saint Clan's private property, with Tian Mo Concubine following Zhong Yue; they could naturally enter the top-most floor. Furthermore, even without Tian Mo Concubine, Zhong Yue's current fame was more than enough for him to qualify.

“Luo Duluo, your cheapskate brother-in-law is here already.”

At the highest floor, a voice suddenly laughed and said, "Mister Mo Luo has slept with your sister and brought her everywhere around, I'm amazed that you can tolerate that until now! Also, I've heard that in the Ten Talents, you've been listed as a rank lower, him at fourth and you at the fifth?"

Luo Duluo's eyelids thumped, and he looked over at the demon Qi Practitioner who spoke, "Why the hell do you even care? Xiang Jiang, you're being overly meddlesome!"

Xiang Jiang laughed out loud, he looked around and asked, “Where’s your white lion?”

Luo Duluo refuted back, “I’ve eaten it!”

Xiang Jiang smirked and said, "Eaten it? Luo Duluo, half of your strength comes from that white lion. Without it, your name will soon shift down a few ranks. I might even surpass you!"

Luo Duluo gritted his teeth, and just as he was about refuting, the sounds of footsteps resounded in their ears. A young demon Qi Practitioner casually walked up from the stairs, and all of the young experts' hearts thumped heavily, they then quickly greeted the aforementioned demon Qi Practitioner.

Luo Duluo's heart skipped a beat, and he thought, The former rank one, Shura’s Xiu Hongsu, he is here!

The demon Qi Practitioner was precisely Xiu Hongsu of the Shura Saint Clan, his face was stern like a dead man's, and his eyes were filled with killing intent; all of a sudden, he bowed and said, "Sea King, please!"

A loud laughter rang in the ears of all of the Qi Practitioners, and a monstrous aura flooded the air. A magnate soon strode into the hall, smiling and he said, "Little friend Xiu Hongsu, you are too polite!"

Sea King, Sha Qishan!

Sha Qishan looked around at the many demon Qi Practitioners, and he then sat down as if it were his own house.

Suddenly, the sounds of footsteps could be heard again, but this time, it was Zhong Yue and the ladies that were following behind him.

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Tian Mo Concubine

  • Tian = Heavenly 
  • Mo = Demon
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