Rise of Humanity

Chapter 334

Chapter 334 - Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons

The Fiend Capital was in silence, the demon Qi Practitioners stared vacantly at the ice throne supported by the icy pillars in mid-air. The battle ended too quick, before they could even discuss the potential winner, the battle had ended.

Logically speaking, in accordance with the common battles, they would first test out each other’s prowess before they went all out. The battle would be play out like an hours-long movie for the audience to enjoy and discuss before it came to an end, where the winner would finally defeat their enemies after a bone-rattling conflict!

And yet, Mister Mo Luo won too quickly, defeating Ji Xiang Concubine and the court ladies in just the blink of an eye, inflicting heavy injuries on them, captured them, and threw them into his throne!

Such prowess was unimaginably strong among the Inner Core Qi Practitioners!

Furthermore, his two hundred and eighty foot tall Yuan Shen was just absolutely absurd, surpassing the limit as if it was non-existent!. It was rare for even Inner Core Qi Practitioners to have Yuan Shen that exceeded two hundred feet tall, and his was even eighty feet higher. It would only be odd if he couldn’t take down the ladies with such an appalling achievement!

However, what was more appalling was his mortal body! Without using his inner core, soul weapons, or any skills, he had just rammed through the battlefield like a child’s playground and won the battle solely by the strength of his mortal body!

Finishing off over twenty experts of the same level with sheer mortal body strength, clean and smooth without any difficulties! Even if some of the peak Inner Core Qi Practitioners could have done it, they admitted that they couldn’t have done it as easily as he had.

“The nine demon gods!” An aged demon Qi Practitioner mumbled in shock, “This Mister Mo Luo has succeed in cultivating the nine demon gods! The demon phantoms behind him are exactly the shadows of the demon god seeds he has cultivated! There is finally another demon who has succeeded in the nine demon gods other than Demon Saint!”

The【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】was incredibly dangerous to cultivate, succeeding in cultivating five demon gods would give one the potential to be a magnate, six demon gods was the potential to be a god. Candidates that could succeed in seven, eight, or even nine demon gods would only appear once every ten thousand years!

Now, nine phantoms of the demon gods emerged behind Zhong Yue, clearly suggesting that he have cultivated nine demon god seeds!

This was an achievement only Demon Saint had succeeded in before!

Tian Mo Concubine was also in shock, the battle had ended too quick. Clearly, Zhong Yue’s prowess had increased greatly from when he was still in the Lesser Void World; a huge improvement, a giant leap!

Zhong Yue have just received the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】from her. Although it could increase his cultivation base, he wouldn’t be able to improve so much in just this short period; for him to have such prowess now, it means that he have gone through other incidents that granted him huge improvements!

She even suspected that if Zhong Yue entered the Lesser Void World now, his rankings would also take a huge leap, and he might just be able to compete with that madman, Feng Xiaozhong!

“My lovely darling, take out the boat and put your sisters inside it.” Zhong Yue stood up, and said while smiling, “We shall spend some time here in Fiend City, let’s see if Demon Saint will come out from his petty hiding spot.”

Tian Mo Concubine obediently took out the boat and forcedJi Xiang Concubine and the twenty-some court ladies aboard. As Zhong Yue walked onto the boat, he witnessed Tian Mo Concubine taking out a violet gourd and removing twenty-some jade-colored tiny pellets.

The pellets were the size of a fingernail, scented with a refreshing fragrance.

Tian Mo Concubine then opened the mouth of a court lady and tucked the tiny pellet inside.

The court lady’s beautiful countenance instantly changed, forcing herself to vomit so and spit the pellet out. Unfortunately, the tiny pellet immediately melted in her mouth and couldn’t be expelled.

Tian Mo Concubine chuckled merrily as she moved from one court lady to another, feeding each court lady a pellet. The court ladies’ beautiful countenances turned pallid in fear and were very dejected.

Ji Xiang Concubine struggled to stand up as she chided, “Tian Mo Concubine, how dare you! Aren’t you afraid of Demon Saint crushing you into ashes!?”

“Crushing me into ashes?” Tian Mo Concubine held her happy expression as she said, “Sister, if you resist my pellet now, I will crush you into ashes first! The medicinal pellet is here, sister. Will you eat it yourself, or do you need my help?”

Ji Xiang Concubine’s countenance was changing drastically. She looked at the tiny pellet and suddenly, she grit her teeth and ate it; she then sat down on the ground unhappily while she started remedying her injuries.

Zhong Yue was curious, and asked, “Dear, this medicinal pellet is…?”

“A medicinal Gu I’ve secretly nurtured. It looks like a medicinal pellet, but it's actually a Gu insect of the insect race, its name is Caress God Gu.”

Tian Mo Concubine took one out and showed it to Zhong Yue, smiling as she presented the jade-white colored pellet to him, “Mister, please have a look.”

She then gathered some blood from the wounds of a court lady and dripped it onto her palm. As the blood rained down onto the medicinal pellet, it suddenly changed, stretching out and turning into a tentaculos insect like acentipedes, growing larger with more blood.

But what was weird was that this centipede had no true, physical form, it was only a shadow formed by the blood it sucked in.

The bloody centipede fluttered its thousand legs and slowly rose into mid-air.

The court ladies and Ji Xiang Concubine saw it and their faces turned even paler, showing their fear and terror of it.

“This is the Caress God Gu. When one consumes it, it will leech onto the Yuan Shen, siphoning the Yuan Shen’s essence to nurture itself. It cannot be removed and will stay with the Yuan Shen for the rest of one’s life.”

Tian Mo Concubine was incredibly proud as she explained it all to him, smiling as she said, “The Caress God Gu has no true body, after it sticks to the Yuan Shen, it will became part of the Yuan Shen, it can’t be smited away nor taken down. The Caress God Gus are my soul weapons and they only listen to my command; when I want to, I can easily instruct my babies to eat away the Yuan Shen they are parasites on. Thus, the only option for one who is infected to not listen to my words is… death.”

Zhong Yue turned stern as he listened to her. Such a peculiar vicious insect! The demons are really dangerous, there are so many skills that can kill without one even realizing! Also, the insect race was indeed a weapon created by the demon race against the celestials, it will be a huge problem if this Gu insect infects one’s Yuan Shen! Although we are allies now, I still have to be aware of her Gu insects, or otherwise I’ll be controlled by her if I’m infected by them.

Suddenly, a narrow, vertical slit opened on his forehead, the eyelids opened and the divine third eye shot out a godly ray onto the Caress God Gu, —Zi-laa— The Caress God Gu was disintegrated and vanished into green smoke.

Tian Mo Concubine was shocked,. Her Caress God Gu was designed specifically to use against the Yuan Shen. Because it had no true body, it couldn’t be smited away or taken down, so she had shown it to Zhong Yue, intending to threaten him and let him know her prowess.

But little did she foresee that Zhong Yue could kill the Caress God Gu with just a ray from his third eye!

Zhong Yue also heaved a breath of relief, thinking, Thankfully my Fuxi divine eye can take care of this Caress God Gu; even if Tian Mo Concubine infected me with it, I can still easily kill it.

The boat alighted on the surface of that huge demonic river, the icy pillars and frozen throne slowly melted away and returned back to the river.

On the sides of that river, the demon Qi Practitioners were looking at the boat; Tian Mo Concubine was nestled against the brawny Mister Mo Luo while nine court ladies were unwillingly playing the musical instruments behind them as Ji Xiang Concubine and the other court ladies danced to the music.

The ladies of Ji Xiang Saint Clan were proficient in the arts of musics and dancing, they were the renowned goddesses of music among the demons. The dance they were performing was the most famous dance of the Ji Xiang Saint Clan — Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons. It was a dance created for the gods, containing many steps and played with abstruse musics, and also including many sexually attractive postures to stir the passions of the gods.

The Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons presented by the Ji Xiang ladies was truly beautiful; their postures and dancing steps were solemn and yet sexually attractive, making Zhong Yue nearly unable to control his nature desires.

The Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons wasn’t a performance that ordinary demons could see, only the magnates of the demons were normally able to have the chance to enjoy such a performance. Now, the Qi Practitioners of the sides of the river were looking at the boat, but they could only see the ladies’ blouse sleeves waving in the air and hear the music. They couldn’t clearly see the full performance on the boat, making their hearts pound enviously.

At the side of the river, a demon Qi Practitioner mumbled.“Two of Demon Saint’s concubines were taken away, along with twenty-some court ladies, and they are all dancing the Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons for him, can Demon Saint withstand this?”

“If Mister Mo Luo brings his concubines and court ladies around, Demon Saint will surely have no face to crown himself anymore, will he? So he will come, he will definitely come out to restore his honor!”

“Not quite possible, Demon Saint possessed his disciple Yanluo Mo. He has to cultivate in closed door training so that he can attain full control over Yanluo Mo’s mortal body; otherwise, he will not be able to fully unleash his prowess. Also, I’ve heard that there are some magnates of the eight saint clans warning their disciples that worshipping Demon Saint’s spirit is fine, but he musnt be revived.”

An old demon Qi Practitioner shook his head and said, “If Demon Saint is revived, he will be the only demon god, and his existence denotes that the eight saint clans will have to follow his words. So think about it, how would the higher-ups of the saint clans be willing to give up their power to him? Hence, Demon Saint will only come out when he has enough prowess to protect himself, which is when he has grasped full control of Yanluo Mo’s mortal body as his own.”

“This Mister Mo Luo is really daring, snatching Demon Saint’s concubines and forced them to perform the Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons for him, is he taking himself as the demon god or whatsoever?”

“No matter how, Mister Mo Luo’s name will spread through the world. If the eight saint clans intend to take down Demon Saint, those higher-ups who only want Demon Saint to be an obedient demon spirit will secretly protect Mister Mo Luo from the ambushes of Demon Saint’s followers. Mister Mo Luo has truly made a good move, to do otherwise will only allow the followers of Demon Saint to exterminate him from Demon Saint’s path!”

In the boat, Ji Xiang Concubine and the fifteen court ladies’ dancing steps were getting more rapid and the music was also getting faster; their dancing steps and some of the postures were getting more daring and risque, their bodies were nearly caressing one another and the one who ordered the dance, Zhong Yue, was praising their performance in his heart.

This Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons of the demon race is indeed the dance that can lure the gods, even I nearly can’t control myself.

All of a sudden, loud laughter resounded above the boat, “Dance of the Sixteen Heavenly Demons is a performance that only the leaders of the races can watch. Mister Mo Luo is really lucky, I wonder if I could join and have the pleasure to watch it together with mister?”

Zhong Yue stood up and looked over. A middle-aged man suffused in demonic clouds was striding forward, behind him was a thousand foot tall demon god with a thousand hands. He looked dominating and imposing.

Zhong Yue looked sideways at Tian Mo Concubine and Tian Mo Concubine quickly whispered in his ears, “Asura’s Tu Jiang! You are right, the eight saint clan is sending their experts to get in touch with you, they are trying to use you to take down Demon Saint!”

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