Rise of Humanity

Chapter 265

 Arc Five - The Heavenly Monarch

Chapter 265 - God Banishment Seal

The spacious surroundings of Seal Suppression Hall suddenly became very quiet, leaving only the laughter of Zhong Yue. Even Feng Xiaozhong shut his mouth as he listened to the wild and arrogant laughter.

On the other walls, the huge eyes remained, staring at Zhong Yue. Tian Myriad Mother, who had been repelled by the Sword Qi, also stopped and looked at Zhong Yue.

All they saw was Zhong Yue standing there covered in blood, but unbelievable changes were occuring on his body. Dragon scales emerged from his body and stacked together, covering his injuries.

His legs then merged and turned into a long snake tail, with various unique totem carvings all over him, forming special pictures that seemed to have mysterious power in them.

His head also changed into a dragon’s head, and a divine third eye appeared on his forehead.

This time, it was not just the Fuxi true form, but the true form of Sui Sovereign! Xin Huo merged Zhong Yue’s body with the Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen!

After achieving the Atman Body level, he could execute Atman Body As One. He possessed two spirits, the sun and moon spirits, but he had another spirit, as well! This other spirit was the Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen, which was the result of Zhong Yue merging his Great Sun Golden Crow Yuan Shen and his Starry Moon Toad Yuan Shen!

Back then, in the Northern Sea ice continent, when Xin Huo breached the Red Mother Colonial Anemone Array, he had also used the Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen. But at that time, Zhong Yue had yet to achieve the Atman Body As One.

And now, Xin Huo could finally use the Sui Sovereign!

Right now, Zhong Yue gave off an entirely different aura, one that was incredibly majestic, holy, and powerful, a whole level stronger than any other celestial race!

And he looked so proud now, the celestial races out there were not even fit to lick his shoes at all.

“Mo…Monster…” Tian Myriad Mother was stunned. She looked blankly at Zhong Yue as she said, “You are a monster?”

She was now in the form of a spirit without a proper body, allowing her to quickly recover her wounds even after she was hurt by the Golden Feathery Peng Sword.

The sword might be able to stop her from possessing Qiu Jin’er, but it could not stop her from capturing the young woman.

However, Zhong Yue’s changes really did give her a scare. She said, “I have long suspected that you are a demon god’s reincarnation, and finally, you show your true form! What kind of a demon god are you?”

The prisoner Feng Xiaozhong suddenly got excited,madness filled up in his eyes as he shouted, “What is this? A third eye? It looks like the eye of the first headmaster of Swords Gate! Too bad my father prohibited me from touching the body of the first headmaster…!”

Zhong Yue’s changes were incredibly interesting and extremely mysterious, which made the madman Feng Xiaozhong go crazy about it!

“I really want to capture him and research him to see why he became something so strange like that…!”

After changing into this form, Zhong Yue also gave Qiu Jin’er a scare. The pretty girl stared at Zhong Yue dumbfounded, she had no idea what to do.

When Xin Huo took over Zhong Yue’s body, he changed not only Zhong Yue’s physical appearance, but turned him temporarily into the Fuxi Celestial Race, then merged his temporary Fuxi Celestial Race body with the Sui Sovereign Yuan Shen, shifting him into the Sui Sovereign form!

With that, he possessed the innate power of the two great celestial races, bestowing his body with incredible might, and enhancing his power!

“Just a puny demonic spirit…” Xin Huo looked at Tian Myriad Mother as Zhong Yue’s body grew even larger, but he was still much smaller than Tian Myriad Mother. “You dare to act so high up and almighty in front of me, the most majestic existence in the world?” laughed and mocked Xin Huo as he pointed at Tian Myriad Mother.

Between the insults of Xin Huo and Zhong Yue destroying her two bodies, hatred engulfed Tian Myriad Mother. She raised her hand and slammed towards Xin Huo at extreme speed!

Xin Huo, on the other hand, swayed to the side and evaded her attack with little effort. He then reached the side of Qiu Jin’er and dragged her up onto his back as he said, “Little girl, stay on my back and stand firm! You are little brat Yue’s darling, so I cannot let anything harm you!”

As she was thrown onto Zhong Yue’s back, she hugged onto his body tightly as her heart thumped quickly. She thought, How come senior martial brother became so strange-looking….

Without achieving Atman Body As One, her body was still small compared to the currently huge body of Zhong Yue, only the size of a scale. With that, Xin Huo felt nothing at all when he carried her on his back.

Meanwhile, Tian Myriad Mother charged towards them, wailing nonstop and casting all sorts of skills towards Xin Huo.

Qiu Jin’er quickly removed the Golden Feathery Peng Sword from her forehead and tossesd it forward towards Xin Huo while she said, “Senior martial brother, the sword!”

Xin Huo however, softly flicked the sword with one of his floating braids, returning the sword back to the forehead of Qiu Jin’er.

Xin Huo refused to take the sword back. The Golden Feathery Peng Sword was nourished with the psyche and soul of Zhong Yue, and with him unconscious right now, Xin Huo could not use the sword at all. Thus, it was better that he not use it at all.

“Competing with me on the aspect of techniques and skills?” Xin Huo moved around quickly, dodging the attacks of Tian Myriad Mother. He retaliated with extremely strong techniques and skills! The two were using way different skills and techniques. Tian Myriad Mother’s were all demonic ones, while the ones Xin Huo used were godly ones. However, there was something they had in common, and that was the techniques and skills the two used were all at the godly level.

Tian Myriad Mother felt happy and she thought, He stopped using the sword and is trying to fight me with skills and techniques? He must be out of his mind!

Previously, she had to keep on dodging the attacks of the Golden Feathery Peng Sword, which in turn stopped her from casting skills and spells. But now, everything suddenly went well for her as Xin Huo stopped using the Golden Feathery Peng Sword!

With her full strength unleashed, it would be extremely easy for her to kill a puny Atman Body level Qi Practitioner!

In the next moment, the difference in power between the skills of both side could be seen clearly.

To Tian Myriad Mother’s shock and dismay, her skills were all countered by Xin Huo’s skills. She quickly cast even more skills and techniques towards Xin Huo.

As the battle progressed, the more Tian Myriad Mother felt shocked. All of her attacks were overwhelmed by Xin Huo easily, and none of her defenses could last more than a second against the attacks of Xin Huo!

Then, the pace of the battle increased, everything started to get blurry to her, and she could no longer attack. All she could was doing was fending off the attacks of Xin Huo when she suddenly shouted in pain and fear. She was hit by one his attacks, and felt like her soul was torn apart!

The attacks of Xin Huo were skills and techniques that could directly harm souls!

After receiving that hit, her mind went blank. When she saw “Zhong Yue” launch even more attacks, she trembled in fear and despair as she sensed imminent doom, and quickly tried to flee!

“Run? Who said you could walk away just like that!?” Xin Huo raised his hands and moved them in a mysterious pattern, forming an ancient looking “Ding”, “Qu” and “Fen” word in the air, which then merged together and formed another unique letter.

“【God Banishment Seal】!” Xin Huo shouted. The fleeing Tian Myriad Mother suddenly felt everything became heavy, as if there were countless mountains crushing down on her.

Suddenly, she felt everything return to normal. She then quickly leapt into the air and flew away quickly.

Scary… Such a scary existence, he is definitely not Zhong Yue, but an ancient almighty god or demon! Luckily, I am not that bad so he could not kill me….

She felt relieved and turned around, only to see a horrifying scene that gave her the shock of her life!

She saw herself!

She saw another Tian Myriad Mother standing in front of “Zhong Yue” obediently, not moving even a single inch!

I got bound over there? Then who is this over here?

What happened was because of the【God Banishment Seal】used by Xin Huo, which separated her spirit and soul!

The reason why Yuan Shen were so strong was because of the combination of soul and spirit, which formed the atman. When the soul and spirit merged together and formed into the atman, a Yuan Shen was born that possessed powerful strength. After becoming a god, the soul and spirit would be inseparable no matter what.

And now, her soul and spirit were separated! This was most terrible thing Tian Myriad Mother has ever came across, and now, she had personally experienced it!

Without the protection of her spirit, her soul started to fade away. In an instant, she was on the verge of disappearing.

What are you and who are you…?

Her soul could no longer say anything, and could only fly towards her spirit weakly.

Xin Huo ignored her as he measured Tian Myriad Mother. Just before he was about to kill her, Zhong Yue’s voice could suddenly be heard, saying, “Xin Huo, spare the spirit of this demonic god.”

“Spare the spirit?” Xin Huo was slightly stunned and reached his hand out, grabbing the soul of Tian Myriad Mother and destroying it, leaving only her spirit.

“Spare her spirit as I have a use for it. I want to seal her spirit here to bait the god’s messenger here!” Zhong Yue explained.

Xin Huo nodded. At the same time, the energy in Zhong Yue’s bloodline depleted, and Xin Huo could no longer maintain the true form of Sui Sovereign. With that, Zhong Yue’s body reverted back into his normal state quickly.

What a shame, his bloodline is still not pure enough….

Xin Huo sighed as the girl on his back got down quickly. She looked at Zhong Yue in a daze and asked, “Is this really you, senior martial brother?”

“My beloved…” Xin Huo turned around and said emotionally, “I am actually the reincarnation of a Heavenly Monarch that came to look for my love for the past nine lives, which is you. My love, let us not wait and continue to… Damn it, brat Yue. Stop disturbing me again…”

Zhong Yue’s conciousness recovered and quickly reclaimed control of his body from the little flame man.

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