Returning from the Immortal World

Chapter 460

Chapter 460: A Sensational Moment

Leaving the New Dream Renova Company, Tang Xiu headed straight to Shanghai First Public Hospital with Chi Nan, whereas the six experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall secretly lurked around the New Dream Renova Company to monitor the Ye Brothers.

After all, Tang Xiu didn’t want any unforeseen event to emerge. If the Ye Brothers were to call the police or didn’t handle the aftermath properly, the six experts would then take action.


In the Inpatient Department ward.

After entering the room, Tang Xiu saw Yuan Chuling playing with his mobile phone listlessly. Chuckling, he went toward him, “I already sent someone to find nurses for you, and there will be two nurses for each of you. I have also paid your hospitalization fees and all your medical expenses, so you can feel at ease to heal from your injuries here. As for the issues with your campus, I’ll find someone to take care of it later.”

Surprised and shocked, Yuan Chuling stared at Tang Xiu and asked, “Eldest Brother, can I recuperate outside? Hospital smell is too unbearable, and lying in bed is boring as hell.”

“Nope, you gotta stay to recuperate here.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “The most important thing to do now is to get better. Besides, the October holiday will soon come, and you will start your schooling afterward. By then you can get out of your bed and report to your campus, and recuperate outside.”

“But, Brother, aren’t you a powerful divine doctor or something? The doctors here can’t compare to you.” Yuan Chuling was dejected. “How about you treat me yourself?”

“Your injuries are all superficial; they need to heal slowly.” Tang Xiu said. “What I do best is administering first-aid and treating chronic illnesses. Even if I do give you a treatment, the effect won’t be very different. Hence, you gotta recuperate slowly! You’ll be as healthy as a fatty pig in the pen after you recover.”

“What the fuck…”

Yuan Chuling was speechless and unable to retort. He knew he was full of fat as of now, and wished he could successfully lose weight as fast as possible. The Tang Xiu’s remark gave him such a “not” serious psychological blow!

“Anyhow, what exactly did you do, Big Bro Tang?”

“I went to the New Dream Renova Company,” said Tang Xiu.

Looking panicked and horrified, Yuan Chuling exclaimed, “You really went there? You… what the hell did you do?”

“Avenged you,” said Tang Xiu indifferently.

Yuan Chuling trembled. But seeing as Tang Xiu wasn’t injured, he curiously asked, “How did you avenged me, exactly?”

“Beating the ones who needed to be beaten, and killing those who needed to be killed,” said Tang Xiu faintly. “If anything, that New Dream Renova Company’s Boss—Ye Wentao will come here tomorrow, to kneel at the entrance as an apology to you. Anyhow, he also gave 1 billion as compensation. Do you want the money?”

Slack-jawed, Yuan Chuling stared at Tang Xiu incredulously. He suspected that Tang Xiu was only boasting.

“Is this for real, Brother?”

“Yeah, it’s true,” said Tang Xiu with all seriousness.

Gulping down his saliva, Yuan Chuling could tell that Tang Xiu was not cracking a joke. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “Though I’m unable to buy it, since it’s you who’s saying it, I’ll believe it. However, I don’t want the money. If that man surnamed Ye really come kneel at the entrance of this First Public Hospital for a day, that is enough for me to vent my anger already. Regardless, I’m kinda afraid that he’ll make trouble if he kneels there all day, though. How about doing it another way? Let him come here and kowtow three times, and then let him off.”

After thinking for a short while, Tang Xiu felt that Yuan Chuling’s idea could work as well. Therefore, he dialed Ye Wentao’s number and said, “You don’t have to kneel for a day at the First Public Hospital’s entrance. You just need to come to my friend and kowtow three times. That will suffice as an apology.”

“All right!”

Upon hearing it, Ye Wentao’s reply sounded a bit excited.

If he were to choose between kneeling for a day and kowtowing three times, he would definitely choose the latter. After all, if he really knelt for a day at the entrance of Shanghai’s First Public Hospital, he would surely enter the headlines of all major media in the country; he would completely lose his face. In the future, not to mention in Shanghai, he would probably not be able to mix into society in the other parts of the country.

After pondering for a while, Tang Xiu casually said, “The compensation will increase by 100 million yuan. Bring the money to my friend tomorrow.”

“No problem!” Ye Wentao’s reply sounded unusually happy.

Hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu then looked at Yuan Chuling and lightly said, “I just got another 100 million. Since you don’t want that 1 billion, this 100 million will be your pocket money!”

Yuan Chuling’s expression turned strange. He looked at Tang Xiu while raising his finger to point at his nose, “You’ll give me 100 million as pocket money?”

“Is that not enough for you?” Asked Tang Xiu.

“How could it not be enough? It’s simply… sufficient!” Yuan Chuling hastily waved his hand and forced a smile. “100 million… Though my family is quite rich and is able to fork out 1 billion, yet I have never seen what 100-million-yuan money looks like.”

“It’s great if you’re satisfied, buddy.” Tang Xiu chuckled. “Anyhow, you should have seen me in the news headlines, right?”

Clapping, Yuan Chuling grinned, “But of course, Big Bro! Sure as hell I know about that. There has been a footage that’s causing a big sensation recently, and I can tell that people all over the country surely know about it. I had long known that you were great at playing the zither, but I never thought that you would make such a stir because of it. You are a big star now, buddy!”

With a helpless expression, Tang Xiu replied, “It was out of my imagination that things would develop to this point. Nevertheless, in the next several days I can’t go to the campus to attend class due to that. Hence, I’m planning to attend the classes in the next few days. I will come visit you before the holiday in November, though. But I’m afraid I can’t do that too often.”

“Didn’t you tell me you’d help hire nurses for us?” Yuan Chuling waved his hand and replied. “With some nurses taking care of me, you can rest easy, brother! Anyhow, I heard that your campus has a campus flower ranking or something. When you hook up with several campus flowers, can you bring them to accompany me here to relieve my boredom or something?”

“What the… Go to hell!” Tang Xiu couldn’t help but snap.

Knock, knock…

As the door was knocked, Chi Nan then came in. She looked at Yuan Chuling on the bed and nodded at him. Then, her eyes shifted to Tang Xiu and said, “Boss, we have hired a total of 12 nurses. We’ll assign two of them to take care of each person for night and day shifts. Is there any other instructions?”

Tang Xiu shook his head, “The hospital’s food is kind of poor. Arrange some people to deliver food to them every meal time. Take note that the dishes must be delicate. All of them have traumas and are unsuited to eat greasy meals in particular. Get them healthy food to help nurture their health.”

“Roger that. I’ll arrange it when I go back,” said Chi Nan respectfully.

“You can go back first! I’ll call you if there’s something I need,” said Tang Xiu with a nod.

While watching Chi Nan depart from the ward, a look of surprise was cast on Yuan Chuling’s face, “Who the hell is that pretty big sis, Bro? She’s very beautiful, and to my surprise, she’s so respectful to you! Damn, you’re too awesome, big bro. To think that you mingled like that? Is she your employee?”

“Nah... Her name is Chi Nan, and she’s not my employee.” Tang Xiu shook his head. “She’s the Vice Manager of the Everlasting Feast Hall’s branch in Shanghai.”

“She’s the vice manager of a restaurant? How come she addresses you as Boss?” Asked Yuan Chuling, confused.

“I’m the owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall. Thus, she’s naturally my staff as well,” said Tang Xiu with a chuckle.

“You even opened a restaurant in Shanghai?” Asked Yuan Chuling in amazement.

“Yeah! If you want to dine at the Everlasting Feast Hall, whether it is in Shanghai, Beijing, Jingmen Island, Hong Kong, and other places, as long as there is an Everlasting Feast Hall there, just mention my name. They will not charge you and will also treat you as a VIP,” said Tang Xiu with a smile.

“This old Yuan is convinced, my dear Bro!” Yuan Chuling gave him thumbs up and praised. “You’re my idol; you’re simply a godlike existence in my mind! How long has it been since you came to Shanghai? Yet you unexpectedly have opened a restaurant here too! Anyhow, listening to you, it seems like you have also opened a branch in Beijing, Hong Kong, and Jingmen Island, yeah? That’s so fucking awesome!”

“Idolizing me, or worshipping me; just keep it in your heart, will ya?” Tang Xiu chuckled. “It’s kinda embarrassing if it’s you speaking!”

“Fuck! You’re shameless!” Yuan Chuling cussed.

“All right, all right, looking at you still able to curse me, that means you are fine already,” Tang Xiu giddily said. “Anyhow, I need to get going first. I’ll think of a way to solve the problems with your campus.”

“Please do, Boss, Eldest Bro!” Replied Yuan Chuling quickly.

“Pfft…” Tang Xiu couldn’t help laughing. “We’re brothers, so dispense with the politeness, will ya? Ah, right. Text me the information of your two fellow students.”

“Copy that!” Yuan Chuling hurriedly took out his mobile phone.


A few minutes later, Tang Xiu left the Inpatient Department building. As he arrived at the hospital’s parking lot, he took out his mobile phone. After thinking for a short while, he edited a short message and sent it to Jin Xingkui and Gu Changmin.

Immediately after, Gu Changmin’s phone call came.

“Brother Tang, the Vice President of Shanghai University of Science and Technology Department is my brother-in-law. Why do you ask?” Gu Changmin’s voice was heard from the mobile.

“Old Brother Gu, a friend of mine is a student at the Science and Technology Department of Shanghai University. He and I have formed a partnership to invest in a fitness center. During its renovation recently, he and his two classmates were badly beaten after a conflict with some people. He was seriously injured and is now hospitalized in Shanghai’s First Public Hospital. I would like to ask you to contact the campus leaders so as to give them a leave of absence. After all, they need to be hospitalized for several days. It will be quite troublesome if they keep skipping classes.”

“This is nothing but a trivial issue! No problem, I’ll call my brother-in-law immediately. That’s right, just send me the information of your friend and his classmates!” Gu Changmin laughed.

“Please wait a bit, then!”

Tang Xiu ended the call and forwarded the text message sent to him by Yuan Chuling. Afterward, he received a call from Jin Xingkui, telling him that he didn’t know any leaders from the Science and Technology Department of Shanghai University, but he actually knew a few of Shanghai University’s leaders.

After randomly explaining, Tang Xiu ended the call. What he didn’t expect was that after he asked Gu Changmin to help, the man even went to the Science and Technology of Shanghai University by himself. After having a discussion with his brother-in-law, the Vice President of Science and Technology of Shanghai University, who was quite a figure with real authority, personally led a group to rush to Shanghai’s First Public Hospital to visit Yuan Chuling and the other two students.

Additionally, much to Yuan Chuling’s surprise and astonishment, they also expressed their consolations and gave them rewards. As for the reason, it was because he was a role model student for setting a good example for today’s college students in starting a business when he was still a freshman and just began his studies.

Shortly put!

Yuan Chuling was praised high up to the sky until the guy himself was embarrassed. Hence, he admiration he already had in mind for Tang Xiu’s abilities increased.

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