Peerless Battle Spirit

Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356 - Hundred Thousand Killing Mountains

Qin Nan's flesh was comparable to the fourth-layer Martial Monarch Realm. If he were to fully unleash the power of the two different types of will in his body, he would be able to face a seventh-layer Martial Monarch.

In other words, with his full strength, he could barely hold off against the enemy.

However, he would simply expose his identity as the one who was trying to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm on his own.

He was not deep into the mountain yet. If he were to expose it now, it was hard to tell how everything would turn out.

As for the Immortal Appearance-Changing Art, it would not make any difference, as anyone above the fifth-layer Martial Monarch Realm could easily see his true appearance.

"There's no need to fight now, I should try and break through them here."

Qin Nan made up his mind quickly. With a kick, he turned into a beam of light dashing toward the person whose cultivation was only at the fourth-layer Martial Monarch Realm.

"He's attacking instead?"

The eyes of the two seventh-layer Martial Monarchs flickered with astonishment, as they did not expect the guy who was only a mere Martial Progenitor to attack first.

Despite the astonishment, they quickly changed direction too.


A few moments later, as Qin Nan and the fourth-layer Martial Monarch were only a few dozen li away, allowing them to see each other's face clearly. They were stunned on the spot.

The person did not expect that Qin Nan would be the one holding sixty-nine Sky-Severing Dragon Claws. On the other hand, Qin Nan never thought the fourth-layer Martial Monarch would be the current Young Master of the Dead Spirit Tribe, Wan Fenghun.

"HAHAHA, I was going to say, how could a Martial Progenitor have so many Sky-Severing Dragon Claws? It does seem reasonable now if it's you.

"I'll make it clear, hand over the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws and submit to me and I'll spare your life."

Wan Fenghun's figure emitted wisps of Dead Spirit Qi after bursting into laughter. His eyes were filled with excitement too.

He was not interested in ordinary Martial Progenitors, yet he was fairly intrigued by the Martial Progenitor that had surpassed the rules of cultivation, who had managed to outsmart the infamous Martial Monarch Luoyin.

"Is that so?"

Qin Nan remained calm. As he executed the Unstoppable Step, his figure suddenly became blurry and moved forward rapidly, so fast that it was hard to detect his movement.

"As expected of someone who has surpassed the rules of cultivation, with some other tricks, you could even survive being hunted by an ordinary fourth-layer Martial Monarch.

"Too bad, you've stumbled into me instead!

"Ancient Serene Spirits!"

Wan Fenghun's hair drifted wildly in the wind as he performed a hand seal. At that instant, the area within a few li was covered in darkness. An ancient spear which seemed to be formed from countless dead spirits appeared and thrust forward.

Wan Fenghun was ranked ninth on the Genius Martial Monarchs Ranking. It went without saying that his cultivation had surpassed that of an ordinary fourth-layer Martial Monarch. The spear alone was able to seal off the escape of an ordinary Martial Monarch.


Qin Nan seemed surprised, as if he were facing a great threat. He was unable to dodge the attack in time, who panickedly raised his arms to shield him from the attack.

"Don't worry, I'm still interested in you, I won't kill you straight away, as I will turn you into my battle slave, to..."

Wan Fenghun walked forward with a sinister grin.

Everything was completely under his control.

However, before he could finish, the grin on his face stiffened.


Following a shocking explosion, wisps of Dead Spirit Qi spread in all directions. To his surprise, Qin Nan's body was not crushed by the blow, but he made use of the impact to fly in the opposite direction rapidly. He was already a few dozen li away within the blink of an eye.

"Did he block it?"

Wan Fenghun was startled.

How did Qin Nan block it when he was only a peak Martial Progenitor?

"Qin Nan, where do you think you're running to?"

At that instant, two deafening voices echoed in the air, as the two seventh-layer Martial Monarchs with glittering eyes walked out from the rift with calm looks.

The two Martial Monarchs were from the Dead Spirit Tribe and the Ocean Tribe respectively.

"How impressive, purposely giving me the chance to strike, just so I would lower my guard while you extend the distance between us using the impact! Such a pity, it almost worked!

"Martial Uncle, pin him down!"

Wan Fenghun's eyes flickered coldly.

A little Qin Nan dared to trick him. He would definitely teach him a lesson.

"Soul-Connecting Monarch Fist!"

The seventh-layer Martial Monarch of the Dead Spirit Tribe threw a punch forward without hesitation or mercy. The space began to collapse as the terrifying fist intent surged forward like the frozen river of the Nine Heavens.

Even a sixth-layer Martial Monarch would be frozen to death by the punch.

The Martial Monarchs of the Eight Ancient Tribes were stronger than ordinary Martial Monarchs.

"Do you think you can stop me?"

"Martial Gods and Monarchs Pattern!"

Qin Nan let out a roar as a blinding glow was unleashed from his figure. Magnificent figures began to appear from his back, standing in the air with formidable presences.

The figures were the wills that the five Martial Gods and the group of Martial Monarchs at the Wretched Disaster Forest had given him.

"What's going on?"

"Why would he have the power of so many Martial Monarchs?"

"It contains the will of Martial Monarchs and five Martial Gods!"

Wan Fenghun and the two seventh-layer Martial Monarchs were absolutely shocked.


With a thought, Qin Nan had awakened all the magnificent wills inside him. He stomped the ground and threw a punch forward. It gathered the wills and transformed into a peerless sword, slashing the fist intent from the Martial Monarch of the Dead Spirit Tribe.


The entire place shook tremendously.

Even the fist intent of the seventh-layer Martial Monarch was stopped with brute force by the combination of wills.


Qin Nan did not fight further seeing this. The wills turned into a pair of colorful giant wings on his back. The wings flapped, producing a tremendous gust which dragged Qin Nan into the distance within the blink of an eye.

After all, no matter how formidable the force of the Martial Gods and Monarchs Pattern was, the more times he used it, the weaker it would become. 

"Don't let him run away, chase him!"

Wan Fenghun snapped with a dark expression.

If they somehow let Qin Nan escape, they would not only be missing out on the seventy-nine Sky-Severing Dragon Claws, but he would lose his face as the Young Master of the Dead Spirit Tribe too.

The two seventh-layer Martial Monarchs were not willing to give up either. They immediately brought Wan Fenghun along and executed an ancient art, vanishing into thin air.

At that instant, a great hunt took place in the Murderous Intent Space.

Qin Nan's speed was outstanding with the combination of his left eye of the Divine God of Battle and the Martial Gods and Monarchs Pattern, as not only was his movement unpredictable, but he could also easily weave through the traps and forbidding formations.

However, the cooperation between the two seventh-layer Martial Monarchs and Wan Fenghun was quite extraordinary too. Although they had yet to catch up to Qin Nan, they were following right behind him like a parasite attached to his bone, unable to be shaken off.

"This is bad, they will eventually catch up at this rate and even attract the attention of other Martial Monarchs. I have to think of some way..."

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. He activated the maximum potential of the left eye of the Divine God of Battle and scanned his surroundings.

It was impossible to get rid of the tails with mere tricks. The only way was to rely on the things in the Murderous Intent Space.


A few hundred breaths later, Qin Nan's eyes flickered.

He discovered several mountains not far away, which clumped together into a mountain range. He was unable to see its end, even with the left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

In addition to that, each mountain was covered by a strong murderous intent, which was so thick that it could almost materialize. Even the left eye of the Divine God of Battle was unable to peek into the deeper region of the mountains.

"This is it."

Qin Nan flew straight toward the mountains without hesitation.

"Trying to go somewhere dangerous to get rid of us? Qin Nan, how naive are you."

Wan Fenghun and the two Martial Monarchs followed right behind Qin Nan with a cold grin.

"Spirits of the Heavens and Earth linger in every corner, invisible death traps scatter across the place.

"I am the water, not one drop can leak out."

Not long after, Wan Fenghun and the Martial Monarch of the Ocean Tribe both performed a hand seal.

Following this, wisps of cold aura came out from the ancient trees and the ground, which transformed into death knights that attacked Qin Nan from all directions.

On top of that, a layer of water vapor was gathered from the trees, flowers, the ground, and the rivers, which instantly made the area foggy, with immeasurable murderous intent hiding deep inside the fog.

"Destruction Will!"

Qin Nan wore a stern expression as he unleashed the Destruction Will into the Martial Gods and Monarchs Pattern. The wills of the Martial Gods and Martial Monarchs became dark. Not only did each flap of the wings produce a strong gust, but it also shattered the approaching danger.

"What a surprise, the people of the Dead Spirit Tribe and Ocean Tribe are able to utilize the surroundings to unleash stronger attacks, this is bad."

Qin Nan frowned slightly.

"Someone is observing us?"

Qin Nan raised his head with a stunned expression.

In addition to him, Wan Fenghun and the two Martial Monarchs reacted the same way too.

Just a moment ago, it felt like there was a pair of eyes high up in the sky locking its gaze onto them.

"There's no one around, and the Sky-Severing Dragon Claws didn't show any reaction, which means someone is using a rare artifact to observe this entire place from far away."

As the thought crossed his mind, Qin Nan flew into a different direction without hesitation.


An unexpected change took place. Rays of bloody light suddenly appeared high up in the sky, which turned into giant, murderous swords that poured down at Qin Nan like a heavy storm.

The attack was not executed by some cultivator, but the rare artifact that was observing the place.


The eyes of Wan Fenghun and the other two Martial Monarchs flickered.

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, who would have thought you would end up like this! Cultivator Wan Fenghun, why don't we team up and kill this guy?"

A burst of loud laughter filled with excitement exploded in the sky.

After hearing the voice, Qin Nan immediately realized that the person observing the place with the rare artifact was none other than the Young Master of the Blood Tribe, Blood Rune.

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