Martial Void King

Chapter 182

Chapter 182

Cosmic Stage

After Chu Shen made the star, he had to put it into a stable orbit around the black hole. Calculating the trajectory of the star relative to the black hole, Chu Shen was able to easily put it into a synchronous orbit. Learning all those physics equations wasn’t a waste after all.

However, Chu Shen quickly realized an issue. He took fifteen minutes to create and place 1 star in orbit. Master Ti Wu told Chu Shen that he needed to make at a minimum 1 billion stars in a stable orbit around the black hole. If he could, 1 trillion stars would be preferable.

Chu Shen recognized why since 1 billion stars was the minimum to be considered a medium-size galaxy and 1 trillion was the minimum for a large-size galaxy.

He did the math. It would take him over 15 million years to create 1 trillion stars. There had to be some trick that he hadn’t figured out yet. Chu Shen started making stars as fast as possible and was soon able to decrease the time to 7 minutes. It still wasn’t good enough.

Chu Shen decided to take a gamble. He attempted to create 2 stars at once. Surprisingly, it worked. Taking it one step further, Chu Shen made 3 stars the next time. While it was more strenuous to make multiple stars at once, it took the same amount of time it took to make once.

When he started to run low on energy, he would explode a couple dozen stars before continuing. Through constant experimentation, Chu Shen found his limit was 32 stars in 7 minutes.

The more stars he made the faster his soul grew. As a result of this, the limit was constantly increasing at an exponential rate. Within a week, Chu Shen had formed close to 2 million stars. A month later, the stars reached 60 billion. Exactly 1 month and 5 days after Chu Shen came to Sparta, the stars reached 1 trillion. 

Chu Shen admired the marvelous view. Billions of stars slowly circled around an invisible point. An entire galaxy simply hanging in the void right in front of him. A massive star floated past his vision, the heat faintly impacting Chu Shen’s face.

Master Ti Wu grinned. “Very impressive, for a brat. Now it’s time for you to learn how to control your powers. First, we have to leave the Voids Hand. Then we can start training you.”

Chu Shen nodded. “Okay master. I’m sure the others are concerned by now.”

“Enough brat. Don’t get sappy on me.” Master Ti Wu waved his hand. Immediately, they disappeared from Chu Shen’s soul.


Chu Shen freaked everyone out on the base by not emerging from the room containing the anti-matter reactor for an entire month. Xentus Viri was surprised because the energy from the reactor was being drained at a visible rate the entire time Chu Shen was in the room.

Chu Lai was the only one that wasn’t worried. To break through required long periods of closed door cultivation. To be isolated from the world for years was a common thing. To her, this was normal and she tried to explain this to everyone else.

Unfortunately, Aslo and Chrissa came from a world where there was no closed door cultivation. Because they couldn’t advance their cultivation stages, they had no concept of why Chu Shen needed to cultivate so long. Ironically, Lucas was the one that understood it best. He compared it to studying for a test. The one that couldn’t cultivate could understand better than the ones that could.

Aslo and Chrissa focused on controlling their domains while Chu Shen was busy. Lucas and Xentus Viri focused on dissecting the beast core and discovering how it worked. They made much progress on discovering how the energy was stored inside it, allowing them to increase the capacity of the power cells by 500%! How the beast core was able to control energy was still a mystery. 

The biggest thing was that Xentus Viri sat down with Lucas and started creating a much more powerful body for him. By placing an antimatter reactor inside a subspace, Xentus Viri gave Lucas an almost infinite power source.

Then Xentus Viri put a power transmitter on the antimatter plant and the receiver on the robotic body of Lucas. This way his body didn’t need to contain the energy sources but simply control the energy. The amount of energy he now had available to him was more than 100 times the raw energy Chu Shen had had at the Natural Realm.

As for how he would fare in a fight, that remained to be seen. Undoubtedly, the raw destructive power Lucas now had at is disposal would surely be overwhelming. 

Chu Shen stretched as he finally came out of his coma-like state. Going over to the wall, Chu Shen ordered some food from the food synthesizer. Eating a couple hamburgers, Chu Shen calmed down his growling stomach.

Sighing he leaned backwards. “Alright. Guess it’s time for more training.”

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