Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 581

Chapter 581: Cruelty: He Who Succeeds Becomes King, He Who Fails, a Bandit

Chu Chaoyun did not feel excited over defeating this giant, nor did he feel any unease over how he attacked.

In Chu Chaoyun’s eyes, all these great sects, unrivaled geniuses, and all sorts of glory were not worth mentioning.

Xiao Chen looked at Liu Xiaoyun lying on the stage. He did not have any thoughts on whether Chu Chaoyun was vicious or not. Chu Chaoyun only used the most suitable move for the situation.

Every time Liu Xiaoyun got knocked back, he would increase his strength by ten percent. If this kept up, no one would know when it would end.

Who knows, the next person in trouble could be Chu Chaoyun. And the victor of this match would be different.

Temporarily crippling Liu Xiaoyun’s limbs was the best solution, then. Furthermore, at that time, his opponent already formed an assumption. Each time, Chu Chaoyun had given his opponent a chance to get up, never attacking before his opponent stood up.

Thus, Liu Xiaoyun came to assume that his opponent would never attack while he was getting up—or perhaps that Chu Chaoyun did not have the ability to or the guts to engage in close combat.

Who knew, Chu Chaoyun not only had the ability to do so, he had the guts as well. With the right opportunity and the right method, everything was dealt with smoothly.

Because he was the same, the genius swordsman of the Sun Moon Sect glared at the extremely dissatisfied Liu Xiaoyun. He could not help but sigh in his heart, reminding himself, I have to remember this lesson. I cannot drop my guard at any moment or look down on the newcomers.

Li Daoxuan, the scion of the eight Noble Clans’ Li Clan, which was famous for spears, smiled coldly and said, “If he had used his full power earlier, he would not be in such state. Liu Xiaoyun thinks too highly of himself.”

Bai Qi, who was not far away, felt the same. In the end, Liu Xiaoyun had lost sight of his priorities. He could not even deal with the match before him, yet he wanted to preserve his strength to deal with Xuanyuan Zhantian.

Sima Lingxuan, who was in the seeded participant’s spectator stand, could not even be bothered to give Liu Xiaoyun a glance. He coldly spat out, “Trash!”

After the referee announced the result of the match, someone from the Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion came over to carry Liu Xiaoyun away.

The Misty Sword Sect’s Sect Master watched with a smile on his face as Chu Chaoyun slowly walked over. Then, he glanced at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s Jiang Chi.

The Misty Sword Sect’s elders were very happy as well. Chu Chaoyun defeated the previously ranked tenth Liu Xiaoyun. That meant that the Misty Sword Sect had a chance of getting into the top ten.

“How powerful! Unexpectedly, the insignificant Great Qin Nation managed to produce two dark horses. First, Xiao Chen defeated Gong Yangyu. Then, Chu Chaoyun defeated Liu Xiaoyun. This is too much of a coincidence.”

“That Liu Xiaoyun is quite pitiful. He carried noble aspirations, wanting to challenge Xuanyuan Zhantian. Who knew that before they got to fight, he would be defeated?”

“The most important thing is that he was defeated so miserably. His prestige is gone. He could not even stand up anymore. He was beaten up like a dead dog.”

“The newcomers of this Five Nation Youth Competition are too strong. Indeed, the age of geniuses is here. First, we have Xuanyuan Zhantian, who dares to challenge Sima Lingxuan. Then, we have Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun. Finally, after them are people like Lin Fei.”

After all, this was just a competition. The victor was king. Chu Chaoyun won in a straightforward and upright manner; no one would vilify him. They only sighed that the newcomers of the younger generation were growing too fast.

In this grand age, if a veteran was not careful, they might lose their prestige and become a stepping stone for the newcomers, allowing the newcomer to rocket to fame.

The strong came out in large numbers, like the stars flickering in the sky. When they competed for the peak, if it was not cruel or intense, it would not be the age of geniuses.

The competition continued. The remaining scions of the eight Noble Clans aside from Sima Lingxuan all fought their matches. This allowed the crowd to see the graceful bearing of a Martial Emperor’s descendants.

The Li Clan scion was famous for spears. His spear moved like a flood dragon bursting out of the sea. When he moved his spear, it sounded like the roar of a berserk dragon. Just his vast state of water made everyone feel his potential was limitless.

Wang Quan, the scion of the Wang Clan, used a black whip. The whip was very unpredictable; it was changeable and could vary between soft and hard. It even managed to leave deep marks on the Wind Cloud Arena.

There was also Beiming Shang of the Beiming Clan. He used an unrivaled Palm Technique. Even the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan could not last more than five moves against him.

When these people stepped into the dueling ring, they were invincible. In this second round of elimination, they did not meet any opponents that could defeat them. The strength that they displayed somewhat suppressed the fame of Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, the newcomers.

However, the most eye-catching one was the Bai Clan’s Bai Qi. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the exquisite Saber Techniques he demonstrated reached perfection.

Bai Qi was the first runner-up in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. The crowd could clearly feel that he was stronger than the other Noble Clan scions.

The only regret of the crowd was that no one was able to force Bai Qi to use the Four Season Saber Technique that they wanted to see.

In a way, this also proved Bai Qi’s strength. Without using the Four Season Saber Technique, he was already so strong. If he used the Four Season Saber Technique, how much stronger would he be?

Many experts stepped up and showed everyone spectacular fights and wonderful Martial Techniques. This was an eye-opener for many cultivators.

However, there was someone who took unconventional action. He spread his fame with his extremely ridiculous behavior. Furthermore, he won all the matches he was in. He received even more attention than some of the Noble Clan scions.

Naturally, that person was Jin Dabao. From the very start, he had relied on that coffin lid and his shameless moves. Unexpectedly, he maintained his winning streak despite being a peak Superior Grade Martial King.

Jin Dabao became the irregularity of this Five Nation Youth Competition, confounding everyone.

That coffin lid made several participants feel very dissatisfied. They felt that it was an offensive Secret Treasure. In the end, the City Lord personally checked the coffin lid and verified that it was not an offensive Secret Treasure before the crowd’s rage was placated.

Finally, the fatty had a match-up with a Noble Clan scion that he clearly could not defeat. He merely laughed loudly and chose to give up.

Several participants who wanted to see him get beaten up felt very angry. They all cursed at the fatty for his shamelessness.

For now, ignoring the fatty’s brazenness, another match that the crowd was waiting for was about to start. It was the match between Yue Chenxi and Nangong Ziyue.

In an instant, almost everyone focused on dueling ring seven, watching the two valiant and formidable-looking girls.

The matches of the other dueling rings became much less interesting. Even the matches of the other Noble Clan scions were ignored.

This was because the two girls on that dueling ring were too dazzling. Apart from their outstanding strength, their absolute beauty was also a big reason for the crowd’s attention.

In the Five Nation Youth Competition where the strong appeared in large numbers, it was very rare to see girls. Since ancient times, most people were of the opinion that fighting was the business of men.

However, Yue Chenxi and Nangong Ziyue made everyone change their opinions by proving they were a match for men.

The strength of these two girls left several male participants in the dust; these men could only try to chase after their shadows.

Both these girls used Fist Techniques, were extremely beautiful, and were greatly talented.

Everyone was curious as to who was stronger and who was weaker.

The Supreme Sky Sect’s Yue Chenxi was only ranked in the top thirty in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition. However, she seemed much stronger in this round of the Five Nation Youth Competition.

During the intense qualifier, Yue Chenxi had pushed out Nangong Ziyue and obtained a seeded spot, to the surprise of everyone.

Given Nangong Ziyue’s pride at being a Noble Clan disciple, she would not stand by idly after this happened. She would definitely think of a way to regain her glory.

Nangong Ziyue and Yue Chenxi were bound to fight each other. Now, the two finally met in the Cloud Wind Arena.

In one corner of the dueling ring, Nangong Ziyue looked at the graceful and beautiful Yue Chenxi. She calmly said, “Show me your full power. Otherwise, you will lose quickly. During the qualifier, I only used half my strength.”

Yue Chenxi smiled gently and replied, “That would depend on how capable you are. Let me tell you, during the qualifier, I did not even use forty percent of my strength.”

Talk was useless; naturally, the smack talk before the match could not determine who was the true victor.


Without saying a word, Nangong Ziyue took up the pose for the Immortal Mountains and Rivers Fist Technique and rushed at Yue Chenxi.

As Nangong Ziyue moved, the sound of gushing rivers resounded and mountains rose around her. In the blink of an eye, she materialized the power of the mountains and waters as she punched.

When she launched the punch, the mountains stop moving and the rivers stop flowing. The power of the mountains and waters gathered on her fist, working together with her Essence. Space trembled and the vast Wind Cloud Arena shook.

The sound of Nangong Ziyue’s fist was like thunder, shaking the surroundings.

Yue Chenxi took a step forward with her right leg and clenched her right fist. She had a cautious expression on her delicate face. Clearly, she did not dare to underestimate this punch.

However, Yue Chenxi did not fear this punch, either. She countered this punch, which could make space tremble, with a punch.

When the two fists clashed, Nangong Ziyue’s power of mountain and waters immediately pressed over. In that instant, the force of the gushing river and moving mountains poured out without end.

Yue Chenxi crouched slightly as she shouted, “Explode!” Then, when she straightened again, a dazzling light on her fist exploded.

That light was fulgent and dazzling. It was like the light of the morning sun breaking through the darkness of night. Its glow shone on everything, over all the mountains and rivers.

The mountain range immediately filled with golden light and the gushing rivers gleamed.

When Beiming Shang, who previously harbored doubts about Yue Chenxi’s strength, saw this scene, he exclaimed in shock, “How bold! Others would think of how to break this state of mountain and water. Unexpectedly, this Yue Chenxi wanted to destroy the entire state of mountain and water and completely defeat Nangong Ziyue in one go.”

“Bang! Bang!”

The two boundless Fist Techniques clashed intensely, causing the entire Wind Cloud Arena to shake. The Wind Cloud Barrier rippled continuously, mitigating the shock waves.

One used the mountains and waters for power and the other used the rising sun. Both were not ordinary states.

States could be divided into strong and weak. For example, a person who used river against a person who used the sea. It was clear which state would be stronger.

However, the stronger the state, the harder to grasp it. The harder to control, the more openings there would be. This was a great test of a cultivator’s talent.

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