Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 579

Chapter 579: This Sky and This Ground Cannot Stop Me

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

A sound louder than the roar of thunder boomed out continuously. Xiao Chen merged his Vital Qi and Essence together and faced the staff with the power of heaven and earth with just his strength alone, attacking continuously.

The sky and ground spun, the entire Wind Cloud Arena started shaking. Again and again, to the surprise of everyone, that Tossing Heaven and Earth with an unrivaled might and bright brilliance failed to penetrate Xiao Chen’s defense.

Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood surged; injuries appeared in his internal injuries. He had a serious expression. If he wanted to win, he had to be vicious, more vicious than his enemy and even more vicious to himself.

He only had one thought. That was to keep attacking, keep attacking without stopping.

If you use the sky for momentum, I will shatter the sky with my fist!

If you use the power of the ground, I will shatter the ground with my fist!

This sky and ground cannot stop me!

Xiao Chen shouted a ferocious warcry and the twenty-four acupoints on both his arms opened. Two Azure Dragon tattoos slowly moved around his body and the might of the Berserk Dragon Fist increased by twenty percent.

Xiao Chen’s two fists moved with lightning speed; even their afterimages could not be seen. One punch…two punches...three punches…up to a total of eighty-one punches. Xiao Chen was now so pale, he looked like he was drained of blood. The staff containing the power of heaven and earth finally shattered.

Wooden splinters flew all over the place. The boundless power of heaven and earth contained within formed a terrifying shock wave. Xiao Chen did not even have time to react before he smashed into the Wind Cloud Barrier.

Xiao Chen suppressed his injuries and heavily pushed off the Wind Cloud Barrier.

In the midst of the shock wave, pieces of his tattered white robes flew off like cotton wadding in the wind. He stretched out his left hand and the Lunar Shadow Saber in the air landed on his palm.

Xiao Chen performed a somersault and gently floated to the ground. He drew his saber and set its pitch-black blade on the defenseless Gong Yangyu’s neck.

Xiao Chen’s hair had come loose and fluttered in the strong wind, his tattered Clear Wind Robes flapping loudly. This gave the originally delicate-looking Xiao Chen a wild and uninhibited aura.

Under Martial Monarch, who would be able to go against heaven and earth alone? Not only had he dared to fight it, he miraculously prevailed against the Tossing Heaven and Earth that even Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs would not dare to face.

The Tossing Heaven and Earth was shattered. The expert veteran, a giant-level cultivator, the Supreme Yi Palace’s Gong Yangyu was defeated, defeated by a bladesman merely ranked ninth on the newcomer ranking list.

Furthermore, Gong Yangyu was defeated so decisively. There was no room for doubt or tricks involved.

This fight had many twists and turns. The crowds had been overwhelmed with emotions rising and falling endlessly. At this moment, it was over. The cultivators in the spectator stands had yet to recover their wits.

Gong Yangyu was already physically and mentally weak from forcefully using the Tossing Heaven and Earth. When Xiao Chen broke Gao Yangyu’s move, he became even weaker and more injured.

When Gong Yangyu saw the cold saber against his neck, he revealed a bitter smile. He raised his right hand and slowly pushed the saber aside. He said, “Gong Yangyu’s skills are not up to par. Many thanks for this lesson.”

A defeat was a defeat. Gong Yangyu seemed unaffected. He did not give any excuses. He only said that his skills was not up to par. He merely smiled bitterly and left the arena.

Gong Yangyu was defeated. The giant from the Supreme Yi Palace who was ranked ninth in the previous Five Nation Youth Competition lost to a newcomer.

Up in the spectator stands, the cultivators were relishing the match as they watched Gong Yangyu’s lonely figure.

They suddenly realized a fact. Xiao Chen had officially defeated a giant of this competition. Furthermore, this was his first time taking part.

“The strong came out in large numbers. Originally, we thought that his winning streak would be ended by Gong Yangyu. Who knew, Gong Yangyu ended up becoming a stepping stone for him, making his fame soar again.”

“Even Gong Yangyu is not a match for him. Who can end his winning streak? Can only the scions of the eight Noble Clans do it?”

“It is hard to say, his fight with Lin Fei has not started yet. Lin Fei has only revealed some of his strength so far. Maybe Lin Fei can defeat him.”

“Ha ha! You think that Xiao Chen used his full power?”

The cultivators in the spectator stands discussed as they gazed at Xiao Chen. His strength dumbfounded them, making him a giant of the younger generation.

Xiao Chen became one of the hot favorites to make it into the top ten, after Bai Qi, Sima Lingxuan, and Xuanyuan Zhantian in this dazzling Five Nation Youth Competition.

Who knows, Xiao Chen might have a chance to fight for the top five, becoming the most dazzling dark horse of this competition.

Xiao Chen, now awash in fame, returned to his spectator stand feeling fatigued. He immediately sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, circulated his energies to treat his injuries.

He had suffered significant internal injuries from this match.

“Don’t move. I will personally treat your injuries.”

A gentle voice came from behind Xiao Chen. It was the half-Sage level Shen Manjun of Jade Maiden Peak. She had personally stepped forward to treat Xiao Chen’s injuries.

Jade Maiden Peak was the Peak that specialized in refining Medicinal Pills in the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. If she did it, it would be much faster than if Xiao Chen did it himself.

Xiao Chen did not have any intention of stopping her. Shen Manjun’s thick Quintessence slowly poured into his body. He still had many matches to fight. It was great that there was a senior helping.

As for Gong Yangyu, the treatment he received was even better than Xiao Chen’s. Several Supreme Yi Palace inner elders worked together to treat his injuries, allowing him to recover faster than Xiao Chen.

After fifteen minutes, Shen Manjun withdrew her hands and gently wiped the sweat off her forehead. She smiled and said, “A cultivator who cultivates the body is indeed different from the others. With such severe injuries, you are still able to recover this fast.”

Xiao Chen spat out a mouthful of turbid blood and instantly felt much more at ease. He turned back and said, “Thank you, Ancestral Martial Aunt, for helping. Xiao Chen is eternally grateful.”

Jiang Chi, who was at the side, laughed loudly. “Xiao Chen, there is no need to be so polite. Just focus on the competition.”

For Xiao Chen to be able to defeat Gong Yangyu was already very much beyond Jiang Chi’s expectations. Originally, he was just hoping that Xiao Chen could get into the top fifty, allowing the Heavenly Saber Pavilion to gain some glory.

However, Jiang Chi could no longer make out Xiao Chen’s potential. The pleasant surprise that Xiao Chen brought him was something that he had not dared to imagine.

The cultivators who were seated closer to the Great Qin Nation cultivators looked in the direction of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion. Their gazes were filled with envy. After this Five Nation Youth Competition, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would definitely rise.

Shen Manjun said seriously, “Although your physical body is much stronger than that of regular cultivators, there are still some hidden injuries. Remember to deal with them after the competition ends.”

Xiao Chen nodded to indicate that he understood. Naturally, he would not be able to heal all his injuries in such a short time.

In the distance, Lin Fei had just defeated his opponent. He looked at Xiao Chen, who had his eyes closed, and tightened his grip on his saber. A blazing fighting spirit lit his eyes as he said, “Winning all the way, defeating even Gong Yangyu—it would only be interesting to defeat an opponent capable of that.”

It was unknown what trump card Lin Fei had. He was full of confidence in dealing with the strong Xiao Chen, not showing any fear.

At the spectator stand for the seeded participants, Sima Lingxuan glanced at Xiao Chen and read out his name softly.

“The White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen…very good. There is one more person that can make me remember his name in this Five Nation Youth Competition.

“However, it is just remembering your name. It does not mean that you are capable of fighting with me.” A strong self-confidence spread out as Sima Lingxuan smiled and closed his eyes again.

The Bai Clan’s Bai Qi, the most famous bladesman of the younger generation, had watched as Xiao Chen defeated Gong Yangyu. Likewise, a blazing light appeared in his eyes as he smiled faintly. “First, there was Lin Fei. Now, there is Xiao Chen. This lifeless community of bladesmen finally produced some new talents.”

With the seeded participants taking part in matches, the second round of eliminations was full of exciting fights.

Right after Xiao Chen and Gong Yangyu’s match ended, everyone immediately shifted their focus to another dueling ring—dueling ring one.

There were many experts in group one, the group where the top newcomer, Xuanyuan Zhantian, was in. There were many disciples of the ten great sects of the Great Jin Nation as well. It was known as the “death group.”

The Drifting Snow Sword Pavilion’s Liu Xiaoyun chose this group. He wanted to challenge the top newcomer Xuanyuan Zhantian and trample on him.

At this moment, the match in group one was very exciting, no less exciting than the match between Gong Yangyu and Xiao Chen.

However, the participants were not Liu Xiaoyun and Xuanyuan Zhantian. Instead, Liu Xiaoyun’s opponent was a swordsman from the Great Qin Nation, a swordsman who kept a rather low profile.

Even though this swordsman was ranked third in the newcomer ranking list and had prevailed in every match, his matches did not attract much attention—a far cry from those of the other newcomers like Lin Fei, where many people watched.

This was because all of Chu Chaoyun’s matches were too bland; there was nothing exciting about them, making others feel that he was ordinary.

Up until this moment, when Chu Chaoyun met Liu Xiaoyun. The expected situation of him being defeated by Liu Xiaoyun did not occur. They were both swordsmen and his Sword Techniques and sword intent were not weaker than Liu Xiaoyun’s.

Suddenly, that ordinary swordsman became very interesting. Every one of his moves was very exquisite, astonishing everybody and making them sigh.

In this world, there was a kind of person that did not give off a dazzling brilliance, which people would notice. This was not because the brilliance was too dim and unnoticeable. Instead, it was because his brilliance was too dazzling. Like a flower, on its own, it would not have a great impact. However, when there were suitable green leaves, people would discover how beautiful the flower was, that its brilliance already spread everywhere.

Without a doubt, this was the kind of person Chu Chaoyun was. Even though he had not been defeated yet, the crowd still had not discovered his brilliance. This was because his opponents were not even qualified to be green leaves.

Chu Chaoyun had an eternal carefree expression on his handsome face as he brandished a sword light. Every move he made broke Liu Xiaoyun’s killing moves one by one.

“Qiang! Qiang!”

When the swords clashed, sparks flew. Liu Xiaoyun’s attack was thwarted yet again, his figure flickering backwards several times. He could not help but clench his right hand around his sword to slightly increase his strength once more.

Liu Xiaoyun frowned heavily as he looked at his opponent. Clearly, he had not expected there to be someone so hard to deal with in group one.

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