Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation

Chapter 570

Chapter 570: Might of the Fatty

The first round of elimination continued. Within the first day, every participant would have to undergo twenty matches.

With such high-intensity battles, this was not just a test of the participants’ strength but also their ability to endure pressure.

Yun Kexin, who had finished her first match, walked back and smiled at Xiao Chen. “Xiao Chen, how many matches have you had already? How were the results?”

Before Xiao Chen could answer, Liu Suifeng did. “He he! So far, he has won all five of his matches. Furthermore, he did not even draw his saber, just like Senior Sister Yun.”

Yun Kexin smiled, not accepting that as correct. “In my case, it is all due to luck. Furthermore, I did not win that easily. However, there are not many experts in my group. As long as I do not lose for another five matches, I should be able to make it past this round.”

The seeded participants would not appear in the first round of elimination. This resulted in most of the groups not having any absolute expert. This was so for group six and group three, where Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin were, respectively.

However, there were some “death groups.” These groups had many experts like Bai Zhan, Nangong Ziyue, or Xuanyuan Zhantian.

If an ordinary genius was placed in such a group, they would have a sorrowful experience. Unfortunately, Murong Chong was in one such group.

Liu Suifeng whispered, “Murong Chong is back. He lost another match. He already lost two matches.”

When Murong Chong came back and saw Xiao Chen and Yun Kexin, he could not help but smile bitterly. “I really want to swap groups with you two. There is a ridiculous amount of experts in my group.”

Seeing that Murong Chong was so carefree, Xiao Chen knew that Murong Chong had already let it go. He said, “You are not weak. In the eyes of others, you are hard to deal with as well. As long as you can perform as normal, you definitely can clear the first round.”

Murong Chong replied, “I know. Let’s work hard together. Let’s try to get everyone into the ranking battles.”

Yun Kexin nodded and said, “Definitely.”

Mu Heng and the others laughed as well and said, “I wish you all success in bringing this glory to our Heavenly Saber Pavilion.”

When the First Elder, Jiang Chi, saw this scene, he revealed an unrestrained smile as he nodded slightly.

“Next match, Jin Dabao against Ling Feng,” an old referee in dueling ring fifteen announced.

Could it be? This fatty is also participating in the Five Nation Youth Competition? Given his strength, he dares to take part without being able to use his Secret Treasures?

Liu Suifeng laughed loudly and said, “This fellow is not even embarrassed to go up dressed like that.”

Xiao Chen harbored doubts and looked over in interest. He was rather curious how strong the fatty was now.

“I am the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Ling Feng. Please provide me with your guidance.” Ling Feng performed a cupped-fist salute.

Jin Dabao was covered in pearls and other expensive ornaments. He held a gold folding fan in his hand as he smiled. “Evil Moon Pavilion? That is one of the great sects. Little Brother, how about you let this Fat Lord have two moves first?

“From your handsome appearance and mighty aura, you must be one of the hot favorites for the top ten. Furthermore, you are from a great sect. There should be no problem with letting this Fat Lord have two moves first, right?”

The disciples of the great sects were all very proud. When Ling Feng heard his opponent sucking up to him, he felt very good.

However, Ling Feng maintained a poker face as he smiled gently. “That is not a problem. You can have two moves first. Make your move!”

It was just two moves; it would pass very quickly. Ling Feng was still confident enough.

Jin Dabao chuckled and gave him a thumbs-up. “You are very bold. A great sect truly deserves its reputation. No wonder you dare to try to fight for the top ten. This Fat Lord is coming!”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The fatty had a fat belly and thick thighs. If he was not a hundred kilograms, he was at least ninety. As he ran, his blubber flapped about. The dueling ring looked like it could not endure his weight; every step he took was very loud.

This looked incomparably comical in Ling Feng’s eyes. He started laughing in his heart. He wondered, How did this fatty clear the qualifying round?

After running in that comical fashion, Jin Dabao arrived within twenty meters of Ling Feng. Like Ling Feng declared earlier, he did not attack but let the fatty get near.

When Jin Dabao reached within ten meters of Ling Feng, he suddenly accelerated five- or sixfold, leaving behind afterimages of fat figures and dazzling everyone.

He put away his folding fan and with a flip of his right hand, a golden, glittering coffin lid came out of his spatial ring and appeared in his hands.

“He he! Eat a coffin lid from this Fat Lord!”

Ling Feng felt a danger that he could not explain. Just as he was about to draw his weapon, the surrounding world started to spin.

Unexpectedly, the natural laws were changed.


A dull and heavy ‘thud’ rang out as the coffin lid, of an unknown weight, smashed ferociously into the elite disciple of the Evil Moon Pavilion.

It was also unknown how much force Jin Dabao put into his heavy attack. Ling Feng immediately fell to the ground and could not get up anymore.

One second ago, everyone was laughing at Jin Dabao’s comical movements. One second later, the situation in the dueling ring turned around.

Jin Dabao put the coffin lid back into his spatial ring. Then, he opened his glittering gold folding fan.

He started to fan himself and shook his head, saying, “What a piece of trash. He even dares to say that he is in competition for the top ten. The youth today are getting more arrogant; they do not know how to be humble at all.”

Jin Dabao acting righteous made the Evil Moon Pavilion’s elders want to vomit blood. The fatty had clearly said those words, yet he twisted things and made it such that the Evil Moon Pavilion disciple had been too arrogant and that he had taught him a lesson.

“Evil Moon Pavilion disciples, if you meet this person, don’t even say anything. Just beat him up. Even if he dies, it will not matter,” the First Elder of the Evil Moon Pavilion said with a livid expression.

“Victory goes to Jin Dabao. You gained two points.” The referee was somewhat flabbergasted, but he still announced the results.

Jin Dabao put away his folding fan and chuckled. He turned around and waved his hands at the audience. “Thank you, everybody, for your support. This Fat Lord will continue fighting. I am the Young Master of the Golden Roc Merchant Association. If you would like to do business, you can come and look for me directly. I will give you a twenty percent discount.”

Before Jin Dabao left, he did not forget to advertise his Golden Roc Merchant Association. It was like everything was to be expected.

“This fatty is truly shameless.”

“This is too shameless. The Evil Moon Pavilion’s people are probably crying now.”

The cultivators on the spectator stands were all either cursing or laughing. They pitied the Evil Moon Pavilion’s people.

When Xiao Chen saw this scene, he could not help but laugh hoarsely as well. However, this was the fatty’s true colors. If he was not shameless, he was not Jin Dabao.

When the match in dueling ring six ended, the referee immediately called out, “Next match, Xiao Chen against Xie Ziwen.”

Bai Zhan looked at the eager Xie Ziwen and said, “Remember what I said? Just drag things out and make him reveal his strength. After that, you can just admit defeat.”

Xie Ziwen was feeling unconvinced. So he casually answered with a grunt and rushed off to the dueling ring.

Xie Ziwen was a genius disciple of the Evil Moon Pavilion, second only to Bai Zhan. In the previous Five Nation Youth Competition, he was ranked forty-seventh. He was considered one of the rare experts in group six.

Xiao Chen was the rising star of group six. He had fought in five matches and won all of them in an overwhelming manner.

The fight between these two was considered a battle of the giants. It attracted the attention of some people.

Up in the dueling ring, Xie Ziwen looked at Xiao Chen with a sinister expression. He said a frosty voice, “Xiao Chen, remember what I said? Sooner or later, I will trample you before everyone.”

Xiao Chen took out the Lunar Shadow Saber from his Universe Ring and smiled. “I’m afraid you will be disappointed.”

If Xiao Chen continued to use close combat, defeating Xie Ziwen would take too much time. He wanted to end this fight quickly, so he no longer intended to hide his strength.

“There is no point in speaking so much. Make your move. You should feel honored. You successfully made me draw my Lunar Shadow Saber.”

Many cultivators in the spectator stands were taken aback. In the previous matches, Xiao Chen only used his physical body and close combat techniques to fight.

The strong combat prowess he displayed was already sufficient to astonish them. Remarkably, his close combat technique was only an auxiliary offensive method. His true identity was that of a bladesman.

“This Xiao Chen had hidden himself deeply. If he lost in the arena battles, he would have two points deducted. He is really bold.”

“It looks like there is going to be a new talent rising from group six.”

“Ha ha! Let’s wait until he defeats Xie Ziwen first. If he loses, then that means that he is not strong.”

The cultivators that paid attention to group six discussed in whispers. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen had been hiding his strength. This made the crowd even more excited for this match.

Although Xie Ziwen saw that Xiao Chen was looking down on him, he did not get angry. Instead, he smiled and said, “Good! Good! Very good! Let’s see how arrogant you will be after this.”

“Thousand Flaming Palms!” Xie Ziwen shouted ferociously and all the fire-attributed Spiritual Energy in the vast dueling ring surged over. Sparks appeared all over the place.

He extended his right palm and the sparks immediately gathered together, forming a huge realistic palm with very clear palm lines. It was like a mountain as it pressed towards Xiao Chen with a huge pressure.

Xie Ziwen had relied on this move to get this far. No one had been able to last more than ten moves, which showed how strong this move was.

“Ka ca!”

The Lunar Shadow Saber came out of its scabbard and a purple flash appeared. The dense flaming palm instantly split in half, turning into countless sparks before disappearing.

The Thousand Flaming Palms was easily destroyed by Xiao Chen in one move; there was no resistance at all.

“Damn it!”

Xie Ziwen’s expression became unsightly. He had not expected this move to be broken so easily. His figure flashed in the air without any rhythm.

Instantly, many flaming palms appeared in the air, pressing towards Xiao Chen from all directions. With a quick glance, it looked like the vast dueling ring was completely filled with flaming palms—a very grand and magnificent sight.

Xiao Chen remained calm as he weaved through the flaming palms like he was taking a leisurely stroll. As he swung his saber, he was unconstrained, moving as he pleased.

The saber moved as the heart willed; the person moved together with the saber. As they moved naturally, they smashed all the fearsome flaming palms into countless sparks.

The pupils of the referee of group six constricted. He thought to himself, What a miraculous state! This fellow has almost pushed his Saber Techniques to a godly level.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Xie Ziwen, if that is all you have, then stop coming out to embarrass yourself.”

“As you wish!”

Xie Ziwen’s face sank. He had not expected that the Martial Technique that he spent so much time practicing was weak in Xiao Chen’s eyes, forcing him to reveal his trump cards in advance.

“Raging Ten Thousand Flames!”


Suddenly, tens of thousands of flaming palms started trembling. They seemed like cultivators with emotions, trembling in anger. When the sounds combined together, it was like a fire god screaming in rage.

Rage, frenzy, dissatisfaction…such emotions spread throughout the place. Unexpectedly, Xie Ziwen had merged his own emotions into the state of fire.

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