Hardcore: Qi Worlds (RSS)


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem, Martial Arts, Original, English

Genres readers could speculate that apply:
Virtual Reality, Xanxia 

Synopsis: The Qi Worlds Project is embarking on stage one. Eleven candidates have been selected to participate, from China and around the world. The Qi Worlds Project is essentially an experiment to develop the qi manipulation skills of the participants, while they are in a virtual environment.

 Ben is ones of those participants and while he has had experience with meditation, he has little to no knowledge of qi other than what he has picked up from anime and gaming.

 Ben's personality has always been a "boots n all" type, he often acts with little contemplation, but on pure gut feel. In all likelihood, he will succumb to the life within the simulation and forget about reality, aka "goes native". Where others fail will Ben succeed?   

Author: Skully 

I will leave it up for prosperity here but this is the old version of HQW. I am doing a full rewrite. At the time of this edit I have it hosted on Webnovel.