Everlasting Immortal Firmament (RSS)


Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Mature, Romance, Tragedy, Xianxia, Chinese

Author:  Guan Qi/ Watching Chess/ 观棋

Status in Country of Origin: 1311 Chapters (Complete)

Translator: Ash

Editor: RED


If the world was a chessboard, then, all the living beings, pieces in it!

"I don't want to be treated as just a piece, moving on the whims of someone!"

A defeat in this chess was tantamount to the destruction of my body, a thorough disappearance of my existence! A victory, and I'll have a long life!

Gu Hai, with the help of an ancient weiqi piece, arrived at the Divine Continent!

Here, Heavenly Dao is eternal. But, the life, finite. In the end, everyone was a chesspiece of heaven and earth, with a few decades live, before turning into a loess, vanishing into a puff of smoke. Nevertheless, people still jumped out of the chessboard. They had prepared themselves for their death as they played chess with the heavens, and perhaps win an eternal life for themselves!

"I am here, and I want to live for eternity, without any boundaries!"

Editor Synopsis:

Everlasting Immortal Firmament is a non-traditional, transmigration Xianxia novel. It is the second series by the author Guan Qi, which literally translates as Watching Chess. An appropriate moniker since Weiqi (or Go) is a central theme in the novel.

However, this novel is not the typical endless power-ups, duels, and battles of ordinary Xianxia novels. The protagonist is a Weiqi Grandmaster brought to this world precisely because of his incredible ability at the game. The starts off with a need to defeat a vastly superior enemy on the battlefield... and he, Gu Hai, sets off to beat this enemy armed only with guile, cunning, and a whole lot of money and civilian minions…

If he succeeds, he gains the opportunity to fulfill his dream and step beyond the mortal Houtian stage into the Xiantian realm of true practitioners, and become younger again. If he fails, well, its been a good life... but can the greatest Weiqi master in the world actually fail a test like this?

Although it's a transmigration novel, this story is set nearly forty years after the crossover. It is rife with politics, strategy, and deep thinking, as opposed to ‘the one with the biggest fist or latest and greatest martial technique wins’ style novel. If you like a more thought-provoking type of story, then this book is a good choice for you. The central theme of Weiqi is something that carries over onto an extremely grand scale as the novel series goes on, as well! Gu Hai’s has more than ample patience, planning, and subterfuge, as opposed to running headlong into hot-headed fights, and he has no cheat to help him with massive power-ups. He is simply very good at planning and strategizing to get the things he wants.

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