Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 151

Chapter 151 – Shocking The Various Families

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

The Qiu family’s people were completely flabbergasted and stared at the rankings ahead of them.

“How could it be like this? How did that brat become Champion? This brat definitely cheated and used external help.”

“That’s right, he must have had external help,” the Qiu family’s elders agreed, unable to believe that Xiao Yun had obtained the title of Champion through his own strength. This was especially so because they knew that Qiu Xuan Rong had given the juniors many magic items! With those magic items, how could the Qiu family’s youths lose to Xiao Yun?

“Eh? Why isn’t Yu Hao on the Points Rankings?” Qiu Xuan Chong asked in surprise as his gaze became serious. Qiu Yu Hao was his son.

Hearing this, the Qiu family’s other elders felt confused and looked up. Upon seeing the Points Rankings, they all felt dismayed, because not a single one of the Qiu family’s youths was on there.

“What’s going on? Logically speaking, Yu Hao should be at least in second place!” Qiu Xuan Chong’s eyes twitched, feeling a trace of unease. He then looked at the ripples ahead, waiting for the participants to come out.

After a few moments, the air trembled and a vortex appeared as a youth walked out.

“It’s Xiao Yun!”

“Xiao Yun, Xiao Yun!” The moment Xiao Yun appeared, the crowd burst into cheers, the loudness of their voices making the heavens tremble.

Not only were the elders of various families present, but also many of the younger generation. They had all come to see this examination’s results.

A few days ago, Xiao Yun’s refining of the Innate Pill had shocked everyone and caused them to have a whole new level of respect for him. Now that he had placed first in this Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds examination, their respect for him had shot to even greater heights.

“Xiao Yun’s too amazing!”

“Xiao Yun, I love you!” Some young women had come with their elders, and seeing Xiao Yun appear, they screamed. Xiao Yun was simply too brilliant and had far surpassed anyone else – he was now the most brilliant young genius in the entire Moonwind Kingdom.

After all, a 16-year-old descendant of a small family refining a Grade 3 Innate Pill was already a miracle. Now that he had taken the title of Champion, it meant that he had defeated everyone else and rose high above them!

The examination he had just participated in was filled with descendants of large families, and there were many True Essence realm cultivators among them. For Xiao Yun, a descendant of a small family, to excel among them was already quite difficult. And yet, he had defeated the others and obtained the title of Champion – this showed just how extraordinary he was.

This sort of person had a limitless future and could be called a genius among geniuses. Now, almost all of the young women present felt infatuated with him.

“He really did it!” Within the pavilion, Feng Yu Yao blinked, a look of joy on her face. Her eyebrows had unfurrowed – even though she possessed confidence in Xiao Yun, she couldn’t help but worry for him.

Currently, Feng Yu Yao was like a wife anxiously waiting for her husband to come home from war, and after seeing that Xiao Yun was fine, she could finally relax. A relaxed smile appeared on her face, but she did not dumbly cry out like the other young women.

“This Xiao Yun really is extraordinary!” The Fifth Prince nodded, his impression of Xiao Yun becoming even better. A complete stage Innate realm cultivator had taken the title of Champion – how could such a person be ordinary?

Under thousands of gazes, Xiao Yun exited from the vortex. As soon as he stepped onto the platform, he was met with deafening cheers and applause, as well as declarations of love.

Xiao Yun calmly smiled and stepped onto the ground, standing below the platform.

“Who would have thought that this brat would have become the Champion,” Qiu Xuan Chong and the others coldly harrumphed with dark gazes.

Following this, everyone continued to look up in expectation. Ripples began to spread as youth after youth exited.

“It’s Wu Long!”

“It’s our Liu family’s people!”

“It’s our Zhou family’s people!”

“Zhen’Er!” The elders of the various families felt incredibly excited upon seeing their younger generation return safely and looked over to see if they were injured. After all, this was a fairly dangerous examination and even if one scored high points, things would become problematic if their foundations were injured. Even if they entered the Heaven Origin Sect, it would be difficult for them to exceed others.

Liu Wu Long, Yan Zhen, Yan Mo, Yuan Ming and a few others appeared and stood next to Xiao Yun. These people conscientiously stood in their rankings, from first to tenth. All of these youths were in the top ten on the Points Rankings.

Everyone else stood behind these ten people. Soon, all of the youths within the Heaven Origin Hunting Grounds exited. Altogether, there were 372 of them.

“Eh? Where are our Qiu family’s people? Why didn’t a single one of them come out?” Qiu Xuan Chong asked in surprise as he looked around.

“What’s going on?”

Even Qiu Xuan Rong, who was on the platform, deeply frowned – there seemed to be something wrong!

“Where’s Qiu Yu Hao? Why haven’t they come out?”

“How come their names aren’t on the Points Rankings either? Did they not participate in this examination?”

“That’s not right! I saw him enter!” The cultivators of the various families looked around, feeling quite confused. The Qiu family was a large family and had nearly 70 people participating in this examination. There were 47 who had been sent into the deeper hunting ground, so how come not a single one of them had appeared?

“Could they have died?” The other Qiu family’s elders felt incredibly anxious because there was only one possibility for why they weren’t on the Points Rankings. Once the Points Medallion could not detect any life from its owner, it would erase all points.

Seeing that none of them had appeared, this worry seemed to have become reality. After looking at each other, no one knew just what had happened. As such, the gazes of the crowd fell on the people who had just come out.

“What’s going on?” Qiu Xuan Rong’s expression darkened as he asked. Seeing that tens of his family’s younger generation had disappeared, even he could not stay calm anymore.

“Brother Yu Hao and the others died,” one of the youths below said. This was one of the Zhou family’s geniuses, Zhou Fang.

The Zhou family and Qiu family were in-laws, which was why Zhou Fang had spoken. Otherwise, most people wouldn’t have dared to answer this question. Thinking to Xiao Yun’s lightning-like attacks, everyone felt fear within their hearts. Who would dare to offend him? This person was destined to soar in the Nine Heavens and become a supreme expert; he could only be befriended and never offended.

“What? They’re all dead?” Qiu Xuan Chong cried out, feeling so furious that he almost coughed up blood. He stared at Zhou Fang as he asked, “What’s going on? How did Yu Hao die?”

“They’re all dead?” The Qiu family’s elders felt both shocked and enraged, and looked like ferocious lions as they stared ahead. This was especially so for the elders whose own children had participated in this examination – they nearly went berserk. This news made them feel like they had been struck by lightning, and they simply could not accept it.

“They were… they were…” Zhou Fang said with a look of apprehension, occasionally glancing over at Xiao Yun but not daring to say what had happened. He too had been completely scared stiff after seeing Xiao Yun kill True Essence realm cultivators.

A person at the complete stage of the Innnate realm could kill five True Essence realm – just how monstrous were they? What was even more shocking was that he had even somehow destroyed Qiu Yu Hao’s magic bell treasure.

Any magic item was incredibly durable, and even True Essence realm cultivators would not be able to destroy them. This caused everyone to fear Xiao Yun even more.

Even though Zhou Fang did not say anything, everyone could more or less guess what had happened, and looked towards Xiao Yun.

On the platform, Qiu Xuan Chong’s eyes glinted as he said, “Tell us. No one will dare to do anything to you.”

Hearing Qiu Xuan Rong say this, Manager Qin remained silent. Even he felt quite dismayed regarding this matter.

“It was Xiao Yun.”

As everyone looked at him, Zhou Fang nodded, acknowledging their guesses.

Xiao Yun did not seem to care at all. Since he had done this, he did not fear the Qiu family finding out.

“Did you really kill our Qiu family’s people?” Qiu Xuan Rong’s eyes glinted, venomously glaring at Xiao Yun as he started to emanate the might of the Essence Core realm.

“So what if I did?” Facing Qiu Xuan Rong’s pressure, Xiao Yun did not show any fear at all. He stared back as he circulated his qi and blood, steadying his body. Even though he felt as if there was a mountain weighing down on him and that his bones were on the verge of being crushed, he did not show any intention of backing down. Xiao Yun would never show any fear when facing an enemy.

“Good, good. You’ve killed our family members and you even dare to admit it,” Qiu Xuan Rong’s said through clenched teeth he stared at Xiao Yun like a ferocious tiger.

“Did you kill all 47 of them?” He continued to bring down his pressure on Xiao Yun, causing the air to tremble.

Xiao Yun’s feet sank slightly into the ground as cracks appeared around them and his joints began to groan and creak.

“You old codger.” Xiao Yun gritted his teeth, still refusing to back down, his eyes flashing with chilling intent.

“Manager Qiu, what are you doing?” By the side, Manager Qin’s eyes glinted and he waved his sleeve, sending out his own aura to dispel Qiu Xuan Rong’s. Only then was the pressure on Xiao Yun alleviated.

“Whew!” Xiao Yun deeply breathed in, staring up at the platform. Now, he felt more confident. As long as Manager Qin did not stand with the Qiu family, he had nothing to fear.

He had acted in self-defence back then, so the Qiu family would not be able to do anything to him. Once he entered the Heaven Origin Sect, he would take his revenge on this old man sooner or later.

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