Eternal Martial Sovereign

Chapter 124

Chapter 124 – Emperor Feng’s Might

Translator: Mr Voltaire

Editor: Master Shadow

Qiu Xuan Rong and the other Qiu family’s Essence Core realm expert also coldly gazed at Emperor Feng.

“So what if we are?” Emperor Feng’s eyes seemed to burn brightly, glaring back at Qiu Xuan Rong.

“Emperor Feng, you know that this youth has killed my family’s people, yes?” Qiu Xuan Feng asked in displeasure, his eyes filled with chilling intent. “It might not be good if you insist on protecting him.”

“That’s between you, and has nothing to do with us.” Emperor Feng stood with his hands behind his back, his robe fluttering in the breeze. He looked like a true sovereign, giving off an aura that seemed to be able to cover the world. “In my Imperial City, if you want to do anything to that youth, you’ll have to pass through us first.” Emperor Feng’s aura was incredibly domineering, and his words were cold and calm.

Does this fellow really think he’s the sovereign of the whole world just because he’s the Emperor?” Hearing Emperor Feng’s words, the Qiu family’s elders frowned. However, they did not say this out loud, because Emperor Feng’s strength was not to be looked down on.

“We’re determined to kill this youth,” Qiu Xuan Rong said with a darkened gaze, “This boy is someone who my elder brother wants to kill. Do you really want to become enemies with our Qiu family? This isn’t as simple as our Qiu family – we also represent what the Heaven Origin Sect wants.” Evidently, Qiu Xuan Rong was trying to use the Heaven Origin Sect to put pressure on Emperor Feng.

“Your elder brother?” Emperor Feng’s expression darkened. “You mean Qiu Xuan Ji?”

“That’s right,” Qiu Xuan Rong said with a cold gaze, “Not only did Xiao Yun kill my nephew Qiu Yu Chen, but he also killed a disciple who my elder brother set his sights on. This brat’s crimes are unforgiveable. Why must Emperor Feng stand against us?”

“Stand against you?” Emperor Feng coldly laughed, his eyes flickering with light. “You think you’re worth us standing against you? Even if Qiu Xuan Ji came here, we would suppress him.”

Xiao Yun felt quite shocked. It seemed that Emperor Feng was far more powerful than he had expected!

“Do you want to make an enemy out of the Heaven Origin Sect?” The corners of Qiu Xuan Rong’s eyes twitched as a sinister expression appeared on his face.

“The Heaven Origin Sect?” Emperor Feng gave a condescending look as he laughed, “You think your Qiu family can represent the entire Heaven Origin Sect? What a joke!”

“You…” Qiu Xuan Rong gritted his teeth to the point that they trembled.

“Scram! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being discourteous.” Emperor Feng waved his sleeve as a powerful might swept out.

“Hmph, I want to see how you’ll protect this youth.” Qiu Xuan Rong and the elder beside him looked at each other as a powerful aura exploded out from them. They shot out into the air, attacking together.

Qiu Xuan Rong flipped his palm and a weapon gleaming with light appearing in his hands. A light flashed as it slashed towards Emperor Feng like a heavenly sword. The other elder’s hands were like an eagle’s claws, glowing with runes as they shot towards Xiao Yun.

These two people were evidently trying to kill Xiao Yun by taking Emperor Feng by surprise.

“What powerful shockwaves! Is that a spiritual armament?” Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as he looked up at that sword light.

That sword light was incredibly sharp and seemed as if it could split the sky. It definitely wasn’t an ordinary weapon. The attack that it released was simply too mighty, and could definitely destroy ordinary Essence Core realm cultivators.

Now that two Essence Core realm cultivators had acted, would Emperor Feng be able to stop them? This caused Xiao Yun’s heart to go taut with anticipation.

“You’re all seeking death.” Emperor Feng’s eyes glinted as he watched his hand, releasing a colourful light from his body. A divine phoenix seemed to appear behind him, and a soft cry sounded out as the divine phoenix flew out.

A colourful light shone as an incredibly real-looking phoenix flew forwards, spreading its wings and blocking out the sun. Following this, a holy and ancient aura emanated outwards, as if a true phoenix had descended.


The phoenix spread its wings, sending out a colourful light that bathed its surroundings, instantly reducing Qiu Xuan Rong’s sword light into nothing.

“Is this a divine skill?” Qiu Xuan Rong stared in shock. “Have you stepped into the Essence Soul realm?”


As Qiu Xuan Rong stared in shock and terror at Emperor Feng’s phoenix, a colourful wave of light runes pierced into his body like sharp knives, causing him to hurriedly act.

Qiu Xuan Rong took out a magic bell, which shone with light, as he tried to block the phoenix’s attack. The phoenix’s attack landed on the magic bell, pushing it back and sending Qiu Xuan Rong flying like a broken kite.


A mouthful of blood spurted from QIu Xuan Rong’s lips, causing him to crash onto a fake mountain.


The fake mountain collapsed as dust and sand filled the air, completely covering him.

“This Emperor Feng is so powerful!” Not too far away, the Qiu family’s youths looked on in horror. Even the Ninth Prince looked utterly shocked. This was the first time he had seen his Imperial Father reveal his might in many years, and he did not expect him to be so powerful.

Emperor Feng had sent Qiu Xuan Rong flying with barely any effort, and had not slowed down walking at all. Everything had happened in a single moment.

The other Qiu family’s Essence Core realm cultivator had created a gigantic claw, grabbing towards Xiao Yun. Just from feeling the might of Emperor Feng’s attack, his eyes widened with a look of terror on his face. Emperor Feng was simply too powerful, and was not someone who ordinary Essence Core realm cultivators could resist.

“Scram!” Emperor Feng coldly glared at the elder who was trying to grab Xiao Yun. He strode forwards, letting out a resplendent glow as a formless shockwave dissipated the gigantic claw.


At the same time, that Essence Core realm cultivator’s body trembled, as if he had been hit by a heavy hammer, and fell downwards. As for Emperor Feng, he continued to stand with his hands behind his back, looking completely at ease. This divine skill was simply astounding.

Emperor Feng is that strong?” Xiao Yun felt incredibly shocked. Emperor Feng’s strength completely exceeded his expectations.

This time, Emperor Feng barely acted. He merely used his Inner Qi and his powerful aura to dissipate the two Essence Core realm cultivators’ attacks. Who could rival such battle power? At the very least, Xiao Yun had never seen such a person before.

Within the Moonwind Kingdom, Emperor Feng was undoubtedly a peak existence, and Xiao Yun greatly admired this sort of battle power.

Is this Emperor Feng’s might?” The Qiu family’s people looked at each other, staying silent out of fear, barely daring to even breathe.

Two Essence Core realm cultivators were completely powerless before him. Who would still dare to fight against this Emperor Feng?

“The Imperial Clan’s indeed quite exceptional.” Qiu Xuan Feng struggled to his feet, with blood leaking out of his mouth as he looked up at muttered. The other elder also had a terrified look on his face, his eyes full of respect.

Even though they knew that the Imperial Clan was powerful, they never expected Emperor Feng to be so mighty. After all, they were part of the Heaven Origin Sect and had access to abundant resources. How could they be so inferior to the Emperor? In normal people’s eyes, even though the Emperor had a prestigious status, he simply couldn’t be compared to those large, ancient sects! Only those large sects could completely nurture a person.

“Within the Moonwind Kingdom, if anyone dares to touch this youth, don’t blame us for being merciless.” Emperor Feng’s eyes burned brightly, as if they contained phoenix flames. He continued to stand with his hands behind his back, looking down at the Qiu family’s cultivators and meaning every single word he said.

Anyone could feel the Emperor’s killing intent. This was merely just teaching them a lesson, and if anyone dared to disobey his orders, it was not difficult to imagine that he really would kill them.

“Emperor Feng is indeed extraordinarily powerful. We have learnt our lesson,” Qiu Xuan Rong’s said as his expression darkened. “Let’s go.” Following this, he suppressed the anger within him and brought his family members away.

As he watched the Qiu family’s people leave, Emperor Feng looked extremely calm, as if he did not care at all. With his Imperial Clan’s strength, so what if Essence Soul realm cultivators came? If they dared to anger him, he would make sure that they would not return.

After the Qiu family’s people left, the situation settled down, but Xiao Yun was still feeling incredibly astonished. Before, he only knew that he wanted to become stronger, but did not know what a powerful expert truly was. The most he had seen was the battle between the Heaven-Devouring Sparrow and Ling Xi. However, that battle had not lasted for very long and he had only watched from far away, so it was not engraved on his heart.

As for Emperor Feng’s shocking display of might, that had been firmly imprinted on Xiao Yun’s mind.

After driving away his attackers, Emperor Feng turned to look at one of the remaining youths inside the pavilion. A sense of chilling intent could be felt from his eyes, causing the surrounding air to freeze.

“Imperial Father!” The Ninth Prince trembled, and couldn’t help but kneel on the ground. The Emperor’s aura caused him to feel absolute terror.

“You unfilial son,” Emperor Feng said coldly. “Last time, we only crippled your cultivation, but it looks like that was too light of a punishment. This time, we will strip you of your status as a Prince, lowering you to a commoner. Guards, take him away and imprison him in the Dark Abyss Sky Prison.”

“Everyone else… execution!” Emperor Feng commanded in a severe tone.

“No… Imperial Father, I’m your son!!” the Ninth Prince screamed, feeling as if he had been struck by lightning.

Following this, figures of guards flashed through the garden and escorted the Ninth Prince away. The other Imperial Clan’s elders were executed on the spot.

Emperor Feng turned and did not even look at the Ninth Prince. As the Emperor of the Moonwind Kingdom, he had 15 Princes and 9 Princesses, and contained great hopes for each of them. However, with so many children, how could all of them be great figures? Fortunately, useless children like this Ninth Prince were in the minority.

Normally, Emperor Feng would not heavily punish him, but this matter was different. Emperor Feng regarded Xiao Yun as someone who was very important, and hoped that he could cure the Seventh Princess’ poison.

Once the Seventh Princess’ bloodline fully awakened, the Imperial Clan would have a peerless expert. When that time came, there would be very few people in even the Heavenly Capital Domain who could contend with her, let alone Nanjiang’s large sects. That way, he would have fulfilled his ancestors wishes.

This matter was extremely important to the Feng Imperial Clan, but the Ninth Prince had almost destroyed all hope of this. How could Emperor Feng not be furious?

“We were too negligent in this matter. I hope worthy young sir Xiao won’t take offense,” Emperor Feng said to Xiao Yun with a kind look.

“Xiao Yun is already extremely grateful that Emperor Feng could arrive in time.” Xiao Yun paid his respects to Emperor Feng, feeling incredibly awed. Not only was Emperor Feng extremely powerful, but he was someone who made swift and resolute decisions. As for why Emperor Feng had appeared here, it was because Xiao Yun had long since arranged for people to notify him.

“Don’t worry, as long as you’re within the Imperial City, no one will be able to do anything to you,” Emperor Feng said with a serious gaze. “Even if you enter the Heaven Origin Sect, you won’t need to worry about that Qiu family. Experts are as common as clouds in the Heaven Origin Sect, and a mere Qiu family are not able to do as they wish.”

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