Era of Disaster

Chapter 243

Chapter 243: Three Years

Three years!

Three years passed in a flash, and all of them gained a lot. All of them had developed a set of the LV2 attribute cultivation diagram tailored to their bodies. However, the level of completion of these diagrams was limited by their levels of understanding and amount of knowledge. Other than that, the Visualization Techniques that could increase the strength of the awareness and soul in LV2 also reached the preliminary stages of completion. The only thing left to do was to merge the two together to form a true Cultivation Method.

At the same time, they had also made great progress with their tonic cuisine recipes and attribute medicine formulas.

However, the most important change was probably that five of them had entered LV3: Momo, Bai Yi, Pupu, Doctor Wang, and Berthelot. It was understandable for the rest of them to be able to enter LV3, but nobody expected the lazy and slovenly Pupu would also manage to enter LV3. Furthermore, even when Pupu entered LV3, they still hadn’t figured out what exactly his energy attribute was, or perhaps he didn’t have an attribute at all.

Three years passed by and they finally completed their period of labor for Doctor Wang. After interacting with each other for three years, Bai Yi and Eleanor could be considered friends, but their relationship with Doctor Wang could at most be considered to be familiar colleagues.

“We plan to leave. What about you guys?” Bai Yi asked Eleanor.

“En, we plan to go back too,” Eleanor nodded.

 All of them had regained their human appearances and bodies by now, so they wouldn’t attract people’s attention even if they returned to human society as long as they didn’t use their powers.

“Then, we’ll see you again,” Bai Yi nodded and walked outside.

“Goodbye!” Eleanor said.

Very quickly, Bai Yi and his team arrived at the seaside. Momo stretched out her right hand and more than a thousand Spirit Devouring Butterflies scattered into the surrounding area. Not long after, the Spirit Devouring Butterflies brought back five flying type evolved lifeforms that each had a wingspan more than twenty meters long.

Soul Charm!

Doctor Wang was right. Momo’s Soul Charm wasn’t something that let other creatures feel close to her, but something that hoodwinked them into walking toward death. In her current state, Momo could easily separate a soul from the host body and let the lifeform move on to the netherworld. However, everything could be done in moderation. As long as Momo didn’t do so, it wasn’t much different from closeness with animals.

Everybody had regained their human forms, so they didn’t summon anymore flying evolved lifeforms. Bai Yi’s team just sat on these huge strange birds and flew toward Tasmania.

After such a long time, what would it be like now?


When Bai Yi’s team left, Eleanor also planned his team’s departure. Although they couldn’t entice other evolved lifeforms like Momo, they also had their own methods.

“Wang, what are you doing?” Eleanor looked at Doctor Wang who packed up his things as well.


“You are leaving too?” Eleanor said in shock.

“En, the research data from LV0 through LV3 is basically complete already and the evolution after that can’t possibly be researched so soon. If that’s the case, there isn’t much purpose in continuing to stay here. Most importantly, without your help, the progress will definitely come much slower. The conditions here aren’t good either, so changing to another location is the best choice,” Doctor Wang explained.

“Then where do you plan to go?” Eleanor asked in confusion.

Doctor Wang looked at Eleanor and shook his head. Eleanor laughed and didn’t care whether he didn’t want to say or he didn’t know. In either case, Eleanor didn’t plan to pursue the matter.

Before returning, everybody thought about a lot of things including what kind of life they wanted to lead when they returned to the human world. Eleanor didn’t want to be a researcher anymore. It had been extremely tiring living on the Devil Isles for the past eleven years. If possible, Eleanor wanted to live peacefully for a period of time when he returned. As for his team, the structure of the group wasn’t suitable for modern society, so they would definitely disband. However, they were companions that had experienced life and death situations together, so their bond was completely different from that of normal friends.

“Then we’ll leave first. Maybe we’ll see you again in the future by some chance,” Eleanor said.

Quickly, everybody left the research facility in Queenstown. The evolved lifeforms that had avoided the area due to their presence slowly returned, and it gradually returned to its wild and primordial environment. From then on, there was practically nobody living on the Devil Isles anymore. Once they heard about the Prototy Back drug, most evolved humans had gone to Tasmania leaving only a small evolved human population on the Devil Isles.

New Zealand truly became an uninhabited Devil Isles, islands where only evolved lifeforms thrived!


Bai Yi stood on the head of the flying evolved lifeform and started to zone out. Eleven years! Eleven years had passed by just like that. After experiencing countless dangers and struggles along the way, this day had finally come.

With things like this, we should be able to return to the normal world, right? Bai Yi thought, but he couldn’t help but feel uneasy as if he didn’t know what was awaiting them.

Momo came to Bai Yi’s side; the fifteen-year-old Momo grew up tall, reaching a height of 1.65 meters. She wasn’t considered too tall but could be seen as slender and elegant. Momo stood quietly by Bai Yi’s side, and even her black sword was kept inside the White Underworld. Her entire person appeared to be serene and reserved like a true young noble lady.

The White Underworld was a strange space that Momo created after entering LV3. Its source was the Provenance Fruit that she had consumed. This space contained all the souls, vengeful spirits, and Spirit Devouring Butterflies from the Ghost City Wellington previously. Other than that, there were also many souls of various animals, and it practically became a world for the dead. Momo acted as the entrance and exit to the White Underworld.

From the looks of it, Momo actually had a whole complete space in her body. However, Momo still had very little understanding of the world inside her, and it wasn’t suitable for normal lifeforms to inhabit. Anything that entered the White Underworld was quickly tainted with the White Underworld’s aura. This was very suitable for Momo but fatal for normal lifeforms.

“Daddy, what are you worrying about?” Momo asked.

“No, nothing much,” Bai Yi shook his head. That’s right. What was he worried about? What hadn’t they experienced on the way to now? It was time to return to the normal human world now, wasn’t this his wish all along?

After a few days, Bai Yi’s team finally arrived in Tasmania. Apparently, it was a first for these flying evolved lifeforms to fly such a long distance.

“Thank you guys very much!” Momo thanked them as she stroked two of the flying evolved lifeforms on the head with each hand. “Oh, you guys are very tired and plan to stay here for a while? Sure, just be careful!” Momo nodded and said her goodbye to the flying evolved lifeforms.

Actually, Momo wasn’t worried about the safety of these flying evolved lifeforms. The speed of evolution of the evolved lifeforms on the Devil Isles was more than a little faster than those on Tasmania, and the average level of activated cells was also a lot higher.

After entering Tasmania, Bai Yi’s team walked through the city and prepared to take a good look at the newly developed autonomous region. They arrived at the seaport quickly and found that there were many people working there. However, at a glance, it was obvious to Bai Yi that most of them still displayed physical characteristics of animals.

Didn’t he give the Prototy Back drug to Truman and the others long ago? Why were there still so many people with abnormal features?

Bai Yi and his team looked just like normal humans, so it was likely that their original friends wouldn’t recognize them now; hence, they didn’t look for Truman and the others immediately. Instead, they planned to personally understand the situation in Tasmania as well as the world at large.

They found out very quickly that t the Prototy Back drug was actually very famous among the evolved humans.

After Bai Yi delivered the drug, news of it was released not long after and all the evolved humans and United Nations quickly got to know of this. However, the drug wasn’t easy to obtain due to Tasmania’s strict control of it. It had become more than just a bargaining chip to negotiate with the United Nations, but also a tool to control the other evolved humans.

Who didn’t want to regain their human appearances? After hearing of the drug, the evolved humans from the northern half of the Devil Isles swiftly came to Tasmania. All of them had very decent strength, so the Prototy Back drug was the best thing to pull them over to their side.

There was also news circulating among the masses that the upper echelons were controlling the circulation of this drug. Not just the upper echelons of Tasmania, but also the United Nations and the upper echelons of various countries. None of them allowed this drug to be distributed easily.

After the appearance of the Prototy Back drug, the activated cells became a complete and organized system from LV0 to LV3. A normal human could very well become a new human that possessed special energy in a short period of time. In this world, who hadn’t dreamed of becoming superman or of being superior to others? Regardless if it was to ensure the stability of the country or to maintain their rule, the drug couldn’t be distributed in large amounts.

This was the outcome, huh?

 Bai Yi seriously considered the pros and cons of this after learning this information. Although it was very selfish, Bai Yi also understood the benefits of doing so from a rational point of view. If the drug was released in mass, it would actually cause the world to fall into chaos.

The activated cells had the ability to reinfect other lifeforms, so they weren’t difficult to obtain. If the Prototy Back drug was easy to obtain as well, then undoubtedly a storm of desire to become an evolved human would sweep across the world. Nobody would be able to bear seeing other people possessing powerful strength so easily and not do anything.

Powerful strength always brought about great ambition. A rebellious mindset was very common in the world now.

Although controlling the drug like this was rather selfish, Bai Yi could still understand their reason for doing so.

After understanding the situation from the public, Bai Yi and the rest prepared to look for Lucretia and learn about the situation of the world now. They could only get a little information from the lower strata because the people who dictated how the world changed were always the few at the top.

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