Cult of the Sacred Runes

Chapter 161


Chapter 161 – A Young Runemaster’s Past


‘So, now you know that the Prime Dragon ridge is located on the North Hill Bay, what are you going to do? Do you even know where to start searching for the treasures? The Draketail is over ten kilometers long, and the Draketorsal is around a thousand kilometers long. Without my help, searching for a ten meters long and wide Drakehead in the wide terrain of North Hill Bay is like searching for a needle in a haystack!’

‘Besides, you don’t even know what a Drakehead looks like. You might even step on it and never know that it’s right under your feet!’

‘Now, if you kneel obediently, boy, and proclaim me the greatest Progenitor, I might be merciful enough to tell you how to find the Drakehead.’ The demon chuckled. He definitely had an edge up on Ye Wei this time since he possessed the knowledge the young Runemaster desired so badly. His real intention, however, was hidden from Ye Wei’s mind. He wasn’t going to give him any information at all, even if Ye Wei bowed and kneeled a thousand times.

‘Do you think I am stupid enough, old piece of scale, to believe your filthy lies?!’ Ye Wei disdainfully replied.

‘This Prime Dragon ridge contains my family’s fortune. Of course, it would be nice to claim it but I have standards. Why would I trade with you? I would not deserve the treasures if I betray my morals for it!’

‘The Lu’s don’t even know where to search for it, and I assume all they know was that the Ye Supreme died somewhere close to Green Moon City. With only that to work on, even if they had twenty thousand men to order around, they still would have no way of finding the Drakehead. I would be able to find the first treasure before them. All I need are some clues.’ Concerned, Ye Wei was hoping for Lu’s men to spend more time further away from North Hill Bay. ‘The more time they spend away from here, the more time there is for me to look around freely!’

‘If the Lu family is lucky enough, they might be able to find the Dragon’s ridge treasure in less than three years time.’ Ye Wei approximated how much time it would take for the Lu’s troops to get to North Hill Bay. He guessed from the information the Ye’s scouts reported that the search team was reaching outwards from the center of Green Moon City.

Lu family acted smart. They didn’t send their own troops to Green Moon City, instead they were being cautious and sly by controlling the martial families of the city and use their resources to search for the treasures; thus, other rivaling families in the region would not be alarmed.

Another advantage of such devious methods was the Lu’s did not have to spend their resources on the search. If they were lucky enough to find the Drakehead in a decade, the only losers would be the martial families in Green Moon City. The Green Moon city’s martial families would have wasted all the efforts and resources and would not even get a share of the treasure. On the other hand, the Lu’s, having control over the Supreme Dragon ridge’s treasures, would become a superpower, even rivaling Zhou dynasty’s three royal families.

‘I sense some strong disturbances originating from a distant. I guess it doesn’t hurt to try.’ Ye Wei thought as he sat in the lotus position. He gently closed his eyes and started to absorb primal energy using his Falling Star Formula, tried to figure out the precise direction where the energy came from.

While the energy was going through his meridians, suddenly a runic lotus slowly appeared between his brow without his notice. He did not realize the Combat Master left him the lotus.

Without Ye Wei knowing, the effect of his Falling Star Form was amplified and acted as an antenna. The pull of his formula reached further with the lotus at the vortex’s center. The vortex was grew and spun slowly.

Before, the Falling Star Form was only a cultivating formula, but, now, it was reacting to the small energy disturbances of the Supreme Dragon ridge with the aid of the golden lotus.

‘Ehm?’ Ye Wei suddenly opened his eyes and curiously looked to the left. ‘There is an energy surge coming from that direction.’

The Supreme Dragon ridge was a Ye’s flesh and bones, and the Falling Star From was also created centuries ago by a powerful Ye. Although the disturbance was minimal due to the distance it originated from, it somehow resonated with the technique Ye Wei used.

“The Supreme Dragon ridge might be left by my ancestor, and I was using our family’s formula. People always said ancestral land is the best place to cultivate.” Ye Wei uttered to himself. He stood up abruptly, thinking, he might be onto something.

Ye Wei, slightly shaking under the night breeze, leaped to his left hand side and sat down again a few hundred meters. He sat down again and activated the Falling Star Formula. He felt a slight disturbance in the air and on the ground around him.

‘The power of the disturbance seems to be stronger at this spot!’

Ye Wei smiled and opened his eyes.

In the faint moonlight, Ye Wei started to follow the trace of energy, kept himself on the move, sat down every hundred feet and utilizing the Formula to investigate, to be able to sense the directions of the strange energy’s source.

‘This kid won’t find anything! Absolutely no one is capable of detecting the energy fluctuation of a Supreme Dragon ridge!’ The Progenitor thought. ‘The Dragon ridges’ energy disturbance is very subtle; it is utterly impossible even under the god’s prime cultivation to be able to sense it.’

Ye Wei moved slowly but methodically. He followed the energy trace and got closer and closer towards the Drakehead. Though he did not know he was heading in the right direction, but the demon in his head did.

The Progenitor became more surprised. Although Ye Wei was still far from the Drakehead, with each of Ye Wei’s stops, it became apparent to the ancient demon that he was being brought closer and closer to the exact spot where the Supreme died.

Six hours had passed; the sun rose over the horizon, and the sky slowly lit up golden pink. The Progenitor was flabbergasted by Ye Wei’s progress, and how Ye Wei could actually feel that the energy of the Drakehead was now only ten kilometers away.

‘With such speed and determination this kid will reach the Drakehead in less than two hours.’

‘How can this be possible?!’ The demon was terribly shocked, ‘How can this kid sense the energy of the Dragon ridge from so far away?!’

What the Progenitor didn’t know was that the Supreme’s blood deep within the mountains was resonating energy through the Dragon’s ridge, guiding and aiding Ye Wei in his quest.

His ancestors’ blood was also in Ye Wei’s veins. Although the blood’s power had been diluted through time and generations, it was recognised and respected by the land itself. Now, it was amplified by the Combat Master’s gift and the original Falling Star Form.

‘The energy fluctuation is getting stronger. I can almost feel the power of this land boiling under my feet!’ Ye Wei had no clue how shocked the demon was, but he was happy that the demon kept himself quite. He didn’t need any distractions now; instead, he needed to execute precise detective work.

“If my theory is right, judging by the energy I sense, the Drakehead is not very far away from here!” Proclaimed, Ye Wei who looked enthusiastically at the rising sun.

“I shall carry on!”

It was becoming easier and easier to follow the energy as Ye Wei became closer and closer to the source.


Meanwhile, ten kilometers away, Lu Feng slowly opened his eyes. He sat on the side of a hundred meter wide pond in the lotus position.

“With this speed, I shall breakthrough to a five-star condensed prime Warrior sooner than anyone would expect! Lu Feng smiled. Satisfied, he stood up and looked up at the sky.

“This place is mine; I don’t care if I am one of the Lu’s.” He told himself.

“Mom, just wait a little longer. Give me three years, and when I become more influential and powerful, I will make the Lu’s pay for the humiliation they made you endure! I will make them suffer ten, no, a hundred times worse than what they made you go through!” Lu Feng’s gaze turned evil. He stomped the ground and became a flash of light. He headed straight to Green Moon City.

Five years ago, when Lu Feng found out that he was a bastard, he felt ashamed and closed himself up.

That very evening, he learned the truth regarding his past and his heritage. He ran out into the rain into the wilderness that was north of Green Moon City.

He wandered alone into the forests and ended up at a pond close to North Hill Bay. Here, he cried the whole evening to let out his frustration. The moonlight and heavy drops of rain were his only company.

Lu Feng found comfort in the company of the peaceful nature, ever since then, he found comfort in habitually came to the forest, to the wilderland of North Hill Bay. Whenever he felt down or bullied or mocked because of his identity, he came here.

He began to meditate and cultivate by the pond. The more time he spent by the pond the more he noticed that he was cultivating quicker than his usual speed. That’s when he decided to cultivate at the spot whenever he got the time to.

He was able to come by the pond everyday to cultivate. Day after day, year after year, Lu Feng had been training by the Drakehead for five whole years.

Lu Feng then did some research. Although he had no luck in finding out exactly what was so special about the pond, he was not going to share this special piece of land with anyone else. Thus, he used his influence as a Runemaster’s apprentice, looked to take over North Hill Bay.

‘The Ye’s are getting stronger, and the Lu’s have surely stumbled upon some history records regarding this place.’ Lu Feng speculated, ‘I have to be extra careful and cover my tracks well. Hopefully, I will be able to somehow distract them and drive them away from this pond.’