Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 1831

Chapter 1831: The Royal Divine Army Mobilised

“What? That person is you? Doesn’t that mean that you also cut off Yang Tie’s arm?” The captain stared at Jian Chen in shock. Disbelief flooded his face as he was completely taken aback.

Did the elders of the Yang family not take away the person who offended the Yang family and cut off Yang Tie’s arm? How could he still be here.

Even if the elders of the Yang family did not take away the person who had chopped off Yang Tie’s arm yet, just where had the elders run off to? Why did they leave the person behind and return all by themselves?

Even if he ignored just how unbelievable the outcome was, it was impossible for the Yang family to do such an embarrassing thing with their strength and prestige.

If the matter made it out to the public, the Yang family’s status would probably plummet in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. It could even affect their status in the surrounding divine kingdoms.

“As a captain of the guards for the royal capital, you should enforce the laws impartially. Shouldn’t you at least ask about how everything happened in the first place after getting here and not focus on Yang Tie’s arm? Don’t tell me that as a captain of the guards, you’re connected to the Yang family, and you want to take advantage of your position so things work in the Yang family’s favor?” Jian Chen said calmly. He had not shifted his gaze from beyond the window.

He stared in the direction of the royal palace of the kingdom. Just then, he had discovered someone sending over the senses of their soul in an extremely well-hidden manner.

Although the senses had been purposefully concealed, Jian Chen still discovered it. He only found it to be extremely unclear and hazy. Clearly, his current strength was not enough to clearly pinpoint where it had settled.

However, even though he had only captured it vaguely, Jian Chen could feel a mountainous pressure from it. Even with his current strength, he could not help but shiver.

Godking,” Jian Chen thought. The Godkings of the divine kingdom had already begun paying attention to here.

The Divine Kingdom of Pingtian has two Godkings. I wonder if the senses of the soul I just discovered belongs to the divine king his majesty or the Grand Imperial Protector,” Jian Chen wondered.

The divine king reached Godking many years ago. It’s said that before the divine kingdom had even been founded, the divine king Pingtian was already a Godking. He personally led his subordinates to create this divine kingdom. Now that the divine kingdom has already existed for several hundreds of thousand of years, the divine king must have made quite a lot of progress compared to before. On the other hand, the Grand Imperial Protector has only reached Godking recently. It’s said that he only broke through a little over a hundred thousand years ago.

The divine king’s strength must be greater than the Grand Imperial Protector. I won’t be able to sense the divine king’s senses of the soul as a result, so it should have been the Grand Imperial Protector’s.

Jian Chen stood before the window with his back towards the captain of the guards. He gazed in the direction of the royal palace as he pondered deeply.

He completely did not notice that the captain’s face had become abnormally ugly when he mentioned that the captain might be abusing his position. His face basically sunk completely and killing intent filled his eyes.

The laws within the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian were particularly strict. As a captain of the guards, he was loyal to the divine king, but he still helped the Yang family do many things in secret. As a result, the thing he feared the most was other people mentioning that he was abusing his position of power.

Clearly, Jian Chen’s words had completely infuriated the captain.

“I will naturally find out exactly what transpired. However, there’s no hope denying that you cut off Yang Tie’s arm. You dare commit crimes so openly in the royal capital. Hmph. Come, take him away,” the captain said coldly.

“Yes, captain,” immediately, a few guards charged into the room to take Jian Chen away.

At this moment, a thunderous series of galloping sounds rang out, causing the ground to tremble gently.

“What is happening?” The captain and his guards all looked at each other from the sudden disruption. The guards who wanted to take Jian Chen away stopped as they became uncertain.

The disruption was simply far too great, and it was like an entire army was moving about. The earth seemed to be shaking from the deafening gallops.

“Two of you stay here to watch over him. The others, come with me to see what’s happening,” the guard said coldly. He immediately stopped paying anymore attention to Jian Chen and left with his trusted subordinates.

However, when the captain left the inn and saw what was happening in the distance, he became completely stunned.

In the distance, a squad of elite, armored soldiers shot over. They moved extremely quickly as if they were lightning. From the distance, they seemed to have been reduced to a string of blurs.

The soldiers were all actually at Godhood.

The mounts beneath them were Three-flamed Divine Horses that burned with red flames.

Three-flamed Divine Horses were relatively common beasts in the Saints’ World. They seemed like horses, but they were three times larger and were naturally accompanied by flames.

They were called ‘Three-flamed’ because the flames of the mount could change three times in a single lifetime.

Newly-born, they would possess strength at Sainthood, and their flames would be scarlet. Once they reached adulthood, their strength would be on par with Deities, and their flames would become blood-red.

If they were nurtured with a vast quantity of heavenly resources, the horses could even become Gods. Once they became Gods, their flames would burn a deep violet.

That would be the final stage of cultivation for the horses. Throughout history, there had never been a Three-flamed Divine Horse that had reached Overgod.

However, these divine horses would become the mounts of the very best due to their strength. Once they were tamed, they would remain loyal for the rest of their lives, and they were naturally skilled at teamwork.

The horses beneath these soldiers all possessed blood-red flames. Clearly, they had all reached adulthood, and they possessed the battle prowess of a Deity.

“It’s the Royal Divine Army. Oh my god, it’s actually the Royal Divine Army. Am I dreaming? The Royal Divine Army has actually come…”

“Looking at the direction they’re heading in, the Royal Divine Army seem to be going to the Perched Phoenix Inn. Has something happened there, which is why they’re going that way…”

“The conflicts within the royal capital have always been handled by the regular guards. Why would the Royal Divine Army deal with these miscellaneous matters? They are lofty existences, and they are the strongest and most terrifying army of the entire divine kingdom. They’re known to be the protector gods of the kingdom…”

On the streets, countless people watched on. All of their eyes were filled with respect and quite a few of them were filled with eagerness.

The Royal Divine Army was a group of soldiers that was almost divine in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian. They possessed crushing strength. In the entire region, there were no armies from any divine kingdom that could match up to the Royal Divine Army.

“Why has the Royal Divine Army come?” The captain of the guards watched everything unfold in disbelief. The Royal Divine Army was rarely ever mobilised.

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