Blue Phoenix

Chapter 389: Direhound’s Immortal Strike

Hui Yue was not too worried about Wang Ju Long and the kids having not returned yet. Although it was late they had been moving through the city itself and were still there; he knew that it was more or less safe. Of course, some opposing factions or noble families would try and assassinate one another, but Wang Ju Long had insulted no one, and the children were even more innocent. To send assassins after them seemed completely impossible. Had it been Hui Yue who was moving around in town then it was much more likely that he would be the target of an assassination. Therefore, he was not too worried about them.

Looking through the scrolls, Hui Yue was fully absorbed in reading and understanding what the manuals and formulas said. Many of the attacks were high King ranked to high Saint ranked skills and equal to the ones Lan Feng could teach him. Although they were from another world, when Hui Yue attempted to use them, he found that the energy which executed the attacks were Wu Wei and not Qi.

This was something which intrigued Hui Yue. In this world, there was no such thing as Wu Wei martial arts. Wu Wei was an energy which acted entirely on one’s imagination. It would take any shape, attack, or defend depending on one’s thoughts alone, yet here he was with martial arts which required Wu Wei to be executed. It truly seemed like this plane was behind others in martial arts inheritances, and learning.

“These are true treasures,” Hui Yue mumbled to himself as he picked up yet another manual. This was the manual for the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar, an outstanding attack which allowed for one to release Wu Wei in a shock wave surrounding oneself. The attack spreading out and attacked the soul of all in range. Those who were weaker would have their souls shaken, or even shattered, while those stronger would be dazed for a moment. While they were dazed, they could be killed easily. This was a skill that greatly intrigued Hui Yue.

Although Hui Yue wished to train in the Vigorous Emerald Dragon’s Roar, he knew that now was not the time to start as there were mortals nearby. Had he used the skill they would surely parish. He needed space to train this skill.

Placing it back into the Universe Box another skill appeared in his hand. This was the Direhound’s Immortal Strike, a sword martial arts skill requiring Wu Wei to activate. This strike was swift and sharp. It was a true killing move allowing for the cultivator to unsheathe their sword with an unbelievably quick speed that would directly pierce or slash the opponent, leaving them dead.

This attack did not guarantee that it would kill one’s foe; however, it seemed very hard to avoid it in close combat. Reading the scroll, Hui Yue, due to his curiosity, stood up and moved into the middle of the room. With a flicker of his wrist, the Sword of the Icy Tempest appeared in his hand. It was sheathed in the scabbard which had been made from leather harvested from a Saint ranked magical beast. The hide had been incredibly expensive, but he needed leather of such high quality to not instantly be cut apart by the sword in his hand.

Looking at the sword, Hui Yue closed his eyes and focused on the words he read in the scroll. The Direhound’s Immortal Strike was in no way a simple attack. It had originally been meant for claws, however as the Direhound had been capable of taking human shape, he evolved the technique to also include swords. It was even more fearsome as a sword attack than it had previously been as a wild beast attack using claws. This was due to the extra force it could borrow while the sword was drawn from the sheath.

Hui Yue closed his eyes. The sword was held by his side and with a sudden swift movement, Hui Yue unsheathed the sword. Sword light flashed in the dimly lit room, and sudden a loud boom resounded as a bookshelf was cut in half. Even the stone wall behind the bookshelf had marks from the attack.

Looking at the broken bookshelf, Hui Yue was stunned. For his attack to be so destructive considering it was the first time he attempted the attack, he was both incredibly pleased with the result but also deeply shocked.

It only took a few moments before various maids, servants, and guards rushed to the room. The guards instantly broke into the room only to see Hui Yue standing in the middle, a large smile on his face and a sword by his side. The whole bookshelf that took up an entire wall was cut all the way through. Their eyes almost popped out as they saw the cut in the stone wall behind it. Had this mansion been build by wood and not stone, this attack could have brought it all down upon them. Even though Hui Yue was excited about the strength of his new attack, he also understood just how dangerous it could have been.

‘Mental memo, next time I try out some of these attacks, I better go outside,’ He thought to himself before he started shooing the many maids, servants, and guards back to their usual jobs while he moved back to the desk and his chair to sit down.

“What an incredible technique.” Hui Yue sighed in praise. “Although we use Wu Wei to attack, the attacks we use are incredibly crude. It is equal to using spiritual energy or Qi to directly fight our enemies. No one does that, especially not when there are martial arts and spiritual arts.” Pausing for a moment, Hui Yue frowned slightly. “I wonder why no one has come up with the thought of making martial arts and techniques for Wu Wei.” He mused, but the answer was quite obvious. Creating Wu Wei martial arts required someone to be incredibly powerful. It was not that they did not exist in this world. However, the few individuals capable of creating Wu Wei martial arts would never share them with others. It was a way to improve one’s strength.

‘This is a treasure,’ Lan Feng too said with high praise. ‘I am unsure if even my exalted father was in possession of martial arts for Wu Wei. Although it is incredible, we Divine Beasts can use both our beast core and also the energy of the world around us. We are much like you, in possession of both beast core and dantians, yet we are mainly beasts, and thus our most powerful attacks do not rely on Wu Wei, but our beast core.’

‘Previously I was unable to use my beast core since it was left in my body somewhere, but since you now have a beast core, it is possible for me to borrow its power and become a blue phoenix once again.’

‘Back in my prime, I focused mainly on my beastly attacks. Attacks relying on the beast core, but due to curiosity I often dabbled in Wu Wei, Qi, and spiritual energy attacks as well.’

‘You need to understand while it is possible for humans to share their martial arts to one another, beasts need to come up with attacks on their own. They cannot be shared with others, and they take years to perfect. Beasts have always had a slight disadvantage against humans when it came to cultivating.’

‘But enough about that, what you found is truly a treasure! And you say that there are many of these attacks? Being able to unleash a Wu Wei martial art, I dare say you have reached the strength of an early stage Saint. Even genius early Saint’s are likely to be unable to deal with you. Not only that, if you ran into a middle stage Saint I am confident you will be able to escape with your life intact. You need to learn as many of these attacks as you can.’ Lan Feng’s voice was filled with excitement, and the same excitement could be found in Hui Yue’s eyes.

‘You are right,’ Hui Yue nodded his head. ‘This is an incredible opportunity. Even I do not know how many scrolls are within the Universe Box, but if I can learn just two of these attacks, the I have faith in being able to survive anything but an attack from a God.’

‘You need to look through the Universe Box again.’ Lan Feng suddenly said. ‘I fail to believe that the owner of this box was not in possession of a protective treasure. Being a God, the treasure should also be godly. Although, it is likely to be a one-time use treasure. But even still, it should be able to protect you against the attack of a God.’

Hearing this, Hui Yue almost felt like drooling. Such a treasure would indeed be life saving. ‘I will have a look.’ He instantly said as he closed his eyes and his consciousness entered his palm. The moment it entered the palm a scar started to appear on his skin showing that the Universe Box was active.

“Junior greets senior,” Hui Yue said with a bow as he saw the white-robed soul of the treasure. Although this was merely the soul of a treasure, Hui Yue understood that it was a treasure which was far, far older than himself. It had experienced many things by the side of it’s the previous master, and it had an intellect which was in no way worse than his own.

“You have returned,” The androgynous voice said. It was not hostile, nor was it friendly. It just stated that Hui Yue had returned and as before, Hui Yue felt slightly confused.

“Junior wonders if you can help me look for protective treasures in this space, alongside martial arts meant for the upper dantian.”

Giving Hui Yue a long glance, the white-robed spirit seemed to consider for a short amount of time before he nodded his head and vanished inside the massive box behind him.

The spirit was only away for around two minutes before it once more appeared in front of Hui Yue. With a flicker of his hand, two mountains appeared in front of him. One was a stack of treasures in all shapes and sizes while the other was a small mountain of scrolls.

“Since you do not know these treasures, I will gift you with a book explaining every single treasure, their name, and how to use them.” The spirit said, and suddenly a book appeared in front of Hui Yue. Seeing this, he was thrilled. He bowed deeply to the spirit full of gratitude. Waving its hand the spirit vanished within the box and Hui Yue opened his eyes. Hui Yue looked at the book and the two mountains in front of him.

“The Universe Box sure is amazing, but I am too weak to fully control it, sadly.” Hui Yue sighed to himself. “I cannot sense all stars and know what kind of treasure they are. I guess I need to be a God before then.” He guessed, but he quickly placed the thought at the back of his mind. He had managed to get his hands on so many incredible skills and treasures just now. What he wanted the most was to sit down and look through them all, but he understood that now was not the time.

Scanning the mansion with his spiritual sense, he quickly found that Wang Ju Long, Lao, and Jo had returned home after their trip to town. After storing the many items in storage stones, Hui Yue stood up from the desk. There was no reason for him to stay in the library any longer.

With his scan he had noticed that the children were in their own rooms cultivating in the moonlight while Wang Ju Long was in her own room, cultivating as well. Deciding that he would wait until the following day to talk with them, Hui Yue went towards his own room. He picked up the book he had just been given while leaving all the protective treasures on the bed in front of him.

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