Blue Phoenix

Chapter 341: Return of the Jing Family

Sending a wry smile to his injured friend, Hui Yue could not help but comment. “You really have no clue how right you are.” He said while shaking his head. “I’ll be going away for some time.” He said while effortlessly changing the subject. Hui Yue got to the main reason for why he had gone looking for his friend in the first place.

“I am going to follow the third prince into the Grave of the Unknown. One of us will not return alive. If I die everything I have been working for will have become pointless so there is no way I can lose this fight.” He said as his face was dark and his voice carried deep emotions. Seeing this, Cai Jie nodded his head. Hui Yue could definitely not die here.

“I originally wanted to invite you to come with me, but it seems you already have your own agenda,” He smiled. “Not to mention you have been quite sick. Since you aren’t at your peak right now it won’t be that beneficial for either of us.”

“Hey, I’ll be ready before the raid starts, but I have no intention of joining you. With most of the nobility away, it will be much easier to slay Crusaders. It’s like the heavens themselves are helping me out.” He grinned, and Hui Yue just shrugged his shoulders. He was not hoping for too much when he asked Cai Jie to join him.

“Well, in that case, I need to go and prepare for the trip. Stay in bed and heal up before you go cleaning the streets once again,” Hui Yue said as he waved goodbye towards the bedridden friend and left the room with a smile on his lips.

Leaving the mansion Hui Yue went towards the marketplaces. He needed to buy medicinal pills and herbs which would help him while the green pearl was restoring itself to its previous condition, or if it suddenly turned stubborn. He also needed pills which recovered internal energy. Medicine which restored Qi was cheap, pills which restored spiritual energy were decently priced, but the ones which recovered Wu Wei were incredibly expensive. Hui Yue knew that he would need them if he was to survive within this tomb.

Spending a whopping three hundred spirit coins, Hui Yue now had memory stones filled to the brim with medicinal pills for his trip. Just as he was about to look and see if he could find any other beneficial things, Hui Yue stopped in his tracks and a sinister smile formed on his lips. Right in front of him was the young master of the Jing family.

The young master had not noticed Hui Yue yet, but this time, he was protected by an entourage of an astonishing ten King ranked experts. These Kings all wore the same set of armor with a lily engraved in the metal.

They all walked behind their master, and as they looked around they sent one glare after another at the other customers within the marketplace, while any females below a certain age were being taken advantage of by the experts. Seeing this, Hui Yue’s blue eyes turned dark. Dark like the sky before a storm.

Standing still, Hui Yue waited for the young master to notice him, and sure enough, only moments later the young master looked at the white-haired young man in front of him. “It’s you!!” He yelled out. His eyes instantly turned red, and his hand trembled from anger.

“This time, kill him! Don’t let him get away! He killed all my men! He even dared to steal from our Jing family! Such a filthy mixed blooded bastard actually dares to challenge me!” He yelled out, and the entire marketplace turned silent before everyone turned around to look at what was happening.

Sighing, Hui Yue looked at the many experts in front of him, and he narrowed his eyes slightly. “It is a shame you are all men,” He mumbled as the blue cloud started roiling around him.

The ten kings who stepped forward all felt an ominous presence inside of the blue cloud, and none of them had ever heard about this blue energy before; but although there were quite a few signs they were not his match, the ten experts decided to attack him anyways. It was, after all, one against ten.

Snorting at their decision, Hui Yue released the blue cloud which turned to long strings of blue energy. As soon as the energy touched the cultivators, they would stop their advance and fall to the ground. Hui Yue was now devouring the energy which they had spend years upon years cultivating. Soon all ten experts had collapsed to the ground. Some had fallen several meters away from Hui Yue while others were only a few centimeters away, yet none of them had managed to successfully touch even the corners of his clothes.

The entire marketplace turned silent. No one dared to say even the slightest word. Everyone was staring at Hui Yue, the handsome mixed blooded creature in front of them. He used energy they had never heard about, and this skill was without a doubt the most outstanding they had ever seen. To subdue ten King ranked experts with ease was not something even an Emperor could do.

The young master of the Jing family was just standing alone. His face was ashen, and his mouth was opening and closing as though he wished to say something but was incapable of doing so. Hui Yue took one step towards the young master, and as he tried to back away, he fell straight on his butt. His eyes were filled with horror as he looked at Hui Yue as though he was a monster.

“I-I am the heir to the Jing fam-family!” He cried out. “If you ki-kill me, our family’s Saint will kill you in return,” He yelled out. A sinister smile appeared on Hui Yue’s face. “I have seen you two times, and both times you have ordered your men to attack me. Even if I leave you be, you will make the Saint come after me. Why should I let you live, knowing this?” He asked. His voice was slow but loud enough for everyone to hear.

Moments after a sword appeared from his storage stone. A sword which the young master instantly recognized. Only a soft sound of the sword unsheathing could be heard followed by a small plopping sound. Soon after red blood dyed the streets of the marketplace. Like a shadow Hui Yue moved through the ten experts, and soon their heads too landed on the ground. Looking at the men he had slain a decisive expression was visible on his face. Letting them live when they twice had tried to take his life was not possible.

Without lingering, the young man left the marketplace leaving behind the eleven corpses on the ground. The eerie silence and the stench of blood quickly made everyone look at the back of the departing figure.

The battle had been swift, and no techniques were exchanged; instead, it had been a complete slaughter. By the time the marketplace guards reached the location all they saw was the eleven executed members of the Jing family.

Soon after, the city erupted in disbelief. The ones who had witnessed what happened sold memory stones with the recording of the battle if one could even call it that.

Currently the city was filled with every kind of experts, martial families, factions, and noble families from all over the world. These individuals knew that it was best to be aware of the strength of others and they all purchased memory stones to see just what this white-haired man was capable of.

It was not long before everyone knew that this man was not just skilled at fighting. He was also the Grand Marshall of the beast army which had utterly destroyed the Siban Empire.

Amongst some of the mercenaries and families which had rushed to Muchuan City were also noble families from what used to be the Siban Empire, and these families were anything but happy when they heard that he was presently within the same city as them. Many of them started dreaming about how to kill him, but they did not have the courage to do so. As they remembered the horde of beasts they had seen in the capital alongside the rest of the country, they did not wish to have such a massive horde coming after their family for the sake of revenge.

It did not take long before everyone knew that Hui Yue had an enormous backing, and the more they learned about the young man, the more astonished they became. Tales of the Battle of Riluo City slowly made their way to the capital and together with these tales came countless numbers of untrue rumors about his Saint ranked tutor, and his own ability to use a Saint ranked attack. Even others talked about how he really controlled the beasts behind the scenes.

As rumors started to float around Muchuan City, Hui Yue found that he had more and more guests visiting his mansion day after day. He ended up spending three days just greeting visitors. He eventually decided that the final two days before the raid he would no longer receive any guests.

Hui Yue was perfectly well aware of all the rumors which were going around. Gao Yan made sure to come by once a day and give him new information, but he also knew that he could do nothing about it.

The days went by swiftly and before he knew it, the day of the raid appeared. Hui Yue slowly exhaled as he opened his eyes. He had spent the night absorbing Yin energy, and his body was swallowing it whole like a weed getting water for the first time in a week. He had managed to balance his energy quite well previously; however, using the blue cloud against ten male cultivators had thoroughly destroyed the fine balance he had worked so hard to achieve. With a sigh, he knew he had to start all over again rebuilding the balance.

Still, this was the simplest way to deal with the ten King experts in a split second. Hui Yue hoped that he might come across herbs which contained Yin energy, or perhaps even medicinal pills with Yin energy stored inside.

For now, though he could not use the monk’s ability on men unless absolutely necessary. Although he gained strength, it took him much longer to balance his energies afterwards. It would increase the time it took him to become one with the world and thereby ascend to the realms of the Gods. Unfortunately, one could tell how difficult it was to become one with the world around them and balance Yin and Yang perfectly by looking at Lan Feng. He had spent thousands of years but he was still incapable of maintaining a perfect balance, and as such he never managed to become a God.

Not just Lan Feng but also Wan Qiao and the Frozen General who were also at the very peak of the Saint rank, yet none of them had been capable of breaking through.

“I can’t afford to spend this much time advancing,” Hui Yue said to himself as he left his mansion. “I need to find Yin energy one way or another. Even if I have to steal it from someone; I will do it!” He mumbled to himself before he headed down the street towards the gathering point at the royal family’s castle.

Everyone who had been personally invited by the royal family would meet up at the castle grounds usually used to training guards. They would be the first to depart Muchuan City while as soon as they left through the crowded streets all the uninvited people who intended to follow behind also got ready. A feeling of excitement spread through the whole city. Everyone was eager to start the raid, but no one dared move before the royal family had taken the first step.

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