Beauty and the Bodyguard

Chapter 445

Chapter 445 - Lin Yi, Stunned

“Oh, we didn’t finish talking last time- what do I do if I want to get Lin Yi to like me?” Xiaoxiao asked softly.

“Uh… I don’t think it’ll be too hard. Boss is a soft person on the inside- he’s open to friendliness and basically softness, but he resists if you’re forceful. So it’s been proven that if you take a softer approach and attitude, act cute a little… I think boss would try to soften up a little for you and stop ignoring you.” 

It was a bit inappropriate to be discussing his boss behind his back, but the situation Xiaoxiao was in was just so sad… A girl transferring to a new school alone for the person she loved, failing to win his approval and praise and instead ignored and set aside… Xiaobo only gave her more information because he pitied her.

“Oh? So that’s how Lin Yi rolls…” Xiaoxiao was rather surprised, but Xiaobo was Lin Yi’s closest man- if even he was saying this then it meant there’d been something wrong with her previous strategies.

As things stood, her trying to embarrass or threaten Lin Yi wouldn’t do anything at all- it’d actually cause her problems! It seemed that she really needed to adjust her plans to get Lin Yi to submit.

“Yeah. I feel like girls need to learn how to act cute- you don’t know how to act cute, right? That’s why boss doesn’t like you.” Xiaobo said as if it was only natural. “You need to know that sis-in-law Tang Yin isn’t any less prettier than you, and she’s even a bit taller! If you really do like my boss then you need to be more gentle!”

“Is that so…” Xiaoxiao frowned slightly at the thought- treating Lin Yi gently? Lin Yi, who was a man..? 

What a joke!! She was Feng Xiaoxiao, and Feng Xiaoxiao didn’t do things to please and win over guys! People would be laughing at her if word got out.

It was off limits. Simply off limits. Acting cute?? She hadn’t the faintest idea how she’d do that, not when she’d never done it in her entire life! She wouldn't be able to pull it off at all!

(The original word doesn’t strictly translate into act cute, but it’s something along those lines. The word is used when a kid says “pleeeease, daddy! Just one more story!” or when a girlfriend asks her boyfriend to buy her that purse and uses the same “act cute” tactic.)

But if she didn’t do that… Lin Yi wouldn’t teach her drifting at all…

But was drifting really that important in the first place? Xiaoxiao felt lost- she’d come here for Lin Yi because he’d disregarded and ignored her once. It pissed her off, especially when he was just a mere follower, a lackey! Where did he come off talking to her with that attitude? She’d come here to really just pay Lin Yi back and vent her frustration! Getting him to teach her drifting was really just a condition that came with the package!

Xiaoxiao had been thinking that Lin Yi would never agree to teaching her that before she even came- but then she realized that Lin Yi didn’t give a shit about her at all! 

But even that was tolerable, so Xiaoxiao endured… Until Lin Yi went and peed all over her!!! He even tied firecrackers onto her butt, on a dead knot, no less!

Did the guy want to kill her??

Xiaoxiao couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted revenge! This had evolved into something far more complicated than just drifting. This was now hate, and her rage towards Lin Yi could only be eased when Lin Yi had paid the price.

With the newfound clarity, Xiaoxiao decided that Xiaobo’s advice was rather on point. The problem now was how she’d approach the problem!

Even if Xiaoxiao had to act cute to get Lin Yi to teach her drifting, it didn’t really matter anymore at this point. Learning drifting itself had lost its importance, too- she needed to get Lin Yi to pay!!

Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up all of a sudden, an idea coming to mind. Since Lin Yi liked Tang Yin she could just go and make a love triangle with them, ruining her relationship with Lin Yi! She’d get Lin Yi to fall in love with her, and then she’d dump him!!! Xiaoxiao started smiling at the thought. She’d wait until Lin Yi was head over heels for her, unable to hold back… And then she’d tell him the truth!

Tears would fall, and Lin Yi’s heart would break.

The plan invigorated Xiaoxiao with willpower. With the looks she had going for her, taking Lin Yi down wasn’t a challenge at all. It didn’t matter how close he was with Tang Yin, they weren’t in the same classes! She was! 

She was even sitting beside Lin Yi, too- she really did have everything set up for her. It’d be an insane failure if she couldn’t even win this battle of love with an advantage this decisive.

Xiaoxiao’s expressions shifted from uncertain to happy, from angry to hopeful… Xiaobo only assumed that she’d thought things through. “Well, I told you all this because I feel bad for you. Don’t go ruin my boss’ relationship with Tang Yin, okay!”

“I won’t, come on… I’ll just watch quietly and look at him, I don’t need him to return anything!” Xiaoxiao nodded. “But you need to keep this a secret for me, okay!”

“Of course.” Xiaobo nodded with a smile. He was quite compassionate towards this Xiaoxiao girl.

Lin Yi arrived at Xuemin’s villa to see two police cars parked outside, much to his surprise. One was Lingshan’s local police car, and the other was the one Huaijun had driven him to school in last time.

Lin Yi didn’t find it too surprising for Huajun to be here, but what was Lingshan doing here??

He pressed on the doorbell, and Nanny Liu opened the door, inviting him in directly since she knew him already. She got Lin Yi some slippers. “Professor Xuemin’s in the study with two guests. One of them is the Mister Yang you personally know.”

“Ah, got it. I’ll go see them myself. I know the other one as well.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Alright.” Nanny Liu didn’t say much to that and got back to her work.

Lin Yi walked up to the study, knocked on the door, and Xuemin’s voice sounded in response immediately after. “Is that you, Yi? You’re quick.”

“It’s me!” Lin Yi pushed open the door and nodded with a smile on his face, which disappeared as a sudden figure came up to him, giving him a fright. He was about to dodge when he saw who it was.

Smiling bitterly, he let Huaijun embrace him in a bear hug, who was laughing rather happily. “How’s my condition now?”

Lin Yi rolled his eyes. “You’ll live, but you need to wait before you can regain your original strength.”

“Original strength?” Huaijun paused before the realization hit him. “Eagl- Lin Yi, you’re telling me I can get my strength back?”

“When have I ever lied?” Lin Yi shrugged.

But Lingshan spoke up from the sofa before Huaijun had the chance to. “All the time!”

“Miss Braindead, no one’s gonna call you mute if you keep your mouth shut!” Lin Yi glared, a little displeased at Lingshan’s interruption. “You better not come begging for my help next time, since everything I say is a lie!!”

“Big Bro Yang, look! He’s bullying me again!” Lingshan looked to Huaijun with puppy eyes, as if she’d been wronged.

“WHA?!” Lin Yi froze, shocked. 

Song Lingshan… could actually be a girl when she wanted to?

Chapter Notes:

um... so some of you said in the poll stuff like 'dude make a decision and stick with it already, just do whatever's most comfortable and stop trying to please everyone"

So 30 chapters a month it is, starting now. Please wait patiently, BAB will be running again ten days later.

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