A Mercenary's War

Chapter 84

Chapter 84: Good News & Bad News

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

Despite their earliness, Coleman and Sandstorm didn’t start attacking again. Gao Yang’s corp and the rest who only recently pieced up a Company (Coy) with Gao Yang guarded the building and refused to go out even one step once they had come to a unanimous decision to fight after negotiating the price.

Accompanied by bombing noises, Gao Yang and the rest almost didn’t get into battle the entire afternoon. It’s just that occasionally someone would fire a few shots to hit those enemies that suddenly appeared on the streets. But after killing two men from the Opposition, nobody else appeared within their shooting range anymore.

Gro initiatively volunteered his service to take the money with two other mercenary corp’s people after waiting for the long-coveted afternoon. He’d negotiate with the money-giving personnel about raising the prices along the way together. Only Grolev was very familiar with this profession in Yang and the rest’s eyes.

Although the war on the streets they controlled wasn’t overly intense, there were Opposition snipers abound also. It’s also a big risk to receive money by crossing through safety precincts on the streets, but the money had to be taken. So after the Gro and the other two mercenary corps left the building numbering seven in total; the three (Yang, Hare and Jin) were on tenterhooks for fear that some accident happened to Gro.

In the duration of time waiting for Gro to come back, Yang discovered that the difference between his corp and other people, who were also veteran mercenaries, was that his side looked overwrought with anxiety on their faces; the other mercenary corp’s people didn’t seem to worry for their buddies. Apart from a few in Coleman Co. having missions and were outside, the remaining dozens of people were just at the hall on first floor. They fished out a few packs of Poker cards and started anteing on the games. They were screaming and hollering, those excited and happy looks on the faces baffled people’s eyes — people weren’t sure if they’re on the battlefield and couldn’t tell at all that Coleman had just lost four comrades today.

It was fortunate that Gro didn't let Yang and the rest wait long, only around half an hour and Gro was back with other Corps’ members. At the same time he also brought a huge amount of cash.

Seeing his buddy bringing money back already, the hall momentarily emanated loud cries of jubilance. Gro’s face and expression were also full of joy while carrying a bag in hand. He bawled in laughter, “Got back today's money, and I'll conveniently bring back a piece of good news too.”

Seeing Gro come back was already joyous enough, and after hearing that in addition there's a good news still, Yang was chuckling too, “What's the good news? Increase in price?”

Gro pushed the bag into Yang's hands and laughed loudly, “Know what? We today were unexpectedly the Unit that's the smoothest in progress, now the rules have changed — within this bag is a hundred Grand USD, we're gonna be rich, bro!”

Yang opened the bag and inside it was indeed ten rolls of notes. He instinctively and curiously asked, “Why's it a hundred Grand? And what rules changed?”

“Because of your performance, Coleman and Sandstorm’s people were talking for us, so the guy responsible for giving the bucks raised our money to ten Grands a day, of course it's the entire Corp’s money. Haha, and it's no longer easily wages, not only did prices rise, but also the wages were paid ten days in advance. Hence we now have a hundred Grands USD, awesome!”

Of course being able to make more money made Yang happy. He excitedly took the money out and said, “Very awesome, twenty five Grand USD a person, we can return the money owed back to Hare, come and divide man, brothers.”

Telling Tribo and Jin Fang the situation in Mandarin, outta Yang's expectations, they're not excited at all about being able to earn more money. Jin just nodded and didn't say anything else after after acknowledging it. Tribo’s even more exaggerated — he didn't raise his head but only card about his AUG. He said a sentence.

“Bro Yang, we've got lots of money anyways, help me take care of them and let Morgan's son buy for me the best rifle; I want a Barrett, the best one, but we shall first then buy her man.”

Yang was speechless totally and could only pout his mouth to the side and said, “Cut it out, everyone take their own money, I ain't gonna keep tab of this, and after this we gotta be like in the movies, make a Swiss bank account and save all the money in it. Then find a way to send it back home after — what's up with all that help-me-take-care bullsh+t?”

Just as Yang was taking the money out to split, Gro pressed his hands on Yang's and asked solemnly, “How are you intending to split the money?”

Yang answered strangely, “Of course we're splitting even, is there anything else to say about this?”

Gro shook his head repeatedly and replied, “No, we can't split equally, we're a Mercenary Corp now, viewing the Corp as a Company, we're the original founders. We got the original shares — then you're the Corp Head, which means Chairman, you gotta take thirty percent, we three each take twenty percent, the remaining ten would be stored in Company's public funds, next time we can use it on our equipment and living expenditures or something. If we plan to recruit new people next time, it'd be according to the the four of our shares when it comes to paying. That's nearly every merc corps’ rules, very fair right?”

Yang felt that since there's only four people, just sharing it equally would do after earning the bucks, nothing else to discuss about. But after hearing what Grolev said, he felt that it's very correct, the only thing not very appropriate was that he got ten percent more than everybody; it got him somewhat uncomfortable.

“Hmm, what you said makes sense indeed, but you be the Corp Head man, don't refuse first, hear me out before giving inputs: you're the most experienced, we don't know what to do without you at all, thus I feel that you being the Head is the most suitable thing, Grolev.”

Gro shook his head incessantly and replied, “According to your proposal, that'd be meaningless, Gao, for this time what we should each take would be: thirty Grands for you, two Grands for each of us, remaining one Grand would be under your custody — just that simple.”

Seeing that Yang and Gro were arguing over something, Jin’s face turned awful, he growled, “Bro Yang, what happened? What’s Old Ruski negotiating with you about?”

Yang knew that Jin misunderstood the situation, he quickly said, “Old Ruski wants me to get more, how can this do?”

Jin smiled embarrassedly and replied, “Right, seems like I am the one overthinking things, still thought that Old Ruski’s asking more. I am right man, Old Ruski doesn’t look like that type of guy, sigh, ain’t gonna say no more, gotta learn my English chop chop.”

After repeating what Gro said, Yang chuckled bitterly, “Old Ruski’s right too, just that I feel that taking one part more ain’t suitable man.”

Jin didn’t say anything, he took Yang’s money and gave Gro two stacks, himself and Tribo two each too, then he shoved the rest to Yang and said, “Head, keep your personal and the Company’s money properly man, don’t be a p^&sy w*ssy, which one of us bros took money seriously? Just because of the fact that you’d saved all three of our lives, it’s appropriate even if you take fifty percent, alright, we shall follow this rule from now on.”

Yang of course couldn’t push his position as a Head to others, he kept the money and then he suddenly thought of something. He said right then, “Gro, are Coleman and Sandstorm getting the same amount of money?”

Gro shook his head and replied, “Nope, the prices for them stayed the same, but they got more bounty prizes: the Commander would say the target, then whoever completed it would get them, because we can’t independently complete an assault, so we can’t have bounty prizes like them.”

Just as Yang and Gro were talking, Green Mamba who had finished sharing his money walked over. He solemnly asked after greeting Yang, “I got a news, y’all wanna hear?”

Yang saw that Green’s face wasn’t very good and said immediately, “What news, let’s hear it out.”

Green whispered, “I got my info sources, my friend told me that this afternoon NATO’s planes would start bombing.”

Bombing sounds wasn’t heard at all throughout this afternoon, Yang was puzzled by the stuff shared by Green when everybody knew. He told Green, “Didn’t NATO already started bombing long ago? What’s the problem?”

Green shook his head and said, “No, not the same, this afternoon NATO bombed 32nd Brigade’s Tanks and Artillery straightaway, just outside Misurata, very close to us. Turkey, France and England all sent airplanes, they started bombing specific and small targets directly. The news have said now, everything that happened here isn’t secret, you can call overseas and ask around. The situation now is that 32nd Brigade has massive casualties and loss, we are very likely not to get Artillery support from 32nd Brigade, but the Opposition would get air support.”

What Green said was indeed bad news, Yang and Gro’s face turned crappy instantly, the joy of just getting paid was pretty much watered-down after Green’s bad news.

“What’s your plan? Retreat right now? We’re just paid ten days’ worth of merc pay, excluding the money from today, we still got nine days we gotta fight for Gaddafi with our lives man.”

Green shook his head and said, “Nope, that’s not what I meant, the news said NATO wouldn’t send any land troops, though they had already sent some, but they wouldn’t enter in large scales no matter what. And the scale of bombing wouldn’t be exaggeratedly big, so it’s still a not-so-strong war, we’ve not reached to the point of giving up money-earning, I just felt that we’re now already friends, so I should tell y’all the news lest y’all don’t understand the situation and land yourselves in hot soup. Remember: when we decide to leave, it’s definitely the time to give up.”

Towards Green’s message and the kind intention he expressed, Yang chose to gladly accept. Having one more friend was definitely a good thing — after expressing gratitude towards Green, Yang also expressed in time that he’s willing to provide every necessary support to Coleman Company to help.

Just as both sides’ conversation was gonna end in a joyous atmosphere, a loud bang cut off this peaceful ambience. Four loud explosions immediately followed. Yang felt light tremors beneath his feet, the building he was in had dusts flying everywhere. What followed next was a man from Coleman Co. shrieking with all his might.

“Rocket missiles! Take cover!”

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