A Mercenary's War

Chapter 113

Chapter 113: If I’m Still Alive, I’ll Marry You

Translated by: kevin1782

Edited by: Isalee

After sending Kathleen and Adele off to the checkpoint, Gao Yang and Elena could no longer follow them. As Gao Yang watched Kathleen pass through the checkpoint while waving to him, he waved back to bid her farewell.

Elena heaved a sigh of relief as Kathleen completely vanished from sight. Then she smiled at Gao Yang, “It really took me all I had to get Adele out of the way to create an opportunity for you to spend time alone with Kathleen. I’m a good girl, right?”

“Yes, you’re a really good girl.”

“I gave you two a chance to confess to each other. Can you tell me now? Did I win or not?”

“You won, it was a complete victory.”

“Yay! Awesome!”

Elena yelled in the airport hall. Totally oblivious to the stares from the people who were startled by her yell, she lept onto Gao Yang and wrapped her legs around his waist. Under the eyes of the people around them, she gave Gao Yang a passionate, wet kiss.

Gao Yang was almost pushed over by Elena since he was unprepared, but he managed to get a proper foothold after a brief stagger. He then quickly hugged Elena tight with both his hands to prevent her from falling, and he accepted the kiss while still embracing her. All under the watchful eyes of their surroundings.

Fully donned in black, Fly stood out amongst the rest. He turned to glare at anyone who cast his or her supercilious look over.

Although he was on the receiving end, Gao Yang was thrilled by this feeling. Especially after putting Elena down, guys from all around shot him envious stares. This made Gao Yang feel even more exhilarated.

He patted Fly who’s back was still facing him and said, “Alright, let’s go back home. Keep your mouth sealed as to whatever just happened, got it?”

As the car came to a halt at the doorsteps to their house, Gao Yang cuddled Elena’s thin waist and took the initiative to give her a kiss for the first time. He then said to Elena, “Call your father over along with Hare, I have something to discuss with them.”

Elena was still engrossed in the kiss and returned with another passionate kiss. She then replied, “Don’t take too long, I have a gift for you.”

After Elena left, Gao Yang immediately called Morgan. Although there was a time difference, Gao Yang couldn't care less. He was about to set off for Libya and he had to settle the matter at hand before leaving.

After speaking to Morgan about Elena, he agreed to help straight away. He promised everything would be settled in no more than two weeks.

The discussion with Morgan took just a few sentences. Just as Gao Yang hung up, Grolev and company assembled in the car as well. After they called Fly to come over as well, Gao Yang said, “It’s actually no big deal and I just wanted to talk to Grolev. As to why I called the rest of you here, it’s because I wanted to let you all feel what it’s like to be in this car. Then let’s finish up all this fine wine in the car while we’re at it. No wastage allowed. We are setting off tomorrow so let’s just drink without limits for today, brothers.”

Tribo laughed, “You still have your conscience after all. We all chipped in some money, and we must experience this ourselves too. So, how did it turn out, Yang?”

Only Grolev seemed a little uncomfortable. He muttered, “Why look for me? Some things, you need not speak of them.”

Gao Yang beckoned Hare to not interrupt and keep drinking. He pulled Grolev over to one side in the car and said, “About Elena and me… forget it, let’s talk about serious business instead. I want to send Elena to the US to study at Juilliard. Kathleen said her father can grant Elena a chance to sit for the entrance examination. I want Natalia to follow her as well so that she can accompany Elena. Ah, I already called Morgan and he agreed to help obtain a visa for Elena to enter the US. I know you only just reunited with them and might not bear to see them go, but I thought you’d agree so I took the liberty to call Morgan first. You still have the final say though. Do you agree?”

Grolev looked dumbstruck and his breath deepened. After shaking his head vigorously, he shouted ecstatically, “Are you asking if I agree? D*mn it, don’t you know what I look forward to most? Why even ask? Gosh, Juilliard School, one of the best conservatories in the world. Going to the US is definitely safer than staying in South Africa. At least I don’t have to worry about Elena and her mother getting shot while we’re at war. Gosh, Gao, how is it possible for me to disagree? It’s not that I didn’t want to send them over to the US but I couldn’t. Thank you, I am really really grateful!”

Grolev grabbed Gao Yang and smooched his cheeks over and over after finishing his last sentence.

Gao Yang was not used to how Russians showed their feelings when unrestrained. After pushing Grolev away with much effort, he tried to wipe his face clean and said, “That was yucky, please don’t do that to me ever again! I know you’re really worked up, but you don’t have to do that. Now, since you agree, go ahead and tell Elena and Natalia.”

Grolev was stunned for a moment before he said, “You didn’t tell her? Alright, I’ll tell her, I think she will agree. However, the tuition fee for Juilliard is very expensive. New York City and Manhattan feature some of the most expensive house rental costs in the world as well. Can you help me ask approximately how much would it cost annually?”

“I already did. The school fee will come up to be twenty-five thousand dollars or so, a single room will be around fourteen thousand dollars, and miscellaneous costs of around four thousand dollars. These will total up to about forty thousand dollars a year. If we include other living costs, a hundred thousand dollars a year should be sufficient. Natalia needs to take care of Elena and it would be better if she lives closer to campus. Since the rentals in Manhattan border extortion, it will probably cost about fifty to sixty thousand dollars if we go with better living conditions. Hmm, summing it all up, two hundred thousand dollars a year for the two of them should be enough.”

Upon hearing all the financial calculations, Grolev fell silent. Gao Yang pretended to be oblivious to his predicament and continued, “Juilliard offers quite a few scholarships, but we shouldn’t consider those for now. So, we have to prepare at least two hundred thousand dollars for them. I can chip in ninety thousand, can you come up with sixty thousand first? That would total up to a hundred and fifty thousand. With a few days of work, we should be able to easily save up two hundred thousand just in time for the two of them.”

Gao Yang barely finished his last word when Jin smacked Gao Yang’s forehead with a cork. Even though the cork was as light as a feather, Gao Yang still felt excruciating pain on his forehead.

“Screw that Yang, are you looking down on me? My money isn’t clean? Are you really treating me like your brother?”

Tribo wanted to imitate Jin and throw his bottle against Gao Yang’s head but he had second thoughts and did not want to break anything in the car. After quaffing some wine from the bottle he blurted, “Heck, everybody knows that I, the Hare, am never money-conscious in the least bit. Yet you still say that you need a few days of work to save up enough money. Yang, you’re embarrassing me! Hell, I really want to spit a mouthful of wine all over you.”

Gao Yang almost had a fit of hematemesis as Tribo finished his last sentence. Jin on the other hand just spat out the red wine he just drank all over Tribo’s face.

“Oh crap. Toad, what the hell! I was just kidding and you really spat at me?”

Jin flew into a rage, pushed Tribo over, and gave him a bunch of wallops. While the duo was fooling around, Grolev sighed, “I am really speechless. Thank you, thank you all.”

After giving Tribo a thrashing, he yelled, “Cut the crap out and speak no more, how much do we have left? Besides money for traveling and equipment, let’s just leave the rest for Elena!”

Fly whimpered, “Yang, I still have a thousand dollars or so from you. I know it’s not much but I want you to have it. I hope you appreciate it.”

Gao Yang was touched on the inside, but he laughed on the outside. “You might not get to see all this money again, you know? If Ruski and I die, all of your money will go down the drain.”

Tribo spat and said in Mandarin, “Hell, you always get upset over my big mouth, aren’t you cursing the Ruski and yourself? Cut the crap out, just accept the money as my gift to you and Elena, you don’t need to return it. Just cut me some slack during your wedding.”

Jin bobbed his head up and down and commented in Mandarin as well. “That’s right, that’s right, we are just presenting you our gift money upfront. Err, you don’t have to be grateful, we can’t even save this money. Letting Elena hold onto this money would save us so much trouble.” [1]

Grolev was confused and said, “Why are you all speaking Mandarin again? What are you talking about?”

Gao Yang laughed heartily, “They’re just wishing us a fruitful trip in Libya. Brothers, for our own luxury car, let’s go big tomorrow. Raise your bottles, all of you, and drink up!”

Grolev quickly said, “Hold on, chill. I think we should let Natalia and Elena celebrate together with us. Let’s bring all the wine back and drink in the house.”

Everybody grabbed a few bottles and returned to the living room. The table was littered with wine. Unfortunately, none of them turned out to be white wine, which Gao Yang was used to, and that stood out as an imperfection to him.

As for Grolev, he summoned Natalia and Elena and ecstatically told them what happened when he got back. By then, Gao Yang, Tribo, and the rest had already drunk quite a lot of wine.

Just when Gao Yang was thrilled, Elena ran in front of him with tears in her eyes. She screamed, “Why am I the last one to know about this?! I don’t want to go to the US, I don’t want to go anywhere, I just want to wait for you here. Don’t even think about leaving me behind.”

Gao Yang peered at Grolev and Natalia only to see that they were helpless too. Grolev shrugged at Gao Yang, hinting that he could do nothing and whispered, “Gao, you should try to convince her, I think she will listen to you.”

Alcohol really made people fearless. Gao Yang, already tipsy from all the drinking, staggered while trying to stand. He placed his arm over Elena’s shoulder and laughed, “Good girl, you pursue your studies in the US. Your father and I will earn money for you. On your graduation day, if I’m still alive, I will definitely fly over to the US and marry you!”

Translator’s Note(s):

[1] Gift money refers to the monetary gift that guests at Chinese wedding give to the newlywed couple. It’s a common Chinese custom.

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