Zhan Long

Chapter 578

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Chapter 578 Ancient Heavenly Tiger

Finally, all of the rolls came out for the Divine Tier Armor. This was Ba Huang City’s first Divine Tier armor, something that all of [Zhan Long]’s players as well as Ya Zhao, Misty Cloud, and Jian Feng Han desired. Everyone knew the importance of this armor. Whoever ended up with the armor would become a lethal weapon, a true battle machine that could not be broken——

Matcha: 17

Old K: 41

Yue Yao Yan: 10

Wang Jian: 55

Li Mu:61


Finally, it was Li Mu who ended up with the armor. Yan Zhao’s eyes stared so hard, they were about to roll out, “This…. What kind of a situation is this? Do [Zhan Long]’s players all have some OP luck? Everyone else only had a dozen or so points, and it ended up with someone who rolled a 61. That’s just too unjust….”

Li Mu put on the Dragon Turtle Armor and pointed his blade at Yan Zhao Warrior and roared, “You middle aged man, who are you saying is trash? Tell me again, you….”

Yan Zhao squinted his eyes, “Now that your defense is so high, I can’t deal with you. Just you wait until I get a Divine Tier equipment. Then we’ll have a go at each other. Don’t forget, you’re also a middle aged man!”

Li Mu shuddered and retorted, “I’m only 25 years old, I just look a little older that’s all…”

Dancing Forest said, “Give it up, Elder Li, seeing as you have the same last name as our Guild Master, we won’t reveal your secret!”

Li Mu was speechless


Qing Qian walked over and knelt on the ground. She raised a round ball and smiled. “Isn’t this that magic ball that the BOSS dropped?”

I was stunned, “Yea, that’s it…. The BOSS actually dropped that too. Normally, this was Adolf’s weapon. It shouldn’t have dropped. Qing Qian, why don’t you look at the stats?”

Qing Qian nodded and waved her hand over it. The stats of the magic ball appeared——

[Spirit Core] (Demon Harvest Item) : After the Ancient Kirin died, all of its magic power was accumulated in its core which was left behind. This core has an immense power. Legend has it that the core was left behind by the Kirin. That spirit beast is rumored to have the power to shake the earth!


“What the f*ck? Is that its stats?”

I was a little puzzled. I then asked Wan Er, “Little Miss, what do you think this is? Is this some kind of joke being played on [Zhan Long]? Besides.. What’s a Demon Harvest item? How do you even read that word in the middle??

Wan Er thought for a moment and said, “Demon Harvest, that’s a “nian” word, you read it with the second accent. It’s the same word as “year”, but people rarely use it. Hehe, pig, you need to read more books~”
TL Note: The “nian” word being discussed can be used to represent “year” or “harvest” but it is a relatively uncommon way of writing the word. It is normally written as ?but in the context its written as ?

I stared and said, “Oh shut up, you just went to check the game’s dictionary. Can you deny that?!”

Wan Er’s face went completely red, “Say any more and I’ll break off all ties…”

I stayed silent.

Dong Cheng grinned, “Hey, don’t use every moment to flirt with each other, OK? Back on topic, what does a “Demon Harvest Item” mean?”

Li Mu stroked the runes etched into the edge of his Turtle Dragon Armor and muttered, “After the previous update, Destiny’s equipment tiers changed. It was originally, Emperor, Valkyrie, Saint, Divine, and afterwards it was Epic God. However… there was a new update. Now, there’s another two equipment levels above Divine Tier. One of them is the Demon. Do you get it now?”

Dong Cheng squinted and said, “Eh? When they updated, they increased the number of tiers? D*mn, why didn’t they just say that Shi Luo Ye messed up and is now making up for two equipment tiers?”

Wan Er immediately walked forward and covered her friend’s mouth. She then looked around and said, “Dong Cheng, watch what you say. Don’t let the author hear you, or else you’ll end up with a bad ending…”

Dong Cheng was silent.


Dancing Forest said, “With the situation now, how should we deal with this Demon Tier Spirit Core? Should we ROLL for it? Or should we keep it in the guild storage and see what we do in the future?”

Qing Qian raised the core and smiled. “I don’t know, let’s ask Brother Xiao Yao. He’s the one in charge!”

I coughed, “Why are you asking me? Why don’t we raise a fire when we get back and throw it in some soup and hand everyone a bowl. That way everyone gets a pierce and nobody won’t miss out. Ha ha ha…”

Wan Er glared at me, “Either way you’re still a Guild Master. You need to be more serious, idiot…”

At that moment, the Flaming Tiger God beside me started to roar and shake its cute head as it rubbed against my leg. I could tell it wanted something from the way its eye widened and it wagged its tail.

Li Mu laughed, “Is that a tiger or a dog? Is it trying to act like one?”

I was speechless.

At that moment, the Flaming Tiger God slowly walked over to Qing Qian’s side. Qing Qian liked the tiger a lot and rubbed its head smiling, “Hi, sister Cang Tong…”

Wan Er was a little speechless, “Pig, hurry up and change the tiger’s name…”

Right as I was about to respond to her, the Flaming Tiger God suddenly growled, this time more fierce than before. He began to sniff the spirit core. All the fur on his body stood up and flamed began to whirl around him. He had entered into a battle stance. Then, he opened his wide jaws and swallowed the spirit core whole!

“Pu chi!”

The precious Spirit Core was swallowed by my Flaming Tiger God. Qing Qian was stunned, “Brother Xiao Yao…. that… he ate it. What do we do? What do we do?!”

I panicked and dashed forward. I picked it up with and forced its mouth open with both hands. I then shook it up and down and side to side, “Idiot, spit it out. You can’t eat that!”

The Flaming Tiger God just softly wagged its tail but did not spit it out. Instead, “Gu Dong!” the ball dropped into his stomach. With that, it was gone…

Wan Er grinned, “This… what’s going on…”

Li Mu grunted, “The result was, Guild Master’s pet will get indigestion…”

Wang Jian laughed, “That’s too funny right?”

Then, right at that moment, the Flaming Tiger God roared and jumped out of my arms. It then shuddered and began glowing. It raised its head and roared. The light flew into the sky, creating a pillar that cut through the clouds. It seemed as though the little tiger was transforming. Its body slowly began to change and golden runes appeared all around him. His claws had a red glow and his body turned bigger. A magic circle appeared under his feet and I heard a bell beside my ear. My heart nearly stopped——


System Notification: Congratulations, your pet [Flaming Tiger God] has transformed into a Demon Tier BOSS pet [Ancient Heavenly Tiger]. You are the first player to obtain a Demon Tier pet. You have obtained 10 points of charm as a reward!


The light slowly started to dim and the little tiger purred. The impressive aura it had was gone and now he shook his tail and stalked over to me. It then rubbed its head against my leg, as though it was asking for forgiveness. This little b*st*rd is so human-like it was funny.

Wan Er, Wolf, and Li Mu were all stunned. After half a second, Wolf said, “Brother Xiao Yao, it seems from the situation that your Flaming Tiger God ate the Spirit Core and transformed? What’s its tier?”

I took a deep breath, “Demon whatever tier. Wan Er, what was it called again?”

Wan Er, “Demon Harvest Tier…”

I said, “OK!”

Qing Qian smiled. “What are you waiting for? Brother Xiao Yao, hurry up and let us see the Demon Tier pet stats! It’s definitely going to be awesome. Ho ho, this is the beginnings of dominating the world!”

I nodded and waved my hand over the air, revealing the Ancient Heavenly Tiger stats before everyone——

[Ancient Heavenly Tiger] (Demon Tier BOSS)

Level: 101

Attack: 10100-12120

Defense: 10100

Health: 40400

Magic: 15150






Skills: [Flame Claw] [Flame Armor] [Fierce Roar] [Vampiric Strike] [Burstfire Raid] [Ancient Fire Branding]

Excellency: 100%

Stats calculation [Attack = Levelx50x(1+100%) – Levelx60x(1+100%), Defense = Level*50*(1+100%), Health = Level x 200 x (1+100%), Magic = Level x 75 x (1+100%)]


These stats impressed not only everyone else, but it also impressed me. This Demon Tier’s growth rate was just too incredible!

Li Mu took a deep breath and said, “He already has a base attack of ten stars and an excellency rating of 100%. All that’s left is the growth from the Demon Tier. This really is impressive. Its base attack is already 10,000. Plus the hidden stats from the tier. It’s possible that its attack power is even higher than Guild Master’s real attack. It’s probably half from the Demon Tier and half from its master’s attack….”

I replied, “Yes. Actually what I’m most grateful about is the 40,000 health. Finally, my pet won’t die so easily….”

Wan Er smiled. “The Flaming Tiger God has transformed quite a bit. This is a good thing for Zhan Long. Besides Li Xiao Yao, we’ve got another Tank…”

I thought about it for a second and said, “That Spirit Core was originally a treasure for the guild, but… but since the Flaming Tiger God swallowed it whole, I never would’ve expected it. There was no other option, all I can do is make up for it…

Li Mu was stunned, “You don’t need to…. Everyone’s brothers here. Seeing as the Flaming Tiger God ate it, then he ate it. It wasn’t something you meant to happen anyway. Guild Master, you don’t have to worry about that much.”

I smiled. “Don’t say anymore, I can earn the money back!”

Afterwards, I took 50% of the money in my bank out. This was also meant as compensation for the players that participated in this Dragon City event. I split it up based on each players’ accomplishments and damages. I spent a total of 3 million. This meant that I still had 3 million in my bank. That was pretty good. At least it was a number that I never imagined I would have.


After handing out half my savings, I rubbed my Ancient Heavenly Tiger’s head. Yep, this little b*st*rd can finally step back onto the battle stage!

In the distance, we could hear the clang of metals. The twentieth wave of Hybrid Demons had finally arrived.

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