Zhan Long

Chapter 570

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Chapter 570 Despair Again

Large numbers of Dragon Men dashed across the field and whipped their long dragontails. They climbed up the cliff below Dragon City as though they were walking on flatlands. The halberds in their hands gleamed with a terrifying light as blood lust saturated their eyes!


Yan Zhao Warrior stood in front of a formation with around 3000 players. He looked at the distant Dragon Men team and gritted his teeth, “Prepare your defenses. These Level 4 Hybrid Demons are Level 118. I hope we can defend against this first charge!”

Not far away, Jian Feng Han had only managed to gather around 800+ of [Vanguard]’s players. To think that the de facto Ba Huang City’s Number one guild, [Vanguard] would fall to such a place could only make one sigh.

I looked behind me and saw that the 2500+ [Zhan Long]’ players were already in formation. I smiled. “Everyone hold your positions, I’m going to check out the monster’s stats. Even though we can’t see their attack and defense, at least we’ll know what skills to watch out for, so we won’t be at too much of a disadvantage!”

Wan Er nodded, “Be careful!”


I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and walked to the edge of the wall again. I could read the stats and details of the Dragonman that was at the very front——

[Bloody Tear Dragonmen] (Type: Level 4 Hybrid Demons)

Level: 118

Attack: ???

Defense: ???

Health: ???

Skills: [Sword Tail Strike] [Deathly Blood Tears] [Dragon Armor]

Introduction: Bloody Tear Dragonmen are a pitiful group of human like warriors that were contaminated by Dragon essence. As Hell’s Battlesong Lin Han traveled the depths of hell, he found quite a few geysers of air polluted by the dead dragon tribes. Afterwards, he captured a group of human warriors and threw them into the geysers, forcing them to transform and become a monster that wasn’t human but not dragon either. Lin Han then stole their souls and turned them into an army that was under his command.


As I retreated, I said in the team chat, “[Sword Tail Strike] is probably an attack from their tails, so everyone needs to be careful. I’m not sure what [Deathly Blood Tears] is supposed to be, but [Dragon Armor] is definitely some kind of defense skill. These Bloody Tear Dragonmen definitely have a high defense. Archers, remember, you must use [Shield Break] on all of the Dragonmen and decrease their defense by 15%. This way, we can optimize everyone else’s attack… Do not attract the aggro of too many. Let’s make three, hundred man teams, and each one will kill one dragonman. Do not get too aggressive. Having our 2500 players kill 10 at once is already pushing it…”

Everyone nodded, “Understood, Guild Master!”

Very soon, the first Bloody Tear Dragonman swung his halberd and charged over. Luo Lin, Su Ke and the other NPC had all brought a group of Ba Huang City cavalry to hold them off. Each of the cavalrymen held a sword in hand. Luo Lin’s eyes were filled with bloodlust. He shouted, “Behind us is our home, there is no retreat! No matter how great the northern Hybrid Demons are, or how strong they are, we will kill all of them! Even if it means battling to the death!”

“Kong kong kong….”

The Dragonmen all charged over and clashed with the NPC army. However, this was a two pronged attack, and so groups of Dragonmen also charged towards the player camps. I stood at the front, while Matcha, Wan Er, Li Mu, and Wang Jian all stepped out of the formation. All tank players were like angels and were destined to be beat up until they were barely recognizable.

I raised my hand and locked [Great Realm of Desolation] on the first Dragonman!



I then threw another attack, [Blade Spin]. However, the Dragonman roared and golden rays of dragon power covered his entire body. [Dragon Armor] had activated. My Zhen Yue sword slashed at the Dragonman, but the damage I dealt was pitiful——





“F*ck, so difficult…” Dong Cheng muttered from behind me.

I smiled back and then charged forward to attack the Dragonman. When the fierce face appeared in front of me, it immediately slashed at me with a claw and then spun around. The spikes on its tail turned into a sword and it threw [Sword Tail Strike]!


Sparks flew and my Flame Prison Armor took the hit. It dealt 6000+ damage to me. This Level 118 Hybrid Demon seemed to have much more attack than before. My 9000+ base defense still took this much damage. It wasn’t going to be easy on the other players.

Just as I predicted, on the frontline, Li Mu and Wang Jian had all taken over 15000 damage from that [Sword Tail Strike]. Thankfully we had enough Healers, otherwise there was no way we could fight these.


And so, the fierce battle continued. These Bloody Tear Dragonmen had extremely high AIs and their aggro was extremely similar to that of a BOSS’. Within 1-2 seconds, 100% of their aggro could switch. And so the main tank player only had 1-2 seconds to deal as many attacks as they could to prevent the aggro from moving and killing the other DPS and healing type players.


Old K almost missed and the Dragonman that was under his control charged towards the players with 30% health. It dealt a [Sword Tail Strike] and instantly killed one of the divisions’ Swordsmen. Then with a sweep of its sharp claws it killed another two Archers. At the same time, a system notification rang out——


Battle Notification: Please note, the Bloody Tear Dragonman has killed the player “Yue Yao Chen” and [Deadly Blood Tears] has activated. Their attack power has increased by 10%!


Battle Notification: Please note, the Bloody Tear Dragonman has killed the player “Lemon Smile” and [Deadly Blood Tears] has activated. Its attack power has increased 20% .”


Battle Notification: Please note, the Bloody Tear Dragonman has killed the player “Solemn Immortal” and [Deadly Blood Tears] has activated. Attack power has increased 30%


Li Mu was stunned, “F*ck, that [Deadly Blood Tears] is pretty much Guild Master’s [Kill for Blood]. Killing one person increases attack power by 10%! We can’t let that happen. Hurry up and kill it! Old K, man up and charge!”

Old K raised his battle axe and charged forward, immediately attracting the Dragonman. Within a few attacks, he dropped to critical health, forcing Old K to use his [Oppose the Heaven’s] skill. Then with critical health, he hacked the Dragonman to death. Who would have thought that a monster would force Old K to use [Oppose the Heavens].

The other guilds were not doing much better off than we were. Within [Prague]’s formation, a few of the Dragonmen had already hit 100% with their [Deadly Blood Tears] and were now wreaking havoc. After all, the only players left were from their divisions. Of them, only Yan Zhao had the ability to hold them off, and that was not enough. Every one of the Bloody Tear Dragonmen was like a BOSS massacring the players. With their [Dragon Armor] they were even harder to kill. All 3000 of [Prague]’s players were immediately pushed to chaos. All they could do was retreat and rely on the NPCs.

The worst part was that a few of Ba Huang City’s small guilds had also hiked up onto the city. They were even weaker than [Prague]’s divisions and only became boosts for the Dragonmen’s [Deadly Blood Tears]. The walls were quickly dyed in blood.


Wang Jian watched the scene and then looked beside him. He couldn’t help but mutter, “This 18th wave really is going in for the kill. These Dragonmen’s defense and durability was just too unreasonable…. At first, I thought that having 300 kill one of them was safe, but it looks like I was wrong..”

I softly replied, “The Hybrid Demon army is getting more and more difficult to deal with. Can you even imagine… we still have 12 hours to go. All we can do is try our best….”



In the end, within one hour, [Zhan Long]’s 2500 players were cut down to 1500. We took massive losses. In the distance [Prague]’s 3000 only had 500 left. If there wasn’t a strong tank to hold of the Dragonmen, then it was near impossible to avoid getting killed by them. After all, the Dragonmen’s [Deadly Blood Tears] had no ceiling. One of the Dragonmen had killed over 30+ of [Prague]’s players and was nearly invincible. Even Yan Zhao Warrior was almost instantly killed by it. In the end, Frost’s [Razor Rotation] was the finishing attack. These monsters were truly terrifying.

The NPC army’s losses were also heavy. The newly dispatched team of cavalrymen had basically been crushed. Only a handful of teams could hold off the Dragonmen Army. Even the top BOSS level generals were fighting a bitter battle with these monsters. How could they deal with the continuous charges of the Dragonmen? In the blink of an eye they were ripped apart.


Luo Lin’s voice trembled and he charged right into the army of Dragonmen. He swept out his blade and crushed all of them. However, the Dou Qi that radiated off of the sword was already starting to get dim. Su Ke immediately shouted, “King Luo Lin, don’t be rash. Your sword won’t be able to take this kind of strength. This is the last godly weapon that the kingdom is willing to give you!”

Luo Lin roared, “So what? I can only do this. I can only fight with my life. Only this way can I face the soldiers that had followed me and fought to their deaths. What else can I do?”

Behind, the commander of the Blizzard army dashed over. Angela raised her Destroyer and said, “Brother, I’ll lend you my Destroyer. It’s also a godly weapon. This will be able to take your Holy Realm strength!”

Luo Lin shook his head, “Angela, never give up your sword. To the commander of an army, your sword represents your power and your life!”

Angela’s shoulders sagged helplessly, “Brother….”


Su Ke raised his battle axe and cut a Dragonman in half. Blood splattered his face. He raised it to wipe the blood away and said, “We’ve faced death side by side as we traversed to the Graveyard of the Heroes for the sake of finding the godly weapon Despair. We originally meant to use it to hold off the incoming invasions from the Hybrid Demons. However, now that their armies are upon us and Dragon City is about to fall, why do we not see the king bring out Despair? Why must we bury and hide this ancient godly weapon?”

Luo Lin was enraged, “Su Ke. Do not say another word. This is not something that is up to you to decide!”

Angela gritted her teeth, “Brother, say no more. I will return to the city right now and ask father. Either I bring Despair back to this city or else I will not return!”

Luo Lin was stunned, “Angela?”

“I’m heading off now!”

Angela raised her long sword and jumped off the wall, disappearing into the blizzard, leaving behind a blood splattered general. For the sake of defending Dragon City, the Blizzard Army was practically demolished.


The situation in the player camp wasn’t much better. All we could do was kill a few of the Dragonmen at a time and support the NPCs as they slaughtered the Hybrid Demons. This took a lot of strength and effort. Jian Feng Han and Yan Zhao Warrior had been on the battlefield for so long that they nearly cried. Their losses were far greater than they had expected. This was something that we had never before experienced in any of the previous events.

Nearly half an hour later, we finally received news from Ba Huang City. One of the messenger soldiers climbed up the hill and knelt before Luo Lin, “Your majesty, we have news of Despair!”

“What about Despair?” Luo Lin asked.

“The godly weapon Despair has already arrived at Dragon City!”

“Huh?” Luo Lin grew excited, “Where is it?”

Right at that moment, an old majestic voice suddenly bellowed from the observation deck on the south side of Dragon City——

“I have brought Despair! Lin Er, you have worked hard! You are the pride of Ba Huang City! Next, leave the rest to me. It’s time I warmed up my old bones for humanity!”


Luo Lei walked over from the observation deck with Despair in his hand.

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