Zhan Long

Chapter 556

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Chapter 556 Fire God’s Shield

A bright light flashed and flew into the sky. The Wind Ripper’s enormous figure fell to its knees and his body turned into a flash of light, dropping a pile of equipments onto the ground. At that moment, Dong Cheng and Thousand Suns, the two Mages both used [Revealing Light] to prevent any Assassins from stealing the equipment. I strode forward and gathered all of them into my arms.

There was a total of four pieces of equipment. One was a crimson long spear that looked extremely fierce. Another was a cloth type black wrist guard and an iron black helmet. Last but not least there was a crimson shield. I waved my hand over the pile and the stats for all four appeared in the air——

[Wind Rippers Halberd] (Saint Tier) : Attack Power 2340-2900, User’s get 26% more attack power and 14% more attack speed. Furthermore, every time the user hits its target, it increases it’s defense power by 1%. The maximum increase is 10%. Required Level: 92

[Wind Rippers Wrist Guard] (Valkyrie Tier) : A Heavy armor type equipment, Defense: 900, increases the user’s critical rate by 40% and attack power by 13%. Furthermore, overtime as the user attacks, there’s a 5% chance that [Lin Luan] will activate. This decreases the target’s attack speed by 50% and lasts for 7 seconds. Required Level: 92

[Wind Ripper’s Mantle] (Valkyrie Tier) Heavy Armor equipment, Defense: 890, increases the user’s defense power by 20% and increases MaxHP by 1800. Required Level: 92

[Fire God Shield] (Saint Tier): Defense 1750, increases the user’s defense power by 35% and Max HP by 4000. There’s a 44% chance of block. Every time the shield successfully defends against an attack, the shield’s defense increases by 10%. The highest the shield’s defense can be increased is 15 times. This effect lasts for 600 seconds. Required Level: 92



One Second Hero’s eyes widened, “This… this Fire God’s Shield really is OP, isn’t it? The second wave BOSS would actually drop an equipment like this? This makes no sense…”

I let out a laugh and said, “It’s not bad. Let’s split up the equipment now. We’ll have the top five players who dealt the most attacks and received the most damage and are suitable for the equipment ROLL. That way it will be the most fair!”

Li Mu nodded in agreement, “Yea, let’s do it that way… speaking of which, Wind Ripper’s halberd is a Knight type equipment. Fire God’s Shield is too. Come on, let’s Roll for this now….”

And so, the top five players that participated in the BOSS kill stepped forward. The ones who stepped forward were Matcha, One Second Hero, Tang Xin, Death God’s Elegy, and Yue Yao Yan. Once they came forward, we began the ROLL. Numbers popped up before us and Yao Yan made a fist with a smile, “Oh, my luck today isn’t bad! To think that I’d get a Saint Tier Equipment!”

I handed the Wind Ripper’s Halberd to her with a smile, “Let’s continue!”

Very soon, Lin Xiao Xie took the Wind Ripper’s Wristguards, while the mantle was taken by One Second Hero. Finally, everyone’s eyes fell upon the Fire God’s Shield in my hands. It was a Saint Tier equipment with extremely high defense and incredible stats. This shield was practically considered godly just with the 1750 defense and 4000 increase in HP. Furthermore it has a chance effect special skill. It’d be hard to instantly kill anyone who had this shield. Plus, with that increase in defense, after increasing 15 times, then the defense power would increase by 150%. With a [Heavenly Shield Wall] and a [Dou Qi Armor], who would be able to break that defense?

That shield could be used by Knights and Monks. All of the other classes had no way of equipping it. However, [Zhan Long] pretty much didn’t have a single Monk expert. All of our attacks and damage takers were dependent on Matcha, One Second Hero, Tang Xin, Death God’s Elegy, and Yue Yao Yan. The three girls and two men stared anxiously at my the shield as they began the ROLL. Afterwards, the numbers they got flashed in the air. All of their friends rooted and cheered them on from the side quietly. Naturally, I rooted for Matcha. She was one of the member of our [Zhan Long] office. However, a lot of times everything doesn’t go as planned——

71 points (Strawberry Matcha)

14 points (Yue Yao Yan)

83 points( One Second Hero)

99 points (Tang Xin)

92 points (Death God’s Elegy)

In the end, Tang Xin’s 99 points instantly killed everyone else’ hops of trying to get the Fire God’s Shield. Furthermore, once she equipped the shield, a fiery glow appeared around her. She grinned widely and said, “Waoh, my defense power is above Brother Guild Master’s….”

I was a little speechless. I couldn’t equip shields so I figured that having my defense surpassed was a matter of time.

We continued with splitting the drops and gave everyone the cards and gems that the BOSS dropped. The number of Gravedigger Demons that came in the second wave was already getting steadily less. After they had massacred several thousands of players, they were finally being finished off. However, we all knew that this wasn’t all of the Northern Hybrid Demon’s army power. This was just Lin Han’s own army. Plus, we had only reached the second wave. Who knew how many other waves of monsters we had to face.


Dragon City stood strong against the fierce wind. I squinted my eyes, trying to see past the layer of snow that was falling. Wan Er stood by my side, her white cloak fluttering behind her. Her snow white arms were covered in a thin layer of snow and she softly smiled, “No matter what, even if we all die in battle, it will be well worth it. We really got a lot of experience…”

I nodded, “Yes! I just wish that us dying would be all. In the end, we still lose three levels, just too much…”

Wan Er fluttered her big eyes and smiled, “No problem, isn’t there also the sense of righteousness we get from guarding the city? No matter if we succeed or lose, points and rewards will be given. That, we do not have to worry about.”

“Mhm. The third wave is about to arrive. Let everyone quickly repair equipment and replenish potions. 5000 of [Zhan Long]’s players in the city will be enough.”

“Understood. I’ll prepare them right now!”

Wan Er stared deep into my eyes and said, “Pig Xiao Yao, as the Guild Master, guarding the front row is your responsibility. Leave the rest to us Vice Guild Masters.”

I turned around to look at the cute girl who was my right arm. On one hand she was the little miss of the Tian Jin Corporation that I was supposed to protect, on the other she was my greatest support in game. Since the first time we met, we seemed to have gone through so many events. Plus… what happened last night. I suddenly had a rush of emotions fill my heart. I raised my cloak and wrapped it around her soft shoulders and smiled, “Wan Er….”

“Hm?” She looked up at me.

I stared down at he smiling face, and was suddenly at a loss for words. After thinking for a bit, I said, “I just wanted to call your name. I didn’t really think of what to say… ahaha….”

Wan Er raised her elegant eyebrows and smiled wickedly, “You want a beating?!”

I glanced down and said, “No need to be so rough. Don’t forget, last night we already….”

“We already what?” Wan Er turned away from me, a smile playing on her lips, “I went to sleep really early last night, humph mph …”

At that moment, I decided to step down and said, “Alright alright, I was just thinking too much…”

Wan Er silently looked down at the bloody marks in the snow and softly said, “Give me a little more time. I have to finish settling my business before I can figure out how to face you…”

I warmed her frozen lips with my finger and nodded, “En, I know. I wouldn’t dare dream for too much anyway…”


Wan Er looked down at her feet and mumbled, “If you don’t dream, then you’ll never get what you want. Is it that if I don’t take the first step towards getting near you, you would never get closer to me?”

I glanced at her and then looked up and let out a sigh, “No, I want to… It’s just…”

Wan Er smiled understandingly. She kicked a piled of snow and said, “Alright, don’t say you just. Just hearing that first half makes me annoyed. I’ve never liked people who are too afraid to take the first step.”

Dong Cheng walked over to us and said, “That…. you too. Don’t take the first step forward, if you take another step, you’ll fall off a cliff. Can you two please not stand so close to the edge when you’re whispering to each other? Even if you stood a back a little, nobody would hear you’re secret conversations. You two idiots, the third wave of Hybrid Monsters are here!”


Just as Dong Cheng had said, a “Ji ji” sound came from the north. Right afterwards, black figures appeared from the thick layer of snow and quickly marched to the foot of the wall and began to climb. When the were around 100 meters away from us, Matcha let out an “ah” and was so terrified she stepped back a few steps, her face pale, “I… I’m afraid of these the most!!”

They were rows upon rows of armored giant snakes. They slithered their lower bodies and opened their wide jaws. Their jade eyes stared right at the players and NPCS. Furthermore, these snakes had soldiers riding on their backs. They carried long halberds in one hand and reins to control the snakes in the other!

Battle Snake Cavalrymen, Level 1 Hybrid Demons.

“Careful, we don’t know what kind of special skills these Hybrid Demons have!” I raised my sword and walked over to the edge.

“Ts Ts….”

The first Battle Snake Cavalrymen charged to our frontline. It opened its wide jaws and spit out a green liquid. At that moment, my Flame Prison Armor seemed to melt a little and my health dropped, losing 10% every second. The Cavalryman riding on the snake raised his halberd and stabbed right at me. The attack power wasn’t bad, and it wouldn’t deal a fatal wound.


Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K all stepped forward and held their position against the incoming monsters while the Healers were more experienced and knew what to do.

Very soon, the first row of players had all been poisoned by the green liquid and were losing large amounts of health. The Healers in the back had to heal quickly, or else crowds of our players would die. If it was like this for [Zhan Long], it was like this for [Prague], [Vanguard], and [Enemies at the Gate]. They Hybrid Demons weren’t like other monsters and had already turned into the nightmares amongst players.

I didn’t retreat a single step and held my stance against the Battle Snake Cavalrymen. I relied on my 20% Drain to pull my health up. That, along with my high attack power, these Battle Snake Cavalrymen were already beginning to die under my blade. There was so much experience coming from this that I felt a little rush of excitement.


Right at that moment, I received a notice, “Your good friend “Xi Yao Ge Jin” has logged on!



Meng Yao already sent a message, “Brother, are you participating in the event quest Dragon City’s Defense?”

“Yup, Meng Yao, you’ll just have to grind levels on your own today!”


Meng Yao sent a smiley face and replied, “It’s all good brother. Brother Wolf has already asked for two high level Mages to help me grind levels. I will get to everyone else’ level soon!”

“Good luck!”


After closing my messaging system, I continued to kill monsters. The Hybrid Demons north of [Zhan Long] were beginning to lessen, but I could see crowds joining them from behind. [Zhan Long] on the other hand, lost a player for every player killed. An event quest like this really made people worry.

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