Zhan Long

Chapter 520

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Chapter 520 Rhino Cavalry

After I glanced at the battle situation, I turned around and headed straight towards the great hall in the city and began talking with the NPC official. I took out all of the silver equipment that was below Lv 50 in the guild storage and turned them all into God Army Cards. Immediately, I had 21 more sets of God Army Cards in stacks of 100. I then went back to the wall. Ye Lai turned around to look at me and said, “Xiao Yao, why’d you leave?”

I smiled, “To replenish something!”

“Don’t you have 10% Drain? With your defense and attack, you probably don’t need to restock red potions anymore, right? Plus, I just saw you fix up your equipment already!”

“I didn’t leave to replenish those.”

“What’s that?”

“What I replenished was this….”

I waved my hand 50 God Army Cards materialized in my palm and began to spin. In the next moment, the God Army Cards suddenly evaporated into the light and began to condense beside me, turning into a gigantic [Azure Dragon Crossbow]. With a roar, the blood-red giant stepped behind the crossbow and pulled back the bowstring. Five arrows shot out. With the advantage of shooting from the city wall, the range of the attacks became 150 yards and had an even stronger piercing power. The shots passed through several players, “Pu Pu Pu” and continuously dealt damage to each of its targets. Screams of agony spread throughout the field and [Hero’s Mound] lost a dozen players.


Ai Ye and Ji Yuan led [Hero’s Mound: Division Two] players to the western wall, right in front of us. Li Mu, Wang Jian, Old K and Matcha all raised their blades and charged forward to meet them. They stayed near the wall in order to receive support from the long-range players, giving them an unassailable position.

Ai Ye raised his sword and stood 20 yards away from the city wall. He put the blade in front of his chest to parry the arrow and yelled, “Advance! Kill all of [Zhan Long]’s players and climb up the city wall! Capture Xiao Yao Zi Zai alive and enslave Cang Tong!”

Wan Er stood by my side and grinned, “If I log off, then I’ll disappear. How would you enslave me?”

I smiled too, “Well, I’ve never heard of anyone getting kidnapped in a game. Either you kill me or you let me go. And judging the level of Ai Ye and Ji Yuan’s skill, they’ll most likely just get killed by our people…”

“Well then, let’s not hold back!” Dong Cheng raised her staff and locked her skill onto the Assassin Ji Yuan’s head and said, “Qing Qian, help me kill Ji Yuan. My [Thunderbolt Finger] can numb him for 0.5 seconds. If you use [Glacial Hammer],we’ll be able to kill him from a distance!”

Qing Qian gave a slight nod. In the next moment, Dong Cheng waved her left hand and a gale brushed past her elegant robes. Light reflected off of her face, revealing a beautiful expression. Her elegant brows raised and, suddenly, lightning began to spark between her fingers and shoot right towards Ji Yuan. “Pa Tse!”, a lightning bolt shot through the air. Qing Qian’s dagger flashed and [Glacial Hammer] fell upon Ji Yuan!




Ji Yuan took the two hits at once; there was no way he could escape. His knees fell to the ground and he looked up at Dong Cheng and Qing Qian who were on the wall. Rebelliously, he gripped his dagger and said, “Cang Yue…. you’re a goddess, how could you use such a savage way to kill me…”

Ai Ye glanced at his partner’s body and smiled, “Dumbass, how would an Assassin with less than 6000 health dare come so near to the frontline? You’re practically asking for it! Everyone, charge forward! [Zhan Long], [Judgement], and [Enemies at the Gate] will have to deal with attacks from all sides. They cannot retreat from here unscathed! Climb up the walls and capture Dragon’s Den!”

At the bottom of the fort, players crashed against the wall like a tide. Besides [Hero’s Mound], there were players from [Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom]. There were at least 5000 players in this wave, while we had at least 5000 players on the western wall. However, the quality of our players was extremely high plus the advantage of the wall. We pretty much held the upper hand in the situation.

Looking at the enemy players rushing towards us, Ye Lai gripped his battle axe and began spinning it in his hand. He smiled, revealing his lust for battle.

I turned around to look at him and smiled, “If you want to go down and kill people, why be afraid of the consequences!?”

Ye Lai laughed and raised his battle axe. With a roar, he jumped down from 5 meters and smiled, “Then I’m going! Killing [Hero’s Mound] players is my greatest pleasure!”

I raised my arm and pulled my Dragon Reservoir Sword out. My War Swept Cloak fluttered behind me and my battle boots stepped onto the wall as I dived forward. While I was in the air, I gripped my sword with both hands and threw a [Seven Star Fragment Slash] into the crowd. When I hit the ground, I dashed forward and threw a Lv 9 [Sword Tempest] + a Lv 10 Combo into the crowd of people. The Lv  10 [Combo] could deal at most six attacks. If I swept out my blade then, I would hit 6 targets. As long as I used it as an area attack skill, then using it to clean-up was more than enough.

My Flaming Tiger God roared and followed closely behind me, dishing a [Burstfire Raid] into the crowd. Wang Jian then took the remaining dozen Garrison Outfit Warriors into a charge against the enemy. They continuously used [Impact Roar]. That skill, along with the support from the Archers, Mages, and Musketeers on the wall, allowed us to immediately take control of the situation and completely crush our enemy.


In the distance, Ye Lai swung his battle axe and crashed through the enemy’s flank. He was completely surrounded by flames and looked like a battle god. Each attack was accompanied by a roar. After hearing a terrifying roar like that, everyone cowered before him. The true way to play battle games was to overwhelm your enemies, in power and reputation. Ye Lai was [Judgement]’s Guild Master and he was a crazy man on the battlefield. That just showed how much he understood that principle.

Time crawled by slowly and nearly 2 hours passed. There were still 6 hours left in the quest and nearly 30,000 bodies lay at the bottom of the wall. During the two hours of battle, we didn’t let a single player onto the wall. [Hero’s Mound] had lost almost all of its divisions, while nearly 10 guilds had been completely massacred. However, Q-Sword didn’t look anxious at all and stood away from the battle, quietly watching the battle situation at Dragon’s Den.


“What’s wrong?”

Wan Er’s beautiful eyes carried a doubtful expression said, “Based on my understanding of Q-Sword, he shouldn’t be this patient. All of [Hero’s Mound]’s divisions have been used up and there’s only 4000 players from the main guild left. Just why is he this patient? He must have some other card up his sleeve…. We must look into this!”

I raised my bloody sword and said, “No need to look into it; he’s waiting!”

Han Bei Song jolted and said, “Just what is he waiting for?”

I reached out and pointed towards the south and said, “One of Ba Huang City’s branches is currently meeting up at the Glacial River Valley. They’re all part of the Rhinoceros Cavalry and the Fierce Tiger Army. Rocklin is giving his all….”

Who’s Blue blinked a few times and said, “That shouldn’t be too bad right? Dragon’s Den hasn’t become a besieged fort, so it shouldn’t be lost, right?”

I gritted my teeth and said, “Well it shouldn’t be, but that just means that it wouldn’t take any damage from players, but that’s not necessarily true for NPC attacks. I’m worried. Dragon’s Den is relatively fragile and might not be able to stand against the charge of the Rhino Cavalry. After all, everyone should know that the power behind a rhinoceros charge is pretty frightening and they have the courage to charge right into a firefight…”

Ye Lai gripped his bloody battle axe and sat on the edge of the wall. His robes fluttered behind him and he looked into the distance with a smile, “I have a premonition, Xiao Yao, that your Dragon’s Den will suffer a great loss; you better not cry….”

I made a fist and smiled back at him, “No matter. As long as my brothers are here, then I will already have everything I need. It’s just a fort; if I lose it, then I lose it!”

Ye Lai laughed, “Yup, a hero in a chaotic world ought to have that same attitude. The people who do all in their power for the sake of protecting a city or a piece of land are at most warlords, but they do not have the air of a king.”

I turned around and looked at Qing Qian, “Melon, what’s the situation like on the other three sides of the fort?”

Qing Qian said, “We’re only suffering around 30% of the losses we suffered before and are killing many more of their players. If you look at the scene yourself, it’ll be obvious. [Vanguard], [Flying Dragon], and [Hero’s Mound] also lost quite a few players. Based on my estimates, they have no way of continuing this fight. Even if they were to sacrifice every last player, not a single one would step into Dragon’s Den. So I think that… Q-Sword and Jian Feng Han are waiting. They are most likely waiting for the NPC army to launch their attack. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have any way to continue in this fight.”

I furrowed my brows, crossed my arms and fell into deep thought. I leaned against the wall behind me and didn’t say a word.

Matcha walked over and asked, “Boss, should we be doing something right now?”

I smiled at her. Matcha was very clever and her strategizing was indeed better than everyone else.

Ye Lai then added, “What should we do? Are we not going to continue holding them off here?”

Misty Cloud added, “Yeah, if we defend ourselves here for another 5 hours, then the quest will be over and we’ll be able to get our reward. If we really do complete this quest, then [Zhan Long] will become the biggest winner. Of the top 100 players with points, 81 of them are from [Zhan Long]!”

Who’s Blue looked towards me and asked, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, why don’t you say something? Just what are we going to do?”

I looked up and said, “Right now, what we need the most isn’t more soldiers, but time. If the Fierce Tiger Army really comes at us from the Glacial River Valley, then the later they come, the more likely we’ll win. I plan on sending a team out of the city to tie them down and lead them in the opposite direction. This way, we can minimize the time they have to charge at us. That would be the best path for us to take.”

“You’re going to send a team out of the city?”

Han Bei Song glanced at our surroundings and smiled, “Looks like that will be a very hard task. We’re currently completely surrounded…. Jian Feng Han and Q-Sword have been eyeing us this entire time. With those two battle masters watching us, who would dare to go out?”

I gripped my sword and stood up, “I think that I’ll personally lead the team….”

Ye Lai held up a hand and said, “No, there’s no need…”

“Why’s that?”

“You’re the commander of Dragon’s Den, the spirit of [Zhan Long]. If you were to die outside, then there’s no way that we can justify your death, nor help you bring back your body. Just use my people to do this…” Ye Lai took a deep breath and smiled, “The 7th, 9th, 12th, and 14th divisions of [Judgement] are all in the Purple Demon Forest awaiting my command. In total, I’d have around 11,000 players. I’m going to command the four divisions to charge at the Rhinoceros Cavalry right now, and use all our might to drag them down; how does that sound?”

I furrowed my brows and said, “The attack power of the Rhinoceros Cavalry is extremely strong and they move very fast. These are all advantages over foot soldiers. Dragging them down means that you’ll be sacrificing yourselves to gain some time for us. Just how is [Zhan Long] going to return [Judgement] a favor this big?”

Ye Lai smiled widely at me and patted my shoulder, “If you think of me as a brother, then there’s no need to return any favors.I know that when [Judgement] gets into any trouble, then you’ll definitely come to support me too!”

I didn’t say anymore and gave a firm nod, “Yes, we will!”

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