Zhan Long

Chapter 507

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Chapter 507 The Knights Templar

After the rain fell, the water pooled together on the flatland and slowly flowed in small rivers into the valley. “Hua La La” it formed a small waterfall. All of [Zhan Long]’s players stood there, waiting. The blood marks on their battle armor had yet to fade. Wang Jian and Li Mu’s blades were covered in nicks, but right now was a critical moment, there was no time to go back to the city to repair their swords.


I sent out a message to Misty Clouds, “Misty Clouds, 30,000 players from [Vanguard] are moving straight towards you!”

Misty Clouds immediately replied, “Yup, we can already see them. Actually, it’s not just [Vanguard], there’s also their henchmen guilds. They have a total of 100,000 men. They really do think highly of [Enemies at the Gate]. Motherf*cker, Jian Feng Han is really just too cruel. He probably saw that [Enemies at the Gate] was in the top ten in the Chinese Rankings, and so he wants to take this chance and send out troops to knock us down a peg!”

I said, “How many people does [Enemies at the Gate] have? How long can you last?”

Misty Clouds smiled and said, “This… please believe in us! [Enemies at the Gate] can have 30,000 players online. Right now, I have 27,000 players with me right now and I can hold them off for a bit. [Zhan Long] doesn’t need to come here. I’ve been watching over your battle situation and you’ve already lost nearly 50% of your soldiers. You still have to face many more strong enemies., and so I’m asking that you do not come. Just leave this area to us, [Enemies at the Gate]. At worst, we can ask [Blood Contract] to come as well. Han Bei Song doesn’t have much talent, but he does have a lot of people.”

“Ok, alright then. Thank you!”

“Don’t mention it, we’re brothers, no need for thanks. Good luck to you guys!”



I closed the messaging screen and then talked with a few Assassins from the main guild, and had them share their intelligence reports. Just as expected, a large amount of [Vanguard]’s players were coming out of the passing from Sword Saint Forest and coming towards us from the Grave of the Warring States. They were heading straight for the eastern side of Green Qilin Valley where [Enemies at the Gate] was camped. Smoke started to rise on the horizon and I could tell that the fighting had started. A few small guilds had clashed with [Enemies at the Gate] but [Vanguard]’s main guild had yet to attack. There was still 16 hours until the quest was over. Looks like Jian Feng Han wasn’t feeling impatient, and wanted to whittle away [Enemies at the Gate] before crushing them in one fell swoop.

Misty Clouds raised his blade and loftily stood in the air. The power of the Four Guardians glowed in both of his arms and his cloak fluttered behind his back. He stood at the frontlines and shouted, “Brothers, seeing as [Vanguard] is already making its move, then let us hesitate no more. Everyone, open up the system battle menu and join the Chi Yu Han battle camp! This way, at least while our dead have sacrificed themselves, they’ll have gained something from it!”

In seconds, the names of nearly 30,000 [Enemies At the Gate] brothers all turned green to represent the fact that they were our allies, while the names of the [Vanguard] players all turned red. Now it was clear which side everybody was on. This battle wasn’t for the sake of justice or what was right, but rather for the sake of everyone’s rankings!


The average level and equipment of [Enemies at the Gate]’s players were around 13% weaker than [Zhan Long]’s, and around 7% weaker than [Vanguard]. However, they were much stronger than that of those small trash guilds. Especially to an expert like Misty Clouds, who had the Four Divine Symbols Guardian class, a single skill was enough to massacre all of the people before him.

Around 20 minutes after [Enemies at the Gate] started battling, they already took the upper hand. I then closed the screen share.

General Li Mu raised his sword and grunted under his breath, “They’re here, [The Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom] have arrived! They’re about to appear. Everyone, be careful, and prepare for an attack!”

“Sha sha…..”

On the flatlines above us, a crowd of Fan Shu City players all charged out of the forest and ran straight to the border of the valley. With all of them crowded at the edge, I could see that they all had the same elegant Fan Shu City symbol floating above their arm, but they didn’t look the least bit elegant themselves. This time, they were here for [Zhan Long]’s head. But, as always, diplomacy was always better than violence. I raised my Dragon Reservoir Sword and slowly walked forward. When I reached the halfway point between the valley and the border, I stepped onto a sturdy ledge and grinned towards the players above, “What has gotten Fan Shu City’s number four and five guild so interested in, so as to come so far to Ba Huang City?”

From within the crowd, a Knight clothed in golden armor and carrying a long halberd appeared, with a Guild Master symbol of [The Knights Templar] floating above his shoulder. Indeed, he had a pretty high level. A line of words floated above his head——

Shang Li Lv 87 Divine Knight

City: Fan Shu City

Guild: The Knights Templar

Position: Guild Master

CBN Rank: 27


Shang Li raised his long halberd and stared right into my eyes. He then smiled, “I heard that Ba Huang City had a crazy strong Healer that switched into a Dragon City Swordsman class. Xiao Yao Zi Zai, a legendary player, you managed to become a black horse during the Hero’s Rising Tournament, and made your debut. You then created [Zhan Long], a guild that dominated the Northeastern side of Ba Huang City. And so, today, I have specially brought my [Knights Templar] to come and have a little duel with you. At the same time, I’ll join this Ba Huang City vs Chi Yu Han quest. This battle has nothing to do with vengeance or grudge. It is purely for the sake of allowing [The Knights Templar] to have a fun little duel with [Zhan Long]. I hope Guild Master Xiao Yao would understand!”

I nodded, “Alright, I’d be happy to oblige! Then…. [Fantasy Kingdom] Guild Master, what are your thoughts?”

Beside Shang Li was an Assassin carrying a dagger. I looked above his head and saw his ID: Sole Heir, Guild Master of [Fantasy Kingdom]. He looked around 20 years old. He smiled at me, “Guild Master Xiao Yao, I am a candid person. This time, I came here for the sake of the quest. After all, a Saint Tier equipment is just too attractive. Us of [Fantasy Kingdom] can’t just dismiss such an enticing incentive, and so I ask that you be understanding. We are a group of people battling for the sake of points. Our purpose is to prevent [Zhan Long]’s allies from earning points, you must understand….”

I smiled, “Understood….”

When I finished talking, I slid down the hill a dozen meters and stood before the [Zhan Long] formation. I then pulled out my Dragon Reservoir Sword and pointed forward, then shouted, “[Knights Templar] and [Fantasy Kingdom] come at us. You must’ve heard about us before, well, now, I will let you experience the determination of [Zhan Long]’s brothers. Don’t think that just because you have more people, you have the advantage. I will let you understand what true desperation feels like!”

“Come at us!”

Shang Li swung his halberd and smiled, “[Knights Templar] pull out your weapons and charge forward! This time, our enemy is [Zhan Long], an unprecedented strong enemy. Fight with all you have! We’ll charge through the enemy lines. Attack!”

On the hill, countless [Knights Templar] Knight players all pulled out their weapons and charged down the hill on the command. Sole Noble pulled out his dagger and also let out a command. [Fantasy Kingdom]’s close combat type players also advanced forward. A flood of enemies sprinted down the hill. This was already many times greater than the time when [Flying Dragon] and the other two guilds came at us!

I gritted my teeth and gripped my Dragon Reservoir Sword. Behind me, I had set up four Azure Dragon Crossbows. The giant gods all roared and pulled at their bowstrings. “Shua Shua Shua!” They shot into the enemy crowds, killing several of the Knights before they could even reach within 50 yards of us. Wan Er then summoned her Purple Kirin Dragon and it breathed fire onto the enemy. The enemy Swordsmen all raised their swords and activated [Flying Sword] to try and kill the dragon. Unfortunately for them, all dragon types had high defense, and a few small [Flying Sword]s wouldn’t be enough to kill it.

Smoke started to rise above the battlefield as Fox commanded the Musketeers to open fire and create a fire net above the enemy. Dong Cheng also raised her staff and began to cast spells. Now that the rain had stopped, [Magma Abyss] could now be used at its fullest potential. From a distance, Dancing Forest also raised her bow and activated [Hell’s Meteor Shower], ambushing all of the heavy armor players.

“Prepare for ramming attack!”

One Second Hero raised his shield in front of his chest and gritted his teeth, “Over 50% of the players in the [Knights Templar] are Knights. Right now, there aren’t any players that are over Lv 100, and so they don’t have too great of an advantage. As long as we can hold them off, these Knights will just be sending their heads to us!”

In the next second, the [Knights Templar] heavy armor players all rammed into [Zhan Long]’s defense formation. They clashed and within seconds, killed a dozen of our people. That was enough to prove that these people weren’t here to give us their heads easily. If we were too careless, they would actually be collecting our heads instead.

With a flick of my wrist, my Dragon Reservoir Sword swung out. I gave a roar and pushed away a dozen [Knights Templar] players. I then waved my hand in the air, and [Soul Army] descended upon their lines. At the same time, I activated [Sword Tempest] and advanced forward several steps. I pulled out my Cold Iron Sword and hacked through the crowd with both of my swords. While I was attacking, my shoulder and abdomen were continuously suffering attacks like [Skyshaker Slash], [Flame Axe] and [Flying Sword]. Shang Li that man really is strong, to actually be able to concentrate so much fire on me so as to impede my attacks?!

“Hum” My [Wall of Dou Qi] activated and I didn’t retreat. Instead, I stared right at the enemy camp and charged forward. I relied on my 10% drain to recover my health. At the same time, magic and arrows all smacked into me, and all I could do was rely on my maneuvers to manage the damage!

“F*ck, we can’t kill him?!”

Shang Li roared in anger and then raised his halberd to charge at me. From a distance, he threw a [Skyshaker Pierce]+[Flame Axe]. “Peng Peng!” The two skills exploded on me. His attack really was above average!



I trembled a little, and retreated after taking the pain. My chest had several [Scatter Shot] arrows buried into the chest plate. On the good side, my defense was extremely high, and so was the durability of my armor. That way, I managed to dodge several attacks. Shang Li got closer and closer to me, and repeatedly pierced his halberd into my back. It was extremely painful.

Unable to take it anymore, I dashed across the broken rocks, and then spun around. “Pa!” I grabbed onto Shang Li’s halberd and pulled it away. He immediately fell forward. Then, with a flash of my Dragon Reservoir Sword, along with the support of my Cold Iron Sword, I threw four quick attacks. At that point, Shang Li’s armor had a layer of power from [Divine Shield]. Despite my attacks, I didn’t actually break through it! One after another, damage numbers flew up——






In seconds, he had received over ten thousand damage, but he still had 25% of his health left. He immediately retreated and used a [Cleansing Wind] to recover health. Astonished, he said, “F*ck, what a strong attack power!”

I was even more shocked. Even while I had stacked my [Kill for Blood] to 100, I only dealt 3000 damage?!

In the team chat, Wan Er said, “Pig, Shang Li’s [Divine Shield] is already Lv 9. It increases his defense by 270%. Just his physical defense is already even stronger than your [Wall of Dou Qi], and so it’s a class to somewhat restrain you.”

I nodded in understanding. I then raised both of my swords and cut down another Knight. Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Old K all shouted. The enemy’s numbers were enough to crush us. This time, we really had to put our all into this battle, or else we really would be crushed.

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