Zhan Long

Chapter 485

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Chapter 485 Reversing the Board

Not even 3 minutes later, we heard the sound of a ghoul crying and waves of flames rushed throughout the sixth floor of the abyss. Chi Yu Qing had summoned the blood demon. That demon’s roars filled the sixth floor. Afterwards, it quickly charged right into the crowd of people and started fighting with the people from [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound].

I reached out and said, “Darling Duck and Dancing Forest, hold onto me. I’m going to fly you guys out of here. There’s around 200 meters of distance, and my [Dragon Transformation] lasts for 60 seconds, enough to fly over.”

Dancing Forest raised her Bowstring of the Dragon Jin Sou and nodded, “Ok. Later, when you charge in to kill, I’ll use my firepower to help assist you. There’s around 100+ [Hero’s Mound] and [Flying Dragon] players left, and they’re currently being killed by the BOSS. If we charge over, then there shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Ok, get ready to head out!”

Wan Er nodded and stabbed her Dragon’s Kiss into the cliff, helping to stabilize herself, Qing Qian, and Dong Cheng Yue. Qing Qian looked at me, and very seriously said, “Brother Xiao Yao, good luck. You have to be careful….”

“Yup, Melon, don’t worry!”

I reached out, and hugged onto Dancing Forest and Darling Duck. I put both swords into their sheaths behind my cloak. Suddenly, I activated [Dragon Transformation], and roars sounded throughout the abyss. My Magic Spite Armor began to change and I obtained the ability to fly. I kicked off the side of the cliff and began to fly into the distance. Within 10 seconds, I would be able to fly to the entrance. There really were quite a few [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound] people that were trying to climb down that thick chain.

“Hurry up, Guild Master and the others won’t be able to hold the BOSS off for much longer. The BOSS only has 8% health left. Hurry up and head over and revive!”

“How’s that possible!? Didn’t you just say Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Cang Tong and the others thrown off the side of the cliff by the Death God Arrows and burned to dust? Li Mu, Wang Jian, and Wolf’s bodies are even there. Those three little fish have no way of flipping over our large boat!”

“That’s hard to say, just hurry up already!”



I suddenly flew over and rose above the ground and appeared above the border of the abyss. I made a command, and my Dragon Reservoir Sword flew out of its sheath with a “Shua!” and rode the force of a [Blade Spin] and flew straight at the chains. “Ka Ka Ka” the sword sliced through the chains. That chain cut apart like tofu. It broke with a “Ka Cha!” and a dozen or so players that were on the chain fell into the fiery abyss. As they were falling, they began to smoke and actually started burning on the way down.

“Oh No!”

One of the Archers from the crowd shouted, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai didn’t actually die. He crawled up alongside the cliff. F*ck, he’s rising from the ashes!”

I laughed and commanded my sword to change its path. The [Blade Spin] cut right into the Archer’s throat with a “Shua!” At the same time, I held Dancing Forest and Darling Duck and set them down. Afterwards, I summoned my Flaming Tiger God and had it rush forward. I raised my hand to grab my bloody Dragon Reservoir Sword and threw a cut right into the crowd. Behind me, Dancing Forest’ used [Meteor Shot] right into the enemy, along with a [Hell’s Meteor Shower].


Wang Ze Cheng looked towards me and yelled, “Li Xiao Yao and Dancing Forest didn’t actually die, how is that posisble? Just now, the map clearly didn’t show any signs of them living!? What are the people at the entrance doing? Why didn’t they kill them?”

Drunken Spear raised his long sword and said, “What’s the use of ranting about it now? Cang Cheng, take [Hero’s Mound] people over to block Xiao Yao Zi Zai. [Flying Dragon] will finish off the BOSS!”

Wang Ze Cheng’ eyebrows rose, “On what grounds?”

Soaring Dragon waved his staff and smiled, “On the grounds that I still have 80+ people on this sixth floor, while you guys only have 40 people.”

Wang Ze Cheng raged and raised his Flames of War Blade. “Ka Cha!” two [Flying Dragon] Archers knelt to the ground, and were basically instantly killed them. Wang Ze Cheng smiled, ‘How about now? Do you really think that your [Flying Dragon] people are much better than mine?”

Soaring Dragon shouted, “You want to turn on us at a time like this? Cang Cheng, should I call you wise, or a dumbass?”

Wang Ze Cheng gave a cold smile, “Wise or dumbass, the thing I hate the most my entire life is people who betray me. If you don’t believe me, why don’t you try it out!”

[Flying Dragon]’s Vice Guild Master, Fierce Tiger raised his battle axe, “How about this. I’ll bring 20 people from [Flying Dragon] and Wang Ze Cheng, you also take 20 people to go with me. This way, we’ll block Xiao Yao Zi Zai for 3 minutes. The BOSS is just about to get killed by us. Now that we’ve broken through the big skill, Chi Yu Qing won’t have any more to throw at us!”

Wang Ze Cheng nodded, “That sounds better. Windy Walker, you go with Fierce Tiger to cut off Li Xiao Yao. Either you kill him, or do whatever you can and kill Darling Duck and Dancing Forest!”

“Yes Guild Master!”


Very soon, a 40+ team of people charged right at us. I glanced at the BOSS’ health and saw that Chi Yu Qing still had 5% health. Yup, there’s still enough time!

My Dragon Reservoir Sword swung out and I stepped out with my Cloud Stepping Boots and I slid, dodging two [Blade Rush]es from two Swordsmen. I came to an abrupt stop and I tilted my head. Two battle axe blades passed right before my face. Damn, that [Battle Axe Throw] really is a shameless skill! Power began to surge through my arm and [Combo]+[Strength of a Thousand Men] flew out, killing the two people. I then activated [Soul Army] and [Black Tortoise Realm]. Furthermore, I even activated an [Azure Dragon Crossbow] behind me, giving a sufficient boost to my firepower.

My Flaming Tiger God was wrapped up with [Flame Armor] and roared as it pounced into the crowd. He had reached a state of practical invincibility. Windy Walker raised his battle axe and threw a [Battle Axe Throw], which I dodged. He then roared, “F*ck, how’s that bastard’s maneuvering so good? Brothers, charge with me!”

Three Knights, two Berserkers, and one Swordsman came at me all at once, but I didn’t show any sign of hesitation or fear. I threw a [Blade Spin] with my Cold Iron Sword, “Pu pu pu” the sword pierced right into the bodies of all of the heavy armor players. The sword then spun back into my hand, covered in blood. The whole team of people knelt to the ground. Even Windy Walker was killed by [Blade Spin].

Dancing Forest smiled and raised her long bow to shoot [Hell’s Meteor Shower]. Once she finished casting the skill she immediately pulled her bow taut. “Sou sou sou” one after another, incredibly sharp arrows dove from the sky. Darling Duck followed close behind me, making sure that my health was constantly up.

Fierce Tiger basically watched as everything was about to fall apart, and immediately retreated, “F*ck, we can’t hold them off any longer, has the BOSS been killed yet!?”

Wang Ze Cheng raised his blade as he attacked Chi Yu Qing as he shouted through gritted teeth, “F*ck, you can’t block him with just that? The BOSS still has 3% health. Hold him off. Even if you have to die in the process, you hold him off!”

“How?!” Fierce Tiger shouted back.


Right at that moment, a dragon’s screech sounded through the abyss. The Purple Kirin Dragon was summoned and it flapped its wings from within the abyss. It spat out its dragon’s breath into the crowd. Soaring Dragon’ [Mana Shield] was immediately shattered. Chi yu Qing was very smart and cracked her whip, driving the tip right into Soaring Dragon and activated [Spirit Snake Pierce]!


The poor [Flying Dragon] Guild Master didn’t die under my hand, but rather under the hand of the BOSS.

Wang Ze Cheng couldn’t hold off the BOSS either. Under the cliff, Wan Er activated [Hermit God’s Arrival]. The scene of Wan Er’s cloak fluttering in the wind as she flew was the image of a goddess. With a twist of her wrist, she dropped Dong Cheng and Qing Qian onto the floor. She then activated another attack. At the same time, four rays of revival lights appeared and Li Mu, Wang Jian and Wolf’s bodies all revived. They gulped down a health potion and charged right towards [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound], crippling their army.

At this moment, I charged my way out of the encirclement and smiled, “Don’t kill the BOSS yet. First kill Drunken Spear and Wang Ze Cheng.

Wang Ze Cheng quickly retreated. Pale, faced Drunken Spear raised his halberd and jumped up. With a thrust, he sent a [Halberd Throw] and “Keng!” cut right into the cliff of the fifth floor. Afterwards, a strange light brought him all the way up towards the 5th floor.

“Should we kill Drunken Spear?!” Wan Er asked.

Li Mu gritted his teeth, “Just now, I was killed under his spear. Vice Guild Master, do you have an idea as to how to kill him!”

Wan Er lunged forward. While she was in the air, she opened her hands towards Drunken Spear. In the next moment, the dimension seemed to twist and raging winds surrounded the beautiful little miss. She was using [Domain Control]!

“Pa cha….”

Drunken Spear’s movement was cut off by Wan Er’s [Domain Control], and he fell down. With his spear in hand, he spun around and stabbed right at Li Mu and shouted, “Don’t you dare think about killing me!”

Li Mu shouted and threw a [Covering Sword Slash], but only ended up hitting Drunken Spear’s shield. Wang Jian quickly threw a slice with a “Peng!” at Drunken Spear, and activated [Halberd Whirlwind]. Drunken Spear’s health fell 30%. He did not stand a chance against the combination of Wang Jian, Li Mu and Wan Er’s attack!

Afterwards, Drunken Spear threw a [Skyshaker Slash] and a [Flying Sword]. Drunken Spear smiled, and put his halberd in front of his chest. “Keng!” he parried the attack but flew backwards and smiled, “I’d rather be burned to death than die in your hands….”

“Pa chi….”

Drunken Spear fell into the burning lava and evaporated into smoke.


Wang Ze Cheng brought around a dozen people over. However, Dancing Forest cut off his retreat with [Hell’s Meteor Shower]. Qing Qian’s figure suddenly appeared and she stunned Wang Ze Cheng. She then raised her arm and activated [Grip of the Firefox]. I also provided my support by casting a [Great Realm of Desolation] from a distance. Wolf also cast his [Ten Way Blade] and everyone dealt long range attacks, killing the guildmaster of [Hero’s Mound: First Division].

“Pa Ta…”

Finally, with a soft thud, Wang Ze Cheng’s helmet and Flames of War all dropped!



Li Mu raised the Flames of War Magic Blade and smiled, “Finally made him drop this!”

I smiled, “Right now, there are quite a few Saint Tier equipments out there, they aren’t even worth 1M now. But, its hard to say, we should keep them for now. Later, we’ll put them into the storage, and see how much we can sell them for!”


Kill the BOSS, it’s time for the last hit!”


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