Zhan Long

Chapter 482

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Chapter 482 Thousand Layer Wave

“Stop killing!”

I swung my Dragon Reservoir Sword. I walked from the front of the team to the back, and stood in a defensive position in front of Thousand League Spring, Dong Cheng Yue, and Darling Duck. My Flaming Tiger God growled, and paced by my side. All of the fur on the little tiger stood up, and it entered into an attack position.

“Hu hu…”

With three soft sounds, Wan Er, Qing Qian, and Wolf all entered into [Stealth]. This time, there were quite a few enemies that came forward. Furthermore, they came ready. We couldn’t underestimate them whatsoever.


Within the heavy smoke, a group of people slowly emerged. Not only were there [Flying Dragon]’s players, there were also [Hero’s Mound] players. The armored Wang Ze Cheng and the staff wielding Soaring Dragon were among them. Furthermore, Drunken Spear had come as well. He held his long spear as he stood in the back. Without another word, he stepped into the crowd. I glanced around and saw that quite a few people came. There were at least 200 players. This was going to be a big challenge for our 10 man team.

“Hua hua…”

A harsh wind blew past. Behind me, my War Swept Cloak fluttered and I put one hand on my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and my Cold Iron Sword floated above my shoulder. I quickly stepped forward and smiled. Loudly, I said, “Huh, [Hero’s Mound: Division One] and [Flying Dragon] have allied together? What’s with this? Have the villains finally decided to collude together?”

Soaring Dragon gave a cold laugh, “Xiao Yao Zi Zai, just how great are your guts. You have 10 people, did you really think you could hold this entire Sword Saint Abyss for yourself? Just a few hours ago, you were happily killing my people, isn’t that right?”

I spread out my hands, “Not really, Fierce Tiger and Mu Tian were asking for it. I just happened to fulfill their wishes.”

“What a great ‘fulfill their wishes’!” Wang Ze Cheng jaunted. He swung his Flames of War magic blade and said, “Li Xiao Yao, let’s not talk in circles, shall we? After the [Warring States Battle], [Hero’s Mound] has already decided that [Zhan Long] is an enemy. Guild Master Q-Sword respects you as a rival, and even though we haven’t officially declared war, this world is too small for the both of us. I, Cang Cheng, have already listed [Zhan Long] as [Hero’s Mound: Division One]’s enemy. I heard that you were taking [Zhan Long]’s core players here to finish a SSS level Main Quest. If it’s like that, then there’s no reason an official enemy should sit back and just watch. And so, I’ve brought 2000 people to this abyss to prepare for battle. Today, no matter what, you guys will die here!”


I couldn’t help but smile, “Doesn’t look like you have enough, right? Wang Ze Cheng, did you not know that [Zhan Long] has 10,000 players camped nearby? With a single command, your 2000 people won’t even be enough to pick our teeth!”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled back, “Then what if we add on [Flying Dragon]’s 20,000 main players?”

I chuckled, then swung my sword. “Keng!” My Dragon Reservoir Sword pierced right into the ground. A fiery light spurt up from the slice. I looked at Wang Ze Cheng, Soaring Dragon and the others, and I slowly said, “Did you think that a mere 20,000 players is enough for you to run amok? Let me tell you right now, [Zhan Long] currently has 20,000 players online right now. Even if you brought 100,000 players, I will annihilate you all!”

Soaring Dragon’s eyes turned cold, “Looks like Guild Master Xiao Yao doesn’t plan on giving us an explanation. [Zhan Long] really is arrogant, trying to hoard this grinding area. You won’t even let others try and get in on the action. Hmph, does the fifth ranked guild in the Chinese Server have so little generosity?”

Behind me, Li Mu couldn’t help but smile, “Soaring Dragon, you’ve brought more than ten thousand soldiers to this small Sword Saint Abyss, just to kill the ten of us? To think that you’d have the shame to say that we’re weak. If I were to post this conversation onto the forums, how are you ever going to get respect again?”


Fierce Tiger pulled out the battle axe from behind his back and roared, “Li Mu, don’t be too arrogant. You’re just an Elder, just what right do you have to talk to our Guild Master like that? Don’t forget, [Valiant Bravery] was defeated by us!”

Li Mu turned furious.

I placed a hand in front of him and softly said, “Is [Flying Dragon] really that strong? After fighting with [Zhan Long] so many times, which time were you not completely annihilated? Which time were you actually able to kill more than 10% of [Zhan Long]’s players? You actually have the shame to try and brag about a battle record like that here? Let’s not waste our breath. Soaring Dragon, if you think that the people here actually can kill us, then why don’t you try it out!”

Soaring Dragon gritted his teeth, but he didn’t immediately try to attack. He was waiting, waiting for more of his players to come down.

In reality, this floor was really only 10 meters wide. Li Mu, Wang Jian and I could pretty much lock down frontlines that are that thin. On top of that, Dong Cheng Yue and Dancing Forest were all strong long range killers. The side of the cliff was guarded by the Purple Kirin Dragon. Fighting here, they had absolutely no advantage, so Soaring Dragon wasn’t going to act rashly.


In the team chat, Wan Er softly said, “Li Xiao Yao, don’t fall for their stalling. Why don’t we just attack them now? Otherwise, the more people that come down, the harder it will be.”

I nodded and said, “Ok!”

Li Mu raised his Tian Chen Sword and said, “Guild Master, why don’t you tell Old K, Bai Qi and the others to come? Tell them to bring 10,000 of [Zhan Long]’s elite into the Sword Saint Forest and sweep out [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound]?”

“No need.” I shook my head, “Just let them grind levels without a worry. We suffered too many losses at the Purple Demon Forest. Anyways, it’s not as though everyone has the opportunity to level up with this SSS Tier main quest. [Zhan Long]’s core strength needs to continue to grind levels. Our ten man team is enough to deal with their twenty thousand players. Either way, it’s not like all of them can attack us at once, what should we be afraid of?”

Wang Jian chuckled, “I agree with Brother Xiao Yao. [Flying Dragon] and [Hero’s Mound: Division One] are all thorns in our side. If we can hold them down here for a day, then that will be advantageous to us. If we can tip the scales, then the next battle, [Zhan Long] will be able to more thoroughly defeat them!”

Li Mu nodded and said, “Ok, we’ll just do it that way. Then should we just attack?”

I shook my head, “No, wait for a bit. I’ll make Soaring Dragon become less cautious and drop his guard. Afterwards, I’ll drag him over with a [Defeat the Dragon]. Let’s kill this [Flying Dragon] Guild Master first. Li Mu, Wang Jian, you guys help me break through their formation. Be careful of Wang Ze Cheng and Drunken Spear. Especially Drunken Spear, that little bastard is really strong!”



Carrying my Dragon Reservoir Sword, I stepped forward. Leaving only 25 meters between Soaring Dragon and myself, I was already only 5 meters short of my secret skill [Defeat the Dragon]. I began to chuckle, “Soaring Dragon, I hear [Flying Dragon] is still in rehabilitation. You guys haven’t even done any large scale events. You guys haven’t even done any big grinding activities either. At first I thought that [Flying Dragon] had truly straightened up. Never would I have thought that you’re just like before, still so narrow-minded. Why must you always work against [Zhan Long]?”

Soaring Dragon coldly laughed, “Stop joking around. Do you not understand the concept of the Guild Wars? Besides, Mu Tian and Fierce Tiger didn’t discover Sword Saint Forest much after you guys did. Where is it written that [Zhan Long] must be the first ones to complete the map? Sure you’re some big shot who’s ranked among the top 20 in the CBN Battlenet, but I’m telling you right right now, I, Soaring Dragon, am not afraid of you!”

“ Wow, spoken with true courage…”

I grinned and quietly continued taking a few steps forward as I replied, “But from what I have heard, [Flying Dragon]’s third division used to have a beauty called ‘Lotus Treasure’ with a really hot body. I heard you promoted her straight to the main division as a flag bearer. I also heard that she met you in real life. Her boyfriend apparently carried a kitchen knife around for 7 days and chased you along Bin Jiang Road. It was on the headlines of the Hangzhou News am I wrong?”

TL Note: Bin Jiang Lu is a road that is in the Eastern province of Hangzhou in China.

Soaring Dragon’s whole body shook with fury, his face crimson red he was so furious, “You…don’t spread false rumors!”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled, “Huh, so the [Flying Dragon] Guild Master had such a humiliating story….”

Li Mu glared at me, “Guild Master, how do you know about stuff like this?”

I grinned, “Actually, I’m always checking the info and flaming pages posted on the forum. I’m even one of the forum moderators….”

“Pig….” Wan Er gritted her teeth.


All of Soaring Dragon’s people tensed up. Who would’ve thought that the usually earnest Soaring Dragon would do something like that. Even the people from [Hero’s Mound] were getting a piece of the action. Nobody was paying attention to the fact that I was already so close to them.

“Be careful Guild Master!” Drunken Spear shouted, his eyes went cold.

But it was too late as I stretched out my hand and activated [Defeat the Dragon] pinning it on Soaring Dragon. It was at this moment that he was already doomed to die. “Woosh”, as Soaring dragon was pulled forward by my[Defeat the Dragon], I sealed his skills with my [Curse of Night Fury] for 2 seconds. My Dragon Reservoir Sword sent out a [Combo]+ [Strength of a Thousand Men]. Soaring Dragon looked on in horror as he was pierced in the chest by my sword.


Dancing Forest followed up with a [Meteor Shot] and finished him off. We didn’t even give him the chance to use [Dimension Leap].


Drunken Spear roared as he took his spear and dashed towards us like a mountain. Suddenly he sent out a new skill– [Hundred Peak Jump Slash]. His skill was somewhat similar to Old K’s [Savage Jump Slash] as his skill locked onto me.

With not enough time to react, I could only use my [Wall of Dou Qi] to minimize some of the damage. “Bang!”, I was stunned for 3 seconds. I took 3781 damage. Drunken Spear’s new skill wasn’t any ordinary one!

Li Mu and both charged with Wang Jian casting a [Halberd Whirlwind] . “Bang!” As a sound resided from the impact. The skill landing directly amongst a group of [Flying Dragon] members. However, Drunken Spear saw this coming, and activated [Rock Shield]. He then stabbed forward with his long spear and knocked away Li Mu’s sword. He then roared and began channeling a skill, that bastard was gathering energy!

“Careful!” I hurriedly yelled.

Wan Er swiftly put up her steel umbrella in front of Dong Cheng and Qing Qian, giving them a bit of defense.


For 1 second Drunken Spear began to gather more and more power. In the next moment, his spear swept out, creating a shockwave of energy that charged right us. He then shouted, “[Thousand Layer Wave]!”

[Thousand Layer Wave]’s range was extremely large, there was no way for us to dodge the skill. All I could only grit my teeth and take the full brunt of the damage.





A row of terrifying damage numbers popped up. The two Healers were almost killed too.

After recovering I released a sharp stab with my sword!


That slash forced Drunken Spear backwards a few steps. However, at the place where he had first activated [Thousand Layer Wave], another indigo wave formed and surged out. It was another shock wave!

Darling Duck cast a quick [Heal] and saved us from the second wave. However, even worse was that in the third second, another wave came at us!


Li Mu’s face turned white, “ Please tell me he isn’t casting another one? What the f*ck are we supposed to do!”

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