Zhan Long

Chapter 466

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Chapter 466 SubZero City


I appeared in Ba Huang City after getting online, and repaired my equipments. After I went straight to the guild warehouse and stored all the equipments that we got from the Warring States battle. This was the least I can do as the Guild Master.


Wan Er sent a message, “Dong Cheng and I will be waiting in the northern plaza. Let’s go to the new [Zhan Long] territory together. Since it is only a Lv 1 territory right now, we can’t teleport there. We can only walk over…..”


After inviting the miss and Dong Cheng to my party, I walked over to the northern plaza. Wan Er was already standing there in her refined armor. Her cape fluttered as she revealed her long white legs that could cause any men to suffocate. Dong Cheng beside her was wearing a low-cut Mage robe that revealed her chest. Damn. This is too much for me. Especially when two top class beauties like Wan Er and Dong Cheng are wearing these equipments. They were bewitching to the point where countries would go to war just for them.

“Let’s go?” I smiled.

Wan Er nodded. “Ah. Ba Huang City’s rankings were refreshed. Let’s see….”


I opened up the ranking list and as expected, the rankings in Ba Huang City changed dramatically.

1. Xiao Yao Zi Zai [Level 88] Dragon City Guardian

2. Cang Tong [Level 87] Assassin

3. Yan Zhao Warrior [Level 86] Swordsman

4. Cang Yue [Level 86] Mage

5. Misty Clouds [Level 86] [Four Symbol Guardian]

6. Han Bei Song [Level 85] Swordsman

7. Soaring Dragon [Level 85] Mage

8. Drunken Spear [Level 85] Nature’s Knight

9. Matchless Hero [Level 84] Swordsman

10. Heart of Fire [Level 84] Mage


After that chaotic battle in the Purple Demon Forest, the level rankings in Ba Huang City drastically changed. Top level players like Jian Feng Han, Simple, General Li Mu, Qing Qian, General Wang Jian, and Hero Ran Min all lost 10 levels, and thus left the rankings, while players like Wan Er and Dong Cheng joined. Ba Huang City all entered the top ten rankings. There’s was no other way, after all, those two are so strong. It was because of this that I was anticipating their addition to [Zhan Long] so much, since they would increase our reputation even more. Cang Tong and Cang Yue were the two most popular players in Fan Shu City. Like this, they’ll probably become symbols of [Xhan Long] and will be extremely helpful for us when we recruit new talents.

I looked at the rankings and silently said, “Even players like Heaven’s Hero, Heart of Fire made it into the top ten. It’s completely unfair…. If Melon, Wang Jian and the others didn’t lose 10 levels, how else would Heaven’s Hero, that trash get in….”

Wan Er gripped her little umbrella and walked beside me. She smiled to me, “It’s no matter. Melon and the others can raise their levels up really quickly. Oh, that’s right, the Hermit God Job Change Certificate Quest is S-Tier. Do you want to come?”


I thought about it for a second, then shook my head, “Nah, I’m good. An S-Tier quest difficulty is too low. You and Dong Cheng can finish it. Why don’t you take Melon, Li Mu, Old K Wang Jian, Tang Xue, and Dancing Forest, let them grind a level….”

“Yup yup, I understand….”

I nodded, afterwards I opened up the officers screen, and with my Guild Master status, I opened up the forum and [Zhan Long Hall]. Very soon, [Zhan Long Hall] had 3 names listed

Xiao Yao Zi Zai, Reason for Entry: Founder of [Zhan Long], Current Guild Master

2. Yue Qing Qian, Reason for Entry: Ranked Third in the Battle of Jiu Li City and Ba Huang City, Current Vice Guild Master

3. Cang Tong, Reason for Entry: Ranked Second in Heroes Rising Tournament, Ranked Among the Top Ten in CBN Battlenet, and lead [Zhan Long: Defense Army] to win the Dragon’s Den



Guild Chat Announcement: Congratulations Player [Cang Tong] for becoming the third person to enter [Zhan Long Hall], Reason for Entry: Ranked Second in Heroes Rising Tournament, Ranked Among the Top Ten in CBN Battlenet, and led [Zhan Long: Defense Army] to win over Dragon’s Den! Authorized: Xiao Yao Zi Zai (Guild Master).

At that moment, the guild chat suddenly got lively——

General Li Mu said, “Ha ha, the beauty Cang Tong has entered [Zhan Long Hall]! I’m so jealous! Exactly when can I enter [Zhan Long Hall]. I can’t wait….”

Qing Qian said, “He he, Sister Cang Tong has finally joined [Zhan Long]! I’m so happy, wu, you’re even Vice Guild Master too….”

Dancing Forest said, “Fan Shu City’s two most beautiful girls are joining [Zhan Long]. This really is a great leap for us! Guild Master is amazing, he actually managed to seduce two beauties …”

Wan Er’s face turned bright pink as she said in the guild chat, “That’s not it. It’s just that Li Xiao Yao and I had an agreement a while ago. All I did was dig out some high level players in Fan Shu City to join [Zhan Long: Defense Army], so Dong Cheng and I ended up coming late. I hope that everyone won’t blame us for the tardiness….”

Wolf smiled, “No matter what you say, didn’t the little miss join [Zhan Long] because of Brother Xiao Yao?”

Wan Er’s face became even redder, “I, I…”

Dong Cheng giggled, “Hehe, are you guys just gonna tease our Vice Guild Master like this? Alright already, I admit, I joined [Zhan Long] because of Brother Xiao Yao too. I think of him day and night. I’m just waiting for the day that his mood is right and he becomes friends with me….”

General Bai Qi smiled, “No matter, I can be your friend too! Your male friend!”

Dong Cheng gave a crooked smile, “First of all, Bai Qi, you bastard, I’m not interested in your looks. Next, your personality is far worse than Brother Xiao Yao’s. And for another, you can’t even beat me in games. How are you supposed to be my boyfriend? F minus, get lost!”

General Bai Qi resentfully muttered, “Motherf*cker, that was too terrible. I’m going to go to a bar to drink my sorrows away and I’m not leaving until I’m drunk….”

Annoyed, General Wang Jian said, “Isn’t this the prelude to four men getting drunk before they stumble home?”

I couldn’t help but smile, “To be honest, with Wang Jian and Li Mu’s looks, it shouldn’t be hard for you guys to find girlfriend’s right? You definitely can’t get serious with a girl you met from the bar, or else you’ll lose in the end…. Right now, [Zhan Long] has around 20,000 players. Girls from all over the country are here, and there are quite a few beauties from Yang Zhou. Do you guys want me to play matchmaker for you all?”

General Li Mu laughed, “Wang Jian that old bastard doesn’t have to worry. He’s the idol of a lot of pretty girls in the first division. He can pick and choose whoever he wants to and have a little “pa pa pa” fun. However, Bai Qi and I, sigh. We’re in the main guild. You must understand that 97% of the [Valiant Bravery] camp is male, and we have extremely few female players. However, the [Zhan Long] camp is 44% female. Too bad, we can’t go across boundaries and flirt with them. Melon would kill us….”

I smirked, “Haha, then be more honest. This kind of thing needs to be mutually agreed upon. As an officer level player, you can’t use your power to try and get things you want. Eh…. at least do your best not to use your power in the guild to pick up girls, or else….”

“Understood….” Wolf chuckled, “Brother Xiao Yao, you must hate the complicated relations we have in the guild….”

I nodded, “Our society has started to speed up. There are some girls who change boyfriends faster than they change clothes. Even today, they’re calling everyone husband this, husband that. Because of women, our guild has quite a few incidents of internal strife, something I don’t like to see. If there really are female players that don’t hold themselves highly, I will personally kick them out.

Dancing Forest smiled, “We normally do hold ourselves highly. I normally don’t even glance at most guys….”

I said, “That’s good….”

Dancing Forest grinned, “I will only like a man like Guild Master. That is… if I ever go to Hang Zhou, you must remember to take me out to dinner… “

Wan Er pouted her lip, her face filled with rivalry, “Little Dance, that….. That’s just a dinner right?”

Dancing Forest laughed, “Cang Tong is jealous!”

“I…..I’m not!!” Wan Er’s face turned red.

Everyone started laughing.


Not long after, I entered the Grave of the Warring States map. All around me, monsters began to spawn around me. The were all Warring States Spearmen. The Warring States Pudao Soldiers were Lv 80+ high tier monsters. There were several stronger Thunder Tier monsters even further in the distance. It was clear that the environment was great for grinding and extremely fortuitous. Right at the center of the grave, there was an open area surrounded by a thick forest. However, I didn’t see my Dragon’s Den city. There was just Li Mu, Old K, Qing Qian and around 1000 [Zhan Long] players standing there.

I quickly walked over and exclaimed, “F*ck, our Dragon’s Den, was it eaten up by the game?”


Wolf reached out and pointed with a laugh, “Brother Xiao Yao, look. This is our Dragon’s Den!”

I glanced over, and jumped. In the middle of the wilderness, there was a trampled fence. Inside there were a few radishes growing in the ground and a few white bunnies hopping around. It looked like it was only around 100 square meters. The wall looked as though it could be kicked over. This base….. it clearly was a rip off right?”

I was so shocked that my jaw almost hit the floor. Qing Qian couldn’t help but smile, “Brother Xiao Yao…. it took you so long to get back online. Don’t be so depressed…. Look, that’s the NPC that guards the city. Only the Guild Master can talk with him about how to plan the city…. Go, we’ll wait for you here…”


In the wilderness, there really was a armored NPC general standing there. He was a Lv 88 Thunder Tier NPC. Based on my level, this type of NPC was very common. I walked over and greeted him, “City Master, how am I supposed to open up the city?”

With a “Shua”, a map screen suddenly popped in front of me. On it were detailed options——

Plan A: Small City, 100×100 meter scope, increasing the level of the city requires Wood x 1000, Labor Cost: 1000G

Plan B: Medium City, 500×500 meter scope, increasing the level of the city requires Wood x 5000, Stones x 5000, Labor Cost 5000G

Plan C: Large City, 2000×2000 meters, increasing the level of the city requires Wood x 50000, Stones x 50000, Iron Ore x 50000, Labor Cost 50000G


I took a deep breath, and gave a silent sigh. So all that mud and dirt under my feet, this ass sized plot of land, was Dragon’s Den. It was just a Lv 0 city!

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