Zhan Long

Chapter 448

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Chapter 448 Allies for Now

In a short moment, all 7000 players from [Valley of the Gods] had been completely erased from the map by [Zhan Long]. We had encircled their entire formation, and didn’t let a single person escape. On top of that, this Grave of the Warring States map was currently under a system prohibition due to the City of the Four Noblemen event which prevented people from using City Return Scrolls. Even the time that it took to log off had been doubled. Add on to that, the fact that [Zhan Long] had attacked from all sides, the players from [Valley of the Gods] had no choice but to die. And they were by no means difficult to kill!


“Sha sha….”

My battle boots slid across the grass, and I picked up a long spear from the ground. I glanced at it, and saw that it was a Purple Tier equipment. By now, that tier was no longer anything that was very rare or uncommon. In the earlier stages, it would’ve sold for around 100,000RMB, but now it was probably worth only around 500RMB. It was only good enough for middle tier players. But, no matter how worthless it was, it was still worth some money. And so, I threw it into my bag.

“Brother Xiao Yao!” Qing Qian walked over with her dagger in hand. She smiled, “[Valley of the Gods]’ army has been wiped out. Nobody actually came to help them. From beginning to end, [Vanguard] didn’t even say a word.”

I nodded, “Yup, have you counted our losses?”

Matcha walked over, and stood beside Qing Qian, “We lost 700 players, while our enemy lost 7000. Most of the players we lost were from the divisions, while the main guild only lost around 200 members.”

I nodded, “That’s good. Let’s return to our original spot! Also, there should be news about the seventh wave’s BOSS by now….”

Qing Qian blinked a few times and smiled, “I’ve been constantly watching for any news. Close to 20 minutes ago, that Saint Tier BOSS’ health was less than 10%. It has been whittled away by the three big guilds. Jian Feng Han, Misty Clouds and Yan Zhao have been fighting this whole time. However, it looks like Uncle Yan Zhao has the upper hand, because it spawned in [Prague]’s formation, and has already come to blows with [Prague]. Both sides have suffered losses.”

Li Mu had a bloody cloak draped across his shoulders as he walked over and commented, “[Vanguard] actually dares to fight a battle to the death this early on. Even if that opponent is [Prague], they don’t show a shred of mercy. One can imagine, that if [Vanguard] were to be near our formation, Jian Feng Han might even personally lead a team to kill Guild Master.”

I squinted my eyes and said, “Did you think that Jian Feng Han doesn’t want to? Ever since [Zhan Long], [Enemies At the Gate], and [Blood Contract] rose up in Ba Huang City, Jian Feng Han probably hasn’t gotten a good night’s rest. [Vanguard]’s position as tyrant has been challenged, time and time again. This battle is just too important for him. Once he gets the City of the Four Noblemen, he would be able to consolidate [Vanguard]’s position. Otherwise, stories of [Vanguard]’s success in Ba Huang City will be doubted.”

Dong Cheng Lei carried his battle axe over his shoulder as he smiled, “I know. Whoever has the hardest fist gets this city! My smart eyes see the same thing as Qing Qian. Brother Xiao Yao can defeat ten thousand enemies alone. This piece of land, is destined to be [Zhan Long]’s!”

I looked at the two talismans in my bag and said, “It’s too early to say that. Everybody work hard. We still have a long ways to go. It is definitely not as easy as we think it is to get all 10 talismans. Even one of Jiu Li City’s main guilds, [House of Prestige] has decided to join. Who knows if Fan Shu City’s [Hero’s Mound] will also join. If Fan Shu City decides to join in, then it’ll be really hard to say what the outcome of this battle will be.”

Li Mu grinned, his face filled with mischief, “From what I know, after [House of Prestige] lost to us in the last City Battle, Bai Li Ruo Feng and Quick Thunder Swift Wind have harbored a hatred for us. Especially Quick Thunder Swift Wind. He thinks that you killing him in Ba Huang City was the greatest humiliation he has received. Especially as you did it in front of so many players of [House of Prestige], and in front of all those pretty players. He was originally like a war god to them….”

I swept out my Dragon Reservoir Sword, and turned around towards the city walls. I said softly with a smile, “ If [House of Prestige] intentionally provokes [Zhan Long], then we’ll let Quick Thunder Swift Lightning suffer a little more humiliation!”

Behind me, Palace Decree raised his long sword and said, “Guild Master Xiao Yao!”

“Yes?” I turned around. I had almost forgotten about him, and I couldn’t help but smile, “Palace, how have you been these days? I never thought that we would meet under such circumstances. To think that [Epic] would suffer such terrible losses….”

Li Mu asked, “That’s right. Where’s your Guild Master?”

Palace Spirit resentfully said, “Guild Master took people and ran away. Brother and I stayed here to bring up the rear….”

“That….” I was speechless. Finally I said, “Alright, so you guys were the team to bring up the rear. No wonder you guys took so much damage…. Well there’s still time now. Straightforward people don’t keep secrets. Even though [Zhan Long] can’t guarantee that after you guys join you won’t have any enemies, but at least we will never accept such a humiliation. There is no guild out there that is willing to offend our honor like that. Palace Decree, Palace Spirit, do you still want to join [Zhan Long]? Our doors, will always be open to you siblings!”

Palace Decree furrowed his brow. He clearly still had some hesitations. He looked down for a few seconds, then looked up, “It is an honor that Guild Master Xiao Yao sees us so highly, but…. even though I, Palace Decree, am not a hero. I still don’t want to be a person who moves with the tides. From the day that I joined [Epic], I decided that when I die, it will be on the battlefields of [Epic]. That is what is means to persevere….”

I couldn’t help but smile, and patted his shoulder, “Good brother. I understand. Then, work hard! I will definitely not force you. But, if you ever decide to change your mind, you can come look for me at any time. There’s nothing [Zhan Long] doesn’t have, except for a top tier weapon smith like you and Ling Er. If you guys join us, you will become our chief weapon smiths. That is what I have always been waiting for.”

Palace Decree was a little embarrassed, “I’m afraid I didn’t live up to [Zhan Long]’s expectations. I’m sorry, but I really can’t leave….”

I nodded, “Whether it is your actions, or your life decisions as long as you can ask your heart and have no regrets, then all is well. Continue to work hard!”

Palace Spirit looked at the Dragon Reservoir Sword in my hand, her eyes filled with puzzlement. She exclaimed, “Brother Xiao Yao, that long sword in your hand… Is that the Emperor Qin’s Sword?”

“Eh….” I tilted my head and looked down. I then smiled, “You could say it is. This is the second evolution of the Emperor Qin’s Sword, Dragon Reservoir Sword. It’s a Saint Tier Equipment, and its stats are much higher than the Emperor Qin’s Sword…. That’s right, this sword was originally made by you. Ling Er, I must thank you. You have helped me quite a bit. Without this Dragon Reservoir Sword, I probably wouldn’t have been able to get third place in the Rise of the Heroes Tournament or the City Battle MVP….”

Palace Spirit gave me a sweet smile, “As my brother had said, it was my honor! Actually…. I do want to go to [Zhan Long], but Brother is always defending his “Path of a Loyal Servant”. You understand right? Brother is just a big idiot….”

Palace Decree rubbed his forehead, “Cough cough, don’t say anymore….”

I smiled, but I didn’t have anymore time to talk. I needed to take the 10,000 players of [Zhan Long] back to our formation.


Once I reconstructed our formation at the bottom of the city walls, a bell rang through the sky. The seventh Talisman had fallen, and the owner’s name appeared——


System Notification: Players, please take note, [Warring States Talisman – Seven] has already been dropped, and has been obtained by player Leafy Gentlemen. He is currently in the position (13331, 8921). When the player is killed, there is a 100% chance he will drop the Talisman!

After that, there was another system bell. The seventh Talisman already switched owners, to the player Luo Mu. Within the next minute, [Prague]’s team leader Luo Mu also died, and the Talisman was dropped. It was picked up by [Vanguard]’s Fallen Wolf. Right after that, Fallen Wolf also died, dropping the Talisman. [Prague]’s Guild Master Yan Zhao Warrior had picked it up!

After a few minutes, there didn’t seem to be any movement regarding the 7th Talisman. Looks like Uncle Yan Zhao had it in his bag. It was the Guild Master of [Prague]’s talisman. The Talisman had finally found a somewhat less temporary place to stay.


The eighth wave of monsters will soon come out….” Matcha said as she gripped the sword. Her beautiful eyes glanced towards the city walls, “Boss, the last 6 hours will definitely be the worst. We’ve already played for 14 hours straight. Are you tired? Do you need to rest?”

I shook my head, “After playing for 20 hours straight, peeing is an ok reason to go offline, but we should give up on sleep. Let’s continue to battle. Those last 6 hours are just too important for [Zhan Long]. Matcha, you saw it too. In the last City Battle, [Zhan Long] got the most credit. We first annihilated [House of Prestige], [Emperor’s Blood], [Moonlit Lake] and [Legend], those main guilds, but in the end, what did we get? A false rumor that [Zhan Long] achieved what they did due to luck, and that [Vanguard] was Ba Huang City’s true victor. I have no way of controlling what people say, so by taking this City of the Four Noblemen, the very first guild base, I can prove that [Zhan Long] has true strength. Let those liars shut up. That is what I really want to do.”

Matcha’s eyes lit up and she smiled, “Ok! I will do my best to support boss!”


Not long after, the city gates opened up, and the eighth wave of monsters finally appeared!

As I killed the monsters, I looked at the rankings for the points that people had. Just as I expected, I wasn’t in first place. I didn’t kill enough people. Compared to Jian Feng Han, that psychopathic killer, there was probably a big difference in our points——

Jian Feng Han [1740020] Xiao Yao Zi Zai [1631290] Simple [1428230] Misty Clouds [1372870] Yue Qing Qian [1312830] Yan Zhao Warrior [1293870] Hero Ran Min [1237280] Drunken Spear [1212710] Thousand Suns over Snowy Lands [1191230] Bai Li Ruo Feng [1172900]


It was clear, all of [Zhan Long]’s top tier players had been working pretty hard. In the top ten, there were four of [Zhan Long]’s members. Our only shortcoming was that we didn’t have enough players. If this battle of attrition was to a greater degree, our weakness from our numbers would truly show.

As time passed slowly, we finally killed 50% of the eighth wave of monsters, and more news came——

“Brother Xiao Yao!”

Qing Qian carried her daggers, and bounded over, “A new battle has begun. Someone is attacking [Flying Dragon]’s formation, and they want to take Soaring Dragon’s number one Talisman!”


“[House of Prestige], they’re on the Western side of the city. By the looks of it, Flying Dragon is about to lose. The entire frontline is relying on Drunken Spear to make up for them. Otherwise, they would’ve easily lost a long time ago….”

I squinted my eyes, “Is there any other movement?”

“Yep, Jian Feng Han has taken around 10,000 people, and left [Vanguard]’s formation. They’re heading northeast, as though they have something planned….”

Li Mu was puzzled, “What does Jian Feng Han want to do?”

I gripped my word and said, “Li Mu, take 9000 people from the main guild. We’ll head out too, and go towards the northeast!”

“Why?” Li Mu didn’t understand.

I grunted, then looked at the sky and said, “Bai Li Ruo Feng led people all the way to Ba Huang City to battle. To this day, they haven’t made any contribution to this. So, they obviously want to take the Talisman from the weakest guild, which is [Flying Dragon]. Think about it, Jian Feng Han has been named Ba Haung City’s strongest player, and he’s the Guild Master of the number one guild. Why would he watch and do nothing? [Vanguard]’s target is definitely [House of Prestige]. [Zhan Long] is so close to the Northwest Front. There’s no reason to go, we’ll just ally with [Vanguard] for now, and kill [House of Prestige] first!”

“Ok, I understand…”

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