Zhan Long

Chapter 401

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Chapter 401 The Strength of a Vice-God

TL Note: I accidentally misnamed one of the NPC Generals previously, his name is not Luo Hai, it’s Forgotten Sea. I will correct the previous chapters, sorry about that guys!


Angela looked up to the sky, her beautiful pupils had a glint of fear, but even more so, hatred. She gripped her godly weapon Destroyer, and whispered, “Huo Li has finally taken action. Exactly how strong is this bastard? Damn it, what should we do? Exactly how can we save Ba Huang City?”

Behind her, the imperial army commander Purple Star clutched his longbow, his eyes shined brightly, “Your highness, why don’t I help you. We can attack together, and kill that crazy Lin Qiong bastard. How’s that?”

Angela turned around and looked at him, “Lord Purple Star, you mean….”

“Exactly.” Purple Star raised his longbow and smiled, “I meditated about it for a whole 17 months in the Snowy Lands, and I finally understand where the strength of the Ice Element comes from. Now, my [Ice Sealing Arrow] can stop time in this dimension. Maybe if we use this precious skill, we can kill Lin Qiong. I’ll personally go to bait the enemy. Once Lin Qiong gets close, I ask that Your Highness use this opportunity and kill Lin Qiong, or else Ba Huang City will truly be in danger. As for that terrifying Huo Li, we’ll leave him to Lord Forgotten Sea!”

Angela nodded and tightened her grip on the Destroyer, “Then…. let’s give it a try. You must be careful!”



Purple Star abruptly lifted his shoes, and leapt into the air as he loosely pulled his longbow. The bow had been pulled until it formed a crescent, and a purple arrow began to materialize. The bow was pointed right at Lin Qiong’s back. “Sou!” The arrow cut through the air, leaving a purple trail across the sky. “Keng!” it lodged itself into Lin Qiong’s back. At that moment, all of his star energy scattered, and he managed to break down part of Lin Qiong’s shield.


After Lin Qiong took the surprise attack, blood dripped from the corner of his mouth. He wiped it away with his thumb as his eyes filled with killing intent, “Purple Star, you bastard who only knows how to stab people in the back. I’m coming down to take your head, just you wait!”


Lin Qiong raised his sword and charged down straight from the sky. He tightly gripped his sword with both hands, and threw a slash from right above Purple Star!

The dimension around Purple Star was completely under Lin Qiong’s control. With no way to get out, he could only raise his bow and block it!


Sparks flew, and Purple Star coughed up some blood. He was but an archer, how could he possibly take an attack from a Sword Saint close combat expert like Lin Qiong? The fact that he hadn’t been instantly killed was already lucky.

Lin Qiong fell to the ground, his boots gently stepping upon the earth. “Pa!” He leapt from the ground, and dashed right towards Purple Star. He rested the tip of his blade against Purple Star’s chest and laughed, “Your life has come to an end!”


The blade went through, and Purple Star was pitifully pushed back to retreat into his Purple Star formation. A group of Purple Star Army NPC soldiers tried to help, only to be brushed away with a sweep of Lin Qiong’s hand. Several bursts of flame passed through the army, burning countless soldiers to ash. Lin Qiong’s eyes flashed with cruelty as he roared, “Die!”

Like lightning, he dashed through the air with his blade covered with electricity. This time, he was going in for the kill.


Purple Star spit out a mouthful of blood and struggled to stand up. He suddenly pulled back his longbow as frost began to dance in the air around his body. The air around him seemed to freeze around him. It was so intense that even some of the [Zhan Long] players couldn’t move. Old K, who had also been frozen in time and space, exclaimed, “F*ck, what is this? I…. I can’t move….”

Qing Qian’s dagger was raised in the air as she said, “Me too…..”

“Shua shua…”

Streams of a deep blue frost energy began to coagulate into an arrow on Purple Star’s bow, his entire body trembled as he used the last of his strength to release one last arrow. He coughed up blood and yelled, “Lin Qiong! You killed my brother, this is for you!”

“Sha Sha…”

Lin Qiong’s armor was completely sealed with frost as Purple Star had used up all of his energy to seal all of the movement in that area. Lin Qiong would take the full brunt of this attack no matter what!


The [Ice Seal Arrow] flew out, creating a blizzard in its wake as it struck Lin Qiong’s body.

In the air, Huo Li suddenly jolted, “F*ck, Lin Qiong that bastard….”



The [Ice Seal Arrow] buried itself inside Lin Qiong’s chest. From his side, Princess Angela picked up The Destroyer and raised both of her arms. She drew an arc through the air, her movements filled with hatred as she yelled out, “Lin Qiong, Die!”


The Destroyer’s blade cut through his battle armor. “Ka cha!” The attack cut off Lin Qiong’s left arm in one clean cut. Even the blood that was about to flow out was frozen in place. At the same time, Lin Qiong cried out in pain. With great effort, he used all of his strength to force his body to move, making the frost seal weaken and retreated. Fortunately, Angela immediately drew close and raised her foot. “Keng!” She stomped onto Lin Qiong and forced him to the ground. With both hands, she raised her sword, and stabbed right at his mouth!

Lin Qiong’s pupils diluted. He seemed to realize that his life was about to end.

Then, right at that moment, an imposing flame came down from the sky. It was an attack shaped like a dragon’s claw, slashing right into Angela’s chest!


Ba Huang City’s princess was thrown into the air, her armor burnt black. Even her snow white chest and long legs were covered in ash. Her mouth was full of blood as she was thrown into the crowds of people where she smashed through a catapult, and hit the wall before finally stopping. As she brushed her hair from her face, her eyes were full of defiance. Tears of humiliation dripped down her face, “I’m going to kill you, Lin Qiong, you bastard…”

In the sky, the flames on Huo Li’s arm began to recede and he smirked, “You want to kill one of Jiu Li Kingdom’s youngest Sword Saints right under my nose? Keep dreaming!”

As he finished talking, Huo Li glanced at Purple Star who stood in the ruins. His killing intent shifted as he waved his hand, and activated another skill. At that moment, the strength of a dragon’s claw came down from the sky!


The ground seemed to cave in as Purple Star let out a dying scream. His body was burnt to dust, and a fragment of light soared into the sky.

Seeing this, Angela trembled in fury, her tears continuously flowed, “Lord Purple Star, it was because of my uselessness, I was the one that did this to you…..”


Huo Li stood in the sky, and stared at the warriors on the ground with apathetic eyes. He suddenly raised both of his arms and roared furiously, “Fallen humans of the earth! You all cannot fathom the power of God. However, I, Huo Li, can let you experience the power of a vice god. Come! Accept the judgement of a vice-god, and let us end this war!”

In the sky, a round fiery sun suddenly appeared. It was nighttime in the game, yet the sun appeared. What is this?

“Oh no……” Qing Qian widened her big eyes and said, “This must be the forbidden tier spell.

Li Mu’s eyes flashed as he spoke, “His target is Angela. The princess of our kingdom is doomed……”

I held my sword, and looked towards the Angela in the distance and exclaimed, “It’s too late. None of us can save Angela. F*ck this! The disparity between the battle strength of the NPCs is so huge. Huo Li is like a God!”

“It’s coming!” Matcha opened her tiny mouth.

From the sky, the round sun fell on the ground, and directly smashed into the battlefield!

“Your highness!”

Among the crowd of NPCs, the commander of Ba Huang City’s Lin Huang was sprinting. The young general, Lin Huang held his sword and dashed towards Angela. He suddenly stopped right in front of Angela and opened his arms wide. He condensed his qi into a protective shield as he roared loudly, “Huo Li, I will never let you…..succeed…….”

“ Hong!”

The fiery sun smashed into the ground and a scene of hell on earth appeared right before us. At least 30,000+ people of Ba Huang City’s NPC Army were instantly destroyed as howls and cries were heard. Numerous soldiers evaporated from the battlefield.

Under a huge rock, a soft crying sound was heard. Almost all of Angela’s battle robe was burned, and she sat with her knees on the ground while The Destroyer was placed at her side. She stretched her hand out towards the sky, the direction towards Lin Huang. Lin Huang turned around, and looked at her with a faint smile on his handsome face as he said, “My dearest one. I really didn’t want you to witness my death. I am sorry, your highness. I can only accompany you until here……..”

The wind blew and Lin Huang’s body instantly broke into pieces, and became sparks of fire and dust. One strike from Huo Li was enough to destroy him.


A melted gold badge fell into Angela’s hand. The words, “Commander of Yun Huang Army” was carved distinctly on the badge. Just like that, the youngest Sky knight of Ba Huang City died.


As Angela trembled, she suddenly burst out in tears and sat on the ground with her knees on the ground. Her face was covered in tears as she yelled towards the sky, “Can there be no more deaths? Can there be no more wars? I don’t want things to be like this…..”

Her voice echoed in the midst of the wind, yet only the cries of three armies could respond to her.


In the mid air, the sound of the metal fist smashing into rock was heard, and Ba Huang City’s last line of defense fell.

The commander of the first army ——Forgotten Sea spat out blood as he retreated. After fighting Huo Li numerous times, he still lost. The disparity between their ability was just too enormous!


Forgotten Sea dropped to the ground on his knees, and slid away on the ground for almost a hundred meters. The battle sword in his hand had already broken in half. With bloodshot eyes, he looked towards the sky and said, “My King, your subordinate will no longer be able to protect you……”

Huo Li stared at Forgotten Sea with pity in his eyes as he uttered, “Humph! What number one general! You’re just another useless fellow sitting around, waiting to die. Number one general! And now, let me take the head of Luo Lei. What do you think?”

Duke Luo Lei held his sword and bellowed furiously, “Come! You demon!”

As Huo Li guffawed, his eyes fell on Angela and said, “However, I want to torture you a little more. How about I kill the Moon Elf Princess, Angela first. This way, Luo Lei, you old bastard, will truly have nothing left…..”

Luo Lei’s shoulder trembled as he said, “Monster. You……you are a monster……”

“Sha Sha…..”

Stepping on the charred grassland, I led Li Mu and Wang Jian to Angela’s side. I took out a purple tier cloak, and wrapped it around Angela’s body. I softly said, “Your Highness…..”

Angela looked up at me and responded, “You…….Warrior of Ba Huang City…..”

I felt slightly grieved as I spoke, “We have lost. Please forgive our inability……”

Tears flowed from Angela’s eyes as she said, “It has nothing to do with you guys. This was destined……”

As I turned around, I saw flames enshrouding Huo Li’s hand. He bellowed horrifyingly, “Come! No matter how many people protect you, you must die! Try a taste of my [Flame of a Dragon’s Palm], Princess!”


A fiery red dragon claw that seemed to blot out the sky, and cover the earth flew towards me, and I was paralyzed.

Li Mu also couldn’t move and he screamed, “F*ck, the disparity between the NPCs in this city war is too huge! Shame on them. We have no hope…..”

Wang Jian sighed and exclaimed,“So helpless!”


As we were waiting for our death, a resplendent figure suddenly fell from the sky. As her battle cloak fluttered along with the wind, her snowy fair long legs in battle boots were seen beneath the battle cloak. Seeing this, I felt a sense of familiarity. As she stood with her back towards us, she raised her right hand abruptly, and swung out with all her strength!”


The flames splattered and Huo Li’s confident attack was resolved by the strike of the beautiful girl!

In the sky, the shadow of another young looking figure appeared. In the end of the horizon, the stomps of hooves thundered as huge swarms of people charged forward from the north. The young man in the sky held a longsword circulated by flames. He looked towards Luo Lei who was on the ground and said softly, “Father, I am back…..”

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