Zhan Long

Chapter 379

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Chapter 379 Qin Hai

Most of the Jiu Liu City Cavalrymen in the iron formation were killed before our battle formation, transforming into experience, silver coins and equipments. Although 80% of these NPCs will revive after the event, the loss was still heartbreaking. These were all virtual resources of the China Server. Once the War of Nations starts, Jiu Li City will also become one of the major forces against the enemies, and victory would be dependent upon the cooperation of these NPC armies with players during fights in the War of Nations.

“So roughly counting……”

Qing Qian paused as she stared at the jumping numbers on the calculating tool and continued speaking, “Brother Xiao Yao, we killed almost 50,000 soldiers of the All Terrain Army within half an hour, along with some high ranked generals that were among them. However, our own losses cannot be considered small either, with about 500 people dead. The losses of [Crimson Contract] and [Enemies At The Gates] might be even bigger.”

I nodded in response, “It can’t be helped. The west side of the city can only depend on us to defend. How’s the situation with [Prague] and [Vanguard]?”

Anxiety was written all over her face as Qing Qian replied, “It’s hard to tell. The battle at the west side of the Fort Zi Zeng was really brutal. Fang Ge Que appeared, leading around 30,000 of [Legend]’s players, and swept away all of our guildless players. [Vanguard] and [Prague] have combined forces to fight against [Legend]. The battle is reaching a climax; all three sides have suffered terrible losses. I suspect that once [Judgement] and [House Of Prestige] join the battle, [Prague] will be defeated.

“Damn. It’s that crazy?”

“Yeah. [Legend]’s team tactics are extremely strong, that’s just an indisputable fact.”

General Lian Po suddenly raised his hand and pointed in the distance as he yelled, “Guild Master, look over there; a BOSS finally appeared. F*ck. It’s a……a BOSS that can fly……”

Thunder rumbled in the highest heavens as a NPC general appeared in the sky, carrying a crimson red sword in hand. He walked on air with cyclones under his feet as he descended slowly before the All Terrain Army’s campsite. The corners of his mouth curved down, revealing an angry expression. Suddenly he started reprimanding the NPCs, “A bunch of useless warriors. Those adventurers from Ba Huang City actually stopped you from advancing forward. You all are useless, a completely useless army!”

Receiving his scolding, not even one of the warriors dared to lift their heads up. As I peered at this commander of the Jiu Li Army, I noticed a dazzling line of words floating above his head——

Qin Hai LV-90 Valkyrie Tier BOSS

Location: Jiu Li City

Position: All Terrain Army Commander

Introduction: Qin Hai, the strongest warrior in the Knight School of Jiu Li City, and the youngest Sky Knight in the kingdom. His extraordinary abilities shocked the continent of Destiny. He was known as one of the strongest knights in the continent and was titled “Undefeated Saint Knight.” He once led thirty thousand soldiers on horses, and fiercely attacked a barbarian army of seventy thousand under the Ice Ridge Mountain. A complete victory was obtained in the end, and the heads of the seventy thousand Barbarians were beheaded, and the status of Jiu Li City in the northern areas was protected, remaining high and majestic.

“F*ck, a Level 90 Valkyrie Tier BOSS……” Wolf mopped the sweat from his forehead and said, “I have an anxious feeling that this Qin Hai will bring pain and death to us……

I grinned, “You don’t say? It would be difficult for us to kill a Lv 80 Valkyrie Tier BOSS now, let alone a Lv 90 Valkyrie Tier BOSS. It’s gonna take quite some time to kill. Tell everyone to prepare as we will be concentrating fire later. Let’s try to kill this Valkyrie Tier BOSS as quickly as we can. Damn. I don’t even know how much health this guy has. I can’t read his stats.”

Li Mu smiled and said, “There is probably no one that can read the stats of a Lv 90 BOSS right now. Anyway, it’s going to be a tough fight….”

In the distance, Misty Cloud raised his sword and yelled, “Xiao Yao, the BOSS appeared. What should we do?”

I replied “Organize the people and start attacking! Even if it costs the lives of 1000 people, you all must slay this Qin Hai for me!”

“Alrighty. I got it!”

From afar, Han Bei Song shouted, “Can we dispatch less people? 1000+ members of [Crimson Contract] have already died in battle. If we continue to get killed, we won’t have anyone left!”

“Okay. Everyone, prepare to kill the BOSS together. Also, watch out for the sneak attacks from [Emperor’s Blood]!”

On the horizon, the 10,000+ members of [Emperor’s Blood] were itching for action. Dragon Emperor stared at our campsite with a calm expression. A sneer formed at the corner of his mouth as he exclaimed, “A mantis trying to stop the car*. You dregs want to kill Qin Hai, one of the three big BOSSes of Jiu Li City? In your dreams. Brothers, let’s launch a surprise attack while [Zhan Long] is being slaughtered!”
*TLC: Idiom that means: An ambitious attempt without a sense of one’s pitiable limitation

The army of [Emperor’s Blood] drew out their swords and responded, “As you command, King!”

The pounding hooves of the horses thundered against the earth right ahead of us. Qin Hai had led the group of All Terrain Army’s soldiers towards us. This was the true attack!


Gripping the sword, Li Mu’s hands trembled slightly while I drew out my Cold Iron Sword. I must wield both of my swords during times like this, or else I’ll be strangled to death before I can even start foaming at the mouth.

“I will tie down the BOSS later, make sure you guys put forth your best effort in attacking!” I said in a low voice.

Qing Qian asked in a worried tone, “Brother Xiao Yao, can……can you really tie down a BOSS with such level? He’s seventeen levels higher than you. The suppression of your stats is too great*……”
Editor’s Note: If there’s a five level gap there’s a stat reduction for the weaker party

“It’s alright. I will try my best. As the saying goes, if I don’t go to hell then who will……”


Looking in front, I dashed out towards Qin Hai, and opened my hand while I was still at a distance, activating [Binding Chains]!


The metal chain burst out of the earth but couldn’t touch Qin Hai who was high up in the sky. It was a MISS. I gritted my teeth and tried again. This time I used [Great Realm Of Desolation]!

The energies of the three swords interwove in the sky. “Kacha” the energy blades pierced through Qin Hai’s armor, and a huge damage number immediately flew up. Not bad, this should count as breaking the defense——

Qin Hai shuddered for a second, and the crimson sword in his hand began flashing as the corner of his mouth quirked up in a menacing smile, “Damned little fellow. Are you trying to get yourself killed? Oh, well, let grandpa send you on your way!”

He suddenly moved. The movement speed of the BOSS was shockingly fast, and he came before my face in almost an instant. In the midst of his grim laughter, he forcefully struck towards me with his sword!

I raised my Cold Iron Sword against his sword. “Keng!” I trembled from the impact. The strength of my opponent was too strong, directly pressing my Cold Iron Sword onto my shoulder. Qin Hai struck again with more force, and I immediately felt a tearing pain on my shoulder——

With just a strike, I lost such a great amount of health. It was absolutely crazy. I descended like a falling leaf as a God’s Army Card spun in my palm before I reached the ground. Simultaneously, a [Black Tortoise Realm] surrounded Qin Hai.

“[Scattered Shot]!”

Li Mu yelled loudly, and all of the [Zhan Long] members around charged forward, assaulting Qin Hai with long-range skills. Unfortunately, the arrows of the Archers could only cause a damage of less than 100. Such attack strength was too weak to break through his defense. Only the bows and arrows of Dancing Forest and General Lian Po dealt more than 500 damage. The one that caused the greatest damage was Qing Qian’s [Grip of the FireFox] which blasted away 2000 of the BOSS’ health using the effect that considerably ignored defense.

“You all are looking to die!”

Qin Hai guffawed ferociously and struck forward in fury. The energy of the sword fell upon [Zhan Long]’s campsite, and countless ghastly damage numbers flew up. They were almost all instant kills.




Li Mu stared at the scene until his eyes almost popped out of his head. He exclaimed, “Don’t give up on attacking. Continue. We must kill this BOSS!! F*ck!! How could he be that strong? He is not human!”

Qin Hai laughed out loud as he lifted his arm, and abruptly swept past the crowds, causing flames to ravage them. Another group of people was killed instantly. Our people are just constantly being crushed.

I grasped my Emperor Qin’s Sword, and continued dashing forward. Blessed by the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon], I leaped up vigorously and slashed both of my swords on Qin Hai’s back!

Blood gushed out from the cuts, and Qin Hai turned around majestically as the corner of his mouth revealed his anger, “Young fellow, it’s you, the ant, again!”

His crimson red sword swept across and struck twice in succession, making my health rapidly drop to the bottom. However, Darling Duck led a group of Healers from a distance and healed me. My health was fully recovered in an instant. I positioned both of my swords and forcefully activated a [Combo]. My Emperor Qin’s Sword and Deep Sea Cold Iron Sword crossed and slashed patterns which left several bloody marks on the BOSS’ chest. “Ka Ka Ka” the attack brought forth a stream of damage numbers.——





When the succession of fierce attacks finished, I again added another combo skill, [Strength of A Thousand Men]. Qin Hai’s health was finally noticeably decreasing. We had to use a completely desperate fighting style. I also depended on the defense blessed by the [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] to fight this powerful BOSS!

“F*ck off!”

Qin Hai lowered his body and lifted his right leg. As a stream of air encircled his knees, he heavily kicked my chest with a “Peng!”. I immediately flew out like a bullet, and collided into the city wall with a loud crash. The Barbarians on the city wall stared at me and immediately started drooling, “Damn. A young adventurer was sent to our side as food. Let’s shoot him dead and roast him tonight!”

With a “Pa” sound, I descended to the ground and quickly rolled up. I quickly escaped the city walls, the danger zone. My movement speed was extremely fast even as arrows covered my back. Fortunately, the Healers focused on healing me otherwise I might not have survived even if I had nine lives!

“Boom Boom Boom……”

Qin Hai attacked using AOE skills again and again among the congregation of [Zhan Long] players. Within minutes, we had been obliterated. It was especially heartbreaking for me to watch this scene as every death was a loss, and all of these people were the elite of [Zhan Long] ……

At that moment, the sound of hoofbeats resounded from the rear of the [Zhan Long] campsite. Qing Qian widen her beautiful eyes as she exclaimed, “Brother Xiao Yao, our savior is here! Ba Huang City finally sent reinforcements!”

I held up my sword and turned around. Just as Qing Qian had said, a huge mass of the Han Feng Army’s Cavalry were dashing towards us from behind the mass of people. At the forefront was the Moon Elf Princess, Angela, sitting on a white war horse with a pure black metal umbrella on her back. In her hand she held a long sword, the Godly weapon——The Destroyer. The legendary weapon that us players wouldn’t even dare think of going against.


Angela abruptly jumped off the horse as she waved her sword in the air and delicately yelled out, “Qin Hai, you ruthless demon. Die!”


The energy of the sword slashed across, and a bloody mark appeared on Qin Hai’s arm. He licked his lips and grinned, “I see it is the pretty Moon Elf Princess, Angela. We haven’t met in ten years. I didn’t expect that we would fight to the death as soon as we met again. Come on, let me see if you have made any new improvements within these ten years!”

With his sword raised, Qin Hai darted out at lightning speed and struck towards Angela’s fair neck in a flash.


Angela held up the metal umbrella with her left hand and did a simple sweep. With a “Peng” sound, the energies collided together and smashed into pieces. Qin Hai spun in the air and backed several meters away as his eyes showed a slight shockness, “What a strong force! That little b*tch must have been taken into Luo Lei’s harem, and stolen some of Luo Lei’s battle strength after all those intimate nights!”

A furious expression formed on Angela’s beautiful face as she said, “Qin Hai, you are dead today!”

From afar, the sounds of battles rang out. Li Mu screamed, “Guild Master, [Emperor’s Blood] has started attacking!”

I smiled and sent a message to Piggy, “Can we make our move now?”

Piggy speedily replied, “We have arrived at the rear of [Emperor’s Blood]. You guys can attack now!”


I raised my Emperor Qin’s Sword up high and pointed right ahead as I shouted, “Target [Emperor’s Blood] along with the NPC cavalry and crush them all at once!”