Zhan Long

Chapter 345

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Chapter 345 [True Strength Arms]

Win or lose, didn’t everyone fight their hardest for the sake of the reward at the end? Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Dong Cheng Yue sat on the railings and kicked her long legs as she smiled, “Sigh. We’ve been fighting for so long, it has been way too exhausting. Thankfully this competition is only two days long. If it were three or five days long, we would die from exhaustion……. ”

Wan Er narrowed her beautiful eyes and grinned, “Honestly, our weariness is nothing compared to that of the readers who have spent more than a month on 31 chapters just to read about a tournament. It’s not that easy…… ”

I coughed in response, “Be considerate and be more serious. Fei Er is going to announce the competition’s rewards!”

“Okay Okay! ”

Fei Er stood seductively on the stage as the jaws of countless male players around the stage dropped. She held the microphone and smiled, “First of all, congratulations to the outstanding winners of the [Rise of Heroes] Tournament. The First, Second and Third place winners in this competition have finally been decided as Fang Ge Que, Lin Wan Er and Xiao Yao Zi Zai respectively. Congratulations! And now, it’s the most anticipated: Reward Time! For the players ranked below 32, the system has automatically sent you your rewards. Everyone who participated in the [Rise of Heroes] Tournament will at least get some experience as a reward. Up next, it’s our top 32 players raffle! To begin with, the system will teleport all players ranked between 17-32 to the stage and send the rest of the rewards out. Only the raffle needs to be operated manually. Now, the most exciting moment has arrived!

“Shua Shua Shua!”

Sixteen people were teleported onto the stage. Mu Xuan, Fushen Thousand Blade, Li Mu, Wang Jian and Old K were among the sixteen. The huge screen presented the details of their rewards. The rewards included Charm+3, Level+1, 10000 gold coins and the lucky draw. “Shua” A ray of blue light fell on the main stage. On top of the light flashed a player’s ID—— Mu Xuan! The first to participate in the lucky draw was Jiu Li City’s most beautiful woman, the big sister queen.

Holding her staff, Mu Xuan walked forward and pressed the Confirm button gently with her slender fair hands. Immediately, the numbers were quickly randomized and came to a slow stop. A light purple skill book materialized; it was an S rank AOE skill book——[Lightning Abyss]!

My Xuan was slightly taken aback. She flashed a big grin as she exclaimed,”Hey. This is a blessing in disguise! An AOE skill book! Woot!”

Afterward it was Li Mu’s turn. He pressed the button and obtained a Lv 70 Purple Tier shin guards with great stats!

Wang Jian and Fu Sheng Thousand Blade were not as lucky. They also got Purple Tier equipment, but they were incomparable to the best Purple Tier equipment today. Looks like the chances for good Purple Tier equipment really wasn’t that high. Misty Cloud, the last one, walked up the stage with his battle axe in hand and pressed the lucky draw button. A streak of light flashed across and a sinister crimson helmet hung mid-air then dropped right into Misty Cloud’s waiting hands.

Misty Cloud was astonished for a second. He stared at the attributes of the helmet happily and couldn’t stop grinning. The Emperor Tier Battle Helmet elevated the user’s attack by 17% and increased the attack speed by 12%. It also increased the probability of critical hits by 3%, one of the most prided stat for a DPS class. If you assembled high burst rate equipment like the helmet, you could have at least a 30% probability of a critical hit. With that, you could deal a critical hit every three strikes. This was especially good for high damage Berserkers like Misty Cloud, whose critical strike would almost take out any opponent’s life


The raffle quickly ended. The next round was for the players ranked between 9-16. This time, the players were on a completely different level. Yan Zhao Warrior, Jian Feng Han, Yue Qing Qian, Simple, Yue Wei Liang, Song Han and the others were among the ranks. The twins cheerfully stood on the edge of the stage, smiling and talking to each other. These two girls were the kind that could destroy the world with their beauty when they grew up. Naturally, numerous people focused their attention on them.

Rewards: Charm+5, Level+1, Gold Coins+20000 and the lucky draw. Yan Zhao Warrior strode to the raffle on the stage, and pressed the Confirm button on the screen. Immediately, a string of numbers jumped and began randomizing as they slowly stopped to form a necklace. Yan Zhao Warrior glanced at it and smiled, “Well, not bad. An Emperor Tier Necklace…… ”

Jian Feng Han stood behind Yan Zhao and threw a dirty look, “Hmph. Satisfied with just an Emperor Tier Necklace. It’s really easy to please [Prague]’s Guild Master……”

Yan Zhao faintly smiled and replied, “Happiness lies in contentment. One must be indifferent to fame and wealth. How would a naive young man like you understand such principles? ”

Jian Feng Han sneered and walked up for the raffle. Soon, a spear enveloped with an orange glow floated before him. It was a Level 70 Emperor Tier Spear with excellent attributes. Too bad he couldn’t use it; his only option was to give it to an important member under him. Would that be Vanguard’s number one Knight——Don’t Be Foolish? However, giving it to him seemed like a waste……

Gripping her dagger, Yue Qing Qian walked forward and pressed the Confirm button. “Shua” A ray of light flashed and a purple colored skill book floated before the young beauty’s chest then dropped into her open palms. “Zhe Zhe” Another assassin skill——[Firestorm]. It was an S rank skill which ignored the opponent’s defense and increased the damage by 40%. It also has increased the probability of a critical hit by 75%. With 1.2 seconds of cast time, it consumed 20 points of energy and had a cooldown of 15 seconds.

This was a typical Assassin skill with increased damage. Those with cloth armor or leather armor would be instantly killed with just one strike. Yue Qing Qian happily learned the skill. Then it was Yue Wei Liang’s turn to draw. With a wave of her hand, Emperor Tier Leather Boots appeared. Both of the twins received the best rewards of the draw and were overjoyed.

Song Han received an Emperor Tier Ring. It looks like the output rate of Emperor Tier Equipment in the ranks of 9-16 was much higher!


Fri Er went on the stage again as she smiled, “And now, it’s time for the Top 8 rewards. First off, let’s all welcome the players ranked between 5-8 onto the stage. They are——Q-Sword, Cang Yue, Ye Lai and Drunken Spear. Welcome!

Four streaks of white light flashed across as four players appeared in the middle of the stage. The big screen presented the details of their rewards: Charm +7, Level +1.2, Gold coins +50000 and the lucky draw. Dong Cheng Yue was the first to walk toward the raffle on stage. She pressed the confirm button and pursed her lips as she put her hands together in hope that the gods would be on her side. The data began quickly moving and transformed into a scarlet red staff that dropped into her hand. Simultaneously, the big screen presented the stats of the staff. [Bloody Grip] was an Emperor Tier Quality Staff with extremely high magic attack. On top of that it was a level 70 equipment with three attributes. Dong Cheng Yue narrowed her beautiful eyes and said, “Nice. Not bad……”

Following that, it was Q-Sword’s turn. As expected, another Emperor Tier necklace appeared. It increased the attack by 18% and life steal effect by 6%. These were actually the stats that Q-Sword dreamed of having. However, Q-Sword just stood on top of the stage and revealed a cold expression. Truly the attitude of an expert.

Ye Lai walked forward and swiftly pressed the button. An orange colored skill book quickly dropped in his hand——[The Consequence of Pride]. An S rank skill book that causes one to enrage and increases the probability of critical hits by 40% for a duration of 7 seconds!

I staggered and narrowed my eyes. I exclaimed, “Damn! The damage of that flame Berserker Ye Lai is already surprisingly high. Now that he has this [The Consequence of Pride], I’m afraid our Old K will be much weaker than him……”

Lin Wan Er nodded, “Yup. His explosive power is just too strong. With the support of some high level Healers, Ye Lai would be a God in team battles, guild wars and even battles between kingdoms!”

Misty Cloud touched the helmet on his head that he had just received and scanned the stage with a smile, “Yes. Ye Lai. Hehe……”

The last to participate in the raffle was Drunken Spear. As soon as he received his reward, his face turned green. It was a Purple Tier Cloak. Holding the cloak in his hand, he looked at Fei Er with a pale face, “This…… aren’t you my blood sister? Why did I, alone, get a Purple Tier Equipment? I……I can’t feel the love anymore…… ”

Fei Er chuckled and patted Drunken Spear on the shoulder, “Sorry for your loss. This was purely based on luck…… How about I give you Beauty Cang Tong’s number as compensation?”

Drunken Spear gritted his teeth and replied, “No, thanks…… Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to, I know that it’s just Old K’s number.”

Below the stage, Old K was shocked, “Why do I get the feeling that I’m about to be extremely popular……”

Soon, the next round began. Time for the fourth place reward!

The Seventh Tang stood on stage with a blank expression. Holding his iron fan, he said aloud, “Why am I alone on the stage? Why do I feel like a featherless chicken, thrown on a chopping board? This feeling……. what is it?”

Fei Er giggled, “It’s your raffle, the pitiful fourth place ……”

The Seventh Tang pressed the button and actually received an Emperor Tier Superior weapon. It was a pity that the weapon was a long sabre that he couldn’t use. He then carried the long sabre, and went off the stage contentedly.

Finally, the First, Second and Third place went on the stage together to receive their rewards!


Wan Er and I walked onto the stage together as Fang Ge Que stood nearby.

Wan Er smiled at me and whispered “Are you happy now? This is the most honored podium in the Chinese server……”

I laughed, “Actually, I’m more happy to stand here with you and be by your side…… ”

“Er…… ” Wan Er pursed her lips and blinked her eyes, as if she didn’t understand. She then grinned and said, “I know……”

Fei Er coughed, “Okay. No lovey dovey during the rewards time. First of all, let’s welcome the third place, Xiao Yao Zi Zai, to receive the rewards!”

My level had already increased by 1.5 levels and my charm increased by 9 points. On top of that I received the 100000 gold coins. The lucky draw was the the only thing left. I boldly strode forward with my Cloak of Disillusionment fluttering behind me and quickly pressed the Confirm button. The data speedily transformed into an orange colored skill book. “Pa” it dropped into my palms. The details of the skill book also appeared on the big screen——

【True Strength Arms】(SS Rank): A Passive skill that condenses strong battle power in both arms thus greatly increasing their strength. The player will be able to lift two-handed weapons in each hand. Also, the attack of the right hand’s weapon will remain 100%, but the left hand’s weapon will decrease to 75%. The player’s parry rate will increase by 40% and the attack speed of the player will also increase by 50%. Level Requirement: 70 Charm Requirement: 3

Lin Wan Er gaped at the skill book in my hand. She muttered, “The era of [Twin Sword Style] has truly arrived”

Fang Ge Que furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at the book without uttering a word.

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