Zhan Long

Chapter 283

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Chapter 283 – I’m Willing to Grow Old Alone

“Such high defense! They really do have turtle shells?!”

Li Mu held his sword and shouted, “Everybody, be cautious! This Blazing Tortoise has a skill called [Flame Burst]. It must be powerful, so pay special attention, or you might get burned to death…… ”

Matcha moved her shield while loudly commanding, “Prepare [Heavenly Shield Wall] to defend!”

“Keng keng keng……”

One after another, a row of Knights smashed their shields into the ground. The [Heavenly Shield Wall] instantly descended as the herd of Blazing Tortoises rushed toward us. Right before they reached us, they activated their [Gravity Slam] skill and their bodies curled into a spiky offensive shapes!

“Peng peng peng…… ”

Under such severe impacts, our shield wall quickly lost 7 to 8 people along the flank. Only Matcha had stats high enough to endure. With one hand holding onto her shield, and the other holding her spear, she continued to defend the front lines. The attacks of the Blazing Tortoises weren’t extremely high, so they were not much of a threat to Matcha.


Li Mu waved his sword, and suddenly a [Skyshaker Slash] burst forth!


His sword slid along the turtle’s shell, unexpectedly leaving only a trail of red sparks. Their defense was truly formidable; even Li Mu’s attack of almost 6000 could only deal less than 1200 points of damage. Stunned, he cried out, “Ah…what kind of perverse defense is this??”


Wolf grinned and raised his daggers, [Twin Blade Harmory]!


In reality, faced with monsters that had high defense, perhaps Assassins would have higher damage output.

As the herd of Blazing Tortoises smashed against our front-line, the sinister bastards glared at us, howling, “Oh, damn! The blood of these adventurers is so sweet. I will wrench their heads off and guzzle their fresh blood!”

Yue Qing Qian flashed a wry smile, “This dialogue is really terrifying….. ”

I smiled and lifted up my Emperor Qin’s Sword, attacking with [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. With a “hong” sound, the attack landed, immediately causing numerous damage numbers to drift up. Motherf*cker, as expected, the effect of 154 stacks of [Kill For Blood] was unbeatable —



Wang Jian was stunned, “Is there really that big of a difference between Brother Xiao Yao’s attack and Brother Li Mu’s attack? This is too ridiculous; [Seven Star Fragment Slash] is an AOE skill, it shouldn’t do as much as the single target [Skyshaker Slash]……”

I carefully replied, “Yea, the actual difference of attack isn’t that big. It’s just that the [Kill For Blood] effect of the Emperor Qin’s Sword has reached 154%. Plus, Emperor Qin’s Sword ignores 25% of the target’s defense. 75% of Blazing Tortoise’s defense is about the same of that of a normal Knight. Thus, breaking their defense isn’t really a challenge.”

Li Mu felt relieved, “Ah, I see now. Though, looking at Gentle Touch’s attack, I do feel better…”

Nearby, Gentle Touch’s [Skyshaker Slash] fell and took out 700+ health points of a Blazing Tortoise. His face turned green, “Leader Li Mu, what do you mean? Are you making fun of me? I…… I quit……”

Li Mu roared with laughter, “Young man! Don’t be so impulsive, I was just kidding. Keep up the good work! …… All the Mages at the back, turn your damage output to the maximum! This wave of Blazing Tortoises all have armored defense. We can only rely on your magic damage to kill them. Front line, I won’t require you to kill monsters, guarding the front line is good enough!”

Numerous fireballs and icicles rained down upon the Blazing Tortoises, causing them to scream in pain as their health fell rapidly.

“Shua! ”

A Blazing Tortoise whose health had dropped below 50% immediately activated the skill [Flame Burst], and a ring of flame instantly shielded its body. Nearby Berserkers with less than 20% health were actually burned alive in one hit and dropped dead.

“F*ck! ”

Wang Jian knit his brows and asked, “This isn’t good. [Flame Burst] causes 500 points of fire damage every second. It’s extremely painful, and even drinking a health potion won’t be able to help. What should we do?”

I murmured, “Keep increasing the damage output! Just kill all the Blazing Tortoises nearby so you won’t be be burned. Everyone, do your best! Healers, don’t be stingy with your mana, put your whole effort in healing……”


“Roarr! ”

With a fierce roar, Flaming Tiger God rushed up to the front-line howling. It was already at the extremely high level of 65, and its attack was 3250. [Burstfire Raid] roasted a whole herd of Blazing Tortoises. After following up with a combination of other skills, the healths of the Blazing Tortoises immediately began to drop. Seeing each tortoise receive an average of 3000+ damage, I knew for sure Flaming Tiger God was not much weaker than me at all.

Only a few seconds later, Flaming Tiger God retreated with low health, similarly unable to endure the battle; the damage from [Flame Burst] was too high. Leaving the healing range of the Healers would very likely result in death. It was times like these that really showcased the importance of Healers. It was a good thing that we managed to survive the previous 6 waves of monsters. [Zhan Long]’s Healers didn’t suffer many casualties, and their formation remained mostly intact. This was also one of our guild’s advantages in later stages of long events.

Despite our best efforts, the front line players died continuously and even Matcha had to activate [Holy Shield] to survive. Fortunately, the burning effect of the Blazing Tortoise couldn’t stack; each player could only be burned once per second. Otherwise, our formations would have definitely collapsed!

“Huacha! ”

I used [Blade Rush] forward once and immediately turned around. As I slashed my way back like a tornado, I activated another [Seven Star Fragment Slash]. This method of attack was skillful and effective; a large herd of Blazing Tortoises had already turned into corpses under these attacks. At the same time, there was a “pata” sound as one of them dropped a fiery red card. I picked it up and looked at it; it’s effects weren’t bad at all—–

【Blazing Tortoise Card】: Increase the user’s defense by 10% and HP limit by 5%. Level Requirement: 60. Effect duration: 120 minutes.


I immediately threw it to Matcha. There wasn’t much point in her pursuing a higher attack, so why not improve her resilience? That way, she could become [Zhan Long]’s front line protector.

Healing myself, I recovered 1050 health points.

Dancing Forest pulled back her longbow as she stood in the rear. With a “pa”, a Blazing Tortoise in the distance was stunned by a [Scattered Shot]. The tortoise behind it kept ramming against it, but couldn’t get past it at all. Watching this filled Dancing Forest with hope, as she lifted her longbow up and gave a loud command, “Every Archer use [Scattered Shot] and aim 5 yards ahead of the front line in order to trap the Blazing Tortoises within our attack range! That way our front lines won’t suffer too much damage!”

A group of Archers followed her command, and naturally, it worked! This managed to reduce fire damage the tanks took by more than 50% and much pressure was lifted off the Healers. The rest of the teams copied the tactic to stabilize their positions, making sure they wouldn’t break formation again.

One by one, the Blazing Tortoises died by my blade and my experience kept rising exponentially. Opening up the rankings to look, I had finally overcome my hurdle; I was finally Ba Huang City’s number one. No matter how strong Jian Feng Han was, his Flaming Cloud Sword was no match for my Emperor Qin’s Sword. Jiang Feng Han had no hope of returning to the top, especially since the ability [Kill for Blood] was just too OP. My usurping of the throne was inevitable.

Lifting my sword, I looked into the distance; the plains had once again plunged into chaos. [Zhan Long] and [Flying Dragon] barely got by the seventh wave of Blazing Tortoises; the newly arrived reinforcements had been wiped out. The damage that the Blazing Tortoises dealt in close combat was just too horrifying. Without enough skilled Healers to give support, there was only one fate: death.


“Kill faster….” I frowned, “The pressure on the north side of the [City of the Ancients] is just too much. We need help from everyone to decrease the pressure…..”


Matcha picked up an armor that one of the Blazing Tortoises dropped and smiled, “A Lv 64 Gold Tier armor, it’s almost on the same level as a Lv 50 Purple Tier armor. So strong…..”

Bai Qi slapped his leg and said, “Ha, my leg guards were just replaced. Hehe, the stats were much stronger than my original Lv 47 Purple Tier leg guards, adding an extra 9% physical defense and 7% magical defense. Low level Emperor Tiers are about that good…”

Matcha chuckled, “If the armor doesn’t add more than 10%, then don’t show it off. Look at how Boss’ Purple Tier Divine Fireguard Helm has 27% magic defense and 12% physical defense. Compared to Divine Fireguard Helm, your Gold Tier equipment is basically trash that can’t even be looked at…”

Bai Qi helplessly smiled, “F*ck, please don’t compare me with Guild Master. At this current stage in Destiny, he holds the first rank godly weapon and not only is he is ranked the first on the Ba Huang City Rankings, he is also ranked 27th on the CBN Battlemaster Ranking Chart. With a person like this…… I am under a lot of pressure …there’s definitely no way I could compare!”

Matcha chuckled, “He even has many pretty girlfriends. Look, the beautiful Cang Tong is Boss’ girlfriend-to-be and Cang Yue is the backup. Don’t you feel inferior?”

Bai Qi smiled wryly, “If I don’t meet the right girl, I’d rather be alone for the rest of my life…..”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands burst into laughter, “So this is the pace you’ve been aiming for in your life?”

My mouth twitched, “Can you guys concentrate on slaying the monsters? The BOSS will be out soon, so stop teasing your teammate…… ”


During the first 40 minutes of the seventh wave, Li Mu suddenly muttered, “This is bad. The new BOSS has spawned……”

“In which direction? ” I inquired.

“West! ”

“Who’s located in the west? ”

“A few guilds, [Mass Burial], [Ruined Bones], [Misty Palace] and [Winds of Battle], but they don’t have many people left…… ” Li Mu grinned. “The guild [Mass Burial] is very peculiar. Their members all possess the two talents [Broken Slaughter] and [Rampage]. Their Guild Master must have enabled cheat plugins…..”

Yue Qing Qian blinked, “Not Ordinary was already killed by me and Brother Xiao Yao. He wouldn’t be cheating so brazenly, right?”

I held up my sword and laughed, “Stop chatting. Form an assault party of 100 men to advance to the west and seize the BOSS. Even if we can’t take the BOSS, at least kill the remaining members of [Mass Burial] before returning to our camp. [Mass Burial] is an ally of Cang Cheng. In the future, our guild definitely will battle the first rank guild, [Hero’s Mound], so it’s more beneficial to us if we eliminate [Mass Burial] now.”

“Agreed. Let’s set out!” Wang Jian smiled.

Under my command, [Zhan Long]’s assault party of 100 people rushed toward the west. While the large amount of Blazing Tortoises and players were still slaughtering each other on the plains, we had already begun our operation to assault the BOSS.

A few minutes later, we arrived at the west side of the [City of the Ancients]. The BOSS was in the middle of the large, chaotic crowd. The crowd was in complete chaos with members of [Ruined Bones], [Winds of Battle], and [Misty Palace] all fighting fiercely. There were even a few players from [Vanguard], [Prague], and a few other guilds that could be seen in the distance. It was pandemonium, but that was exactly the situation I had hoped for!

“Go! ”

In front of us were about 200 players of [Mass Burial] and with my sword in hand, I roared, “Attack the players of [Mass Burial] first! Kill them without mercy! Don’t leave a single one standing! CH-ARRRRRRRRR-GE!!”

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