Zhan Long

Chapter 244

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Chapter 244 – Five Against One

Old K picked up his axe as he yelled, “Jian Feng Han you’re a bit too arrogant aren’t you? Don’t you see anyone in Ba Huang City as a fellow human being anymore?!”

Jian Feng Han lightly smiled: “Hero Ran Min…. a trash built up with equipment and skills….. “

Old K couldn’t take it anymore.

I quickly raised my hand in front of Old K to stop him and murmured, “Don’t be rash, just let [Vanguard] be arrogant some more!”

As I said that, I looked at Jian Feng Han and coldly said, “I already called all of [Zhan Long]’s members here, along with [Ruined Bones], [Winds of Battle], [Misty Palace], and [Blood Contract]; these four guilds will soon arrive within an hour. Jian Feng Han, right now the China guild rankings have [Vanguard] ranked as third and today I want to see just how tough China Billboard’s third highest guild’s bones really are.”

Fallen Wolf picked up his battle axe and grinned, “I’m afraid these bones are so hard that they’ll knock your teeth out!”

I lowered my voice, “Even if all of [Zhan Long]’s teeth fall out, today we will definitely bite through that bone. Just you wait!”

Turning around, I announced to everyone and brought the hundred or so people to retreat.


“Why aren’t we directly confronting them?” The confused Old K asked.

Yue Qin Qian grinned: “Uncle Old K, do you not see it? Just looking at the bottom of the mountain there are close to 300+ of [Vanguard]’s players and the mines have at least 200+ players along with Jian Feng Han and Fallen Wolf. With the hundred people we have right now, we aren’t even enough to get stuck between their teeth…..”

I nodded: “Basically, and to top it all off we don’t have enough Healers. Once we start fighting there won’t be any way to recover and then we would be completely screwed.”

Thousand Suns Over Snowy Lands said, “Also….. yesterday’s maintenance nerfed the skill – [Revive]. Within 30 minutes, a player can at most revive only two times, and no more….. even if there were Healers we’d be killed to the point where we can no longer revive.”

I lifted Frost Rain Sword and walked up to the frontline and looked out into the distance, “Just wait for a while, soon the reinforcements will arrive and at that moment we’ll strike the mines!”

On the sidelines, Palace Decree lifted his hammer and smiled, “I didn’t think Xiao Yao Zi Zai would be so focused on these mines, he seems very determined to win…. Hehe, looks like I still have hope in entering the cave to mine some more Blood Gold to help Palace Spirit’s blacksmithing skill to reach Lv 10…..”

“Who is Palace Spirit?” I asked in surprise.

Palace Decree couldn’t help but smile and said, “I forgot to mention it but I have a sister, who’s 23 years old; her ID is Palace Spirit. We split up the work, so usually I’ll grind [Mining] levels, while Spirit rushes her [Blacksmithing] levels. That way I have Lv 9 [Mining] and can also help her level up [Blacksmithing] to Lvl 9. How else would her [Blacksmithing] be at such a high level?”

My ears perked, and asked: “Palace Decree, why don’t you come and join [Zhan Long]? We can provide the best environment for leveling [Blacksmithing].

Palace Decree smiled slightly: “Unfortunately, not at the moment. I just joined [Legendary Myth], and the Guild Master treats Palace Spirit and I very well, so I won’t leave the guild for the time being. Also… the Guild Master is putting a lot of resources into making Spirit and I number one in [Blacksmithing] and [Mining] and I don’t want to be indebted to anyone. I implore Guild Master Xiao Yao to wait patiently. It’s not that I’m avoiding [Zhan Long], I just don’t want to change guilds too quickly.”
TL: SORRYYYY! I didn’t realize that legends was already used :(. Since 史诗 also means legends.

I nodded: “Sure, that won’t be a problem but you need to agree to help me recast Emperor Qin’s Sword.”

Palace Decree laughed: “A gentleman’s word is a promise, I will definitely refine Emperor Qin’s Sword! Also, my sister Palace Spirit is your fan. She watched your legendary battle in Green Qilin Valley, when you fought back against [Wrath of the Heroes]’s hundreds of players and has repeatedly said that you were truly an exceptionally skilled player.”

I just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Yue Qing Qian sent me a message that secretly said, “Brother Xiao Yao, don’t be impatient. Palace Spirit is your fan, so there’s still a chance. I’ll start with Palace Spirit and then lure these two siblings out from [Legendary Myth]. It won’t be a big problem.”

I chuckled as I replied, “Sure, it’s really nice to have the reliable Qing Qian here…”

Yue Qing Qian’s face turned beet red as she replied, “I was originally in charge of PR in [Prague], I’ve poached people out of their guilds a lot of times. Wuwu, does big brother Xiao Yao think that my character is bad?”

I couldn’t hold back a giggle, “This is a headhunter’s work. What’s your character got to do with it?”

“Yeah, that’s okay then…”


A little after half an hour, the first batch of reinforcements arrived. A bunch of people came down from the skies; the person standing in front was a graceful and beautiful Wind Elf Knight. It was Matcha wielding the majestic Glass Spear of the Dragon’s Soul. Following her were a bunch of Wind Elf players from [Zhan Long] with the Archer, Musketeer, Mage, and Healer professions.

“Sha sha…”

Matcha floated down to the ground and lightly smiled: “I’m not too late am I?”


“Once I heard the news, I brought all 127 of the Wind Elf players and immediately rushed over….” Matcha looked at me and said, “When I told them that our boss’ face was being punched in, these players flew much faster. Boss, look at how much these guys love you; when can [Zhan Long] pass out salaries?”

I flinched at once, “Not happening….”

Matcha: “Humph…”


Not much later, another bunch of troops burst out from within the forest with Misty Clouds leading in front and his axe ready. Following closely behind him were Sword Reborn and Fighting in Blood. [Ruined Bones], [Winds of Battle] and [Misty Clouds], these three guilds, had finally gathered their troops together.

Misty Clouds approached me directly and politely smiled, “Guild Master Zi Zai, we meet again so soon, yet I never imagined that our second meeting would be the day our guild formed an alliance and fought together against [Vanguard]!

I nodded, “Yeah, I also never thought that things would progress so quickly. I need Lv 9 ores to rush skill levels but [Vanguard] won’t let people in. I’m not gonna say that I’m doing this for justice; once it concerns our personal benefit, [Zhan Long] wouldn’t keep watching on the sidelines…”

Misty Clouds burst out laughing, “That’s true; if Arctic Fox Forest continued to be controlled under [Vanguard], then all of the blacksmiths in Ba Huang City will belong to the [Vanguard] family in the future. This is a future that nobody is willing to accept!”

Sword Reborn quipped, “Guild Master Zi Zai, [Zhan Long] has more elite players than us; how many people do you have now?”

Matcha replied, “There’s still 2 minutes remaining. Li Mu and Little Wolf are bringing 500 players here soon!”

Sword Reborn clenched his fist and grinned, “That’s good then. With the strength of [Zhan Long] in our alliance, we will have at least a 30% chance of success!”

Matcha froze, “Guild Master of [Ruined Bones], how can you have so little confidence? We have four guilds working together, how could we still lose to [Vanguard]? Even if [Vanguard] is strong, they aren’t strong to the point of being undefeatable…”

“Matcha, you don’t understand…” Sword Reborn replied quietly, his face ashen, “Outside of Ba Huang City, some of my brothers have heard news that Jian Feng Han had mobilized the whole force of [Vanguard]. He’s determined to keep Arctic Fox Forest, so [Vanguard] will make use of its full force to win this Arctic Fox Forest battle. Do you know…how many online players [Vanguard] has in Ba Huang City?”

Matcha shook her head, “Not sure…”

Sword Reborn smiled weakly, “[Vanguard] is the first guild in Ba Huang City that has reached Lv 4; the main guild currently has a full capacity of 3000 players who are always online for a long time. Furthermore, they still have at least 10 smaller groups; the number of [Vanguard]’s registered players are close to 70,000 people. At least 50,000 players have just joined , so currently the number of online players that can be mobilized is around 15,000 people. The four of us joined together only amounts to 3,000 people. By numbers…we’ll definitely be crushed by [Vanguard]…”

I was quietly surprised, “These numbers, are they accurate?”

Sword Reborn nodded, “Yes. These numbers can all be trusted! Previously when we, these few guilds, battled with [Vanguard] over Arctic Fox Forest, Jian Feng Han didn’t even use all his cards. He crushed our three guilds with not even 40% of his fighting strength. This time, humph, it will be really hard to say since Jian Feng Han is taking it seriously!”

Little Wolf readied his dagger and quickly moved forward, smiling quietly, “That’s okay, when we, [Zhan Long], get serious, victory is expected. Furthermore, we still have [Blood Contract]’s help!”

Misty Clouds grit his teeth, “It’s a pity that we can’t pull [Prague] along for this battle. Otherwise, if [Prague] sided with us, with the advantage of close to 20,000 online [Prague] players and the elites in [Zhan Long], we’d crush [Vanguard] in no time with little difficulty.”

At this moment, another bunch of people came out from within the depths of the forest. It was [Blood Contract]’s Guild Master, Han Bei Song, who was wearing a full body armor and wielding a sword raging with flames. His mouth showed an insolent smile, “No can do. It’s more fun fighting with less people; using a few to defeat the many is one of the qualities of heroes. Depending solely on numbers to win the battle, how can one be proud of that?”

I nodded: “Han Bei Song is right; the few of us are being bullied by [Vanguard]. This time, the five stiny cobblers are gathered together; let’s see if we can defeat the giant known as [Vanguard]!”
TL: Saying in chinese that 3 Stiny Cobblers > Genius

On one side, Matcha waved her hands and the map of the foot of the mountain in Arctic Fox Forest appeared. She quipped, “In reality, this mountain is surrounded by thick forest all around, so players won’t be able to pass through easily. There are many obstacles; it’s not a wide open plain, so [Vanguard]’s superiority in numbers might not be able to come out in full swing. We can utilize this weakness and break through them. From what I know, [Vanguard]’s 10,000 reinforcements will need at least 20 minutes to arrive. We should set up an ambush in the surrounding areas to intercept them in advance and attack Jian Feng Han in the inner areas. Then, with our superiority in numbers against Jian Feng Han’s 500 right now, we should have a chance of winning.”

“That’s right!” Misty Clouds shouted, “[Vanguard] has the advantage in numbers but they also have the weakness of organizing and mobilizing them. We are fewer in number but we are more flexible. Let’s prepare an ambush in this Arctic Fox Forest right away; it’s possible to win this war.”

Li Mu came in with a smile being displayed in his face as he declared: “Let’s kill each of their members once or twice, then at least half of them will not be willing to resurrect anymore. We should be able to display formidable military performance even with such a numerical inferiority. [Zhan Long]’s, [Ruined Bones]’s, [Winds of Battle]’s, [Misty Palace]’s and [Blood Contract]’s names will be etched in history! ”

“Who will command this squad? ” Misty Clouds asked.

Wang Jian faintly laughed: “Who could be a more suitable candidate than the Guild Master of our [Zhan Long]?”

I laughed as well: “There is one; Matcha has the best strategical instinct among us, so she will be the commander. Does anyone object? ”

Misty Clouds said: “Whatever. There is no real suitable candidate anyways, so let this beautiful sister Matcha do it. ”

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