Zhan Long

Chapter 228

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Chapter 228 – The Death of Hans
Translated by: Ciel, Deception, Taffy, SoloNeko
Edited by: GGP

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TL2: Sacred Tier is changed to Valkyrie Tier due to reasons.

[Divine Tiger Mechazord] (Valkyrie Tier)

Introduction: One of the Mohist City guardians, the talented Yun Chen, traveled across the world and found an ancient tiger god’s spirit. He spent 10 years, finally casting the tiger god’s spirit into a mechanical animal, giving it the strength of a tiger god. It also became the final guardian of Mohist City and has always been at Yun Chen’s side.


Even though this Iron Tiger didn’t have a level, it was a Valkyrie Tier monster. Valkyrie Tier was the next tier after Emperor and currently, there hadn’t been any Valkyrie Tier BOSSes or equipments in the whole server. But there was no level description for the tiger, so it was hard to say if it could beat the genuine Emperor Tier boss.

“Damn it!”

The Shadow of the Ice Dragon roared and waving his claws striking the mechanical tigers’ body, he yelled: “Yun Chen you bastard, to think that you hid this mechanical animal. Very well, now I will let you and this mechanical animal go to hell and from now on there will no longer need to be a Dragon Temple to imprison your spirit, because today is the day that I will kill you!”


With a cracking sound, the fierce tiger cried out while backing away. One of the ears on its head had been torn off by the Ice Dragon’s claw, as drops of scarlet blood dripped down from its ears. Heavens! This mechanical tiger actually had a mortal life!

After retreating, the fierce tiger quickly started flashing its sharp claws and slashed them through the air twice. At that moment, two claw marks appeared in the air and the Ice Dragon was pushed backwards while its health bar dropped by a whole chunk. A Valkyrie Tier BOSS attack was at a whole new level, dealing over 30 000 damage in a single attack; it was so much higher than what we could possibly do.

While I watched the situation, I used [Heal] on myself and lifted my sword to rush forward. I attacked from the BOSS’s flank and a chain of 1000+ damage attacks hit the Ice Dragon’s side. Retreating from the hit, Hans was furious. With me and Fierce Tiger attacking, he was helpless.

“Godd*mn it, I will destroy you both!”

The dragon raised his head arrogantly, suddenly unleashing [Icicle Domain] upon the tiger’s body. “Pa pa pa” a chain of high attacks left Fierce Tiger with less than 70% health. My heart sunk. This was not good; the mechanical beast was, as before, not on par with Ice Dragon Hans. If he didn’t receive help soon, he would have no chance!

I slammed my fist down and [Binding Chain] burst forth from the ground, successfully binding Hans onto the ground. I opened my fist and activated [Great Realm of Desolation]!


After retreating a few steps, I slashed my sword and unleashed [Seven Star Fragment Slash]!


The two consecutive attacks thoroughly infuriated Hans. The Emperor Tier Ice Dragon opened his wings and flew right at me. His front claws slashed as he activated a skill, [Dragon Claw Triple Slash]!

I quickly activated [Shield of the Crimson Dragon] and endured as the meteorites fell. My Nebula Armor and Frost Rain Sword were almost destroyed by the BOSS. I quickly used a potion to survive, but my health was at the bottom!

Inside the party chat, everyone was in panic——

Wan Er: “ What exactly is happening? Li Xiao Yao, why has your health bar suddenly dropped so much?”

Yue Qing Qian: “Brother Xiao Yao, don’t die! Wait for us, we’ll be there in 10 minutes…..”

Matcha: “Boss…”



Another thrust from the dragon’s palm came again, forcing me to drop down once more onto the icy cold floor. Laying there weakly, I had almost given up. There was just no way to fight this monster at all without a Healer! Although, even with a Healer, there would still be no chance. The effects of the [Ice Dragon’s Fury] was still there, so Healers would already have a hard time healing themselves, let alone casting [Heal] on me.

“Accept your death, brat!” Han’s draconic eye had a sinister look that pierced straight into me as his face snarled.

His ferocious mouth opened wide and immediately an icy frost began to spread out. It was the prelude to [Icicle Domain]! Hans was thinking about killing me here and now.


A roar came from the tiger with a large gust of wind. The fierce tiger came down in front and protected me. The steel hairs on its body opened up and with a snarl from the tiger, they all flew towards the Ice Dragon. Piercing into its mouth, the needles stripped away bits of its skin, dripping dragon blood down onto the ground that quickly froze over. It seems that the Ice Dragon’s blood could quickly freeze itself.

Bellowing in pain, the Ice Dragon roared, “You steel trash! You still want to protect that mortal behind you with your body?”

The fierce tiger howled with a lift of its head in response since it could not speak.

Hans was extremely angry now. When the fierce tiger slashed down with its claws onto the ground, it opened its mouth wide open. Taking in a huge breath with the force of a vacuum, Hans started to inhale the tiger towards itself. With a howl, the tiger began to fly towards Hans!


With a gulp, Hans swallowed the fierce tiger whole, hiccuping slightly. Laughing sinisterly at me, it said, “Brat, this mechanical tiger has unknowingly become a meal for my stomach; will you be the next one?!”

“Next one only in your dreams!”

I flipped myself upright and clasped down onto my sword with both hands. Then dashing forward on the ice, I slid down towards his stomach. With the Frost Rain Sword’s tip already near the stomach, I ripped it open, spilling blood everywhere. The wound was so deep that I could faintly see the dragon’s internal organs beating inside. It was a shame that my strength wasn’t that high or else I would have been able to split apart the intestines as well.


Bringing back my sword, I started to run away from the distracted Hans and towards the entrance to the 4th layer. In order to have a chance to kill this Ice Dragon, I had to meet up with everybody else. Dammit, he still had at least 5% health left. With a total of 700,000 health points, that would be 35,000 points. Truthfully speaking, twenty strikes of [Great Realm of Desolation] and [Seven Star Fragments Slash] was enough to kill it. But it probably would not give me the chance to use that many attacks because he could kill me with just 2 hits.

“Brat, where do you think you’re going?!”

The Ice Dragon bellowed as it flew over, its large wings flapping about, causing the snow and ice on the ground to fly away, revealing a plot of lush, tall green grass underneath. The plot of grass was spread quite far; nobody would have expected there to be such an abundant vegetation underneath an ice covered ground!

In that moment, my thoughts came to a halt. Is this my chance?!

I rushed forward and flipped into the grasses. At the same time I activated [Camouflage], entering into a state of stealth!


Ice Dragon Hans stopped beside the grasses, unable to detect my whereabouts. It actually didn’t notice me!

“A good chance….”

I was thrilled, the grasses were the guardians of the earth and even ice and snow had no way of penetrating it. Just by hiding in the grass, I could shield myself from [Ice Dragon’s Fury]. My hopes soared, I could fight this battle now. Besides, as the Ice Dragon uneasily stood there, something inside of him seemed to be squirming, as though it was….. the mechanical tiger!?

Upon careful examination, it turned out to be true. The mechanical tiger was raging inside Ice Dragon Hans stomach, causing the Ice Dragon’s health recovery to fail. Even after all this time, Hans’ health was still at 5%. My chance had come!

After calculating the distance, when I was around 30 meters away from the boss, I suddenly jumped out of the grass and raised my hand, activating [Great Realm of Desolation] and then [Seven Stars Fragment Slash] as a ranged attack!

“Keng keng!”


Hans roared in pain and started to slash in my direction. I quickly retreated back into the bushes, retreating almost a hundred meters before finally stopping in a corner. I lifted my head to scan the area. Hans was furiously hovering around the map but could not locate me. Although the Boss’s AI was extremely intelligent, it was not smart enough to figure out my location. Damn, [Camouflage] was just right for this situation!

After a few minutes, Ice Dragon Hans health had dropped to 2%. My heart started beating faster as I started to get more excited. Even if I was hiding in the bushes, I did not feel cold at all, but instead, it felt slightly warm.

Inside the party chat, Promised Love said: “We have entered the 4th layer, Xiao Yao Zi Zai! But…”

Me: “But what….”

Promised Love: “But the [Fury of the Ice Dragon]’s attack power is too strong. We lose 200 health every few seconds, so we can’t revive together. You need to wait for a bit; the 5 of us—-the three Healers, Wan Er, and Matcha—will revive first!”

I thought about it for a bit: “If it’s really impossible then we can come back and discuss after I slaughter this BOSS!”

“Ah?!” Wan Er said in shock, “You can kill the boss by yourself?”

“Yup, give me another 3 minutes, 4 minutes at most.”

“How can one person kill such a powerful boss?” Yue Qing Qian said impatiently.

I immediately shared my player’s point of view and tried out the hit and run tactic with the help of the grasses. Immediately, Yue Qing Qian laughed in understanding: “This tactic…so vulgar…”

I laughed: “How else would such a powerful boss be killed? Ok, just wait a bit; after the boss is killed, I’ll meet with you guys again. I won’t hog all the equipment to myself!”

Promised Love: “Yeah, we’ll wait for you. Us going over would definitely be too dangerous. Even protecting ourselves would be difficult.”



Time passed bit by bit. After seeing that the boss’ health was not even at 1%, my heart started beating at my throat. Seeing my own level, killing the Lv 65 Emperor Tier boss by myself should be enough to raise me to Lv 63 right? The experience alone was a huge profit, this SSS-ranked map was really a blessed trip. Of course, this was after overlooking the part when we had been painfully beaten up by the boss, which had been scenes of devastation too tragic to bear.

After around 3 minutes, finally, the Ice Dragon Hans fell with a roar from my [Great Realm of Desolation]. Before dying, it even howled miserably: “You sly brat, I won’t die so easily. Just you wait, the Dragon clan will definitely get their revenge on you. You lowly humans; I will definitely chew up your flesh and bones so that nothing is left!”

I lifted my long sword and charged in. With a flash of light, the Ice Dragon’s head dropped and with a “peng” its body fell into countless pieces of frost essence onto the ground. At the same time the Ice Dragon was killed, it also dropped the equipments I had hoped for. “Shua shua”, two golden lights fell over me and I directly rose to Lv 63 with 11% experience!

I opened the ranking list to check, d*mn it, I still hadn’t been able to reach the top. Ba Huang City’s top ranked was Jian Feng Han at the same level of 63. I didn’t know what map that bastard found, leveling 2 times in one night!


Raising my head to look up, the hail had gradually stopped; the effect of [Fury of the Ice Dragon] had also disappeared with the Ice Dragon Hans’ death. I guarded the pile of equipment by myself. Not long after, the figures of 7 beauties and 1 uncle appeared on the plain of ice.

Wan Er carried the water bamboo colored small umbrella, smiling as she walked over: “Not bad, there’s actually someone who can deal with a level 65 Emperor Tier boss alone…..”

Promised Love nodded and smiled: “Xiao Yao Zi Zai this fellow is really OP….”

Matcha ran forward, hugging my shoulders and looked around: “Boss, you didn’t lose an arm or a leg from the boss’ beatings did you?”

I couldn’t help laughing: “Let’s not talk about that; hurry up and see what this Shadow Ice Dragon dropped….”

“Sure sure!”

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