Zhan Long

Chapter 210

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Chapter 210 – Ito Makoto
Translated by: SoloNeko and GGP
Edited by: Thaddpole, Kaylee, Sac, Hendricksen-sama
TL: Since none of us are Japanense/know a lot of japanese, take the japanese names with a pinch of salt.

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Several of the people around me recognized Lin Wan Er as she arrived. They immediately stood up courteously and smiled, “Oh, the rich miss from the Tian Nan House is here. It’s been a long time since we’ve met! Wan Er has become so beautiful!”

Lin Wan Er smiled softly and greeted them one by one, “Uncle Liu, Uncle Zhao, how do you do…”

“So this is Boss Lin’s most beloved pearl! “A middle aged man wearing a traditional Chinese suit stood up and smiled, “I am Ou Yang Peng, owner of Shi Fang Can Mall. I’ve seen you before when you were still very young…”

Lin Wan Er smiled softly, “Oh, I was still small at that time, so forgive me for not remembering you…”

“Haha…” Ou Yang Peng laughed candidly, “I don’t know what good deeds Boss Lin did in his previous life to earn such an obedient and beautiful daughter! It really makes others envious. Oh right, Wan Er, why don’t you introduce the two people you brought here?”

Lin Wan Er immediately pulled Dong Cheng Yue’s hands, “This is my best friend who lives with me, Dong Cheng Yue!”

“Oh, don’t tell me…is she Dong Cheng Feng’s, that old chap’s daughter? Such a beautiful girl…”


“Haha, it is her indeed. I’ve heard rumors that Dong Cheng Feng’s daughter is very beautiful. Today, the rumors were proven to be true! Oh right, there’s also this handsome young man. Who is he?”

Lin Tian Nan coughed a little and said, “He is Li Xiao Yao, and he’s Wan Er’s…uhm…”

Lin Wan Er pursed her lips and quickly said, “He’s just my friend. What else can he be?”

Lin Tian Nan smiled faintly, “Yeah, a friend he is then…”

Ou Yang Peng looked at me and smiled, “Li Xiao Yao? That’s a good name…Young man, all of Lin Wan Er’s friends are not ordinary, so what’s your story?”

I calmly looked at him, “I have no story, I’m just Wan Er’s classmate.”

“Oh, is that so…” Ou Yang Peng, after hearing the retort, could only laugh aloud, “Good, not even a sign of nervousness. Young people nowadays are becoming more difficult to handle. Anyway, our main star for today’s dinner is… Aside from Wan Er, there’s another star, isn’t that right, Boss Lin?”

Lin Tian Nan smiled lightly, “Yes, Wan Er, you all take a seat first, I’ll introduce you to someone…”

As he said that, Lin Tian Nan reached out his hands and pointed towards the twenty-five year old young man right in front of me. He said, “Wan Er, today I have called you here in order to introduce him to you…”

“Him?” Lin Wan Er furrowed her eyebrows, “Who is he?”

The young man slowly stood up, giving us a friendly smile, “Lin Wan Er, you might not know me, but I’ve already known about you since 2 years ago. Your “Heart of Time” has always been my favorite song; I could even be considered your fan. I never knew that you are actually Uncle Lin’s daughter–a fact that I only learned after I came back to China. If it were not for this, I would never have been able to meet you, a superstar….”

Lin Wan Er gasped, feeling a little amazed, as she asked, “Who are you?”

The young man laughed softly, “I… I just came back from Japan, so I don’t really know how to introduce myself….cough, cough…This is a little awkward…”

Lin Tian Nan stood up and firmly said, “Let me do the introductions then! This is the son of a good friend of mine. He went to Japan and lived there alone for a few years. This time, he came back to assume his post as a high ranking manager at an MNC. In Japan he’s called “Ito Makoto”, but his Chinese name is “Wang Ze Cheng”. He is my good friend, **’s, son. Having not seen him for a long time, I never thought that old chap’s son had grown so big…”
TL: ** is in the Raw

“Wang Ze Cheng?” Lin Wan Er glanced at the young man and smiled softly, “How do you do…”

Wang Ze Cheng also smiled and nodded, “How do you do, it’s very good to see you. I hope you can give me some pointers. Uhh…I haven’t lived in China for a long time, so I’m not really used to speaking in Chinese. But I will work hard to improve my Chinese during this period of time. Furthermore, for the sake of learning my mother tongue well, I have applied to become a member in the Chinese department in Liu Hua university. After a few days, Wan Er, we’ll be classmates.”

Lin Wan Er nodded her head, quietly sitting by my side, and said, “Alright, got it…”

That Ou Yang Peng looked at us, smiling meaningfully, “Ah Cheng, you just came back recently, so there are many things you aren’t used to, right? You have to adapt to the language and food cultures here. Which company are you working for in Hangzhou?”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled brightly and replied, “Booster Company.”


Ou Yang Peng was shocked, “Booster Company, the multinational China-America joint venture, the company that just bought the large, astronomically priced Star Tower in the CBD(Central Business District) area in West Lake District in Hangzhou city?

“Yep, that’s right, Uncle Ou Yang.”

“That…” Ou Yang Peng was stunned, “What a boy, you actually managed to enter such a prestigious company. You are really extraordinary. Oh right, Boss Lin said that you hold a high ranking managerial position in Booster company. What exactly is your position?”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled lightly, “That… it is actually not a high ranking position…my position is Asia’s Regional Chief Executive Officer…”

“CEO of the Asia Region?”

Ou Yang Peng’s face turned pale, “A young person’s abilities must be respected… You managed to attain that high position at such a young age. That isn’t easy at all. You literally made all of us old people sweat in shame…”

Lin Tian Nan laughed out loud, “Ou Yang, don’t scare Ah Cheng off; we, the Tian Xin Group and Booster company, have just signed a ten-billion dollar long-term contract, so we are one family from today onwards. Wan Er, this Ah Cheng guy is very sensible, and furthermore, he’s young and promising. You can learn a lot from him. Do ask for his advice when he joins your class in Liu Hua University. When the time comes, I will arrange for you to enter Booster Company for an internship.”

Lin Wan Er gawked, “Dad, I want to decide where to intern myself. Can I?”

Lin Tian Nan wrinkled his nose, “You are already a grown-up, don’t be so willful. Booster Company is the strongest biological research center on earth. Their products can be found all throughout the world. The management of the company is also focused on science; you would learn more things if you join the Booster Company. Dad is still waiting for you to take over my burdens…”

Lin Wan Er wanted to say something else but I nudged her from underneath the table. She took a glance at me and then simply nodded, “Alright then, but when I start my internship, Li Xiao Yao has to come with me too…”

Li Tian Nan laughed, “Sure, Li Xiao Yao is also your friend. If he agrees, you can ask him to intern together with you. In any case, Li Xiao Yao is also Liu Hua University’s student, so there will be plenty of chances for the three of you to befriend Ah Cheng….Alright, we should prepare to start dinner!”



A bunch of middle aged people suddenly became busy toasting each other and so Lin Wan Er, Dong Cheng and I couldn’t seem to fit in. Also, Lin Wan Er’s mood was not the best. She sat quietly beside me, but no matter who tried talking to her, she would plaster a friendly smile on her face. She always acts appropriately for the occasion and can control her temper in front of an audience well.

Dong Cheng Yue whispered, “Wan Er, do you think there’s a hidden meaning as to why your Dad introduced you to this Wang Ze Cheng? Don’t tell me he wants to betroth you to him or give you a boyfriend candidate?”

Lin Wan Er unintentionally glanced at me, then quickly dropped her head. Pouting her lips, she whispered back, “I…I wouldn’t want to even if he beats me to death. I won’t compromise at all in this aspect…”

Dong Cheng Yue eyes darted towards me and laughed, “Don’t tell me it’s… Your dad felt that placing Li Xiao Yao at your side was too risky. The moment he’s not careful, someday, his precious daughter’s heart might just get stolen by this bastard…”

Lin Wan Er blushed beet red and said back, annoyed, “Dong Cheng, what the heck are you saying…”

I sipped my tea at the side, smiling but choosing to stay silent.

At this moment, Wang Ze Cheng actually walked over, carrying a glass of red wine. He stood beside Lin Wan Er and said, “Superstar, let me toast a drink to you. But you can just drink the non-alcoholic drinks…”

Lin Wan Er stood up right and nodded, “Alright, thank you…”

Wang Ze Cheng then emptied his wine glass in one gulp, and smiled, “Superstar, I’ve heard that you guys are quite good players in , is that right? I have gotten my hands on a helmet recently, if you have time, help to train this newbie okay…? Uhm, forget about it, I reckon you guys are not that free. Such a deadweight like me will be better off training by myself. When my level catches up with yours, could you just count me in as your friends? I will promise that I won’t slack off and won’t hold your group back. My skills in gaming are quite good, you know. In Japan, I was actually the number one gamer in Kanagawa…”

Dong Cheng Yue tilted her head as she looked at him and asked, “Really? I’ve heard that Japanese people are all simple and down to earth and they seldom boast of their own skills…”

Wang Ze Cheng spread out his hands and laughed, “I’m not Japanese anyways. I’m an authentic Chinese man. It’s just that since I was young, I’ve followed my Dad and grew up in Japan. Otherwise, I would have definitely spoken to you in a standard of Beijing accent!”

TL: Beijing Accent is considered to be the highest quality/most traditional of Chinese pronunciation, kinda like the British English.

Dong Cheng Yue couldn’t help but laugh, “Hehe…”

Wang Ze Cheng looked bewildered, “What are you laughing about?”

“It’s just…hehe…”


Perhaps out of boredom, Wang Ze Cheng then asked, “Wan Er, Dong Cheng Yue, what are your player IDs?”

“Cang Tong.”

“Cang Yue.”

“Huh?!” Wang Ze Cheng shouted in shock, “Fan Shu…Fan Shu City’s two great beauties are actually the two of you? Cough, cough…Excuse me for my manners, I’m really sorry. Turns out that those are your player IDs. I’m too disrespectful…”

As he said that, Wang Ze Cheng looked towards me and asked jokingly, “Li Xiao Yao, what’s your player ID?”

Me:”Xiao Yao Zi Zai.”

“Eh?” Wang Ze Cheng furrowed his brows, “So you are Zhan Long’s Guild Master? No wonder your atmosphere is different…Haha, I knew it. Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue’s friend wouldn’t be an ordinary person. So Xiao Yao Zi Zai turned out to be you…Even though I’ve never played , I followed the news on what was happening throughout the three cities. 2 days ago, Zhan Long managed to win even with lower numbers against [Wrath of the Heroes], it was beautifully fought, only, your battle controls are still a little lacking…”

“Battle control?” Dong Cheng Yue asked, astounded. “Wang Ze Cheng, explain to us more clearly. Although Li Xiao Yao’s battle control cannot be considered as number one, it’s still not bad right? Why do you say that his battle control is lacking?”

Wang Ze Cheng smiled lightly, “There are different styles when having a close combat fight. Pulse Break Style, Battle Reflux Style, Thorn Style, Drunken Sword Style, and other strategies. What do you think Xiao Yao Zi Zai’s battle style is classified as? It’s not any of those; not Pulse Break, Battle Reflux or Drunken Sword. Your equipment also seems like it doesn’t have any return damage so you can’t be Thorn Style. Therefore, you can only kill people but you have not mastered the art of PK in game.”
TL: Alright so these styles are kind of vague so here’s a more comprehensive thing
Pulse Break – Break your opponents attacks and then deal devastating strikes
Battle Reflux – Life Steal, fight, fight and fight more, healing with your lifesteal
Thorn – Basically returns damage to whoever hits you, thornmail?
Drunken Sword – Using wine to increase fury and use fury attacks
(Note that many of these styles will not appear till later…)

Dong Cheng Yue could only stare at his reply and had no idea how to retort back.

The corners of Lin Wan Er’s mouth twitched, “Li Xiao Yao, don’t you want to say anything?”

I tightened my right fist, my Qi twisting around it as I smiled lightly, “Killing people is already an art in and of itself!”

Wang Ze Cheng’s gaze turned cold, “Heh, getting to know you all has really been interesting. We will be meeting quite a lot in the future, so let’s be good friends, okay….”

Me: “…”

Lin Wan Er: “…”

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