Zhan Long

Chapter 187

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Chapter 187 – Guild Prestige Tablet
Translated by: SoloNeko and GGP
Edited by: Manvender, Noah, Sac, Based Jessica

“What’s wrong, General Li Mu? Calm down!”

“Okay…” General Li Mu turned on his chat function, took a deep breath and said, “This time the matter might be serious. Not long ago, Jiu Li City’s [Judgement] Guild defeated an Emperor Tier boss and it dropped a Guild Prestige Tablet. Xiao Yao, do you know what a Guild Prestige Tablet is?”

I jumped, “A Guild Prestige Tablet… I don’t know, I only know of the Guild Creation Tablet, what is a Guild Prestige Tablet used for?”

General Li Mu replied, “Guild Prestige Tablet is a must have item when issuing a guild challenge. During a challenge, it will be a showdown between a tenth of the guild’s number and the loser guild will immediately be disbanded while the winner guild will get 10% of the loser’s guild experience. This Guild Prestige Tablet is extremely rare but there is already one in Jiu Li City. Furthermore I received information 10 minutes ago that [Judgement] Guild Master has already sold this one and only Guild Prestige Tablet for 4,000,000 RMB!”

I froze, “General Li Mu, you don’t have to say anymore. I can imagine who bought this Guild Prestige Tablet. It’s [Flying Dragon]’s Soaring Dragon, right?”

General Li Mu gritted his teeth and said, “No, it’s not Soaring Dragon, it’s Mu Tian. Not even an hour after this Guild Prestige Tablet drops, Mu Tian went to Jiu Li City and bought it. They will definitely use it on [Valiant Bravery]!”

I thought for a while and said, “Wait, let me check the rules for this Guild Prestige Tablet…”



Opening the search function, I found Guild Prestige Tablet. There were a few lines of descriptions below–

Use Requirement: Player Level 50, Guild Level 3 and above, target Guild Level 3 and above

Usage Costs: 50,000 gold to use the Guild Prestige Tablet

Battle Requirement: The two Guilds participating will send the same amount of players to fight in the challenge, with the maximum being one tenth of their maximum member limit. If the guild levels are not the same, then the average between the two will be taken.

Battle Result: If the guild that uses the tablet wins, the losing guild will automatically be disbanded and can never be established again. The winning guild will also receive 10% of the losing guild’s experience. If the guild that uses the tablet loses, their guild will be automatically disbanded and the challenged guild will receive 50% of the losing guild’s experience.


“So, do you understand now?” General Li Mu asked.

I nodded, “Not good. [Valiant Bravery] and [Flying Dragon] are both Lv 3 Guilds and have a limit of 1000 people. A tenth of it means 100 people participating from each side. This is a 200 people showdown but it’s better than an all-out guild fight, after all the number of [Valiant Bravery] is lesser overall. If we’re just choosing a hundred people, we can choose 100 elites. This way, our chances of winning are much bigger. General Li Mu, I know very well the abilities of General Wang Jian, General Bai Qi, General Lian Po and you. Even if it’s [Flying Dragon]’s Drunken Spear, you all won’t lose easily!”

“I’m just worried that they will hire mercenaries…” General Li Mu clenched his fist and said, “We, [Valiant Bravery], cannot afford to lose. Once the guild is disbanded, we brothers will have nothing left. That’s why Xiao Yao, I’m inviting you, together with Wolf, Old K, Darling Duck, Fox, Matcha and Ah Lei to join [Valiant Bravery], help us to win this war caused by the Guild Prestige Tablet. After the battle ends, you can quit the guild, so please help us…”

I furrowed my brows and said, “As your friend, I will naturally help you…. But General Li Mu, I can’t make any promises for this Guild Prestige Battle, I don’t know what kind of people Soaring Dragon is going to invite after all. If they are only in the level of [Wrath of the Heroes], then it will be easy. But if they invite the elites from guilds like [Legend], [Judgement] or [Vanguard], we 7 people from Zhan Long won’t help much.”

General Li Mu nodded and calmly replied, “I understand. Life and death is determined by fate, success and failure is determined by heavens. We can only try our hardest and hope for the best!”

“Yup. Can you continue to look for other people to invite?”

“Understood. Could you…Could you ask the two beauties Can Tong and Chang Yue to help us a bit…?

“I’ll ask but I can’t guarantee they’ll agree…”



Opening the chat function, I started a call with Lin Wan Er, it connected after a few seconds-

“Wan Er?”

“Yup, I’m finishing my quest, what’s the matter?”

“It’s…” I summarized [Valiant Bravery]’s situation.

Lin Wan Er frowned and thought about it and said with difficulty, “That… no matter what you say, I’m still a member of [Hero’s Mound], moreover I am the Deputy Leader. The matter of me joining [Valiant Bravery] may cause unrest with other members of [Hero’s Mound], so…”

I nodded, “I understand, it will be hard for you to do this.”

Lin Wan Er smiled a little, “However, if you really want me to go, I’ll bring Dong Cheng and join [Valiant Bravery] for a few days. It won’t matter that much, at the most I’ll just get scolded by Q-Sword a little when I return…”

I quickly shook my head, “It’s okay, I don’t want to owe Q-Sword anything. Leave it at that. [Valiant Bravery] are my friends but they are not Wan Er’s friends. I don’t have the right to ask you to help them, I’ll just settle it myself. Wan Er, be careful on your quest~”

“Okay, work hard! Don’t lose~~”



After getting back to General Li Mu about the expected news, he continued to look for other elite players.

Without surprise, not even an hour afterwards, a loud bell resounded in the air, a Guild Prestige Tablet have been used-


System Announcement: Player Soaring Dragon has successfully used the Guild Prestige Tablet. The guilds involved in the battle are the challenger, 【Flying Dragon】 and the 【Valiant Bravery】. Both parties are entitled to choose 100 players to participate in the battle. The final winner will receive a great reward while the loser will equally receive a great loss—guild dissolution. The official battle will start at 12 AM sharp tomorrow!


“Wow..” Matcha held her long sword, dumbfounded, “[Flying Dragon] challenged [Valiant Bravery]… This time the joke is a little too big… Soaring Dragon is ruthlessly trying to wipe [Valiant Bravery] out from Ba Huang City…”

Little Wolf gritted his teeth and said, “The people in [Valiant Bravery] like General Li Mu are all good people; they can be counted as our friends. Brother Xiao Yao, let’s help [Valiant Bravery] in this battle!”

I nodded, “Yup, General Li Mu has already invited us. The 5 members of Zhan Long Studio plus Ah Lei and Darling Duck, a total of 7 of us, will join [Valiant Bravery] and help them to win this guild war!”

Fox frowned a little and said, “I feel like it won’t be that easy. Since Soaring Dragon started this kind of war, he must be determined to win. Without any doubt, Soaring Dragon is definitely well prepared…”

Matcha twisted her eyebrows and said, “Boss, you have a deep bond with General Li Mu and General Wang Jian, so even if we know we’ll lose, we will still face the challenge head on. Furthermore…when Zhan Long is established, we should at least have a friend. [Valiant Bravery] members are all very loyal, I feel that Boss’ decision is not wrong. We must lend [Valiant Bravery] a hand, even if we are going to suffer a heavy loss!”

I laughed, “Yup, I have already informed General Li Mu. Let’s go to Ba Huang City North Market Square and prepare to join [Valiant Bravery]. Oh right, Matcha, have you learned any new skills?”

“It’s so expensive boss…all the special skills require 100g to learn…”

“Doesn’t matter, learn it!”


After a few minutes, 3 golden pillars of light fell on Matcha’s body continuously and with a wave of her hand, 3 profession related skills were shared with us.

【Phantom Ray Slash (LV-1)】 : Channels power and releases a ray of straight light attack through a distance of 15 meters, dealing 110% of user’s attack. Percentage of attack changes based on the user’s skill level.

【Phantom Shadow Clone (LV-1)】: Creates a shadow clone that will cause a specified target to attack the clone instead of the user for 1.5 seconds. The effectiveness of the skill depends on the skill level.

【Phantom Holy Shield (LV-1)】 : Creates a holy shield to protect the user, increase defence and magic resistance by 5%. The effectiveness of this skill depends on the skill level.


Looking at these 3 abilities, I nodded slightly and laughed, “[Phantom Ray Slash] is an attacking skill, [Phantom Shadow Clone] is a control skill while [Phantom Holy Shield] is a defensive skill. Changing classes to this Phantom Knight profession was indeed the right choice. Matcha, what Swordsman skill did you keep?”

Matcha laughed lightly, “[Haste], it’s a little useful. I can increase my attack speed and movement speed. Furthermore, my attributes growth has changed, my endurance growth has increased by a lot, how should I add my points in the future, boss?”

“From your point of view, how would you add the points?”

“Based on my understanding of the Knight profession…” Matcha pursed her lips and said, “Defense and health is a must, these attributes have special growth from the profession. But physical attack must also not be neglected. Furthermore, I think that in the future, defense and health can depend on armors but attack can only depend on weapons. The attack power of spears is not as good as battle axes, hence, I will add more points on attack. The stats distribution will be 7 strength, 1 endurance and 2 defense. Boss, do you think this is practical?”

I nodded and smiled, “Very good, you can distribute it that way. I’m really looking forward to the day you become stronger!”

“Yup yup!”

“Let’s go, gather in the North Plaza!”


5 minutes later, in Ba Huang City’s North Plaza.

General Li Mu came shuffling, carrying a Purple Tier long sword. He laughed heartily, “Thank you handsome guys and beauties from Zhan Long for your help, [Valiant Bravery] will remember it forever!”

I knitted my brows, “Stop talking about useless stuff, just add us into your guild!”


The moment we entered the guild, a blood-red longsword sign appeared on my shoulder; it was the [Valiant Bravery]’s guild symbol. General Li Mu looked at me, “Brother, what position would you like, I won’t even mind making you the Deputy Leader!”

I shook my head, “No, I don’t want any position. I will just lead the Zhan Long 7 person group and listen to your commands. We’ll kill whoever you want us to kill, as simple as that!”

“Okay, thank you all!” General Li Mu clenched his fist and said, “Thank you, my friends!”

I looked at the forest in a distance and said, “Enough, Li Mu, go and finish your preparation. We’ll also go offline to rest for a while, we’ll come online tomorrow afternoon before 11:00 and await your orders!”

“Yup, alright!”


9pm at night, at the school bar.

Lin Wan Er held a glass of kiwi juice in both hands, slightly swaying, she looked at me, “The news about [Flying Dragon] and [Valiant Bravery] spread like a wildfire in the forums. Are you confident that [Valiant Bravery] can defeat [Flying Dragon]?

I sat on the chair, “That will depend on the enemy…”

“Even when you have no confidence, you still help them…”

“Life itself is a challenge. How can there be any endeavor where success is guaranteed…”

“True. I wish you success. Sleep early tonight; tomorrow you’ll need to maintain your best PK mental state. Don’t go out and fight and don’t drink.”


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