Zhan Long

Chapter 163

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Chapter 163 – Countering the Sky Bear Slash
Translated by: Zdog, Anne and GGP!
Edited by: Sachin, Zephir, Video, Noah, Seb and Kaylee!

Holding my sword, I inched forward bit by bit and finally received the BOSS’s information to share in the party chat –

【Qiang Emperor – Yao Xing】(Purple Tier boss)
Level: 58
Attack: 1570-1950
Defense: 1120
Health: 280000

Abilities: 【Penetration】【Flame Blade】【Sky Bear Slash】

Description: Qiang Emperor Yao Xing. When the 5 barbarian tribes invaded mainland China, the Qiang Emperor destroyed Hou Liang. The emperor was a brutal tyrant who allowed the soldiers serving him to kill and pillage. He could be characterized as very militaristic by nature, and his continuous warring caused suffering among many people. Since his death, he stands guard over the soul of the hero Ran Min.


Dong Cheng Yue looked at the far away BOSS and said, “This time there is no secondary boss in this BOSS fight. It should be a little simpler.”

I shook my head, “Maybe, but this BOSS has a new ability – [Sky Bear Slash]. We must be careful since the strength of this ability is unknown. This Lv 58 Purple Tier BOSS is probably the toughest one that I have encountered so far, so let’s be careful and not die. Same tactics as before- I will attack first, everyone else stay back. We will discuss the strategy after I find out the boss’ fight style. Both Healers, remember to heal me well.”

Yuzi Chengshuo and Darling Duck both nodded their heads, “Don’t worry!”

Lifting the Frost Rain Sword, I attacked swiftly together with Baby Bobo. Naturally, Lin Wan Er and Dong Cheng Yue both summoned their Tigermen and had them follow behind me. The two high defense pets could act as off tanks and help me out when I get into a dangerous spot.


I wasn’t even 20 meters away when the Qiang Emperor stood up. He lifted a golden colored scimitar that was next to him and yelled out, “My Hou Qin endeavors are not something you small fries could topple. Come and have a taste of my scimitar. I will let you understand that there is always someone above you and there is always a higher limit.”



The raging flames that rushed out as the boss came forward was unlike the previous bosses I encountered; I hadn’t even began my attack when he started attacking. The scimitar was surrounded by raging flames, this was the skill [Flame Blade]! The boss’ movement was too fast and I couldn’t avoid it, so I could only take a step back and bend slightly as I used my shoulder to take the brunt of the attack!


The [Flame Blade]’s attack was really overwhelming! Without waiting for the boss’ second attack, I launched [Fierce Ice Blade]!



Quickly after, air began surging through me. I used a self [Heal] + [Strength of a Thousand Man] at the same time, recovering my health and getting ready to attack!

With the continuous fighting, my combat log stated that more than 85% of aggro from the boss was on me. Yuzi Chengshuo also saw the message and she said instantly, “Darling, we can start to heal!”
TL: Combat log = how much dmg he does etc – Matcha uses it to calculate stuff

“Swoosh Swoosh!”

Two [Heal]s later and my health was once again full.

The boss was excited from the fighting, and with his scimitar dancing, he yelled out, “Arghhh, watch me cut you like a hot knife through butter!”



Thankfully, this skill was weaker than [Flame Blade].

Retreating a few steps from the boss’ reach, I immediately jumped back and used [Combo]. As golden hexagons flashed on my sword, 4 hits went straight into the forehead of the Qiang Emperor, angering him.


Suddenly, letting out a roar, the Qiang Emperor became enraged as he suddenly dropped down on all fours. Still roaring, black fur started sprouting from head to toe as he unexpectedly transformed into a warbear. The scimitar in his hand had become even brighter and sharp to a terrifying degree. Crawling and roaring, he charged over. Fully alert, I quickly shouted, “Heal me properly!”

After saying that, I used a health potion to recover myself to full health as my Purple Dawn Boots mapped out a path of retreat. However, I was not fast enough and watched in horror as the transformed bear form of the Qiang Emperor rushed to kill me!


A vigorous chop led by a blood red blade appeared from above and followed the boss’ attack, bombarding my back. It was heavy enough to make someone die from the pain–


Darling Duck hastily cast [Heal], stubbornly bringing my health back up. Yet this didn’t even matter. The BOSS pursued me relentlessly and his attack interval had not even reached one second when, with a low shout, he unleashed another [Sky Bear Slash]!



My heart almost stopped cold. Hastily casting [Heal] on myself, I simultaneously turned my sword and used [Wind Blade] to slash the BOSS’s shoulder in the hopes of breaking his attack momentum. However, I was met with disappointment, as the Qiang Emperor who had died long ago beckoned like Yama, the King of Hell, and continued on to his third strike!


Each successive attack was stronger than its precursor. It was horrifying!


Yuzi Chengshuo quickly used both [Heal] and [Hemostasis] to just barely bringing my health back up to a bit over 2000 points.

Here it comes again, the 4th [Sky Bear Slash]

My face was already purple. Isn’t the [Sky Bear Slash] skill really unfair – Four continuous hits with each successive hit being more powerful than the previous hit?!


I was damaged once more and my health nearly disappeared!

Qiang Emperor snarled, the top of his head still exuding a light signalling the continuation of [Sky Bear Slash]. Damn! How was this skill still not over yet?! The Healers’ skills were all still cooling down – what to do?!

“I’ll get ready to revive Li Xiao Yao! Duck, prepare to recover half his health!” Yuzi Chengshuo immediately shouted out, thanks to her abundant battle experience, she knew what to do.

Darling Duck quickly nodded. With eyes full of concern she exclaimed, “Boss, don’t die!”



Lin Wan Er raised her hand to bring out her iron umbrella, saying in a low voice, “It’s over, Li Xiao Yao, he can’t block it!”

Dong Cheng Yue hastily remarked, “Wan Er, what are you going over there for! Even Li Xiao Yao can’t even block it, how can you block it?!”

Even so, Lin Wan Er utilized the Assassin’s class [Haste] skill and speedily flew over. Passing me, she gently bumped my shoulder, “Get out of the way first!”


Although she used little strength, the point of contact was extremely precise. Directly hitting a vulnerable pressure point, she made me tumble out the way about 7 or 8 meters. Holding the umbrella by the handle with her left hand, she abruptly supported the ribs of the umbrella with her right hand, going into defensive mode with the Moon Elf’s unique iron umbrella.


Crismon light shined everywhere. Under the strike, Lin Wan Er was blown away by the 5th [Sky Bear Slash]. She fell like a kite that had it’s line snap and over her head appeared a damage number – 1773!

No matter how good her equipment is, her health bar was almost gone.


“Shua shua shua……”

Getting 3 continuous [Heal]s, my health was almost back to full. In addition, a reassuring thing was that the [Sky Bear Slash] could only be used 5 times in a row. In addition, after doing the 5 strikes, the boss will briefly enter a weaken state that will persist for 10 seconds and defense will be reduced by half. Which is time for us to attack!

“Wan Er, thank you……” I said in the party chat.

Lin Wan Er slowly stood up from the ground as she pouted while rubbing her shoulders, “It hurts ……”

Dong Cheng Yue lightly laughed, “Congratulations player Cong Tang, the intimacy with player Xiao Yao increased by 1. An increase of 1% to capturing his heart!”

Suddenly, Lin Wan Er’s beautiful face was dyed red, “Dong Cheng you d*mn brat, if you talk again, I’m gonna bite you……”

Dong Cheng Yue, “Come on, bite me, if dare to bite me, I will call ** for you …….”
TL: ** is in the raws

Wan Er: “……”

Me: “……”

Everybody: “……”


Only Yuzi Chengshuo remained calm. Raising the corners of her mouth, she laughed while saying, “Although I envy this unspeakable relationship between you two, could we kill the BOSS first and then speak of this ** matter?”
TL: Once again ** is in raws

Lin Wan Er grabbed her iron umbrella from the ground and stood up, stuck out her tongue and laughed, saying, “It was all Dong Cheng, that brat, wu……”

Yuzi Chengshuo said, “Xiao Yao, if the boss executes [Sky Bear Slash] again, how will you handle it? Our Healing skills cannot cover it. Furthermore, the boss’ movement speed is too swift for you dodge.”

My heart jolted, I said, “Matcha, when the boss uses [Sky Bear Slash], try using the Illusionary Butterfly Queen’s [Vines of the Dancing Butterfly] to bind him to see whether or not he can break it. Wan Er, Yue Er, you guys use your Tigerman to block him to restrict his movement speed so that his successive hits cannot hit me. This way, there might be a chance.”

The three girls all nodded, “Okay, sure!”


Not even 30 seconds in, sure enough, [Sky Bear Slash] came again. Qiang Emperor Yao Xing transformed into an bear. While wielding his scimitar, he charged toward us and loudly yelled, “Mainlanders, my Hou Qin soldiers will use your blood as paint. The world will be in chaos and my Hou Qin subjects will be your rulers!”

The Frost Rain Sword trembled and bending my body, I swung the blade. With a “Peng!”, it landed on the face of the boss , leaving a scar. Lowering my shoulder, I suffered the first attack while Darling Duck healed me. With the second attack, Yuzi Chengshuo healed me.

The third attack!


Green vine after green vine shot out from the ground and immediately snared both legs of the boss. I was dumbstruck and stared blankly; the Illusionary Butterfly Queen is so overpowered, to have successfully snared a boss with such a huge level gap!


After getting disrupted by the pet, the last 3 attacks were nullified. Quickly, I let out a breath or relief. The attacks were too brutal, a critical blow in any one of the attacks could kill me. Luckily, the boss’ critical strike chance is not that high; if it’s critical strike chance was as high as some Assassins, I would be dead many times over.

This second boss encounter was progressing pretty smoothly after that little hitch; once we found out the trick, it felt easy to fight against the boss. I could even use [Reflect] to negate one of the boss’ attacks. Dong Cheng Yue, Lin Wan Er, Fox and the rest’s DPS was not too bad either. Within 10 minutes, the Lv 58 Purple Tier boss’ health dropped to near zero.


Sparks flew everywhere as the boss’ cheek was punctured. Who would have thought, Fox, with the lowest dps, landed the killing blow, using one [Aimed Shot] to finish off the boss.

“Hou hou….”

Qiang Emperor held his golden scimitar as forced to kneel on the ground. Raising his arm and in an stubborn tone, he yelled, “A real ruler will never submit……”

Walking forward, I decapitated him while kicking over his corpse; “No one cares if you don’t submit!”



Once the boss died, equipment started to drop while gold coins were scattered all over the floor. Song Han clenched his hands and muttered: “I have a bad feeling. Fox’s charm is only at 2 points and so I’m guessing that there might not even be Gold Tier or above equipment…”

I was quite scared: “Hopefully that’s not the case…”

Walking forward, I picked out the loot which only composed of two equipment. One was a dagger with a green hue while the other was an chest armor with a red hue. Picking up the dagger, my face also became green –

【Barbarian Blade】(Green Tier weapon)
Attack: 320-440
Strength: +25
Level Requirement: 54


Lin Wan Er raised the corners of her mouth to make a dimpled smile, “My equipment……”

I directly threw it to her, “Here, there’s no need to roll……”

Wolf laughed uproariously.

Lin Wan Er remained expressionless.

Continuing to look at the other piece of equipment, my vision landed on its attributes and the laughing immediately stopped; everybody’s expressions froze. What is god-tier armor? This was it!

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