Reworking the voting system

By Goodguyperson

Hi everyone,

It's been a while since the voting system has come out and I think that it's a great feature among our collection of features at Gravity Tales. However, it does feel damn frustrating to see your favorite series get 4th each month and end up not getting any rewards or not knowing when the extra chapters for rewards come out (when is the end of the first week of the month? Sunday? Saturday? etc.)

Thus, we're reworking the voting system! So first, we're getting rid of the one chapter for the top series at the end of each of the first three weeks. There's been more confusion with that than anything else. Second, for the end of the month rewards, instead of only the first 3, it will be the first 10! So every vote really does count! 

Instead of a chapter's worth of extra donations for the top 3, the new ranking will look as follows - 

1st place - $60
2nd place - $55
3rd place - $50
4th place - $45
5th place - $40
6th place - $35
7th place - $30
8th place - $25
9th place - $20
10th place - $15

So even if you're favorite series is #10 on the rankings, it'll still get rewarded! (Sorry #11)



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