Korean Novel Licensing + Temporary Takedown

By Goodguyperson

Hi everyone,

I have some good and bad news to bring to you guys.

Let’s start with the good news. Gravity Tales has officially begun talks with our Korean novel publishers and we are looking towards getting the authorizations for our Korean novels quite soon.

Now the bad news. As a sign of good faith and under request, we will be taking down our Korean novels temporarily while we negotiate with the Korean publishers. We are looking to protect and make sure that everyone involved, Korean authors, publishers and our translators, are well taken care of. This ensures that due credit and remuneration are given to those who deserve it.

We will be taking the novels down on the 13th at 10 AM EST. The novels in question are 

  • Reincarnator
  • Rebirth of the Heavenly Demon
  • Dimensional Sovereign
  • Dungeon Hunter


Gravity Tales Team

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