GT Readers League of Legends Tournament!

By Jaspaaar

Hello there, welcome to Gravity Tales’ first League of Legends tournament! We are not endorsed by the game, but we would like to connect with you, the reader, in a fun way! We had a hard time choosing the ‘right’ game to enjoy with the readers. In the end, we chose League of Legends, due to server and custom game capability. Without further ado, here are the rules and info:


What game? Server? Info?

League of Legends 

North American server only! 

40 players will be selected during the registration period (Sunday - Thursday 11:59PM EST). I will also select 5 backup players.

By Friday morning 1AM EST, I would’ve sent out the invitation to the selected players.

If by Friday night 8PM EST, I don’t receive confirmation reply from the selected players, I will assume that they have forfeited their right to play. I will select the backup player to take that person’s place. So please email back.

Tournament on Sunday (starts at 10AM EST).


Submissions by Google Forms. Selection by raffling. Roles will not play a factor of selection. Basically, 5 people will be thrown together in a team and you will all decide your own roles from there. 8 teams total. GT staff may play along with you, but GT staff will not receive the rewards! 

1 game knockouts! We will group you into a team and you will compete against the other teams. 


Who can participate?

Anyone can participate. Reader or non-reader, we welcome you.  


How do I sign up?

Sign up via Google Forms!


Format of the tournament? 

I will tell you which team you are in via email ([email protected])


Will there be prizes? 

Yes there will be! Everyone will be able to receive something! 


If you lose in round 1, you will receive 5 GT points for participation.

If you lose in round 2, you will receive a $5 RP card.

If you lose in round 3, you will receive a $10 RP card.

The winners will each receive a $15 RP card or choice of GT T-shirt. 


GT points can be exchanged for GT merchandise! For instance, 15 GT points can be exchanged for a GT T-shirt! There will be more tournaments in the future!


Good luck and have fun!


- LifeisaJourney 

Translator of The Trembling World


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