Cover Art Contest!

By Goodguyperson

As the title suggests, we're having a cover art contest! The event will last starting today and last forever! in addition, because there isn't a definite deadline, there are no prizes. Rather, everyone who enters will get a reward of a special cover art trophy! In addition, cover arts for any of the Gravity Tales novels will be accepted!

The best method of submitting an entry would be to upload a reply to our forum thread which will be created tomorrow! You can either upload the image directly to the forum or upload it to a site such as imgur to host the image and provide a link in the forum.

So, the cover arts must have English titles and if we accept it, we might use it as the cover art for the English translations and if we like your cover art enough, we might even invite you to join us as our cover art designer! 

Best of luck!


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