The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: Meeting in the Valley

“You are a beast! How dare you insult me!” The voice scolded Su Yi, it seemed to be angry.

“If Senior isn’t a beast, then how were you able to guide the beasts in cultivating?” Su Yi asked confused.

“Beasts are also living things. So, naturally, they could also be guided. It’s just that you rascal don’t know how to do it. From what I can see, you shouldn’t be a disciple of any major Sects or Schools right?” The voice spoke once again and pride was clear in it.

“Yes, I’m not.”

Su Yi felt so helpless. Maybe he was too low in the hierarchy of the world. His cultivation level was low, he had no master, and there were many things that he did not know. So, he could only discover and learn them himself.

“That’s good. I have not talked to anyone in a long time. These few beasts are not bad. They knew that I was very lonely and bored and hence brought someone to talk with me,” The ancient voice said.

“Senior, I’m sorry but I still have things to do. I will come next time to talk to you once again,” Su Yi opened his mouth and said. This guy was way too mysterious. It was better to get far away from him as soon as possible.


The ancient voice laughed and said, “Kid, to meet me is fate. So, why not just accompany me for tens of years? Don’t bother leaving. I am an old man and being here myself is very boring and silent.”

“I shall take my leave Senior,” Su Yi did not want to stay, not for even a day let alone tens of years.

Finishing his words, Su Yi instantly started to leave.

“Kid, did you think that you would still be able to leave?”

The old voice became slightly hostile.

"Senior, you have already been here for so long. Perhaps you have some unavoidable difficulties. I do not know whether you are unable to leave or you are not allowed to leave, but I want to leave this place. These are my legs! If I want to leave, what can Senior do to me?" Su Yi said. He got some clues from what the Senior had said just now. He had already been here for a long time. The place was silent and lonely. So naturally, there was some unavoidable difficulties and reasons that caused him to be unable to leave the place. Hence, he should be unable to stop him.

After speaking, Su Yi continued striding towards the canyon, tracking back his steps.

“Ha ha ha ha!”

The old voice guffawed, he said, “Little kid, you are still too young and weak. You have no way to leave.”


After finishing the sentence, a wave formed from thin air in front of Su Yi.


Su Yi had not been able to respond and was hit directly by the wave. His body flew back and smashed into a pile of bones several meters away, shattering the bones into pieces.



Seeing this, the beasts in the canyon anxiously cried out, anger filled their eyes.

The little red mink and the black mouse jumped up and down, but they did not dare to walk out of the canyon and into the valley as if they were extremely afraid of something.

“You little mongrels, do you want to die?!”

This scene seemed to be also within the observation of the owner of the old voice. There was a hint of surprise in his voice. He seemed to be wondering why the beasts would act like that.


The beasts cried out into the valley, but they feared the deep valley. Complex feelings and anxiousness swirled in their eyes.

Su Yi stood back up and checked his body. Though he was sent flying back, he did not seem to have been injured.


Yuan Qi gushed out from beneath his feet. His body shot forth like an arrow. Su Yi wanted to take this chance to dash back into the canyon as fast as he could.

From the beasts’ actions, Su Yi guessed that the mysterious person would be unable to do anything to him once he was in the canyon.

“Eh? Only a Yuan Soul Realm Second Grade, but the Yuan Qi is so dense? With no physical techniques yet his speed doesn’t seem half bad,” When this voice entered Su Yi’s ears, it seemed like the roars of thunder and at the same time when Su Yi was about to reach the canyon, his body suddenly seemed to have hit a metal wall.


A low sound of an explosion was heard and Su Yi’s body was sent flying due to his own impact. He felt dizzy and his vision was a blur. Both his eyes saw stars flying about as he once again landed heavily several meters away.


At the mouth of the canyon, the few beasts kept on crying out anxiously.

Su Yi stood up once again and his body still suffered no injury. That mysterious man was holding back.

“Kid, you will never be able to go out. Just stay here for tens of years and talk to old me to rid me of my boredom and loneliness,” The owner seemed to be laughing at Su Yi’s misfortune as if Su Yi would definitely stay with him.

“These are my legs. If I say I want to leave, I will leave!”

Su Yi raised his eyes and once again walked towards the mouth of the canyon.

“You kid sure is stubborn. Then I shall let you taste some hardship!”

After those words, a crack seemed to appear in front of Su Yi and like a hand, it came slapping towards Su Yi.


At this moment, Su Yi's body seemed to have suddenly become upright. An aura of tyrannical majesty spiralled out of him. All the Yuan Qi within his Dantian flooded through his meridians in a special manner. Every time the Yuan Qi entered a meridian, the Yuan Qi seemed to become more tyrannical and powerful.

But at this moment, Su Yi’s face also cramped up. With how the Yuan Qi was moving in his meridians, it seemed that his meridians were going to explode. Finally, all the powerful and violent Yuan Qi, like thousands of soldiers and horses, they gathered on his right fist.

Now, Su Yi’s meridians had already been filled to the limit and were going to rip any second. Veins started popping out on his face, making his face look slightly ruthless.

“Overlord’s Fist!”

Su Yi hollered out. At the same time, his right fist smashed into the tear in space. A terrifying power of Yuan Qi exploded like an erupting volcano.

“Rumble! Rumble!”

At the instant the power from both sides collided, the light on the fist flared up. Clear sounds of wind and thunder could be heard continuously as if it was a typhoon.

At this very moment, an aura of an awakened tyrannical king, the majesty, and pressure of an emperor erupted from Su Yi.


Within the canyon, the six beasts seemed to have also felt something. They cried out and genuflected themselves while facing the valley.


The point at where the tear in space and Su Yi's fist collided seemed to have some sort of movement. The movement turned into a wave of energy and like a raging tornado it spiralled out, bringing with it tons of shattered stones and broken bones. Stones were turned into dust and the ground trembled.


At the same time, a gasp of astonishment from the owner of the old voice echoed through the valley.


But Su Yi still did not manage to take the blow. A mouthful of blood spurted out from his mouth and his body was sent flying back once again. He was never an opponent of the owner of the old voice.

“You are only a Yuan Soul Realm Second Grade. How could you be able to do this? Unbelievable! What martial technique is this, to have such power!”

The old voice sounded out again, still in shock and confusion.

Su Yi stood up. The corner of his mouth was red. Though he had just spat out a mouthful of blood, he was not hurt that badly.

It was purely because he used all his might to retaliate and with the impact of the collision, his Qi and blood were suddenly blocked. After spitting out the mouthful of blood he felt much better.

But now, he did not try to leave. Su Yi knew that for the past three times, the mysterious man had been holding back purposefully. If not, he wouldn’t even be able to take a single hit and survive.

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