The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Mysterious Valley

Su Yi was hesitating as he still did not know the motives of the Golden Titanic Python.

But when he saw that there were no evil intentions in the snake’s eyes, after a moment’s hesitation, he nodded his head and agreed to follow.

The snake was delighted. Its tongue flickered in and out of its mouth non-stop.

The white bird circled around Su Yi. It seems to be trying to tell Su Yi something as it continued flying around Su Yi.

The Golden Titanic Python, the little red mink, the black mouse, the butterfly and the tiger were all trying to tell Su Yi something.

“Do you want me to get on its back?” Su Yi wondered what the beasts were trying to say.

The beasts nodded their heads to confirm Su Yi’s inference.

“Okay then,” Su Yi did not think twice since he had already agreed to follow them.

“What’s up with these beasts?” Su Yi was very curious about the aim behind the beasts’ actions.

Landing on the white bird's back, Su Yi sighed. He remembered back when he was still in the City of Man and saw Wang Quan De's beast mount, his eyes had lit up in anticipation and thought when would he be able to get his own beast for a mount. When the time comes, that sight would be awesome.

After Su Yi got on the back of the bird, it chirped once and then flapped its wings and headed down to the very bottom of the cliff.

Su Yi’s body shook and almost fell over, but he already had experience with riding a beast when he was with the people from Sacred Mountain. He immediately responded by gripping onto the bird’s feathers and his body hugged closely to the bird’s back, preventing him from falling off the bird.

The white bird dove down and Su Yi hugged as close as he could to the bird’s back. A torrent of wind blew onto Su Yi’s face as the fog in their path separated to the sides.

After a while, the white bird stretched its wings and stabilized itself and started to glide.

Su Yi looked below him. He had finally arrived at the very bottom of the cliff.

From where the bird dove down, Su Yi looked back up and found that the fog had blocked his sight, making it all blurry and white.

A cold chill crept up Su Yi’s spine. He estimated the distance which the bird just dove down was several kilometres. If he had not fallen onto the canopy of the tree when he jumped off the cliff, his innards would have been splattered all across the ground from the sheer impact.

As Su Yi was lost in his thoughts, there was a sound of squeaking. The little red mink, the black mouse, the tiger and the Golden Titanic Python followed the rock wall down.

The butterfly was flapping its wings following directly behind the tiger.

The only ones which were able to come to the very bottom of the cliff were only these six beasts. The other beasts did not follow them down.

The six beasts dashed forward, gesturing for Su Yi to follow them.


As Su Yi gradually followed them carefully, a “crack” sound came from under his feet. A sea of white bones appeared. Massive skeletons of beasts were all buried beneath the ground, showing only some parts of their broken bones.

Ahead of him was a narrow canyon just wide enough to allow the tiger to pass through.

The deeper Su Yi trod, the more bones of beasts there were scattered across the ground.

After around 300 meters, it started to brighten and widen.

Su Yi walked out of the canyon. His view was not obstructed anymore by the fog and his vision cleared and what he saw was a mountainous valley.

It was noon. A small amount of sunlight passed through the crevices of the rocky walls, casting botches of light everywhere.

Just as they came out of the gorge, the beasts did not dare take another step forth. They feared something and in their eyes, there was some sort of grief.

“Why are there so many bones of beasts here?”

Currently, Su Yi was shocked. In this deep valley, there were mountains of beast bones blanketing the ground. There seemed to be even some bones of humans.

“You little mongrels! I have said before, do not come and trouble me! Cultivating is something that one does himself. Eh? You few mongrels seemed to have changed and this is strange, there’s even a human.”

Out of nowhere, a person started talking. The voice seemed ancient and deep like the person who had not spoken for a long, long time and its tone was filled with surprise.

“There’s someone here?”

Su Yi was astonished and immediately cautiousness filled his eyes. He swept the area around him, but he could not discover anything.

“Who is it?”

What surprised Su Yi, even more, was that this voice seems to have some sort of power in it, but that power was very faint. It gave him the feeling that the power was there, right under his nose, yet it could not affect him.

“Oh, it’s a little kid,” The ancient voice appeared once again. There was a hint of curiousness in it.

"Who are you?" Su Yi kept looking around, his actions filled with caution. But he could not discover anything. The voice seemed to have come from out of nowhere.

“Don’t bother looking for me, little kid. You would never find me. If not, someone would have found me long ago,” There was a brief feeling of anguish in the ancient voice. It asked, “But you, little kid, with your crappy level of cultivation, how in the world did you get down here? It doesn’t seem likely at all.”

“I don’t think that you would believe me if I said that I was thrown down here, but I survived due to sheer luck,” Su Yi answered while observing the surroundings. The voice was coming from somewhere near him. He did not believe that he could not find the source.

"I believe you. How could I not believe you? These few mongrels actually did not eat you and even brought you here, this fact alone is enough to prove that there is something special about you," The person seemed to be smiling as he said this. Then, he continued, "I already said, don't bother looking for me. You will never be able to find me. Let's not talk about you little Yuan Soul Realm kid, even if you were someone of the Yuan Emperor Realm, you would still be unable to find me."

“Yuan Emperor Realm!”

These three words caused Su Yi’s heart to palpitate faster. A feeling of admiration seemed to appear within him.

Yuan Emperor Realm.

The one that has stepped into that realm should already be one of the strongest people in the world. Rumours had it that those of the Yuan Emperor Realm cultivation had the power to destroy mountains and split the ocean. They could even leap across the vast sea and fly through the void.

“Senior, do you know these beasts?”

Su Yi resisted the curiosity in his heart. The owner of this mysterious voice seemed to be observing him at every moment, yet he could not find him. This could only prove that the person was extremely strong and from his tone, it seems that he knew these beasts.

“I have known these few beasts for a long time.”

The person replied and it seemed that he was reminiscing about the past. His voice was slow and he gradually said, “I could still remember these few mongrels, at that time were far too weak. I was bored and decided to teach them a little. Though the bloodline of these beasts may be weak, they were able to gain some insights and all of them actually managed to learn something. So, once they had nothing to do then they would just come to me.”

Hearing the words of the ancient voice, Su Yi could not help but gasp in shock. He said it so simply that he had only given some guidance, but these were beasts. What origins did this person have? This was unimaginable!

“Senior, are you a beast?”

Su Yi asked slightly dumbfounded. Since he was able to guide the beasts, then he should also be a beast, right? Rumours had it that once beasts reached the cultivation level of Demonic Void Realm, they would be able to speak the human tongue and once they reached the Demonic Emperor Realm, they would even be able to change into the form of a human.

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