The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: Elder Su Returns to the Divine Sword School!

They dare not touch this calamity, nor can they resist its obstructive force.

However, regardless of whether the tribulation ends in failure or success, it presents them with a tremendous opportunity.


In the distant sky, thunderclouds churned madly, lightning flashed and thunder roared, as bolts of lightning descended like angry pythons.

At this moment, the entire early morning was shrouded in darkness, with only dazzling flashes of lightning and resounding thunder filling the air, resembling an apocalypse.

Rays of lightning, resembling silvery serpents, burst forth from the thunderclouds, tearing through the fabric of space, accompanied by a dreadful sound as they descended.

In the distant void, a radiant glow permeated the scene. A majestic multicolored deer silently hovered in mid-air, gazing upon the distant thunder and lightning, its eyes flickering with a mixture of curiosity and caution, refraining from drawing any closer.

"It should be coming to an end soon. Whether it's a success or failure, the outcome will be revealed shortly."

In the distance, numerous startled and astonished gazes quietly ignited with a flicker of intense excitement.

Upon the peak of the mountain, bolts of lightning incessantly descended with force. The Blood Spiritual Ginseng was enveloped by arcs of electric currents, with scattered lightning bolts that struck the surrounding terrain and devastated everything in its path.

The mountains crumbled and shattered, while cracks spread across the slopes and the earth beneath.

The thunder resounded incessantly!

"Rumbling..." The surrounding peaks were engulfed in it, experiencing landslides, earthquakes, and the collapse of rocks, creating a terrifying spectacle.

Strangely enough, on the peak where the lightning was most intense, it appeared as immutable as a boulder, impervious to destruction.

No one witnessed it, but although the lightning descended, it seemed to possess a sentient quality, as if deliberately avoiding the rocky peaks in its vicinity.

"Granddaddy Seng, you must hold on!"

In the mysterious space, Su Yi had no way of knowing the situation outside, and could only pray for the Blood Spiritual Ginseng to successfully overcome its tribulations.

"Can the Blood Spiritual Ginseng successfully overcome its tribulation? It's said that tribulations are not easy to overcome. The fact that the Blood Spiritual Ginseng can already speak indicates that it has likely passed the initial tribulation. If it can successfully overcome another tribulation, it will reach the Demonic Emperor Realm, right?"

Situ Muyang spoke, murmuring to himself in a low voice, his words resonating with awe. The Demonic Emperor Realm, that is undoubtedly the absolute pinnacle of strength in this world.

"Granddaddy Seng failed to overcome the initial tribulation last time, and now he's attempting it once again," Su Yi informed Situ Muyang.

"What is the process of tribulation?"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, and others were puzzled. They had no idea what was happening outside. With their social status and identity, there were many things they didn't understand and couldn't reach that level of knowledge.

When celestial treasures, earthly spirits, and demon beasts reach the Demonic Void Realm, they will encounter tribulations that act as obstacles. Only if they can withstand these tribulations will they continue to exist in this world. However, if they cannot bear the tribulations, they will dissipate into nothingness.

There are many types of tribulations, and it is rumored that each one surpasses the previous one in strength.

"The initial tribulation is merely the first trial that demon beasts and spiritual entities encounter upon reaching the Demonic Void Realm. Once they step into the Demonic Void Realm, they are bestowed with the protection and favor of heaven and earth, enabling them to speak like humans. It is rare for demon beasts and celestial spirits to successfully surpass this tribulation, as failures can result in varying degrees of setbacks. Mild consequences may involve regression in cultivation, rendering further progress akin to reaching for the sky. Severe repercussions can lead to direct and devastating injuries, or even complete annihilation." Situ Muyang informed Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others, revealing his extensive knowledge surpassing theirs.

"So to speak, demon beasts and celestial spirits face much greater difficulties in cultivation compared to us humans."

Upon hearing this, Zhang Qing and the others were amazed. They had never expected that those seemingly powerful demon beasts and legendary celestial spirits would also face tribulations and perilous obstacles on their path of cultivation, making it incredibly difficult to overcome.

"You're overthinking. Whether it's humans, demon beasts, or any celestial entity, cultivation is an act of defying the heavens. In the end, everyone will inevitably face tribulations and obstacles. It's just that the tribulations that martial practitioners among humans have to face come a bit earlier compared to us. If one day we are able to take that step, we will naturally understand the tribulations we need to overcome."

Situ Muyang spoke, his eyes filled with yearning. If he could reach the step of facing tribulations, it would also prove that he could become one of the top-tier formidable individuals.

"So... like this..."

Su Yi, on the side, was somewhat puzzled. Just facing the tribulation, is it so horrible? Last time when he cultivated the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse, he had already attracted tribulations. The thunder and lightning at that time seemed much more formidable compared to Granddaddy Seng's tribulation.


Just at that moment, the space started to ripple, and a figure dashed in with a radiant glow. It slammed into the ground where the medicinal herbs were being planted, accompanied by an uncontrollable tone of excitement, "The tribulation is over, I need a few days to recover. Kid, hurry and leave, don't attract attention."


When these words reached his ears, Su Yi's expression immediately turned enormously joyful. He then swiftly waved his sleeve and said, "Let's go, quickly!"


Upon the distant mountain peak, the astonishing aura of thunder gradually dissipated, and the thunderclouds dispersed.

"Did it succeed or fail?" A series of lingering gazes expressed trepidation.

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

At the same time, numerous figures darted out, their vitality condensing once more into animal-like shadows beneath their feet. They surged forward, in search of that great opportunity and serendipity.


The Divine Sword School, nestled amidst majestic undulating mountains, is surrounded by lush greenery and enveloped in swirling clouds and mist, creating a magnificent spectacle.

In the early morning, majestic mountains intermittently appear and disappear amidst the clouds and mist. Towering ancient trees and walls adorned in red and yellow tiles proudly reveal themselves amidst the lush greenery of the mountains.

Everywhere, the energy of heaven and earth is abundant. Faintly, there seems to be the melodious sound of an ancient qin and the resonating chimes, making one feel as if they have stepped into a fairyland.

The Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, where is desolate and serene.

A short figure landed on the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak, and despite its small stature, the countenance appeared somewhat aged. It seemed to bear the appearance of a person in their sixties or seventies, with faint creases on the face, evidence of the passing years.

However, despite the face showing signs of age, the facial features were well-defined, hinting at a youthful charm that must have been quite handsome in the younger years.

However, the physique was excessively petite, resembling that of a child of about eight or nine years old, only reaching half the height of an average adult.

The elderly gentleman, dressed in a perfectly fitted robe, had a blend of one-third white hair intertwined with his black locks. His gaze shifted ever so slightly, calm and profound, resembling a tranquil well without ripples. He murmured softly, "The exit to the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords should have opened by now."

As the words fell, it seemed the old man had no intention of going to the exit to take a look. Instead, he walked into the courtyard. After all, the Grand Swordsmanship Competition had never been associated with the Thirty-Sixth Sword Peak.


The exit of the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is located on a vast plaza beside the mountains that encircle it on three sides.


In the early morning, elder disciples of the Divine Sword School arrived to set up and wait, followed shortly after by the Dharma Protectors.

A series of powerful figures descended, each Dharma Protector's gaze filled with anticipation and expectation.

For the Dharma Protectors of the Divine Sword School, everyone knows that this Grand Swordsmanship Competition is not only the Grand Swordsmanship Competition of the Divine Sword School, but also relates to the future of the entire Divine Sword School.

Furthermore, many of these Dharma Protectors have personal interests involved in this matter.

Many Dharma Protectors have placed bets alongside Dharma Protector Hou Changming, and today is the season for reaping the rewards.

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