The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 454

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Chapter 454: Consequences Are at Your Own Risk!


On a huge rock, a silver scorpion appeared. It was massive in size. Its sharp tail stood up high, towering several meters above, with the tip sparkling and emitting a gloomy aura. Its whole body was covered in a mysterious luminous light, and its fierce eyes were intimidating.


A huge ape appeared, standing upright like a tall tree, about two zhang high. Its body was covered in red radiance, shining brightly in this dark night.

What's peculiar about this giant ape is that there is a horn as big as a human arm growing on its forehead, emitting a dazzling light and making it look even more ferocious.

"Chirp chirp..."

In the low sky, there are still three ferocious birds circling, each with a body size not much smaller than the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

A grim-looking griffin, with feathered wings as sharp as swords and a dark blue radiance emanating from its body, had hooked claws like those of an Ironclad Griffin.

A fierce bird of prey, like a raging inferno, hovered with outstretched wings, creating a sea of flames in the sky. Its savage and sharp pupils were those of a Red Flame Demon Eagle.

The last exotic beast was the most peculiar, measuring at least five or six zhangs long, resembling a dragon-like creature with eight odd protrusions on its back and no claws on its underbelly. It emanated a black light all over its body, which seemed to appear and disappear in the darkness of the night.

But it was the beast's pair of fierce pupils that made people tremble with fear, savage and grim, with a gaping, blood-filled mouth that roared like a beast.

This is an Eight-winged Demon Python, with a formidable aura and a cultivation level that surpasses that of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

The six powerful demon beasts emanate a strong aura, filling the void above, while the howling of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat resounds in succession, mingled with the bloody and murderous atmosphere.

By the side of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, there are also several Wolf-headed Demon Bats from the Demonic Spirit Realm, whose aura is equally strong.

The Dark Golden Demon Falcon also joined in, with golden light emanating and its pair of eyes awe-inspiring.



In the dark night, the bloody and murderous atmosphere surges, with animal roars resounding like thunder, as if responding to something.

"What should we do now?"

Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others have a solemn expression. If they hadn't been with Su Yi recently and had some experience with the world, just with this kind of momentum, it would have been enough to make them tremble with fear, and collapse directly on the ground.


From behind the rock cave, a gray figure emerged and instantly appeared next to Situ Muyang, Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others, without raising a speck of dust, quietly appearing.

A person stood silently, dressed in a gray robe that could not conceal a particularly arrogant and evil temperament emanating from their body. They were an outer disciple of the Divine Sword School, with a broken and heavy sword hanging on their back, attracting attention.

At this moment, in addition to the shadow's own sword, there was also a large sword on their back. The two swords intersected, the shadow stood tall and straight, with profound and deep eyes, a resolute face, and at the first moment, their gaze looked towards the several huge beast shadows in front of them.

At this moment, the one who came was indeed Su Yi and no one else.

Su Yi was cultivating Qigong at the moment, and this kind of movement naturally alarmed him.

Feeling the commotion outside, Su Yi deliberately took out a Xuan Weapon level big sword from the mysterious space to prepare for any eventuality.

"Ao" (a sound or roar commonly made by animals such as wolves or howler monkeys).


Upon seeing Su Yi's figure appear, the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and the Dark Golden Demon Falcon who were confronting each other in the sky, suddenly descended and respectfully hovered behind Su Yi in the low altitude.


One by one, the Wolf-headed Demon Bats of various sizes also immediately hovered low behind Su Yi.

"Swish, swish..."

The six powerful demon beasts ahead also witnessed this astonishing scene. Their fierce gazes were like sword edges, capable of piercing through space, and they fell on Su Yi as if they were scrutinizing him.

Looking at such a human youth, the six powerful demon beast cultivators seemed surprised and puzzled, and their fierce eyes showed some agitation.

"Master, these are the six leaders from the nearby area. They have been coveting the Dark Spirit Fruit for a long time and have come together to wage war against me for it!"

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats communicated to Su Yi in the language of beasts that these few demon beasts are very powerful and also the leaders of the nearby demon beasts. They have come together to join forces for the Dark Spirit Fruit.

"Ironclad Griffin, Red Flame Demon Eagle, Eight-winged Demon Python, Two-headed Demon Mane, Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, Demon Flame Ape."

With a glance, Su Yi could tell that these demon beasts were well-prepared.

Six demon beasts, with the Eight-winged Demon Python in the air having the strongest aura and not inferior to the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

Although not as strong as the Eight-winged Demon Python, the Red Flame Demon Eagle and the Demon Flame Ape, as well as the Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, had a cultivation at the fifth level of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

Only the Ironclad Griffin fell a bit short, but also had an aura of cultivation at the peak of the fourth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

"In order to obtain the Dark Spirit Fruit?"

Su Yi's eyes flickered slightly. These six demon beasts had come prepared and were probably not going to back down until they obtained the Dark Spirit Fruit. However, the Dark Spirit Fruit was now his.

"Bat, where is the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree?!"

In mid-air, the Eight-winged Demon Python flapped its eight wings, with a deep and low voice, and shifted its gaze away from Su Yi, asking the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

The target of the Eight-winged Demon Python is the Dark Spirit Fruit. Judging by the time, it seems that the Dark Spirit Fruit will take a few more days to ripen.

However, the Eight-winged Demon Python felt the shock waves from the commotion during the day and sensed that it had come from the area guarded by the bats. It was very uneasy and wanted to see for itself, so it joined forces with several nearby demon beast leaders. Their goal was to obtain the Dark Spirit Fruits, or at least half of them.

But the Eight-winged Demon Python never expected that when they arrived, they found that the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree was nowhere to be seen.

"Roar... The Dark Spirit Fruit Tree has nothing to do with you. Old snake, scorpion, monkey, you better get out of here, or else I won't be polite!"

The leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats growled in beastly language, knowing full well that these fellows would not give up easily. One by one, they all coveted the Dark Spirit Fruit and had actually joined forces to come for it.

"If you don't hand over the Dark Spirit Fruit, we'll see who's not being polite to whom. Today, you bats and grandchildren, I'm afraid that none of you will survive, and I want to see if you'll hand over the Dark Spirit Fruit!"

The Demon Flame Ape stamped its chest and roared, the sound shaking the night sky like muffled thunder, the momentum was quite astonishing, obviously warning the Wolf-headed Demon Bat.

"Monkey, don't be arrogant. You're probably not capable enough!"

The Wolf-headed Demon Bat roared, its bloody and evil aura surging and shaking all four directions.

"Do their bodies also have Sword-patterned Stones?"

Su Yi spoke up and turned to ask the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

"Master, this monkey, scorpion, and old snake should all have a considerable amount of Sword-patterned Stones on their bodies. In their nests, there are also treasures such as spiritual medicine, but nothing compares to the Dark Spirit Fruit. That's why they teamed up to come and plunder the Dark Spirit Fruit!" The Wolf-headed Demon Bat replied to Su Yi.

"Sword-patterned Stones, spiritual medicines, treasures..."

Su Yi's gaze suddenly changed, shining with radiance as he looked at the Ironclad Griffin, Red Flame Demon Eagle, Eight-winged Demon Python, Two-headed Demon Mane, Silver Crystal Poisonous Scorpion, and Demon Flame Ape - the six demon beasts before him. He said, "Hand over the Sword-patterned Stones and spiritual medicine treasures in your nests, or suffer the consequences!"

Su Yi's voice was calm but it spread quietly and fell into the ears of the powerful demon beasts such as the Eight-winged Demon Python and Two-headed Demon Mane.

Hearing Su Yi's words, Situ Muyang was stunned, filled with surprise as he looked at Su Yi. This guy was incredibly powerful, able to suppress even the Wolf-headed Demon Bat at the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm. However, it should be noted that those six demon beasts were all impressive now.

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