The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 453

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Chapter 453: Six Beasts Siege!

"Of course, if you don't believe me, I can give you a Dark Spirit Fruit right now," Su Yi said generously.

"The Dark Spirit Fruit Tree is no ordinary plant. Even if you have that treasured land, it's not so easy to transplant and have it survive. This is a precious treasure. If you destroy it, the entire Divine Sword School will not let you go."

Situ Muyang had to remind Su Yi that the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree was even more important than the Dark Spirit Fruit. It was a true treasure, and if the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree was destroyed, the Divine Sword School would definitely punish severely.

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing and others secretly exclaimed in amazement.

The Dark Spirit Fruit Tree is such a treasure, and Su Yi is really daring for actually uprooting it.

Su Yi lifted his lips, and from the very beginning, he had his sights set on the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree.

Especially when seeing the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree, Su Yi's first thought was not the Dark Spirit Fruit itself, but rather the benefits of the other medicinal herbs and spirit plants in the mysterious space. If the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree could be transplanted into the mysterious space, who knows how much more powerful it would become?

"Don't worry, it shouldn't be a big problem. Wait for me here, I'll go transplant the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree. The fewer people know about that place, the safer it will be."

Su Yi spoke and then shouldered the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree, riding on the Dark Golden Demon Falcon as they quickly departed.

"If anything goes wrong with the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree, this guy will definitely suffer the consequences!"

As Situ Muyang watched Su Yi's departing figure, he thought to himself, "This guy is really bold. The Divine Sword School definitely values treasures like the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree, but it was unexpectedly uprooted by Su Yi."

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing were left speechless, knowing they didn't have the right to speak in such a place and on such an occasion. They were only brought there by others and didn't have the qualification to speak.


"Swoosh, swoosh..."

The space teleportation gate glowed, and figures swiftly emerged from it.

The figures were young but had remarkable temperament and extraordinary aura. After stepping out of the space teleportation gate, they departed directly.


In the concealed place, Su Yi had the Dark Golden Demon Falcon guard him while he carried the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree and entered the mysterious space.

Inside the mysterious space, the energy of heaven and earth was so dense that it was like mist. The pool of Spiritual Essence in the center was shimmering with radiant light, and the glow was spreading out.

Su Yi planted the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree inside the mysterious space and even specially irrigated it with some Spiritual Essence, hoping that the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree would thrive.

Then, every fifteen years, it will be possible to harvest another batch of Dark Spirit Fruit.

As for the Divine Sword School's high regard for the Dark Spirit Fruit Tree, Su Yi couldn't care too much at the moment since it was such a treasure that was also suitable for planting inside the mysterious space. He decided to take it first and then figure out the rest later.

After tidying everything up, Su Yi looked back a couple of times before leaving.

There were about forty to fifty Dark Spirit Fruit hanging on this Dark Spirit Fruit Tree, and Su Yi hoped that they could survive.

When Su Yi reunited with Situ Muyang, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others, he immediately obtained five Sword-patterned Stones from the cavern of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, as well as many spiritual herbs and a Xuan Weapon-level precious sword left behind by someone else.

"I will meditate and adjust my breath for a while before setting off again."

After battling with the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, Su Yi was immensely depleted and dared not let his guard down in the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords, where he needed to maintain his peak state at all times.

Sitting cross-legged inside the cavern of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, Su Yi stuffed a Qi-replenishing pill into his mouth and began meditating and adjusting his breath. Recently, he had plenty of money to spare, including for these pills.

With the Wolf-headed Demon Bats and the Dark Golden Demon Falcon guarding him, Su Yi could meditate and adjust his breath peacefully.

Situ Muyang could only wait helplessly, but he was secretly surprised in his heart.

From what he saw today, Su Yi was too terrifying. He couldn't possibly be an ordinary outer disciple with such power and cultivation. It would be strange if he were only an outer disciple.

Xu Jiahui and Zhang Qing sat cross-legged on the ground and meditated, adjusting their breathing.

They had not yet fully refined the benefits of the Spiritual Essence they had taken. Under the tempering of the Spiritual Essence, it seemed that each day brought an invisible transformation to each person, emanating a special aura from within, radiating outward.

A day passed slowly, the sun set in the west, and the night descended gradually.

The moon was dim, the stars were bright, and the night was quiet and deep.

In the faraway mountain peaks, there suddenly appeared pairs of eyes resembling bloody moons, looming and disappearing.

In mid-air, there were pairs of sharp eyes, and round after round of blood-red moons hung in the distant void like bright lanterns.


Suddenly, above the mountain peaks, a wolf howl echoed through the empty air.

A large group of Wolf-headed Demon Bats appeared and floated up, emitting a strong bloodthirsty aura.

Pairs of blood-red eyes were filled with dim light, coloring the night sky.


A shocking wolf howl echoed through the sky, and the Wolf-headed Demon Bat leader fluttered its wings and hovered in mid-air. Its huge body was shrouded in a dark blood-red aura, emanating a powerful bloodthirsty energy. Its eyes were fixed on the distant void.

"Swoosh, swoosh..."

Several figures rushed out of the cave, they were Situ Muyang, Zhang Qing, Xu Jiahui, and others. As they looked ahead, their hair stood on end and they were filled with inexplicable fear.

In the low sky and on the rocks ahead, there emerged blood-red fierce eyes that were as bright as the full moon. In the dim and glimmer of the light, several huge figures appeared, emanating a powerful aura.

"They are demon beasts, all of them are from the Demonic Spirit Realm!"

Xu Jiahui, Zhang Qing, Liu Ji and others were shocked and their faces filled with fear. At a glance, they could see that there were several demonic beasts from the Demonic Spirit Realm.

Judging from the invisible aura permeating the area, there were several abnormal demon beasts from the Demonic Spirit Realm.

"They are all demon beasts from the fourth or fifth level of the Demonic Spirit Realm, and they are prepared for this!"

Situ Muyang spoke, and there were faint black earth-elemental fluctuations of aura emanating from his body.

He could feel that those demon beasts had a cultivation level of the Demonic Spirit Realm peak of the fourth level and the fifth level of the Yuan Spirit Realm.

So many powerful demon beasts have gathered here; they have come prepared and with a purpose.

"Something seems wrong. Are they going to start a war?"

Although Xu Jiahui didn't understand the language of the beasts, at this moment she could feel the momentum of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat tribe and the confrontation with the powerful group of demon beasts. She could also guess that an imminent war could break out at any moment.

The group of powerful demon beast arrived together, seemingly intending to besiege the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

"I reckon that these powerful demon beasts may be after the Dark Spirit Fruit..."

Situ Muyang surveyed the atmosphere around him, his brow furrowing in concern.

A few Yuan Spirit Realm demon beast cultivators arrived together, intent on the Dark Spirit Fruit guarded by the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, which meant that they were likely after the fruit themselves.

Treasures like the Dark Spirit Fruit are irresistibly tempting for cultivators at the Yuan Spirit Realm level, as well as for demon beasts at the Demonic Spirit Realm level.

"Roar, roar..."

With a thunderous roar, a massive two-headed monster appeared, ferocious and as big as an elephant, with a body covered in yellow-green skin. Its thick armor-like flesh covered both heads, which were grotesque like wild boars and impossibly fierce. The flesh glowed in the dim light, while its eyes glared with a malevolent, blood-red glint.

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