The God of Sky & Earth – Chapter 449

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Chapter 449: Fighting the Wolf-Headed Demon Bat!

"You insignificant human, you have quite the nerve. Don't you want to live?"

The leading Wolf-headed Demon Bat, the eldest boy of this group, listened to Su Yi and its blood-red eyes were even more intimidating. It flapped its wings, causing a surge of bloody aura to emanate.

After just receiving a hit, it had suffered a little bit and was secretly resentful. It was now incredibly furious.

"Since that's the case, let's see how much strength you really have. I want to see how powerful this Wolf-headed Demon Bat from the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm can be!"

Su Yi looked at the Wolf-headed Demon Bat and on his calm face, a hint of coldness flickered in his pitch-black, deep eyes as he spoke lightly.

At this moment, Su Yi wanted to verify his own combat power against the Wolf-headed Demon Bat from the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm.

Entering the Battlefield of Ten Thousand Swords is not only about opportunities and good fortune, but also about training oneself. If one solely relies on the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique, then he would lose much of the meaning behind it all.

"You can understand the language of beasts!"

The expression of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats began to change from ferocious to a mix of surprise and gloominess. It appeared that this human was able to understand the language of beasts.

"Do you want to fight as a group or do you want to fight alone?"

Su Yi looked at the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, then slowly scanned the surrounding half-empty space. There were thousands of Wolf-headed Demon Bats, and if they all attacked together, it would be a huge problem that even Situ Muyang wouldn't be able to deal with.

"Little human, it's overkill for me to deal with you myself, like using a sword to kill a chicken. Soon you will just become a snack between my teeth. This will serve as a warning to those humans who covet the Dark Spirit Fruit. If anyone has intentions to take the Dark Spirit Fruit, there is only one way-- the path of death!"


As the words fell, the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats roared, a wolf howl that was deafening. The leader then ordered the other Wolf-headed Demon Bats not to intervene.

As the roar faded away, the dark blood-colored wings behind the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats suddenly shook, and its enormous figure suddenly disappeared into the air as if by magic.

Just as the figure of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat disappeared, Su Yi's deep gaze also slightly narrowed. Almost at the same time, he moved his elemental energy under his feet and retreated straight back.


Just as Su Yi staggered backward, a surging aura of Bloodthirsty Qi crushed down on him overwhelmingly.

A claw with hook-like curves was surrounded by a deep cold light, sharp like the edge of a sword. It seemed to emerge from the void, accompanied by the appearance of the enormous figure of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat, and directly grabbed Su Yi's head.

The sharp claws tore through the air with a whistling sound, and the bloody aura was pungent and intimidating.

Just the aura alone was enough to make cultivators of the same level feel their souls tremble with fear.

This Bloodthirsty Qi is so insidious that it can affect the soul.

However, Su Yi was unharmed. The Heavenly Yuan Demonic Soul in his mind seemed to have no fear of this Bloodthirsty Qi at all. He tapped his foot and retreated directly, letting the sharp claw in front of him fall empty.


The Wolf-headed Demon Bat growled deeply, surprised that its attack had missed. Then, without stopping, its massive body flapped its dark, blood-colored wings and a huge figure swept out like a cloud of blood.


The Wolf-headed Demon Bat's snarling teeth were shining, and its blood-filled giant mouth opened so wide that it could swallow an entire cow.

In a flash, the Bloodthirsty Qi of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat gushed out, and a dazzling scarlet light shone from its giant blood-filled mouth, which was terrifying. It bit towards Su Yi as if it wanted to swallow him in one gulp.

The speed was too fast. Situ Muyang watched the Wolf-headed Demon Bat's speed from a distance to his side. The Wind Battle Armor on his body was shining, and his gaze was solemn.

The speed of the Wolf-headed Demon Bat alone is already astonishing!


Quickly, the Wolf-headed Demon Bat swallowed Su Yi in one gulp, but his figure immediately dissipated.

"So fast!"

Situ Muyang was shocked, it was only Su Yi's residual image.

Su Yi dodged it, and only left a residual image on the spot.

"Do you know how to fly only?"

A faint voice came out from low altitude, with radiance rising. When Su Yi appeared again, he was already hovering low in the air. His crimson wings expanded and spread behind him, with flowing brilliance, thin as cicada wings, and elegant and agile in curvature.

"Hula..." In the amazed and shocked gazes of the leading Wolf-headed Demon Bat and many others, Su Yi's body rose, and dust flew around below. Sand and stones flew, and fallen leaves fluttered and danced in all directions.


At this moment, Su Yi holds nothing back, urging the "Divine Demonic Ancient Verse." Vortex-like radiance gradually surges in his clear and profound eyes, and a terrible aura pervades the ancient rhythm, seeming to be capable of suppressing all directions and crushing towards them.


The surrounding Wolf-headed Demon Bats growled lowly, feeling uneasy and influenced.

Although the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse is not as effective as the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique in suppressing demon beasts, it is still capable of suppressing them.

In the past, Xiong Zhan, Hu Chi, and others came out of the Demon Woods to subdue the demon beasts, relying on the incomplete Mighty Desolate Verse, the Demonic Spirit Truth Interpretation, and the Heavenly Tiger Art.

And now, the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse in Su Yi's possession is still intact.


the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats growled lowly and its eyes changed color, sensing the terrifying aura emanating from Su Yi at the moment. However, it has not yet been completely suppressed.

"Come on!"

Then, just as the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats was still in surprise, the sound of breaking wind resounded and a stream of Yuan Qi, accompanied by a sharp whistling sound, swept in.

Su Yi has taken the initiative to act, wanting to test his own fighting power.

Although he only has a cultivation level of the fourth grade of the Yuan Spirit Realm, Su Yi has never aimed to compete with his peers at the same level. He is on par with demon beasts.

With the Supreme Chaotic Yuan Technique and the Divine Demonic Ancient Verse in his possession, as well as the identity of a Soul Tamer, if he can only compete with his peers at the same level, then how can Su Yi step on top of that Sacred Mountain one day!


Seeing Su Yi take the initiative, a blood-red light surged from the eyes of the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, who then flapped his wings and charged towards Su Yi.

"Wu wu..."

The void trembled with a loud noise, as the body of the colossal Wolf-headed Demon Bat glowed brightly. A dark blood-red light flickered on its body, and its blood-colored eyes overflowed with fresh blood. Its huge blood-stained mouth was grimacing.

"Is this guy so ferocious?!"

Situ Muyang trembled inwardly even from a distance.

He felt that he could not contend against such a Wolf-headed Demon Bat at the Peak of the Fifth Grade of the Demonic Spirit Realm, but Su Yi was daring enough to still be taking the initiative to provoke and attack it.

the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats clashed with Su Yi in an instant, and resisted his elemental qi attack.


The howling sound waves reached the sky as the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats, with a chilly glare in its eyes, spread its wings to pounce and attack Su Yi.


Dust flew up from the surroundings, sand and stones were scattered, a fierce wind blew and bloodthirsty violence raged, relentless and ferocious!

Fearless, Su Yi flapped his elemental wings on his back, wrapped in crimson light, boldly and peacefully rushing forward.

At this moment, Su Yi didn't use any martial arts techniques, relying solely on his reaction and intuition, constantly colliding with the leader of the Wolf-headed Demon Bats.

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